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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/7/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Josh and Reva walk in and say hello to Buzz. You can see the effects that Lizzie has had on Company. There are pink menus lying around, photos of Roxie on the wall, as well as candles and tablecloths on the tables. Josh tells Reva that he’s glad that they’re getting the chance to see Ross & Blake. They discuss how it will finally be good to so something fun for a change. Reva brings up the fact that being home with Jonathan isn’t fun. Josh tells her that he never said such a thing. She thanks him for being so good about Jonathan moving in. He tells her that he wants what is best for her. She smiles.

Outside Company Ross and Blake are headed inside when Blake breaks a nail. Ross tells her that he’s sure her fingernail is low on the list of things that is bothering her. He goes on to tell her that she has seemed out of it since Thanksgiving. She reminds him that she should be bothered as he mother is missing while Dinah wanders around town.

Back inside, Reva tells Josh that she hopes both Marah and Shayne will make it home for Christmas in order to meet Jonathan. Blake and Ross walk in. Blake turns to Ross and tells him that she wants a nice meal; she asks that there be no mention of Dinah. He in turn, asks her that there be no mention of Sebastian. The two head towards Josh & Reva. The couples hug and talk about how glad they are that they’ve gotten together.

Holly paces around her cell and looks out as if keeping a watch out for Sebastian. She thinks back to seeing the bottle of wine right outside the cell and the full bottle sitting in front of her. She flashes back to when she confessed to Sebastian that she drank the bottle. She begins to pray. She messes up her hair. Sebastian walks in with a tray of coffee. She demands to know where ‘the bottle’ is and immediately begins acting drunk. She goes on to tell Sebastian that she hates him, hates being here and that she wants to get drunk so that she may have some pleasure before she dies. He asks if she really wants to get drunk.

He hands her a flask of vodka that he keeps ‘for the pain.’ He challenges her to ruin her life, if that is what she really wants.

Outside of Company, Gus is on the phone. He is asking if someone got the fax from Tokyo. Buzz comes outside and calls Gus a busy man. He asks Gus if he has time to ransack his room again. Gus informs Buzz that this time he was planning on taking a more direct approach. Gus comes out and asks Buzz flat out ‘Did you kill Phillip?’ Before Buzz can even answer, Gus goes on to tell Buzz that they have a pretty good self defense case if he did. Buzz informs Gus that ‘they’ don’t have anything. Buzz tells him that he’s not going to tell Gus anything. Gus grabs Buzz and tells him that he’s making things worse. Gus pleads with Buzz to tell him the truth. Buzz makes a joke out of the question. All of a sudden Alan grabs Buzz from behind. He asks Buzz if he thinks Phillip’s death is a joke.

At the police station, Harley walks in and says hello to her brother. She kisses him on the cheek and calls him the ‘hardest working brother in the world.’ Frank looks surprised by the visit. She tells him that she brought him some food and inquires whether or not there are any new developments in the case. He tells her about the phone call he received from Ruth. Harley pretends to be shocked and asks about the call. Harley tells Frank that Ruth must be feeling guilty if she called him. He pulls her aside and tells her to keep her mouth shut. He goes on to tell her that he’s going to tell her something and she’s going to need to keep it a secret. He goes on to let her know that their father lied about his whereabouts on the night Phillip was killed. Frank tells her that he was at Company right before the shooting. He goes on to tell her that he found out through checking the alarm system. Harley asks him if anyone else knows about the information. He tells her that no one else does and she tells him to bury the evidence. Frank looks surprised and tells her that he has to file a report. She tells him that it’s a ‘no-brainer’ and to bury the information. He realizes that Harley already knew the information about the alarm system.

Sebastian waves the flask in front of Holly. She grabs it, opens it and attempts to take a drink. He proclaims that he’s not going to let her do it. She wonders what new kind of torture this is and he tells her that he wanted to know how far gone she was. Holly tells him that she needs only one swig. Sebastian challenges her to look at herself. He points at that she needs to think about how she’s going to feel when she gets home. Holly laughs and tells him that she’s never going to get home. He tells her that things were supposed to be different. She tells him that regardless of whether or not he lives or dies, she will never be the same. She lets him know that he’s opened her up to her old addictions. She wonders if that was his intention all along. Sebastian assures her it was not. Holly rants on telling him that she’s sure that was what he wanted, although he didn’t count on her choosing alcohol over him. He shakes his head and Holly turns away.

