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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/14/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

In a patient room at the hospital, Mel is on the phone when Blake walks in. Blake tries to interrupt her to ask a question. Mel refuses to hang the phone up. Mel asks the person on the other end of the line if they’ve heard from Rick while Blake asks Mel if she’s seen Rick. She ignores Blake, and hangs up the phone looking very annoyed. She finally turns to Blake, asking her what it is she wants. Blake tells her that she simply wants to find Rick. Mel, looking both angry and upset tells Blake to ‘join the club.’

Rick is alone in the Springfield University gym playing basketball. He’s talking to himself, as though he is a basketball announcer talking about the game going on between Phillip and Rick. He shoots the ball towards the basket and as he turns around Beth is making the sound of a buzzer. She reminds him that the game is over. He wonders how she knew he was going to be there and she tells him that she didn’t. She comments on the ‘game’ he was playing with Phillip – the World Championship with Phillip winning. Rick confesses that he thought if he allowed Phillip to win that he might ‘come back.’

Danny and Robbie head into the hospital. Danny tells his son that Buzz will probably feel better after seeing him. Robbie stops before they get to Buzz’s room. He points at the Christmas tree. Danny tells Robbie that they’re going to have a lot of fun this year.

Marina appears behind Danny just in time to hear Robbie tell his father that ‘it can’t be Christmas if Mommy isn’t here.’

Sebastian comes down the stairs toward Holly & Michelle’s cell. He looks as though he is getting weaker and falls to the ground grabbing his head. Michelle, not knowing that he is nearby calls out to him. She shakes the bars and tells Holly that Sebastian could have simply left them in there alone to die. She paces around and reminds Holly that they’ve been locked up for over 24 hours. Holly is sitting on the bed and reminds Michelle that she’s dealt with being locked up alright so far. She tries to tell Michelle that even though Sebastian is sick, he will be back. She reminds her that he needs the cure and to get to Ed. Holly warns Michelle that his illness makes Sebastian volatile and that he freaks out. Michelle tells Holly that he’s not the only one freaking out. She goes on about how Tony needs help too. As she is telling Holly how sick Tony is we see him lying in the ravine completely still.

Tammy and Sandy walk into Elizabeth & Company. Tammy questions why they are there and he tells her that he’s sick of J. Farley’s. She comments about how she really doesn’t want to give Lizzie any business. Sandy asks her if she’s sick of running into JB and she ignores his question. Tammy looks at the menu and wrinkles her nose, she comments on some of the new menu items. He tells her that he was thinking of doing another play and asks Tammy if she would be interested.

She immediately tells him that she’s not interested mainly because she thinks people critique her as she walks down the street. He comments that he was wondering if she would write it, not act in it. She begins to tells him how she used to write ‘skits’ when she was younger. She goes on to talk to him about how she enjoyed writing. He tells her to write what she knows. Tammy is mainly concerned about it ‘stinking.’ He promises to tell her if it isn’t that good. Suddenly we see JB walk into the restaurant and close the door.

Blake is following Mel around, questioning her about Rick. She can’t believe that he would change his work schedule and not tell his wife. Mel keeps busy and tells Blake that it’s a surprise to her. Blake comments that it is understandable with ‘everything that has happened.’ Mel remarks that it has been one big drama after the next one. Blake tries to help the situation and guesses that perhaps his cell phone broke. They both look at one another, knowing that it isn’t the case. Blake tells Mel that the reason she was looking for Rick in the first place was because of her brother Sebastian. She goes on to explain to Mel that Rick treated him and she needs to find out more. Mel wonders why Blake can’t talk to her brother about it. She tells her that he is missing and hard to get a hold of. Mel confesses to Blake that he hasn’t talked about his case load or anything else recently. Blake apologizes and requests that if and when she talks to Rick to have him call her. She tells him that she understand things have been tough since Phillip died. She tries to explain that things will get better. Mel smiles and tells Blake that she knows it, but that it is a lot to deal with. Blake leaves.

