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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/9/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the airport, Jonathan paces around nervously. He asks his mother when the plane will get there. She informs him that it won’t be long. He tells her not to bother as she wants to split.

He reminds her that the trip down memory lane was her idea. She tells him that it’s ok, because she still wants to talk to him. He tells her that perhaps he will go, if only to make sure she sees what he went through. Sandy shows up and warns Reva not to get on a plane with Jonathan. Reva looks sad.

At Elizabeth & Company, Marina remarks to Coop that ‘the boss’ is late. He tells her that she’s allowed to be late. Marina smiles and comments that she only gives Lizzie 3 weeks before she’s done with the restaurant. Coop tells her that with their plan she will be lucky if she makes it through lunch.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Lizzie plays with Roxie and tells her dog that they need to make Phillip proud. She heads inside to find Marina and Coop waiting at the bar. Lizzie tells the two of them that before they begin fighting she needs to get some things straight. Coop interrupts and tells her that there will be no fighting as she is the boss. Lizzie guesses that they are both up to something and fires them.

Gus walks into the interrogation room to join Buzz. Buzz asks if everything is done and Gus tells him that for the moment is it. He tells Buzz that Frank needed to answer a call. Gus remind shim that it’s not looking good and tells him that he’s the number one suspect in Phillip’s murder. Buzz reminds Gus of what he was telling Frank moments earlier, about how the police had no case. Gus tells him that as his lawyer he has to say things like that. Buzz reminds Gus that he never hired him. Gus asks Buzz for a dollar, which he lends him and Gus informs him that the $1 was his retainer. Gus asks Buzz to tell him everything. Gus asks if he shot Phillip.

Inside the study, Ruth tries opening the door again. Rick reminds her that the police are on their way and that she is not going anywhere.

Out in the hallway, Beth tells Rick that she called security. Rick goes on about how he wants to break Ruth’s neck and Beth repeats that they need to let the police do their job. She does go on to say that she hopes Ruth is the killer because that way it is someone that they don’t know. She tells him that at least if it is Ruth that it will all be over. He looks at her sad and hugs her.

Ruth bangs on the windows trying to get out. She sees security and tells herself that all she wanted to do was to clear her father’s name.

Beth & Rick agree that if Ruth is guilty of Phillip’s murder that they want her to pay. Beth goes on about how there were times with Phillip when she thought things would be nothing less than beautiful. He agrees with her calling the relationship that she had with Phillip a ‘fairy tale.’ She goes on telling him that she keeps thinking about the past and what if things had been different. Rick tells her that he’s been questioning everything as well. Beth looks to him for reassurance that things will get back to normal. He reluctantly agrees that eventually things will get back to normal. Beth wonders where Frank is. Rick confesses to Beth that he’s been contemplating a leave of absence from the hospital. He tells her that every person who comes into the hospital reminds him of Phillip. He tells her he simply needs a break. She assures him that she understands. Rick goes on to tell her that perhaps if Ruth is responsible that they may find some peace of mind.

Ruth tries to think about how to get out of the study. She sees a vision of herself telling her that every hairy situation she finds herself in is of her own doing. Ruth mentions that she was Harley’s idea. Ruth reminds Harley that perfect doesn’t exist and gets angry at Harley for trying to frame her for murder. Harley tells Ruth that she didn’t have much of a choice considering it was either Ruth or Buzz who killed Phillip. Harley reminds Ruth that she has to protect her family. They overhear Frank outside talking with Beth and Rick. You can hear Frank ask where the letter was and how they found Ruth.

In the hallway, Beth tells Frank that the letter makes Ruth looks guilty. Frank admits that the letter would make his life a heck of a lot easier. He admits that the evidence is all pointing to one person, whom he would love to let off the hook.

Gus asks Buzz point blank if he shot Phillip. Buzz confesses that he didn’t shoot Phillip and that’s all he needs to know. Gus tells Buzz that he needs to stop protecting someone. He tells Buzz that he needs to fight. Gus reminds Buzz that if they find him guilty he will have to leave his family again. He goes on to tell him that he doesn’t think he grasps the enormity of the situation. Buzz tells him that kids are left by their parents all the time and that people get over it. Gus demands that Buzz do everything in his power to beat this rap, even if it includes incrimination Alexandra. Buzz asks if he is free to go. Buzz leaves. Gus looks tired.

At Company, one of the customers complains to Lizzie who while answering his question puts her dog on his table. Lizzie goes to Coop for help. He asks for a raise and he agrees. She asks him to follow her as she got them new uniforms. Lizzie wonders where everyone is. Coop tells her that no one showed up as there was no schedule. She tells him that they are always there and he reminds her that it’s because they used to own the place. Lizzie asks him what she should do, especially since they don’t have a cook. He refuses and she wonders how hard it can be. He informs her that the cooking isn’t the hard part but that they have few supplies since no one ordered anything. Lizzie thinks that they should close and goes to shut the door. Alexandra walks in and looks shocked at the new décor.