Harley proclaims that she didn’t think that the information about the alarm was important. She looks around and then reminds Frank that they both know their father has nothing to do with Phillip’s murder. She wonders why they need to tell everyone ‘unnecessary information.’ He asks if ‘this’ is why she wanted him off the case, to protect their father. She reminds him again, this time more forcefully, that their father didn’t kill Phillip. She tells him that they don’t need to drag him into the investigation, and claims that someone probably planted evidence against him. She reminds him what it feels like to be innocent and have someone conspire against you. She warns him that if he pursues this train of thought that he will ruin his father’s life. He demands to know what she’s not telling him. Harley looks over at the suspect board, sees the drawing of Ruth and tells her brother that she’s keeping nothing from him. She accuses him of being paranoid, and he accuses her of lying to him.

Buzz tells Alan that he wasn’t making fun of Phillip. He begins to apologize to Alan if that is the way his comment came across. Alan tells Buzz that he knows Buzz is glad he is dead and wishes that Buzz would simply admit it. Alan informs him that he made Phillip’s last days on earth a living hell. Buzz tries to tell Alan that Phillip is the one who made life hard for everyone else. Gus tries to calm his father down and tells his dad that he’s not helping. Buzz tells them that he is sick of the whole ‘good Spaulding/bad Spaulding act’ and asks them to leave. Buzz goes inside. Alan accuses Gus of being loyal to Buzz despite all the Coopers have done to them. He goes on to call Gus a ‘traitor to the family.’

Reva, in an attempt to make small talk asks Blake why Holly has been gone so long. She goes on to ask if she talked to her mother over Thanksgiving. Ross begins to tell them that Holly is off ‘gallivanting’ by herself when Blake cuts in. She lies to Josh and Reva. Blake tells them that Holly called on Thanksgiving and that she’s having a great time with Sebastian.

Ross claims to have not heard anything about this phone call until now. His wife dismisses it and tells him that Holly called while he was putting the kids to bed and that she simply forgot to tell him. Josh makes the remark that relatives are simply ‘popping up’ all over Springfield. Blake asks Josh and Reva how it is living with Jonathan. They both tell her that it is ‘great’ and it is obvious that they are not being completely honest. Reva goes on to tell them all that Jonathan is a ‘handful.’ Blake tells her that she understands completely. Josh tells them that there is more and he’s sure neither of them can understand. Ross calls Josh ‘cocky, considering the family members we can bring to the table.’ Blake mentions Dinah’s name. Ross goes off telling them that Blake took a restraining order out on Dinah. He goes on to tell them that there is still Sebastian, who the jury is still out on. Blake reminds her husband that Sebastian has done nothing wrong. Ross ignores her, telling Josh and Reva that it’s a toss up as to whose lives are more complicated. Josh looks up, and tells them that the Lewis’s win as he sees Jonathan walk into Company.

Sebastian tells Holly that she only had one slip up and now it’s over. She informs him that it doesn’t work that way. He tells her that it was ok, and that she will get past it. He reminds her that she was under a great deal of stress. Holly asks what he expects from her. He tells her to drink her coffee. She tells him that she will, only if it has whiskey in it. He drags her over to the window and tells her to take a breath of the fresh air. He shows her the beauty and tells her that it is waiting for him. He goes on to say that as soon as they get the cure, they will enjoy it all. He asks her not to fall into despair. He warns her that he knows it is hard. She attacks him, trying to get the flask of vodka from him. He gets away and then takes the moment to remind her of how strong she is. Behind her back she is holding the remote to the door that opens the cell.