At the basket ball court, Beth comments on Rick having the ‘bargaining conversation’ with God. Rick tells her that it isn’t much of a sacrifice since Phillip usually won the games anyway. Beth reminds Rick about how Phillip liked to win and how it eventually caught up with him. Rick asks about Lizzie and she tells him that all Lizzie can focus on lately is trying to be what her father wanted her to be. Rick smiles and tells Beth that Rick wanted Lizzie to be just like her mother. Rick comments on how ‘Phillip won Beth over’ and she jokes that Rick didn’t ‘fight all that hard.’ He reminds her that together they were a force of nature and that she was the only person who made him truly happy. She disagrees with him and tells him that he made him happy as well. She reminds him that he was a good friend. He goes on about the fact that there were a lot of things that Phillip did for him that he never realized. Beth tries convincing him that he paid Phillip back simply by being a friend. Rick wonders if perhaps it is time for him to ‘wreak some havoc’ as Phillip used to. He goes on about how he doesn’t have to be the reasonable friend anymore. Beth asks him if that is why he disappeared today. Rick looks at her almost confused and tells her that he simply took the afternoon off. Beth reminds him that he didn’t tell his wife and that she’s been looking for him. Rick looks annoyed and tells Beth that Mel can handle everything. She thinks that he should call his wife if he wants to remain the lucky guy that he is. He looks at her and says that he is indeed a lucky man. He stands up tells Beth that he’s going to take a jump shot. If he misses it he will take it as a sign he should go home and call Mel. If he makes the shot he tells her that she will need to stay there and hang out with him. He takes the shot and makes it. Beth looks worried.

Danny pulls Robbie aside and tells him that they will have a lot of fun together even if Mommy isn’t going to be around. Marina walks over and tells Robbie that she has something for him. She tells him that Santa was visiting the kids in the sick ward and somehow a present for Robbie got mixed in. She goes on to tell Robbie that his mother wrote to Santa asking that he give this present to Robbie. Marina tells Robbie that she doesn’t know what it is, but that she thinks it’s really cool. Robbie sits on the other end of the couch, shaking the present. Danny stands up and pulls Marina aside. She asks him what he owes her for it, and she tells him not to worry about it. She comments that he saved her a trip as it was her present for Robbie. Danny looks as though he can’t believe it and wonders why Marina is going to let Michelle ‘take all the credit.’ She tells Danny that she doesn’t need credit since she got what she wants. She tells Danny to look at his son. Robbie is sitting on the couch swinging his legs and smiling. Danny tells Marina that he owes her. She smiles and tells him that she likes the idea of Danny Santos owing her a favor. He offers to say hello to Buzz and she tells him that he is asleep. Marina comments on his block of open space now that he can’t visit Buzz. Danny goes on to tell Marina about ‘the nanny’ taking Robbie for the night. She tells him that she was thinking of holding the IOU over his head for a bit, but that she thinks she is going to cash in. Danny smiles.

In their cell, Michelle and Holly stand side by side at the bars. Michelle explains to Holly that she didn’t expect anything to happen between her and Tony. She goes on about how they simply spent a lot of time together and slowly got closer. She is worried about Tony being sick and needing help. Sebastian appears in front of the cell with another man. He asks if Holly has ‘filled Michelle in.’ Michelle comments that she knows all about his ‘health issues.’ He laughs and tells her that it’s a delicate way to put it. He lets them know that he is prepared to let them free once Ed brings them the cure. They let Sebastian know that Tony could die, and he tells them that he doesn’t care about Tony. He goes on telling them that all he cares about is himself. He reminds them that it is he who ‘holds the key to their cage.’ Michelle reminds Sebastian that it is she and Holly who hold the keys as it is up to them whether Sebastian lives or dies. Sebastian laughs and asks if they’re now playing ‘Let’s make a deal.’ Michelle tells Sebastian that until he takes her to Tony, with all the medicine that he needs she won’t call her father. He wants to know how he’s supposed to trust Michelle. She tells him that he has to trust her because she wants to live and because he has no choice. Sebastian agrees and tells Marco that they will leave soon. He turns to Holly and tells her that she needs to stay in the cell. Sebastian orders Marco to get the medical kit and bring Michelle out front. Holly pulls Michelle aside and warns her to be careful. She goes on to tell her that she doesn’t know what Sebastian will do when he finds out Michelle doesn’t know how to reach Ed. Michelle tells Holly that once she saves Tony she will worry about what to do next. Holly looks worried.

