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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/13/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Josh is looking for Reva when Billy surprises him outside of the Beacon. He says she’s disappeared with Jonathan. She left him a note but didn’t say where she was going. Billy says ‘temper’ and it’s something they should both learn and that violence isn’t the answer. Josh asks what is the question. Billy says ‘whether I killed Phillip Spaulding’ is the question according to Harley. Josh says he understood that you were nowhere near Phillip the night of the murder. Billy confesses that he lied about his whereabouts and that Harley found out. He says in Harley’s zeal to protect her dad, she wants to pin the murder on him. Josh asks if Billy did it.

Inside the Beacon, Ross tells Olivia he still handles some legal issues for the Spaulding’s and gives her an envelope indicating that Alan is suing for grandfatherly visitation rights. Ross tries to explain that it’s a legal formality but Olivia says Alan wants to take her daughter away from her.

At Cedars, Edmund meets Cassie who’s been visiting with Buzz. She asks if Edmund got his fertility tests back. His sperm count was very high, one hundred million. Cassie is so happy and hugs Edmund. He says we could start a singing group like the Von Trapp’s. Cassie says this is really scary and she loves him to death. They hug happily as Dinah watches.

At the ER, Jeffrey asks Harley how Buzz is doing. Harley says that it’s not that serious this time and Jeffrey asks if he is up to having a visitor. Harley checks to see if it’s okay and goes into Buzz’s room. Lillian tells Harley that Buzz will be fine. She says that stress is Buzz’s trigger and Harley asks if there is anything she can do. Lillian says you can keep him quiet. Buzz says that he had the weirdest dream of people talking while he was sleeping. Lillian leaves and Harley asks Buzz how he’s holding up. Buzz asks what’s going on out there. Harley confesses Frank and the guys are just doing their jobs. He asks if he is still the number one suspect. She explains that people feel he shot Phillip. Buzz tells Harley he saw Ruth Karloff up close.

Edmund tells Cassie he feels fantastic and feels like passing out cigars. Cassie doesn’t think they should get ahead of themselves as she still has some tests to take. Edmund picks up Cassie and twirls her around and believes she’ll pass with flying colors.

Dinah looks unhappy. Jeffrey sees a sign for the maternity ward and relives the night with Dinah and discovering the damaged condom. Dinah approaches Jeffrey imitating a crying baby and tells him she guesses he’ll have to get used to it. Jeffrey tells Dinah that ‘one time a baby doesn’t make.’ Dinah says it only took her one time to make a baby and it’s taking Cassie and Edmund three months. Jeffrey tells her they need to talk. Dinah explains she got what she needed and will raise this baby alone. She was queasy this morning. She says they’ll leave Cassie in the dust. Jeffrey says this isn’t the Indy 500 and the fact that Dinah thinks it is is another reason why she shouldn’t have a baby. He says what you did to that condom should be illegal and it’s no way to bring a baby into the world and that any baby of ours would be doomed from birth. He says they’d be a terrible mother and father. Dinah explains she’ll be a good mother. Jeffrey says he doesn’t have time for this and walks away.

Cassie tells Edmund she really wants to have a baby with him. Edmund wants this too but says they already have three wonderful children. They are still very lucky and it’s a win-win situation. Cassie agrees. Edmund says he loves her and she asks him to prove it later after his meeting. They kiss and Edmund leaves.

Harley says ‘so you saw that Ruth Karloff?’ Buzz wants Harley to help him by finding Ruth Karloff for him. Buzz says Ruth was there when he collapsed. He says she may be a murderer and a material witness but she was there. Buzz says when I hit the deck she could have left but didn’t. He says there was something about her that made him feel better and that everything would be okay and that, thanks to her, he was okay. Harley says Frank has tried and tried to find her. Buzz wants to thank Ruth. Harley says you need to exercise, eat right, and avoid stress. Buzz says whatever you want, dear. Harley asks if Buzz is ready for his visitors.

Jeffrey asks Lillian how she does it being so busy at the hospital, and still the picture of beauty. He asks about Beth and Lillian says Beth is not doing well at all. Jeffrey also asks about the morning after pill. Lillian is surprised about Jeffrey’s question. He asks if it is effective. Harley tells Jeffrey he can go in to see Buzz.

Olivia won’t hand her daughter over to Alan and believes any court would rule in her favor. Ross says Alan doesn’t want to take Emma away from her, but he wants to see her on a regular basis over the holidays. Olivia says he wants a replacement for Phillip and someone to mold into his twisted image. Olivia exclaims she won’t allow that. Ross says it was very important to Phillip to see Emma raised not only as Olivia’s child but as a Spaulding. Olivia says she doesn’t care what Phillip wanted. Emma is her child, and he is dead.