Sandy wants to know what is going on. Reva informs him that they are going to San Jamal to see Alfred. Jonathan picks on Sandy and tells him that he should know all about it considering he pretended to grow up there. Reva stops Jonathan from picking on Sandy. She asks Sandy what he is doing at the airport. He tells her that he wants to stop her from making a huge mistake. She assures him that she will be fine. She asks her to leave. He agrees to leave if she allows Josh to go with her on the trip. She refuses. Jonathan demands Sandy to leave. Jonathan accuses Sandy of being jealous. Reva demands that they both stop taunting one another. Jonathan tells her that as far as he is concerned this is a test and she has to choose which son to go with. He challenges her to make a choice. She refuses to decide between the two. Reva tells Sandy that they share a lot. Jonathan reminds her that Sandy played her and lied to her for a year. She tells him that Sandy never meant to hurt her. Sandy tries to convince Reva that Jonathan will hurt her. Reva tells Jonathan that she knows he is trying and that they need to conquer some of their demons. She demands that Sandy stop trying to convince her to stay away from her son.

Outside of the restaurant, Alexandra asks Lizzie what is going on inside. She tells her aunt that things are simply ‘messed up.’ She goes on to tell her aunt about all the problems that they are having at the restaurant. Alex tells Lizzie that she shouldn’t count on Buzz right now. She convinces Lizzie that she can’t be a quitter and tells her about having to start out with no experience in Spaulding Enterprises. Lizzie gets excited and tells her aunt she has a great idea. Buzz walks in front of the restaurant just as Lizzie is running inside. He comments on how he will never get used to the new sign – pink in color with the name ‘Elizabeth & Company’ on it. Alex is excited to see him and wants to know what happened. She apologizes for what happened. He tells her that things are what they are, and nothing can change that. He heads inside and Alex tells him that he may not want to do that. She informs him that Lizzie has been having some difficulties. Buzz doesn’t act all that surprised and assures Alex that Lizzie will learn. Buzz makes the comment that he thinks that Phillip got exactly what he wanted.

Gus stares at the suspect board, Buzz’s photo in particular and wonders if he killed Phillip alone or with Alexandra’s help.

Beth gives Frank the keys to the study. He assures both Rick and Beth that he will keep them posted. The two of them want to stay and Frank demands that they leave the house. Frank tells them that if Ruth is the killer that no one can be sure what she is capable of. Rick agrees that they should just get out of Frank’s way. Frank promises them that he will keep them updated. Rick and Beth leave. Frank calls out to Ruth, letting her know that he’s on his way inside the study. Frank walks into the dark study. Ruth waits in the shadows, comes up behind Frank and slams a glass platter on Frank’s head. He falls to the ground. Ruth checks on Frank and tells him that she loves him. She looks around the room and takes off.

Beth and Rick arrive at the Beacon. He wonders if she feels better about the whole thing if they’re close to making the arrest. They both agree that they are not, because Phillip is still gone. The talk about the emptiness they feel inside since he has left. They both concur that things will never be the same. Beth brings up the fact that Christmas is right around the corner and how hard it will be without him around. Beth says that they need to stop walking around being depressed all the time. Rick tells her that he has wanted to talk to her about something for a while, but that she has to promise him she won’t laugh. She gives him her word that she won’t and he tells her that he’s been thinking about going away. He goes on to explain that he’s been thinking about chartering a sailboat. Beth laughs and tells him that she can’t believe he is serious. When she realizes he is serious she tries to be nice. He tells her he hasn’t talked about it with Mel yet. Beth tells him that it sounds like fun. He invites her, James and Lizzie along as well. Beth looks surprised.

Alexandra tells Buzz that he looks tired and urges him to go to his apartment. She offers to take a nap with him. She tells him that she wants something good to come out of Phillip’s death. He tells her that he hopes she is right and she assures him she is. Alex heads inside to offer some moral support.

Inside Coop tries to ask the customers to be patient while they figure out a glitch in the kitchen. Suddenly Lizzie comes barging in telling everyone that there is free pizza for all. Coop looks less than thrilled with Lizzie.

Outside Ruth walks by the sign when Buzz notices her. He says hello to her and she looks worried.

Reva informs Sandy that she knows what to expect from Jonathan and that he needs to trust her. He tells her that he understands, but that it is Jonathan that he doesn’t trust. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him either, but that she needs to believe in him. Sandy tells her that he understands completely – that Reva feels she needs to choose Jonathan because he is family. Reva begins to get angry and reminds them both that she refuses to choose between the two of them. Sandy tells her that he understands and needs to get going. She tells Sandy that he will always be a part of her. She asks if he is truly her friend and that she hopes he meant it. She hugs him and tells him she will call him as soon as she gets back. As Sandy is leaving Jonathan reminds Sandy that Reva is his mother. He reminds Sandy that there is only room for one of them in her life. Sandy looks at Reva. After Sandy leaves Jonathan tells his mother that it upsets him to see her with Sandy. She looks at him solemnly and tells him not to play her. Reva walks away.