Rick takes some shots and when they don’t go in comments that he’s off. She laughs and wonders if he’s only off today. They joke around about Beth being the bench warmer. Rick turns to her and asks what she is doing there. With tears in her eyes she tells him that she misses Phillip. He tells her that he does too. He walks over to her and tells her that at least they each have someone to talk to. She wonders why he isn’t gone on the sailing trip, and he tells her that he couldn’t go yet because she isn’t going to go. She reminds him that she already gave him her answer. She tells him that it is an adventure that he and Mel should share. He walks away from her and picks up the basketball again. She asks him where he is going and he tells her as he is making a shot that he plans on going around the world. She comments that it will be a long trip. He laughs and tells her he was going to play the basketball game ‘Around the World.’ He tells her that he wants to teach her how to play. He hands her the ball and comments that it’s perfect, because he can finally win. The two look at one another and laugh.

A waitress from Elizabeth & Company approaches Sandy and tells him that he has a phone call. Sandy wonders who it is and she tells him that they didn’t leave a name. She goes on to tell him that he’s going to have to take it in the kitchen as well. Sandy gets up, points to a piece of paper that he and Tammy were looking at and tells her to work on that. He tells her he will be back and takes off. JB walks over and speaks once he is hovered over Tammy. He asks her how to spell the word ‘manipulate.’ She tells him to go buy a dictionary far away from her.

JB goes on about how Sandy is trying to manipulate her. He tells her that Sandy wants her, but he needs to fix her before he’ll be willing to take her home. Tammy gets up and tells him goodbye. She walks over to the counter trying to ignore him. He follows her talking to her the whole time. He tells her that Sandy is trying to ‘clean her up’ before he can get near her. He points to the notebook she was writing in and tells her that he’s sure Sandy thinks she should ‘write her way through the hurt.’ He tells her that Sandy is trying to make her normal again.

Marina speeds ahead of Danny and waves her arms around. He wonders what is going on. She tells him that there is a veterans group that sells trees for charity and that Buzz allowed them to set up shop in front of Company. Danny jokes around, wondering if Buzz got Lizzie’s approval. Marina tells them that they have a bigger problem than Lizzie. She pulls out a cash box and reminds him that there is no one selling. She gives him the price list and he wonders if he should be the one doing the selling. She tells him that he will be fine. He comments on how beautiful the trees look. Marina reminds him that she’s sure there is another Santos missing Christmas. He confesses that it bothers him that Michelle isn’t there for her son. He goes on to remind Marina that Michelle has made her choices and he’s got to make his own. He tells her that he needs to realize what is right in front of him. He jokes around that he needs to sell twice as many trees as she ever could. He tells her that she is on.

Michelle, Sebastian and Marco come to the spot where Tony was to find him missing. Michelle becomes angry and tells Sebastian that he shouldn’t have locked her up. She calls out to him and walks around looking for him. Sebastian looks annoyed and tells Marco to form a search party. He touches his head as if in pain again. Suddenly Michelle calls out telling them that she found Tony. He is lying against a rock not moving. She tries to talk to Tony and get him to regain consciousness.

