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Guiding Light Update Friday 12/10/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Olivia is going through moving boxes with Billy and Bill in the Beacon lobby. She is preparing to move in with Bill. Alan arrives and asks to speak with Olivia privately. He wants to talk to her about Emma and thinks she belongs with him and her father’s family.

Ruth is tending to Buzz and says help is on the way when Frank and Gus arrive. Frank grabs Ruth and throws her to aside, asking what she did to Buzz. Ruth tells Frank that Buzz had chest pains and she called for help. Frank tells Gus not to let Ruth go while Gus tells Harley to get out of there. Harley asks what am I supposed to do? make a run for it? Gus tells her to hit him and make it look good so Ruth punches Gus in the stomach and then escapes. Gus says that was too hard.

Reva and Jon have arrived outside of Alfred and Marissa’s house in San Jamar. Jon says his so-called dad won’t bring out the welcome mat. Reva thinks Jon has to face his demons with the man who abused him. Jon says don’t say I didn’t warn you. Reva tells Jon not to push her buttons unless there is something in there he doesn’t want her to find. Jon tells Reva he won’t find the happy ending in the house of horrors she’s looking for. Reva says she finds it interesting that Jon refers to Alfred as great and powerful and this place as the house of horrors. She tells Jon the nightmare is all in his head. Jon tells Reva that she doesn’t want to get inside of his head and that she wouldn’t like what’s crawling around in there, but Reva says she’s not afraid. She goes into the house which is completely dark. Reva turns on the lights and see the sheets covering the furniture. Jon thinks they’ve moved out and that Jonathon and Reva should leave. Reva asks if they’ve moved out, why hasn’t the house been sold and why is all the furniture still there? She sees something.

Bill tells Alan that Emma’s home is with him and Olivia. Alan warns Bill to get out while he still can. He thinks the Spauldings can offer Emma a more stable environment. Olivia warns that she will die before she will let Emma live under his roof. Alan says “you will die, or you will kill?” He mentions that she’s a prime suspect in Phillip’s murder and asks Olivia if she plans on raising Emma in jail. Olivia says he’s going to make sure she goes to jail. Alan tells Bill he has no say in his grand daughter’s future and Billy agrees.

Alan then says that he’s a reasonable man and tells Olivia if she can establish her innocence and stay out of jail, then maybe they can work out an arrangement to share custody. Olivia asks what kind of parenting goes into creating a man like Phillip and says she won’t let Emma be the next casualty. Alan says Emma will be a part of my life as well as yours. He says we can either do it in a nice way or involve lawyers. Alan tells Olivia to sleep on it, and he walks away. Billy remarks that there is something to be said for compromise. He says with the Spaulding’s you either surrender, or fight fire with fire. Billy leaves the Beacon. Olivia tells Bill she’s not backing down. Bill says I’ve been known to fight with matches and if she’s still ready to fight fire with fire, then he’s her guy.

Harley is now out of the Ruth disguise and is at Cedar's ER. Gus asks if she knows what she’s done. Harley tells Gus she knows what she’s done. She tells Gus that Ruth is a real person to the majority of people in this town which means she can use her. Gus asks for what and Harley says to take the heat off her father. Gus says you almost got caught twice and says it doesn’t make Buzz look less guilty. Harley says she’ll think of something else. Lillian comes out and says Buzz’s vitals are strong, and he’s in no immediate danger. Frank is visiting with Buzz so Harley goes outside. Outside of the ER, Harley meets up with a prostitute she knows named Noelle. Noelle says business has been slow. Harley asks Noelle if she was working the night of the shooting at Company and Phillip Spauldling's murder? She tells Noelle to start talking.

Harley tells Noel that she doesn’t want to get her into any trouble but she is hoping she can provide some information for the night Phillip was shot. If she was working her usual corner the night of Phillip’s murder then she might know something that could help crack this case. Harley confesses she’s not a cop anymore, but the life of someone very precious to her is at stake. Noelle says if she’s called testify then she’ll deny every word. She was working that night and mentions a horny guy. Harley says come on. Noelle says that this guy had real horns.

A man comes out and Reva asks “Alfred?” The man says the house is empty. Reva tells the man he has to find another place to stay. She asks if he knows what happened to the people who lived here. The man takes out a cigarette, begins to smoke, and states he heard at the market that the man was involved in a boating accident a few months ago and that the wife packed up and left. Reva gives the man some money to find some food and shelter and tells him to stop smoking. The man leaves his pack of cigarettes behind. Reva tells Jon a couple of months ago is the time he came to Springfield and yet he knew nothing of this. Jon says why don’t you ask me if I was here for Alfred’s boating accident and if it was an accident at all.

