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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/8/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the police station, Frank ushers his father into the interrogation room. Frank lets his father know that someone else will be questioning him. Buzz seems surprised, and tells his son that he understands he has a job to do. Frank tells his father that he doesn’t think it’s the best idea under the circumstances. Buzz tells his son that he’s sure he can be objective. Frank informs him that he’s not so sure.

In another section of the police station, Gus wants Harley to clarify her statement. He tells her that he doesn’t understand what ‘You know what you have to do’ means. She informs him that she will do whatever it takes to help her father. Gus wonders if it will be the good kind of help or the bad kind.

She lets him know that she’s not sure if it even makes a difference. Frank walks over and asks his sister if she is ok. She turns the tables on him and tries to make him feel guilty for bringing their father in. Frank asks her what he’s supposed to do. She challenges him to find evidence proving Buzz to be innocent or to find the real killer. She lets him know that if he doesn’t, she will. Harley walks off in a huff, leaving Gus and Frank alone.

In the study of the Spaulding Mansion, Alan is on the phone. He makes a comment about Buzz being dragged into the police station by his own son. He talks of poetic justice and then tells the person on the other end of the line to call him when Buzz is arrested. Alexandra walks in hearing the end of the conversation. She yells to him that Buzz is innocent. Alan hangs up the phone and urges her to calm down. She thinks he is up to something, which he assures her he is not. He goes on to tell her that he is merely trying to keep up with the investigation. Alex wonders why Buzz was called in. She seems erratic and worried. When Alan doesn’t have answers for her she urges him to get back on the phone and find out. He refuses and assures her that Buzz has yet to be charged yet. Alexandra decides it might be a good idea to head down to the police station. Alan orders her to stay at the Mansion and grabs a hold of her.

At Elizabeth & Company, Mel walks up to Rick who is sitting at a table. She tells him that she hates ‘this.’ He looks solemn and tells her he hates it as well. His facial expression does not change.

In the ravine, Tony is laying curled up in a ball. He hears Michelle telling him that she wants to save him and saying that the pool could be the way out. He is shaking and begins to have visions of Michelle. He hears her tell him that she will be back.

In another section of the jungle, Michelle pushes herself through bushes telling herself that she has to get Tony out.

In the cell, Sebastian writhes on the floor in pain. He calls out for Holly to help him. She stares at him, turns, walks out and tells him goodbye.

Michelle falls to the ground and calls out for help. It is evident from the perspective of the viewer that someone is watching her. Michelle looks like she notices someone and calls out again. She turns around to find herself face to face with a man.

Danny is walking out of the front door of the Beacon when he runs into Marina. He informs her that he left her a message to tell her that Robbie had a field trip. He goes on to let her know that since it was his fault he didn’t call her in time that he will still pay her for the day.

She tells him that it is not necessary. He insists, but lets her know that since she’s still on the clock he wants to ‘put your other services to use.’ Marina jokes around about his last statement. Danny clarifies that he only wanted her help at the Lighthouse. Marina laughs and tells him that she has some thoughts about how she could work off her time. Danny wonders what they are; Marina smiles and lets him know that it ‘will be dirty.’ Danny smiles.

Mel sits down across from Rick. She brings up a promise they made to one another – to never go to bed angry. He tells her that he wasn’t’ angry and she reminds him of his silence. Rick informs her that he simply didn’t know what to say. Mel looks sad, and lets him know that it is obvious that they see things from a different point of view. He tries to explain that he is trying, but that he understands that Phillip was ill and simply needed help. Mel tells Rick flat out that is apparent that they will never agree on this. He accuses her of holding a grudge, which she denies. She goes on to tell him that sick or not, Phillip wasn’t acting like a friend when he took Jude away. She admits to him that she can’t erase that image from her mind, simply because it was Phillip who did the kidnapping. Rick tries to convince her, that as a doctor she should know that he was not well. Mel, getting angrier reminds him that she is not looking at the situation from the perspective of a doctor. He tries to remind her that everything is not so black and white. She maintains that it is. Mel tells him that she doesn’t want to argue and that they simply have different ways of looking at the situation. She looks as though she wants to cry. Rick agrees reminding his wife that Phillip was his best friend. Mel tries to remind Rick of all the horrible things that happened between them through the years. He informs her that he wasn’t perfect either, but that true friends stick by one another through thick and thin. She tells him that some people are simply beyond help. Mel thinks that perhaps it will be best to ‘agree to disagree and move on.’ Rick doesn’t think it will be that easy. She begins to tell him that she realizes it will be a challenge when her phone rings. She opts to call the hospital back, and he urges her to answer it. Beth walks into the restaurant and makes a beeline for Rick. She tells him that the hospital told her where to find him. He wonders what is going on. She pulls out their high school yearbook. He tries to explain to her that it is not a good time and she continues to go on and on. She tells him that she has to show him a ‘fun’ picture. She opens up the book as Mel comes back to the table. She explains to Mel that they were looking at pictures of Phillip. Mel looks less than pleased.