Reva introduces Jonathan to Blake and Ross. She asks her son if he would like to join them for lunch. They get another chair and he joins them for coffee. He informs Reva and Josh that he put some mice in the freezer for Lou. Blake looks surprised and Jonathan explains that the mice are for his 4ft boa constrictor. Ross gets a phone call and has to get up. At the counter, Buzz is fumbling around and dropping things. Reva and Josh get up to check on him. While left alone with Blake, Jonathan tells her that she is ‘hot.’ He tells her that he heard she used to be somewhat of a ‘wild child.’ He goes on to tell her that he’s sure that part of her is dying to get out.

Alan tries to tell Gus that the Coopers are the ones who pushed Phillip over the edge. He goes on to tell his son that Phillip’s blood is on his hands and that every time he begs the Coopers for acceptance he is spitting on Phillip’s grave. Gus tells his father that he needs to listen to what he is saying. Alan tells Gus that he wants justice. Gus pleads with his father to let the cops do their job if that is all he wants. Alan tells Gus that he can’t trust Frank to give them justice.

Harley tells her brother that they need to focus on the big picture – that their father didn’t kill Phillip. She reminds him that there are people in Springfield who are eager to pin the murder on someone. Harley goes on to tell him that Alan would love it if a Cooper killed Phillip. She tells him that for Alan, it isn’t about justice but about revenge. Frank asks if that means that they shouldn’t care about justice either. A cop comes to Frank and hands him some paperwork. He tells her that forensics lifted partial prints off the gun that killed Phillip. He informs her that the prints are Buzz’s. Harley looks shocked.

Jonathan wonders what Blake did to earn her ‘naughty’ reputation. She tells him that he has no chance in ‘topping’ her. He tells her that he guesses she hasn’t ‘heard yet.’ She wonders on a scale of 1-10 how bad what he did was. He informs her that it was ‘off the charts.’ At the counter, Buzz tells Josh and Reva that he can’t believe that Lizzie is his new boss. Josh wonders why he sold the restaurant in the first place. He tells them that he thought it was a good idea at the time, and then he regretted it. Buzz attempts to make a joke by showing them the new pink menus. Josh advises Buzz to simply try and buy the place back. Josh tells Buzz that he and Billy will even front Buzz the cash. He tells Josh that he tried to get the place back and that she won’t sell it. Reva challenges him to ‘do something else.’ Buzz rushes out telling them that there is something he has to do.

Gus asks Alan to listen to him. Buzz rushes out past them and tells them that life is too short. Buzz’s comment angers Alan even more. Alan begins ranting about how his son’s life was too short. Alan tells Gus that he needs to be loyal to his father even if he couldn’t be loyal to his brother. Alan tells him that ‘every time he sucks up to them’ that he feels as though he is losing his son bit by bit. Gus tells him that he will always be his father and that he needs to trust him. Gus tells him that he needs to go do something and leaves.

Harley tells her brother that the information must be incorrect. She tells him that Coop and Buzz were there with her when she found the gun. Frank reminds her that she told him that no one else touched the gun until the detective arrived. She tells him that she wasn’t there the whole time. She thinks that maybe when she left to check on the kids that their father could have touched the gun. He grabs her by the shoulders and tells her ‘not to do this.’ He tells her that the evidence is not going to go away. She reminds him that it is their father that they are talking about, a man who wouldn’t kill anyone. Frank reminds her that Buzz went after Carolyn Caruthers a year ago with a gun. Harley tells Frank that he can’t believe that their father killed Phillip. She reminds him of the heart attack and tells him that he’ll have another episode if he pursues the issue.

Sebastian tells Holly that the wine won’t change who she is. She turns her back on him and slips the remote control into her dress. He tells her that she has people who love her; she informs him that they (those that love her) will get along fine without her. She tells him that her life is a constant struggle. He tries to convince her that he can help her, letting her know that when they get back no one has to know that she fell off the wagon. He promises that he won’t tell anyone. She looks at him, tells him to sit down and that perhaps they have something to discuss. He turns around just as she is ready to hit him over the head. She has a silver box in her hand. He demands that she give it to him. She hands him the box. He tells her that he wants to remote too. Holly plays stupid, and asks if he misplaced the remote. He informs her that he knows she took it from him when she went for his flask. She continues to play stupid. He begins to get angry and tells her that it’s not a game. Sebastian begins to have an episode and falls to the ground. She rushes to get him a glass of water. He accuses her of ‘playing him’ and wonders where she poured the wine. She maintains that she drank the wine. He asks her for the remote again and she claims she doesn’t have it. She pretends to get worried about how they will get out. He tells her that if she is going to continue to lie about having the remote that they will have to stay there together until they die.