JB rips the notebook out of Tammy’s hand and wonders what she is writing. Sandy comes out from the kitchen and tells both Tammy and JB that they won’t guess who was on the phone. He tells them that no one was there and doesn’t look surprised. He blames JB, who denies calling Sandy. JB tells him that he has no reason to evade Sandy. He goes on about how Sandy should be avoiding him as he’s a reminder of all the lies he told the Lewis family. Sandy wonders why he isn’t angrier that despite all the lies JB’s family still cares about him. Sandy reminds JB that every time Reva looks at him she sees a son. JB says goodbye to Tammy and leaves. Sandy apologizes to Tammy for JB and comments that they can’t stay away from him. She walks back to their tale, obviously bothered by what JB said. Sandy tries to see what Tammy would like to do next and she turns down every offer he makes. She maintains that she is ok. She tells him that she wants to keep working. She turns to Sandy and tells him that she wants to write about a girl being used who ends up with lots of trust issues as a result. He asks her if she’d be willing to write about it and she tells him that it is what she knows. He tells her that he thinks it would be powerful. Tammy smirks and tells Sandy that ‘he’ was right. She goes on about how when she wanted to sleep with Sandy the other night and he refused that he couldn’t stand the thought of being with her. She tells him that she knows it has nothing to do with being a nice guy. Sandy looks confused. She tells him that she knows she is ‘damaged goods’ and that he is just trying to ‘clean her up so she can pass inspection.’ Sandy asks is JB told her that and she walks off.

Michelle tells them that she can hear a heartbeat. She points out the spider bite to Marco and Sebastian, she goes on to tell them she knows it is infected but wants to know if it is poisonous. Marco tells her that it is a distinctive bite which is highly toxic. Sebastian tells her that the poison will work slowly, so that they still have some time. She gets the anecdote from Sebastian and gives him an injection. She sits next to him, calling out his name. Through Tony’s eyes we realize that he is coming to and the first thing he sees is Michelle. She assures him that he is ok.

He looks shocked that she came back and she reminds him that she promised him. He thanks her. She tells him not to move. Sebastian has another attack and Marco rushes to his side. He asks Sebastian if he is ok and he assures Marco that he will be soon.

Marina and Danny both make a sale. She tallies up the total and tells him that she is winning. Two new customers come to the lot and both Danny and Marina each grab one to sell to. Danny tells his customer that Marina is near broke and that her family needs the money to survive. Marina tells her customer that Danny is the one selling the trees and that he is none too happy when people leave his lot to buy from somewhere else. It is revealed that the two customers are husband and wife and they leave together. Danny and Marina look at one another and laugh.

Rick laughs at Beth’s attempts at throwing a basketball. He tells her he’s having the same problem with trying to convince her to go on the trip with him – there is no follow through. He offers to help her with her problem. He goes behind her and tries to fix her ‘stance.’ He shows her how to throw properly and tells her that he’s not leaving on his trip until she throws the ball properly. Beth throws the ball and misses the basket completely.

Mel appears and catches the ball. She wonders what trip they are talking about. Beth and Rick both look shocked to see her there. Rick comments on what a surprise it is to see her. She tells him how she called everyone, even Beth looking for him. He tells her that he just wanted a break for the afternoon. She explains to him that he has lousy timing and that Buzz was admitted to the hospital. Rick looks shocked and wonders if everything is ok. She tells him that Harley was asking for her. He reminds her that he doesn’t live at the hospital and she makes it clear that she realizes that. She reminds him that he rarely comes around anymore. Beth decides to get going, and Rick asks her to stay. He tells Beth that he and Mel are fine and then turns to Mel to make sure. She tells him that she’s not sure. He explains that he got someone to cover for him because he is burnt out and that it is not all that he is or wants to be. He gets angry and tells her that he’s been trying to explain that to her. Mel reminds him that he hasn’t answered her question about the trip yet. He informs her that he was going to surprise her ‘when the timing was right.’ He explains his sailing plan to her and how he wanted to see the world. She calls it a ‘bold plan.’ She wonders if hearing the news about Buzz helped ‘bring him down to earth.’ Rick, who is angry, glances at Beth and back at Mel. He tells her that hearing the news about Buzz simply makes him want to get on a sailboat quicker. Mel looks confused.