Buzz is pacing around the interrogation room thinking to himself. He wonders how he got to where he is now. He thinks back to when the 5th Street Diner was burning down and how he needed answers to his questions back then. Someone knocks on the door and Frank walks in. Buzz wonders where ‘the other guy’ is. He tells him that Barton got another assignment and that he will be questioning his father. Buzz looks a bit puzzled by this. Frank tells his father that he thinks he can be objective. There is another knock on the door and Gus walks in. Buzz wants to know what Gus is doing here and Gus informs him that he is his lawyer. Frank chimes in, telling his father that it was his idea to have Gus present. Buzz claims that he doesn’t need a lawyer, much less the Spaulding attorney. Frank ignores his father and thanks Gus for coming in. Gus tries to convince Buzz that his being there is a good thing. He tells Buzz that being questioned in a murder calls for someone to ‘be in your corner.’ Buzz wonders why that would be Gus. Frank tells his father that Gus wanted to help, and that with the situation as it is they need to be careful. Frank tells them that he is ready to get started.

Gus butts in and asks Frank if he is ready to charge Buzz. Buzz interrupts and tells them both that he is not Gus’s client. Gus goes on to tell Frank that if he’s not prepared to charge Buzz, when Frank tells Gus he was the one who asked him to be there. He lets both of them know that he WILL be asking some questions. Gus makes it clear that Buzz will only answer the questions that he needs to. Frank clarifies that Buzz was the only one who knew the access code for the alarm at Company. Buzz tells him that he is correct. Frank goes on to ask his father if he turned off the alarm. Buzz informs his son that he did. Frank then wants to know exactly what time his father went back to the restaurant that night. Buzz tells him that he’s not sure. Frank moves on toe questioning Buzz about the fingerprints found on the murder weapon. He asks his father why his fingerprints were on the gun. Gus tells Buzz not to answer the question. Buzz answers anyway, telling his son that his fingerprints were there because he touched the gun. When Frank asks when he touched the gun, again Gus advises him not to answer the question. Buzz decides to answer and tells Frank that he doesn’t know when he touched the gun. Frank inquires about his father’s recent dealings with Phillip as well as the last time his father saw Phillip. Buzz tells them about the horrible things Phillip has done to his family (flattening Harley’s house, closing the restaurant and kidnapping his grandchildren) he then tells them that he saw Phillip the night he was killed, although he can’t be sure on the exact time. Buzz admits to threatening Phillip on the night he was killed, he also admits to hating Phillip. Gus demands to ‘have a minute alone with his client.’ Frank gets up and leaves. Gus wonders what Buzz is doing.

Alexandra pulls herself away and tells her brother that she is going down to the police station whether he likes it or not. He refuses to let her, claiming that he doesn’t want her to ‘put her foot in her mouth’ again. She tells him that she wants to help a friend, and that can’t be making a mistake. He tells her that he needs justice. She reminds him that she loved Phillip just as much as he did. She assures him that Buzz did not kill Phillip. He looks suspicious and wants to know how she can be so sure. She claims that she simply ‘knows the man.’ He claims that she knows more than she is letting on. She laughs. He questions her about the ‘arrangement’ that he saw the two of them make on the day in which she was released. Alexandra tells her brother that they were simply catching up. She looks frustrated. He tells her that she’s going to have to come up with a better lie than that. Alexandra tells him that she has a promise that she has to keep and therefore has to go. Alan demands to know what promise was made. She tries to tell him that it doesn’t matter and urges him to trust her. He laughs at the idea of trusting his own sister and informs her that no matter what, Buzz doesn’t trust her. He tries to convince her that as they are talking he is probably ‘selling her down the river.’ She informs him that he’s not going to shake her and urges him to come with her.