Josh asks Billy why he would lie where he was the night Phillip was shot. Billy says he didn’t really lie. He just didn’t volunteer the truth. Josh asks what not? He asks if it slipped Billy’s mind or if there was another reason. Billy asks if Josh thinks he shot Phillip. Josh says I know you shot Roger Thorpe. Billy explains that was a long time ago. Josh tells Billy if he’s trying to protect someone, or himself, he has to tell him. Billy’s cell phone goes off, and he walks a few feet away to take the call. The male caller tells Billy he did what he asked and took care of Phillip Spaulding, and he had to get creative. Billy says creative...good...good. The caller tells Billy it’s going to cost him double and asks if he wants him to keep his mouth shut or not. Billy tells the caller to let him take care of that matter, and he’ll call him back. Billy ends the call. Josh asks, “who was that?” Billy tells Josh it was just a business call as they enter the Beacon lobby. Josh is getting angry and tells Billy not to play him. He says that was not a business call and had to do with Phillip’s murder. Billy tells Josh he makes him want to have a drink. Josh hits Billy’s arm and tells him to not say that and the fact that he is thinking of drinking means it’s time for him to come clean. He reminds Billy that lying to have Olivia deported almost cost him his son and lying about this could cost him a lot more. Josh asks if Billy is lying to him. Billy says if Harley Cooper minds her own business, everything will be fine. Olivia is listening to their conversation. Josh says obviously things are not fine and he is not fine. Billy says everybody got their kids back and why not leave Phillip rotting in the ground where he belongs. Billy walks away. Olivia asks Josh if he is okay. Josh says he’s not and wants to leave. She says she heard the crack Billy made about Phillip. Josh says Billy has a big mouth. Olivia asks why Billy is so upset with Harley. She asks if Josh really knows something, to please tell her. Josh says you know as much about Phillip’s murder as I do; maybe even more. Olivia says she didn’t kill Phillip but wanted to. She is afraid of losing her little girl but Josh tells here that he can’t help and leaves.

Edmund is at the front desk at the Beacon, on his cell phone when Dinah enters. Edmund is waiting for someone to arrive for a business meeting. Dinah pulls out some yarn to and starts knitting. Ross approaches and asks how is his favorite girl and they share a hug. Ross says he’s still working on getting the restraining order dropped and asks what Dinah is knitting. He seems surprised that she can knit. Dinah shows him the bootie she’s making and says that people change when they are nesting. Ross asks if Dinah is pregnant. Dinah says she hopes so as Edmund overhears their conversation.

Jeffrey asks Buzz how’s he’s doing. Harley tells Jeffrey he is stable, but Buzz is supposed to avoid stress. Jeffrey says he’s has gotten some calls from the governor and the Spaulding’s are putting on the pressure. The DA’s office is going to file charges. Buzz will be arrested for the murder of Phillip Spaulding.

Harley tells Jeffrey this is insane and the Spaulding’s are trying to bury them. Buzz asks when they are coming for him. Harley is very upset and takes Jeffrey outside. She says he has a weak heart and could die. Jeffrey says you were the one to tell me he’s okay. He says I came here to help your father and to let him know what he’s facing. Jeffrey says all the evidence points directly to Buzz. Harley walks away frustrated.

Jeffrey bumps into Cassie. He asks how she is. Cassie says I’ll know soon enough since she’s at the hospital for a wellness check. Edmund tested at the top of his class. Jeffrey asks if Cassie wants to have another baby. She says she loves Edmund and wants to have a baby with him. Cassie says children change everything. Jeffrey says he’s not cut out to be a father, but hopes she gets what she wants.

Jeffrey asks Lillian again about the morning after pill. He says what I’m about to tell you has to stay between us. He talks about a victim not getting consent and wants to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant. Lillian suggests the woman go and see her own doctor. Jeffrey says there is no time for that. Lillian asks Jeffrey who is pregnant.

Dinah tells Ross she’s not sure she is pregnant. Ross asks if Jeffrey would be the father. Dinah says this baby would be mine and it doesn’t matter who the father would be. Ross feels she needs a time for adjustment and get her feet on the ground. Dinah asks why Ross can’t be happy for her. Ross wants her to be happy and to have a husband. Dinah says she is ready and will be a great mother. Ross thinks it might be too much too soon. Dinah says this should have happened years ago, but she is ready now. Ross wants Dinah to be happy. His cell phones rings, and he has to take the call. Ross leaves.

Edmund approaches Dinah and she says hi. Dinah asks if Edmund heard what she said to her father and Edmund says I couldn’t help but hear it. Dinah doesn’t want to broadcast this and realizes how Cassie might feel. She doesn’t think Edmund should tell Cassie her good news just yet.