Blake wonders if Reva knows ‘how fresh’ her son is. Blake tells him that if he wants to say something to her, to go ahead and say it. He tells her he needs to go to the bathroom.

On his way back from his phone call, Ross spots Alan sitting alone. He wonders what Alan is doing where Phillip was shot. Alan tells Ross that he feels closer to Phillip here. Josh comes over and extends his condolences to Alan. He goes on to apologize for not being at the funeral. Alan thanks him. Josh tells him that he can’t imagine losing a child. Alan informs them that you go on reliving each moment in your head. Ross tells Alan that he felt the same way with Dinah, but that you can’t ever change the past.

Reva joins Blake. Blake tells Reva that they need to get going. She inquires what Blake and Jonathan were talking about. Jonathan comes out of the bathroom. Reva tells him she needs to talk to him outside. She drags him outside and wonders if he said something to offend Blake while they were alone. Jonathan plays stupid and tells her that he was making small talk. Reva accuses Jonathan of wanting to start trouble from the moment he sat down in the restaurant. She tells him that when push comes to shove, she doesn’t think he has real guts. She drags him off and tells him that she wants to see what he’s really made of.

On a bridge, Buzz has a paper bag in his hand. Frank shows up with a police officer behind him. He yells out to his father and tells him not to throw the bag in the water. He questions what is in the bag. Buzz shows him and explains that it was the first dollar he ever made at Company. He tells his son that he is letting go of the past. Buzz wonders what his son is doing. Frank tells him that he needs to take him down to the station and question him officially about Phillip’s murder. Buzz goes on to tell Frank about how Nadine used to believe in mind over matter. Buzz leaves with Frank, and tells him not to look so guilty as he’s just doing his job.

Josh comes in from outside of Company and wonders if Blake and Ross have seen Reva. He heads off to find Reva. Just as Blake and Ross are about to leave Marcie, a nurse from the hospital gives a package to Blake. She tells her that Sebastian left it in the hospital. Blake seems concerned that he was at the hospital. Marcie tells them that she can’t say anything.

Sebastian tells Holly that he underestimated her. He demands the remote back. She asks if he like being a prisoner.

Ross questions Blake about her brother. She tells him that she saw Sebastian on the day he collapsed. Ross wonders why he didn’t bring Holly back with him. She tells him that Sebastian gave her a reason, but that she didn’t believe it. Ross asks if she is worried about her mother. Blake opens the bag and tries to talk into the radio.

Holly and Sebastian both lunge for the radio when they hear Blake’s voice. Sebastian grabs it and hurls it towards the wall. It breaks apart. Holly gets on the floor and attempts to put it back together. Sebastian collapses on the bed. She wonders if it is another trick. She orders him to get up. He falls on the ground and asks her to get the pills. She pulls out the remote, opens the door, gets to the pills and needs to decide whether or not to give them to Sebastian or to flee.

At the airport, Reva challenges Jonathan to vent at the one person who needs it. She tells him that they should go to San Jamal and confront his abusive stepfather, Alfred. She accuses him of playing a victim when it suits him. She urges him to confront Alfred. She tells him that she will go with him herself. She tells him that if he wants a shot at a relationship that this is what he needs to do. He asks what will happen if he says no. She informs him that she is going with or without him.

Harley is at the police station still staring at the suspect board when Gus shows up. She tells him about the fingerprints being found on the gun. She tells him that she begged Frank to bury the evidence and he wouldn’t. Buzz comes in with Frank. She promises her father that she will get him out of his mess. Buzz urges her not to be mad at Frank. Frank takes his father in for questioning. Gus tells Harley that they will figure it all out. She tells him that she doesn’t need to think about anything. She tells him that she knows what she needs to do.

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