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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/15/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Outside of their home, Josh pulls Reva away from the door as she is going inside. He pulls her to him and kisses her. She tells him that it was unexpected and he explains to her that it was long overdue. He continues on telling her that he no longer wants to fight with her. She agrees and apologizes for not telling him she was going away with Jonathan. He assures her that he understands and Reva tries to explain that she wanted to give her son the chance to confront the man that tormented him. Josh comments that everyone is probably better off with Alfred gone. Reva looks sad, and tells Josh that being in the house where Jonathan grew up made her think about what he went through. She continues on telling him that she could almost sense the abuse and horrible things that Alfred did to Jonathan. Josh tells her not to punish herself and she confesses to him that she thinks the trip helped her and Jonathan. He tells her that he hopes it did because he knows that’s what she wants. The two turn and head inside. As Reva is opening the door you can hear loud music coming from inside. She turns to her husband and tells him that she guess he is already home. Reva and Josh walk into a party. Jonathan is throwing a vase, while someone else is jumping on the couch. She yells out ‘hello’ and Jonathan looks startled. He smiles nonetheless, though.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Harley is reading the newspaper. Zach comes in from upstairs and tries to sneak past his mother. She sees him and tells him that she once tried to sneak out of her house when she was smaller as well. Zach stops and turns around. She goes on to tell him that when she ran away it was to run away from home. She asks him why he’s leaving.

He tells her that he has to ‘go get Grandpa.’ Harley looks confused and asks what he means. He explains that he has to go get his Grandfather so he doesn’t die like his daddy did.

Outside of the Elizabeth & Company, Danny holds the mistletoe over Marina’s head and kisses her. Marina looks surprised and kisses him back. Suddenly his cell phone rings. He apologizes to Marina and tells her that it could be the nanny. We hear that it is Michelle on the other end of the line. She pretends that he is her father and tells him that she is glad she got through to him.

In the prison cell, Michelle repeats that it is her and reiterates that she is trying to get a hold of her father.

Back in Springfield, Danny tells her that he can’t hear her very well and that he’s not her father. He seems confused by everything and wants to know what is going on. He asks her where she is. She tells him that it is a long story and that she needs his help. Danny questions why she would need his help, in the cell Sebastian is staring intently at Michelle while she is talking. Danny repeats that she is breaking up.

Sebastian grabs the phone from her hand.

In Springfield, Danny comments to Marina that it was all very odd, he tells her of how Michelle simply hung up on him.

Back in the cell, Sebastian asks why Michelle hung up the phone. She tries to tell him that she didn’t hang up, but that the connection was lost. He wonders who she was really talking to. She tries to convince him that she was talking to her father. He accuses her of lying. Tony tries to get up, barely able to stand and tells Sebastian to leave her alone. He pushes Tony’s hand away and tells him to stay out of it. He approaches Michelle wanting an answer. She tells him that they don’t have the best phones in Africa and that she was truly speaking to her father. Michelle accuses him of being paranoid. He informs her that dying will do that to a person. Sebastian hits redial. On the other end of the line Danny answers, identifies himself and asks if it is Michelle on the other end of the line. Sebastian grabs Tony and informs Michelle that ‘she has just killed her boyfriend.’

Marina turns away and takes a deep breath while Danny looks at his phone. She asks if Michelle hung up again and he tells her that she did. He explains to her that Michelle called him ‘dad’ the first time as if she thought she had called her father. Marina tells Danny that perhaps he should call her back. He tells her that he can’t and he doesn’t understand. He goes on to explain that she couldn’t have called from her cell phone or Tony’s as the caller ID would have showed it. He tells her that this time the ID said it was ‘unavailable.’ Marina guesses that perhaps Michelle was calling him from a pay phone. Danny informs Michelle that he’s going to try and call Rick, in case he heard from her. Marina turns away, obviously upset by the situation.

Harley kneels down and tells her son that she understands how worried he is about his Grandfather, but that he doesn’t need to be. She explains that the people in the hospital are taking care of him and that he is getting the best care possible. He tells her that his father was in the hospital and died anyway. Harley frowns, and tells Zach that not everyone who goes into the hospital dies. She tries to explain that he simply has a ‘boo-boo’ on his heart. She promises Zach that she’s going to help make Grandpa Buzz’s heart feel better. She goes on to tell him that the only thing he’s going to need to worry about is figuring out what to get him for Christmas. He makes her promise that Grandpa Buzz will be home on Christmas. The two hug one another.