Jeffrey says you got me and asks if Lillian is psychic. Lillian says I know your record with women and tells Jeffrey there are side effects to the morning after pill. She goes to the drug cabinet and shows Jeffrey the label. Jeffrey wants to hold onto the drug, but Lillian says no and returns the drug to the cabinet. Jeffrey says I have to do something.. Lillian suggest he go to the drugstore and get a pregnancy tests. She leaves to check on Buzz and Jeffrey approaches the drug cabinet.

At Cedars, Olivia tells Harley that Alan is suing her for visitation rights. She says Billy told her about what he and Harley were arguing about. Harley tells Olivia she might have jumped the gun with Billy. Harley says an old friend of hers saw Billy outside of Company the night of the murder. Olivia says so he just lied about where he was. Harley says ‘I don’t know, you talked to him.’ Olivia confirms that she did talk to Billy. She wants details from someone objective. Harley says she’s not objective and none of it matters anyway as she’s worried about Buzz and what will happen to him. Olivia says he’s going to be all right. Harley asks Olivia not to ask any more questions and walks away.

Buzz asks Lillian a question and wants her to be brutally honest since they’ve known each other for so long. Buzz says this is my second time in this place in one year. He asks if he is going to die tomorrow or will his heart stop beating tonight. Lillian says you could die tomorrow, and she could have as well when she had cancer. She tells him not to dwell on it or it will drive him crazy.

Billy asks the bartender for some black coffee and asks him not to give him any booze if he asks for it.

Dinah tells Edmund she wants to have a baby. Edmund says you didn’t plan this. Dinah says which would make this a miracle. She mentions that her first baby would have been RJ’s age, and he reminds her that her biological clock is ticking. Edmund asks how the father feels about this. Dinah confesses he’s not the paternal type. Dinah says there are plenty of children who are raised by one person. Edmund asks so you are going to raise this child alone. Dinah says with any luck, the child and her will be fine. Dinah’s cell phone rings. It’s Jeffrey calling and he wants her to meet him at Company. He has something important to talk with her about. Dinah says we’ll be there. She tells Edmund that was daddy, and she thinks he’s coming around.

Olivia approaches Billy. He starts to leave. She says, “I would be running too if I was you.” Olivia says I know your car was spotted near Company the night of the murder, and he had motive. Phillip was blackmailing him because Phillip was threatening to tell Bill about having her deported. Billy says it doesn’t mean I killed Phillip. Olivia says she doesn’t think that makes much of a difference in this town. Billy asks what she wants. Olivia says you mean what it’s going to take to buy my silence. She asks Billy to take a seat, and she will tell him.

There is a police officer posted outside of Buzz’s room and Harley is not pleased.

Dinah joins Jeffrey. Dinah says she had her head in a toilet bowl all morning. Jeffrey tells Dinah it’s a little early for morning sickness. She asks what Jeffrey wants to talk to her about. He says I have something for you.

Harley comes into Buzz’s room. She asks Lillian why Phillip had to die. Lillian says I think about that all day; everyday. Harley tells Lillian they are going to arrest Buzz. Lillian doesn’t believe Buzz would kill Phillip. Harley says it doesn’t matter what they think, and she doesn’t feel Buzz’s heart will be strong enough to survive this. Lillian says then we’ll have to find out who really did it. Lillian leaves.

Olivia tells Billy she wants him to help her take down Alan. She reminds Billy that Bill is Emma’s stepfather. Billy asks how he would do that. Olivia tells Billy he has as many connections as Alan and to use them. She doesn’t’ care. Olivia tells Billy she won’t tell anyone that Phillip was blackmailing him. Billy confesses there is a lot blackmailing going on here, and he agrees. Billy replies, “you’ve got yourself a deal.”

Edmund asks Cassie how everything went. She says ask me when I’m pregnant. Cassie says I’m the luckiest girl in the world as she gets to marry him in a month. They share a passionate kiss.

Jeffrey presents Dinah with a pregnancy test that is wrapped in brown paper. Dinah opens the package and thinks it’s too early. Jeffrey says you can tell very early these days but Dinah doesn’t think he’d believe the results. Jeffrey says he’d be with her. Dinah says no so Jeffrey suggests they take a blood test. Dinah says I know my own body and that she’s 100% positive she’s pregnant.

Lillian tells Harley that Buzz will be asleep for hours but Harley wants to stay a few minutes more. Lillian leaves the room and Harley tells Buzz everything will be okay, that she won’t let them arrest him. She says that by the time he is released, everyone will know who the real murderer is. She says Ruth Carloff is going down.

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