Gus wonders what Buzz is doing. He tells Gus that he is there to answer questions. He doesn’t understand why Gus is stopping him. Gus tries to explain that it is different when he answers questions here, because it is on the record. Gus seems to be getting annoyed. He tells Buzz that he needs to be smart about eh way he answers the questions. Buzz wonders why Gus is helping him He tells Buzz that he wants to help the Cooper’s and regardless of how much he hated Phillip he doesn’t think he killed the man. Buzz wonders if Gus thinks he knows him. Buzz tells him that there are things Gus doesn’t know about him. Gus tells him that he knows he’s killed before, but that it was a long time ago, during the war. Gus tells him that he knows there is a reason why Buzz doesn’t want him near the case and he will find out what it is.

Michelle is glad that she ran into someone. He tells her that he speaks English and to be careful, as this is a dangerous place. She explains about Tony’s fall and how he is sick.

He tells wonders how far down Tony is, and informs her that they will need more manpower. He tells her that he will go get some help and informs her to stay put. She wants to come with him, but he lets her know that he can move faster on his won. He begins to get angry and tells her that he will help her on his terms or else. She thinks that she doesn’t have much of c choice. She asks him to please hurry.

Outside of the Beacon, Marina throws a snowball at Danny. He claims that she’s in for a fight. She tells him that she’s in for it and inadvertently brings up Shayne. She seems almost embarrassed by it and he shrugs it off. He lets her know that he’s not offended. He brings up Michelle and Marina jokes about him ‘bringing up the wife.’ He tells her that it was her fault as she brought up Shayne first. The two laugh and continue to throw snowballs at one another.

In the ravine, Tony sits up and calls out Michelle’s name. It is obvious that he is getting worse. He falls to the ground and has the shakes.

In another part of the jungle Holly runs away. She tells herself that it will be either her or Sebastian and that she will survive. She stops to splash water on her face from a puddle and as she is looking into it sees Roger’s face.

She has flashbacks of when he dragged her into the same jungle, juxtaposed with her memories of Sebastian. She looks around frightened.

Beth realizes that Mel & Rick were having a lunch together and gets up to leave. Mel assures her to stay and tells them both that she has to leave. Rick gets up and follows Mel towards the door. He asks her if she has to go back to work. She lets him know that it’s not work, but that she ‘doesn’t want to take trip down memory lane.’ He tries to not make a big deal about it. She informs him that Beth needs him and that she refuses to be the bad guy. She tells him that she can’t act and pretend for his sake because they would both see through it. He says goodbye to her and she leaves. Rick sits back down. Beth offers to go talk to her or put the yearbook away. Rick informs her that it’s no use as he’s tried. She apologizes for upsetting Mel. Beth tries to explain to Rick that they knew a different Phillip. He tells her that Mel knew that Phillip as well. Beth tells him that he should go after his wife. He ignores her and tells her that he wants to look through the yearbook. Beth makes the comment that they know everyone that comes into the restaurant and that they will look pathetic. She tells him that if he has time he is welcome to come to the house. He agrees and the two leave.

In the Spaulding Mansion, Ruth wanders around the study. She closes the doors looks at the papers on the desk. She opens a drawer and looks around to make sure no one heard her.

Gus tells Buzz that he thinks he is protecting someone else by making himself look guilty. Buzz calls out Frank’s name and he comes back into the room. Frank wants to proceed. Buzz tells them that he wants to get it all over with. Frank tells them both that he will get straight to the point. He asks his father if he killed Phillip. Gus butts in, telling them that if Buzz wants to tell the truth - it’s wonderful; but he’s not going to let Buzz be stupid. He demands that Buzz not answer any more questions. He tells Frank not to ask his father that question again and tells Frank to ask his father about the fingerprints again. He begins ranting about how Buzz could have gotten nervous about finding the gun and moved it. Frank wonders if that is what happened. Gus challenges Frank to arrest his own father if he really thinks he killed Phillip. Frank tells them that he will let his father go when he gets some answers. Buzz, in a serious voice tells Frank that ‘Phillip got what he deserved.’ Frank asks his father if he did it. Gus tells them that the interview is over. Alexandra walks in and tells Frank that there is no way his father killed Phillip. Everyone in the room wonders how she got in there. Frank turns the tables on Alexandra. He informs her that if she’s so sure that his father didn’t kill Phillip that she must know who did. Frank wonders what exactly Alex knows about Phillip’s shooting. Alan walks in as well and apologizes for his sister’s rude interruption and tries to pull her away.