Jonathan tells Josh and Reva that they originally told him he could have friends over. Josh becomes angry and tells him that they also set up some ground rules, one of which was no drinking. Josh grabs beer cans from the hands of some of the kids. Jonathan tells Josh that everyone is legal. Josh reminds him that regardless of the ages of everyone else he is on. Jonathan stands up and sits next to a girl while he tells them that ‘where he is from the drinking age is 18.’ He smiles at Josh. Reva drags Josh out into the foyer. One of Jonathan’s friends comes up to him and asks if they should move the party elsewhere. Jonathan laughs and tells his friends that his ‘new mom’ told him that she would do anything for him, he tells his friend to ‘wait and see if she meant it.’ In the foyer, Reva apologizes to Josh. He tells her that she shouldn’t be the one to apologize. She suggests that he simply leave, she claims that he wants to talk to Billy anyway. Josh doesn’t seem to keen on the idea, but Reva insists. She tells Josh that she can handle him, Josh leaves. Jonathan comes into the foyer and asks his mother where Josh went. She explains that he wanted to see Billy and smiles at her son. He tells her that it is ‘cool’ that they have her all to themselves.

Danny is on the phone and tells Mel that if Rick does hear from Michelle to call him later. Marina gets down from a ladder where she was hanging a wreath and asks what Danny heard from Mel. He tells her that he heard nothing and wonders who else Michelle might have tried to contact. He wonders if she would have called Bill. Marina lets him know that while he is trying to call Bill that she will be inside decorating the Christmas tree. She walks inside, leaving Danny outside with his phone.

Sebastian calls to Marco and tells him that he needs to toss Tony back into the Ravine in which they found him. Holly tries to tell Sebastian that he is overreacting and he simply ignores her. Marco appears and heads towards Tony. Michelle apologizes to Sebastian, she tells him that she can make some calls and get a hold of him. He reminds her that she should have thought of that weeks ago. Tony accuses Sebastian of bluffing. Marco wrestles to get Tony out of the cell. Holly rushes after Sebastian telling him that he’s made his point. He wonders what ‘his point’ was.

She tells him that she knows he is now serious and how desperate again. She promises him that none of them will try anything like that again. She pleads with him not to kill Tony, for her sake and the sake of their connection. She looks into his eyes.

Danny walks inside of Elizabeth & Company wondering if Marina needs any help. She comments that the phone call with Bill was quick. He tells her that he changed his mind and didn’t call Bill. Marina looks confused. Danny explains that he’s not going to fall into a trap of going after Michelle’s whims again. He rationalizes the phone call away, explaining that she didn’t want to talk to him in the first place. Marina reminds him that Michelle is the mother of his child. She goes on to tell him that if he’s worried he should try and call her back. He assures her he isn’t worried. He asks her where they were and kisses her again.

Jonathan sighs asking his mother if it is suddenly ‘lecture’ time again. He brings up the fact that she told him she wanted to get close to him. Reva doesn’t buy it and wonders how he trashing her home will bring them closer. He tells her that he brought his friends home so that they could meet her. He explains that she wasn’t home when they got there and they simply got to fooling around. He reminds her that the mess isn’t huge and that some garbage bags can clean it all up. Reva nods. He tells her that he will go send them home, since it is apparent that it’s what she wants. Reva tells him not to bother, that she is now intrigued. She tells him as she is strolling into the living room to introduce her to all of his friends. Jonathan introduces everyone to his mother and vice versa. She wonders how one of his friends got the name ‘Zoo.’ Jonathan tells her that it’s a long story. She doesn’t push the issue and tells them that she’s going to get a beer so that they can all become better acquainted. Zoo comments that Jonathan’s mother isn’t bad and Sabrina agrees telling Jonathan to be nice to her. Jonathan heads over to his mother and tells her to head upstairs. He explains that it ‘isn’t her thing’ and she tells him he wouldn’t know. She walks away from him and tells the others to crank the music. She looks like she is having a good time and has a drink with Zoo and Rowdy. Jonathan looks like he’s getting angrier.