Rick is convinced that Beth thinks he has lost his mind. She promises him that she doesn’t. She thinks that it sounds nice and romantic, which is why he shouldn’t have a ‘third wheel’ tagging along. He tells her that he can always get a boat big enough for everyone. Beth convinces him that it is not her sort of thing. She tells him that she should talk to Mel and figure out the plans.

Beth tells him that she will miss him. He reminds her that she can always change her mind and she tells him no. She goes on about having to stay in Springfield for Lizzie as well as keeping an eye on Alex and Alan. He tells her that there is more to her than being the Spaulding watchdog. He reminds her of her love for painting. Beth lets him know that the painting was in the past. He tells her that she is gifted and that it used to be a dream of hers. Beth changes the subject to Rick on the high seas. The two agree that Phillip will be there with Rick every step of the way.

Alex commends Lizzie for getting around her trouble at the restaurant. Lizzie thanks her aunt for all her help and calls her a wonderful businesswoman. She goes on about how things are looking up today, especially with Marina and Coop not arguing with her. As she is listing how well things are going Alex tries to convince Lizzie that she doesn’t need the restaurant. Lizzie looks confused and Alex tells Lizzie flat out that she should sell the restaurant back to Buzz. Lizzie refuses telling Alex that she’s going to do what her father wanted.

Marina and Coop realize that their plan isn’t working. Coop tries to think of another one of Lizzie’s weaknesses. Marina reminds Coop that another one of her weaknesses is men.

Gus walks into the Spaulding Mansion calling out for Frank. He finds him bent over, touching his head. Frank tells Gus that Ruth hit him over the head. Gus seems shocked and asks how Frank knows it was Ruth. Frank explains that Beth and Rick found her in the study. Frank shows Gus a letter that Ruth wrote to Phillip. Gus offers to take the letter back to the station and Frank refuses remind Gus that he’s not on the force anymore. Gus goes to leave telling Frank that he’s calling someone who may be able to help them find Ruth.

Buzz follows Ruth as she tries to walk away calling out her name. Ruth stops and pretends not to know Buzz. Buzz tells her that there are a lot of people looking for her. She tells him that she knows and her phone rings. She takes the phone call and Gus is on the other end. He tells her that she is crazy for trying to incriminate herself. Ruth hangs up telling him that she needs to go. She tries to walk off and Buzz stops her as well.

Reva tells Jonathan that there is something off with his trying to play her. She tells him that when he sees her with Jonathan that it makes him mad rather than upset. She lets him know that it is a big difference. He tells her that all his anger comes from pain. She tells him that she can tell he’s scared of confronting Alfred. He asks her if she’s the one spooked about their trip and she retorts that little in the world scares her. Jonathan asks her what would happen if she found out he was lying about all of it. She tells him that she supposes she will find it out. The two board the plane.

Beth informs Rick that she is proud of him for taking a chance. She goes on to tell him that she hopes the sailboat idea is more about taking a chance and living as opposed to running away. Rick tells her that he’s sick and tired of all the murder talk. Rick begins to cry and Beth tells him that he can’t run away from his memories. She tells him that he needs to know that sailing around the world won’t make him forget his best friend. He tells her that he has more than one best friend. She smiles and tells him she does as well. The two hug.

Marina tells Coop that he should have seen Lizzie with Joey. She remembers that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Coop looks interested in the idea. He goes on telling her that all he would need to do would be to lay on the charm and eventually she would sell Company back to its rightful owners. Coop tells Marina that he ‘can take one for the team.’

Lizzie tries to tell her aunt that she is exactly what the Coopers need. Alex tells her niece that she thought Coop didn’t like her at all; Lizzie informs her that it can all be changed. Alex laughs. Lizzie tells her aunt that perhaps if she flirted with Coop and got him to like her that maybe he could tell the rest of the family that she was perfect for the job. She decides that she can totally control Coop just as he decides he can handle her.

Gus checks back on Frank. He decides that he can find her as she couldn’t have gotten that far away. Gus wonders if this takes Buzz off the hot seat. Frank tells him that unfortunately it doesn’t but he does want to find Ruth because now she has made it personal. Gus looks worried.

Buzz grabs a hold of Ruth. She tells him to let go of her and he assures her he won’t call the cops. He goes on to tell her that he doesn’t want to go down for the murder and he doesn’t want anyone else to either. She asks him if he is interested in justice. He laughs and suddenly falls to the ground. Ruth calls for an ambulance and agrees to stay with Buzz until the paramedics get there.

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