Frank tells them that he would like Alexandra to stay. Alan tells Frank that he has nothing to contribute. Alexandra, who seems nervous, tells Frank that Buzz was no where near Company that night. Frank wonders how she knows where his father was. She tells him that he was with her. Frank looks confused and asks how that could be considering Alexandra was in jail. She confesses to him that she bribed a guard and got an ‘off the books day pass.’ Buzz tries to get her to leave the situation alone. She tells him that it is ok, and tells them that she needed to see him that night as she felt terrible for everything that was happening. She tells Frank that she wanted to show Buzz she was on his side. Frank asks where they met. She tells him that they met at Springfield Inn, but she can’t remember what name they registered under. Frank accuses her of lying. Gus watches on from the side. Frank informs her if that’s the story she’s sticking to that the both of them are going to land in jail.

Ruth pulls out a letter from the drawer and hears Beth in the hallway. She accidentally drops the drawer.

Out in the hallway, Beth looks at Rick and wonders what the noise was.

Back in the jungle, Holly has more flashbacks of Sebastian and Roger. She remembers kissing the both of them. She tells herself that they can’t make her feel guilty. She swears and heads back to where she was originally coming from.

Alexandra informs Frank that it is not against the law to provide an alibi for someone. He informs her that it is a crime if they are lying and reminds her that the Inn was closed down the entire week for renovations. Alex tries to back pedal and tells Frank that she never said they went inside. Buzz demands for her to ‘give it up.’ Frank wonders why Alex is lying and Alan claims that it is to protect Buzz. Gus declares that Frank is losing control of the situation. Alexandra maintains that Buzz is innocent. Frank guesses that perhaps he is, and now that he knows she was out of jail that night she can be added to the suspect board. She tells him that he’s being ridiculous and reminds him that she loved Phillip. Frank tells her that he doesn’t know why she would shoot her nephew, but perhaps the two of them were both at Company the night Phillip was shot. Gus wonders if perhaps the real killer is still out there.

Ruth hides behind a curtain in the study as Beth is walking in. Beth turns to Rick and tells him that Ruth is covered by the curtains in the study. She pretends not to know Ruth is in there and the two walk in looking at the mess.

They walk over to the desk and see the letter that Ruth was looking at. It is addressed to ‘Mr. Spaulding.’ Beth opens the letter and gets an odd look on her face.

Marina and Danny continue to throw snowballs at one another. He lands on top of her when he attacks her. He tells her that he needs to go pick up Robbie and invites her to come along for the ride. She agrees and the two take off.

Tony lies, writhing on the ground in pain.

Holly goes back to Sebastian’s ‘house. ‘She enters her old cell and looks around for him.

In the jungle, Marco returns with Sebastian.

Alan tells Frank that Alexandra made a mistake. Buzz offers to answer all of Frank’s questions if he lets Alexandra go. Alan blames his sister for ‘the mess.’ Frank tells Alex to have a sit. Alan turns to Gus, wanting to know if Frank can ‘do that.’ Gus informs them that he can’t unless Frank arrests her. Frank reminds Alan that he was the one who wanted to find out who shot Phillip. Alan maintains that harassing Alexandra isn’t going to help anyone. Buzz turns to Alexandra and thanks her for trying. He kisses her and tells her to get out. Alan and Alexandra leave. Frank tells his father that he wants the promised answers. Gus tries to tells Frank to either arrest of let Buzz go. Frank refuses, telling them that he’s not going to give Buzz and Alexandra time to ‘sync up their stories.’

Rick looks at Beth and asks her if it means what he thinks it means. Beth looks confused. Rick asks if she thinks Ruth killed Phillip. Beth grabs the phone and the two go out into the hallway. Beth wonders if perhaps it does mean Ruth killed Phillip. She hands the phone to Rick and tells him to call the police. Beth goes to lock her in the office. Ruth runs to the door and tries to open it. Beth informs Ruth that she can’t get out and that the cops have been called.

At the police station, Frank’s phone rings. He tells Gus and Buzz to stay put. Rick tells Frank that Ruth is locked in the study and that she had a good reason to come back. Rick turns to Beth and tells her that Frank is on his way.

Inside the study, Ruth tries to find a way out. Everything is locked and it looks as though she may be trapped.

Holly rummages around her cell, finds a blanket and as she is about to take off comes face to face with Sebastian. She tells him that she couldn’t leave him there, so she headed back. He tells her that it is too late and he still needs Ed’s cure. He informs her that she should have kept running. He goes on to let her know that know there could be another reason that Dr. Ed will come to help him. Michelle gets there and forces the two into a cell.

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