Marina has a customer pass on buying a tree while Danny looks smug. Marina wonders why he would do such a thing. Danny tells her that he wants to buy the tree for Company because it looks so perfect. He goes on to tell her that it will be a nice surprise for Buzz when he gets out of the hospital. She hugs him, telling him that it is so sweet.

Sandy wonders what JB said to Tammy. She ignores the questions and tells Sandy that writing a play isn’t going to make what happened to her go away. She tells him that he can’t change her and that there is a guy out there perfect for her. He grabs her arm and tells her that just because she slept with JB once, doesn’t mean that he’s the type of guy she is destined for. He tells her that perhaps it will take some time for her to get through everything but that she will be ok. She tells him that all he can talk about is how he wants to change her. Marina and Danny walk in. Tammy takes off, storming past Marina and Danny with Sandy close behind. Danny drags the tree inside and thanks Marina for earlier with Robbie. He confesses to her that he froze when Robbie asked about his mother.

Michelle gives Tony a drink and he scowls at the taste. She tells him it is an electrolyte cocktail that will help him feel better. Sebastian urges them to head back to the villa. He tells Michelle that it is her turn to call her father and keep her word.

Mel explains to Rick that she thought hearing the news about Buzz would make him understand it wouldn’t be the best idea to take off. He lets her know that he thinks it may be necessary. He reminds her of their feelings of gratitude after his heart transplant. She wonders if he’s thinking about traveling simply because of Phillip. He tells her that he is absolutely debating this because of Phillip. She assures him that nothing will happen to him. He asks her what his children would think of him if he were to die tomorrow. He begins to tear up as he tells her that his children would think of him the same way he remembers his father – ‘as a workaholic father who was never around.’ He tells her that this is completely unacceptable. He expresses concern telling his wife that he wants his children to know him. She tells him that he can’t act out of fear and tries to explain to him that his kids do know him. She tells him that their life is in Springfield, and it is no longer Phillip, Mindy, Rick and Beth in high school. She reminds him that they’re all grown up now. Rick looks at Beth and then thanks Mel for reminding him of the happiest time of his life. He gets his things and goes, telling her that he needs to leave as he has responsibilities. Mel turns to Beth and sarcastically thanks Beth for calling her when she finally found Rick. Beth shrugs and tells Mel that she’s not his mother. Mel questions what Beth is to Rick and she tells Mel that she is his friend. Beth wonders if Mel can say the same thing. She leaves and Mel is left alone.

Danny runs outside looking for Marina and tells her that the tree is ready to be decorated. She tells him that he has inspired her to decorate the whole place before Buzz gets home. She pulls out some of the decorations to show him and in one hand has mistletoe. Marina grins at Danny.

Sebastian and the others return to the villa. He asks Holly if she missed them. Michelle helps Tony into the cell while Sebastian looks on. Holly turns to Sebastian and tells him that she hasn’t had a chance to explain yet about when she left.

He calls her leaving him for dead an ‘oversight’ and doesn’t seem to want to hear her excuse. She tries to explain to him that she had a chance to escape and came back to help him. He tells her that he knows she simply didn’t want to feel guilty. He tells her it means nothing. Sebastian asks Michelle how Tony is feeling and she tells him that he needs to rest. Sebastian hands her the phone and tells Michelle to call her father immediately.

Marina calls the mistletoe cheesy and turns away. Danny grabs it out of her hand, holds it over their heads and kisses her. Marina looks surprised and kisses him back. Suddenly his cell phone rings. He apologizes to Marina and tells her that it could be the nanny. We hear that it is Michelle on the other end of the line. She pretends that he is her father and tells him that she is glad she got through to him.

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