At J. Farley’s Ruth is sitting at the bar. She has a drink in her hand and tells herself that what she is doing is for her father. She looks around and tells herself that all she needs to do is find someone to listen. Suddenly Josh walks in on leaving a message for Billy. He sits next to Ruth. She is looking at the paper and chuckling to herself. She asks Josh if he’s been ‘following the case.’ He tells her that he has and she tells him that if he’s getting his information from the paper he is ‘woefully wrong.’ She goes on to tell Josh that the police think Buzz is the killer and then she laughs. She gets up and Josh laughs at her. She assures him that the police have ‘nabbed’ the wrong person. He asks her if she has a theory on whom the killer is. She tells him that she doesn’t have a theory because she doesn’t need one. She explains that she knows who killed Phillip for a fact. Josh tells her that everyone probably has their own idea about who killed Phillip, but that speculation is not a fact. Ruth smiles and tells Josh that the police are not going to find the killer. She goes on to call the killer a ‘brave soul’ that covered their tracks ‘impeccably.’ She goes on to tell him that it is a statistical fact that if the cops don’t get a lead within 48 hours that they probably won’t ever find the murderer. She tells him that the police aren’t even close. Josh tells her that he agrees with her that Buzz isn’t the killer. The two toast Phillip and how his death couldn’t have happened to a more deserving man. She admits that he rues the day the day that he ever meant her. Josh buys her another drink.

Reva is talking to Sabrina about growing up in Oklahoma. She tells her about Cross Creek as Jonathan looks on from across the room. She tells them all about how she used to go ‘cow tipping’ when she was younger. They tell her that they don’t know what she is talking about so she explains it to them, complete with pushing Jonathan over. Zoo makes the comment that she’s a pretty cool mother and she tells them that she can ‘hang’ with the best of them. She wonders what it is she has to do, chug a beer or do shots. Jonathan tells her that they got into trouble earlier with the police and that they seized Rowdy’s computer. He tells her that they need someone to hide them with no questions asked. Reva buys into it and Jonathan tells her that he is kidding. Reva laughs.

Marina and Danny come up from the basement. She can’t figure out where the decorations are and blames Lizzie for possibly moving them. Danny tells her not to worry.

She tells him that she wanted to have the place decorated for when her grandfather came home from the hospital. She tells him she can go out tomorrow and get new decorations. He tells her that there is no need for that, and that she should make her own decorations from what they have at the restaurant. He tells her that she will have the most unique tree in all of Springfield. Marina laughs and tells him that she likes the idea. The two joke around about Lizzie and her dog. Marina stops and looks at Danny, she thanks him for everything.

Sebastian doesn’t understand why he should save Tony just because Holly wants him to. He wonders why they are supposed to mean something to one another all of a sudden. He reminds her that she left him to die. She informs him that she came back because she couldn’t bear to think that he was suffering alone. She wonders why he would send Tony to the same fate. Michelle comes over and pleads with Sebastian, arguing that Tony did nothing wrong to him. She begs him to save Tony and punish her. He asks if she knows where he father is and she confesses that she doesn’t. She maintains that she may know how to get a hold of him and he doesn’t believe her. He gets angry and tells them that if he’s going to die, that he’s going to do it on his terms. Holly asks for him to let them go and he refuses claiming that they would report him for kidnapping. They promise that they wouldn’t and Sebastian refuses to believe them. He informs them that if he dies, they will all die. He orders Marco to lock everyone up together. Marco drags Tony back to the cell with the others. Tony can barely stand and tells Michelle that he is barely weak. He tells them that he needs to find a way out for them. He offers to be Sebastian’s lone hostage. Michelle question Holly and wonders if perhaps she knows something about him that they can use to their advantage. She tells him that the only things she knows are that he’s angry and desperate. Holly wonders if Danny realized that there was something wrong. Michelle tells him that he should be wondering where she is, but that he’s going to have to do it fast as he is their only hope of getting out alive.

Danny flicks the switch on the tree and Marina is excited about how good it came out. They decide that they need something to go on the top. Marina borrows one of Robbie’s toys to put on top, a toy space shuttle. He helps her up the ladder. She turns around and he catches her. She thanks him and tells him how amazing everything is. She offers him some hot chocolate to celebrate. As she leaves he pulls out his cell phone. She looks back from the doorway to see him walking off with his phone in hand.