Olivia wishes she had run away so Alan could never have gotten to her. Bill says no one will take Emma away from her on his watch. She says you heard Alan. You're not Emma’s father and you don’t have any say in this. Olivia says this is my fight and mine alone. Bill tells Olivia to take Emma and the nanny home and get settled. They kiss. Bill says she’s not in this fight alone. Olivia leaves and Bill makes a call and tells the person he needs them now.

Alex arrives at the hospital worried about Buzz. Gus tells Alex that Buzz is stable and they are running tests. He asks if she saw Harley outside. Alex didn’t, and she’s wants to see Buzz. Gus says there is no rush. He brings up her fake alibi at the police station and wants to know what she’s cooking up with Buzz and if it involves Phillip’s murder.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Harley is building a snowman. Billy comes up to her. She is using carrots for ears. Harley says they are supposed to be cow horns. Billy calls them long horns. She says long horns like you have on your car.

Harley asks if Billy still drives his Caddy with the long horns on it. Billy says there is no law in being a Cowboy. Harley says just an old one ďthou shall not kill.Ē

Billy asks Harley if she actually thinks he did it. Harley says she’s not on the force anymore and is not accusing him of anything except for lying to the police about his whereabouts the night of the murder. Harley says she is working this case independently and states the police are looking at her father as the prime suspect. Billy says if you are looking to pin this on me instead of him, you are barking up the wrong tree. Harley says she has a reliable witness who saw him cruising the neighborhood in his car with the long horns on it. Billy asks who is the reliable witness and brings up a certain young lady of the night at an all night drug store on a certain corner. Harley says we can play it this way and go to the DA and see what he believes. Billy says "okay Sheriff Cooper, I did it, you caught me. I lied. I lied.”

A lady named Tara arrives to speak with Bill. She says she left a meeting to rush over to see him. Bill wants to get a special gift for his wife for Christmas and Tara says she’s out of the elf business. Bill says I’ll give you a special bonus if you can deliver the gift by Christmas Eve.

Alex tells Gus that she loved Phillip. Gus says I’m going to find out who pulled the trigger whether it’s her, or her and Buzz. He can’t have her back or protect her this time and asks if that is clear. Alan approaches and says it is. He says all you care about is proving yourself to Harley.

Jon says I did it and decided to settle things with Alfred and tossed him off his boat and got rid of Marissa too. He says you know the hole in the ozone. It’s his fault and so is the national debt. Jon says maybe I should have paid more attention in math class. Jon walks towards Reva and she falls back on the sofa. Reva begins to say you are so... Jon says twisted? sick? He says she can read the thoughts in my head, and that maybe the psychic energy runs in the family. Reva says you have no idea what is going on in my head, and that she never accused him of hurting his adopted parents. He says it would make sense of him to off his adopted parents and came looking for her. Reva tells Jon he doesn’t scare her. He says you are the one who wanted to come and find his demons. As Reva begins to get up, Jon yells at her to watch it which makes Reva sit down again. He tells Reva if he can do this to the foster parents imagine what he’ll do to the real one who left him.

Harley says so you admit you lied to the police the night of the murder. Billy says he didnít lie he just didnít volunteer the truth. Billy says he was here, but didnít get out of his car, and he didnít kill Phillip. Harley says he got a note from Phillip. Billy says so did a lot of other people. He says yes, I came here. Yes, he thought about going in, but every time he started to park the car, something told him not to go in. He says that whatever Phillip had going on, it wasnít good for him. Harley says so you never got out of the car and drove around in circles all night.

Billy says I did get out of the car at the all night pharmacy to get some aspirin. That is where he met her reliable witness who was interested in the car with the horns on it and wanted a ride, but he didnít give her one. Harley asks why Billy got a note. She asks what is his stake in this? Maybe Bill and Olivia? Billy admits he didnít like Phillip and that Phillip didnít like him. She reminds Billy he has shot someone before. Billy says I have paid for my mistakes and if she keeps going after the wrong man, who will pay for hers?

Gus tells Alan and Alex he and Harley have been done since the night in the wine cellar. Alex begs Gus to believe that she is telling him the truth. He says you can do that by honoring Phillip’s last wishes. She says you don’t want me working down there. Gus says I don’t but Phillip did. Alex agrees to start at the ground floor if it will regain his trust. Gus tells her he’s sorry but it’s hard to regain something she never had.

Lillian tells Buzz that there is no bonus for frequent visits in the hospital. They talk about Lillian’s breast cancer. She tells Buzz he’ll survive this, and they share a laugh. Alex comes into the examination room. She says I thought there was sick person in here and asks if she missed something.

Alan tells Gus that if he thought Alex had had something to do with Phillip’s murder, he’d feed her to the wolves with his own hands. Gus asks Alan if he doesn’t think she is capable of murder . Alan says lex did have motive as Phillip was going to have her lost in the prison system, but Alan intervened. He talks about how he got Alex pardoned on Thanksgiving. Alan says do you see where I’m going with this? He says that Alex knew he’d protect her and that her freedom was assured. Gus says it wouldn’t make any sense that Alex would jeopardize her future by killing Phillip. Alan says we Spaulding’s may be cruel and vicious people at times, but we protect our own. He believes they’ll eventually be together and no power on earth will stop that from happening.

Reva tells Jon he’s pulling out all the stops to scare her when he’s the one who is scared. He says deep down, she must wonder if he did it. Reva gets up and grabs Jon and pushes him down on the chair. She asks Jon what is wrong and he says that this was Alfred’s chair, and he doesn’t like it. She starts to push Jon and taunt him saying Alfred didn’t like him to sit in his chair. Reva says that he’d find you, Jon interrupts and says “smack my face?” He then goes into detail about his painful memories between Alfred and Marissa and him. He goes into a rage says who could blame him for getting back at a guy like that and dumping him so that sharks could feed on his body. He then says “but I didn’t do it.”

Olivia is back in the lobby of the Beacon and Bill asks if Emma is okay. Olivia says sheís fine and fell fast asleep. Bill says I think weíll be here a while. Olivia is very unsettled. She says I went to your place, our place, and thought sheíd watch Emma sleep for a while. Olivia says it looked so perfect, with Emma so nice and peaceful. Bill asks the problem.

She says I donít want to lose it and Bill hugs and kisses Olivia. She says Iím the prime suspect and Alan is coming for Emma. She doesnít want to dump her problems on Bill. She says you, Emma and I are kind of a family now and Bill agrees. She says Iíve spent most of my life with nothing to fear, but now that she has her daughter and this little family sheís scared. Bill tells her she canít be scared and this is the season to be jolly. Bill says heís being serious. He says inside this box is a gift that will take all her problems away. Olivia rays inside this box is my shoes. Bill says back in this box is a gift from him to her that will knock her Christmas stocking off right now. Olivia says the box is isnít that big. Bill says when you open this box, you wonít be scared anymore. She want to open it, but he says not till Christmas and itís worth the wait. Olivia asks if he really planned something special for her. Bill wants to go home..

Alan is in the Spaulding study and there is a knock on the door. It’s the same lady, Tara, who visited Bill at the Beacon. She’s a lawyer who’s opposed Spaulding interests many times. Tara has been feeling very stifled there for an ambitious lawyer like herself. Alan says that he’s always interested in new talent and asks what she is offering. Tara tells Alan that Mr. Lewis has commissioned her for a special gift for his new bride. She explains Bill Lewis wants to adopt his granddaughter.

Alex asks Lillian for a moment alone with Buzz and Lillian leaves. She says Gus is reading you her riot act whether they are working together or not.

Buzz tells Alex to calm down. She says Gus more or less accused her of killing Phillip and will get to the bottom of which one of them pulled the trigger. Alex apologizes and says she canít do this to him. Buzz says Iím getting use to it. He says a hospital bed beats a jail cell and Alex agrees.

Gus asks Harley where she went after the hospital. She talks about hurling false accusations at Billy Lewis. Gus says Billy Lewis is not really a stretch. She says she knows Billy didn’t do it and so does Gus. Harley thinks she is in denial to the obvious that the two real suspects are .. Gus tells Harley don’t. Harley says if we were working together and looking at this objectively, suspect number one and two would be my dad and me.

Inside of Elizabeth & Company, Billy is on the phone and tells someone that when he dropped them off at Company that night, he was supposed to scare Phillip and not kill him. He tells the man to disappear and never be heard of again. Billy ends the call.

Jon tells Reva that he got her and she never knows what is real or not with him. Reva says first off, I choose to believe you didn’t kill anyone and these little games don’t sway her. She likes them. Reva says during his outburst, she saw some of the pain come out of him. And that’s why they are here. She says we are done. Reva grabs her coat and wants to go but Jon says to give him a minute to say his final farewell and may Alfred rest in hell. Reva tells Jon that he’s in his own kind of hell, and she’s going to go there and bring him back. Reva leaves. Jon says “sometimes when you go to hell, you can’t come back.” Jon lights up one of the cigarettes and throws the matches on the coffee table. He points to Alfred’s chair and says “you’re dead Alfred, I’m not.” Jon throws the lit cigarette onto Alfred’s chair and leaves the house as a fire begins.

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