Reva sits on the couch eating chips while Jonathan walks past her. The rest of his friends are now gone. She asks him why he needed to ‘test her’ in front of his friends. He tries passing it off as a joke and she doesn’t buy it. She claims that he can’t trust her.

She tells him that he can tell her anything and that nothing would shock her. She brings up Alfred and tells him that she is sure he is going through a lot of emotions. He tells her that dead is dead and that he is happy about it. He tries to tell her that he threw the party because he was happy Alfred was dead. She explains that she is his mother and that she will be here for him always. Jonathan explains that her ‘Hallmark moments’ loose their meaning when she reeks of beer. She warns him again that he will not scare her off. He heads upstairs.

Josh toasts Ruth and asks her what her name is. She apologizes for being rude and sidesteps answering him by asking him his name. He tells her that he can’t agree with her and that no one deserves to be shot in cold blood. She reminds him that no one deserves to be run over by a car either. She goes on to explain to him that Phillip needed to realize that when he pushes people that they might push back. Josh tells her that she is right, Phillip did make a lot of people angry towards the end. He excuses himself for a minute and steps outside to call Frank. He tells Frank about the strange woman he is talking to and that she sounds like she is the one that killed Phillip. He tells Frank that she fits the description of that Karloff woman. When he returns to the bar, he doesn't see Ruth anywhere. The bartender tells him that she left. Josh thanks him and grabs his coat and takes off.

Harley comes out of the bathroom after Josh leaves and starts to leave also, but a young man grabs her and tells her that he can't let her leave.

Michelle tells Sebastian that if he hurts Tony, he will also be hurting her. If he hurts her, he loses his chance at life. She tells Sebastian that she was her father's research partner, and although she might not know how to save him she can help prolong his life until they can find Ed. Sebastian knows that she lost her memory. She tells him that she still remembers her medical training, and convinces him to get her a pen and paper so she can list the things that she needs. Sebastian warns her that she better now be lying to him again before he leaves to get the pen and paper. After he leaves, Tony congratulates Michelle on a great bluff. Holly is shocked that she was bluffing. They all agree that it might buy them some time.

Marina returns with the hot chocolate. Danny tells her that he is thinking about taking Robbie light seeing. Marina agrees to go with them, thinking that it could be fun. She tells him that he doesn't have to pretend with her. She knows that the phone call from Michelle was strange. They start to talk about how strange it is that Michelle would even try to call her father when she doesn't even remember him. Danny remembers that the last time her father's name came up was when they saw Sebastian at the lighthouse. Marina remembers that Sebastian had suggested that Danny get a hold of Ed and ask him to help Danny find Michelle. Danny didn't think anything of it at the time, but now he doesn't know. He starts to tell Marina that she doesn't have to do this, but Marina stops him and tells him that she is there for him.

On Reva's porch, Josh fills her in about his strange conversation with the woman at the bar. After he left the bar, he went to the police station. They showed him a picture of Ruth Karloff, and sure enough, that is the lady he was talking to. Reva remembers Ruth as the lady that attacked her at the Spaulding mansion and thinks that Ruth is definitely capable of murder.

Josh asks how things went with Jonathon. Reva proudly announces that all is well. Josh wants her to be careful. Reva knows that Jonathon will continue to test her. Inside the house, Jonathon wonders around eating chips when the phone rings. He answers it and finds the authorities from San Jamar on the other end. They inform him that his parents house has burned to the ground. He remembers throwing the cigarette on the chair, and thanks the man for the information as Reva and Josh come back into the house. He tells them the call was a wrong number and promises to clean up the mess he made in the morning. He thanks Reva for a good time and tells them both goodnight as he heads upstairs.

Back at Farley's, Harley is alarmed when the man won't let go of her. He tries flirting with her a little bit to get her to sit with him and have another drink. Harley tries to make excuses and get away, but the man is insistent. When he sees that she isn't willing to talk to him, he tells her his name is Mike Fantini and that he overheard her talking about the Spaulding murder and wants to talk more to her about it. Now Harley really wants to get going, but Fantini finally tells her that he is a cop, and places Ruth Karloff under arrest on suspicion of murder.

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