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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/6/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Sebastian returns to Hollyís jail cell, and she says ďwhat a surprise.Ē She says she heard him collapse thru the two-way phone. Sebastian asks if she thought he was dead. He then says Iím here now and youíre not alone.

Holly begins to laugh and says all this trouble for what? We are both going to die here. Sebastian says you and I both matter. Holly says if you say so and falls over. Sebastian sees the empty bottle of wine and asks if sheís drunk?

Bill wakes up on the beach and realizes Olivia is gone when he finds a letter from her. It says that she’ll always remember their honeymoon on the beach. Olivia says he deserves to be happy and free and neither of them will be if she stays. She claims she has to say goodbye and thanks him for the snow and says that it was a nice touch. She signs the letter his partner, Olivia. Bill gets dressed and begins to make calls on his cell phone.

At the airport, Olivia meets up with the Emma and her nanny. Her cell phone rings and she sees it’s Bill. She listens to him calling out for her.

Cassie and Edmund begin to make love. She says that this is not the right time since she won’t be ovulating for a few days. Cassie thinks they should wait for a few more days and Edmund agrees. They lay side by side, agreeing that they can wait and trying to be strong. Cassie says that’s long enough and begins to kiss Edmund. He agrees and says let’s go.

Jeffrey and Dinah are also kissing passionately. She takes a condom from her purse and has a flashback of poking holes in it. Dinah give the condom package to Jeffrey and says this should do the trick. He kisses Dinah and takes off his shirt.

Sebastian tells Holly that this isn’t what he wanted. Holly says that it’s funny how plans get all screwed up since she had planned to stay sober. Sebastian says he promised he’d be back soon and Holly says maybe I didn’t believe you. She says, “if I’m going to die, I’m going to have one last little binge-a-roonee.” Sebastian tells Holly she’s not dead and Holly says not yet. She says the party is going to start again and asks for a few more bottles of wine. Sebastian refuses and won’t waste their last previous minutes with her staring at the bottom of a glass. Holly suggests next time, he leave a few cases of wine and vodka or whatever he’s got. He can to Africa, find his cure, and take his time. Sebastian wishes Holly had waited for his return and trusted him. Holly says she wishes he had trusted her enough not to lock her in her cage. Sebastian says Holly needs coffee but she says she’ll be drunk and wide awake. Sebastian claims it will be more difficult now, but he’ll get her through this. Holly asks why he bothers and cares. Sebastian claims he cares.

Bill tells Olivia she can’t just disappear and asks where she is. He hears the background announcements and figures out she’s at the airport.

After making love, Cassie tells Edmund that was such a waste of time. Edmund says thanks. She says no, it was amazing, but the chances of her getting pregnant tonight are slim. Cassie explains we haven’t even got the test results back to see if she can get pregnant the old fashioned way again. Edmund says if happened once, it will happen again. The key is perseverance. Edmund promises when the time is right, he’ll rise to the occasion. Cassie tells Edmund he is so bad. He says for best results, they should be good patients and throw themselves into this body and soul. Edmund kisses Cassie again.

Jeffrey and Dinah are basking in the afterglow and she asks what he is thinking. He is thinking about how many times they’ve done this and Dinah explains that he seemed to enjoy it. Jeffrey says she came to enjoy himself. Dinah says this is 2004 and women come prepared but Jeffrey says she’s never done this before. Jeffrey gets out of bed, puts on his pants, and examines the condom wrapper under the light. He asks if she is out of her mind as the wrapper has pinholes in it. Dinah says what do you want me to say, it’s defective? Jeffrey goes in to Dinah’s purse and finds a container of pins. He also discovers that there are pin holes on both sides of the wrapper meaning the condom would have holes in it to. Jeffrey asks Dinah if she’s trying to get pregnant.

Sebastian tells Holly he hates seeing her like this. Holly tells Sebastian that  ”he ain’t seen nothing yet.Ē Sebastian says heís seen enough and wants her to stop. Holly explains she stopped for six years, as she turns in circles, and turned her life around, made a complete circle and has now ended up where she started. She says what was I supposed to do. You left me here, and I thought I was going to die. Holly heard Blake on the two-way radio, she screamed, and she couldnít hear her. Holly says Iím going to die in here, so she thought she would stop feeling anything. She says Sebastian drove her to drink and now he acts like sheís done something to him.

Sebastian says this isnít you. Holly explains you donít know me. He says you canít be this way and she asks why not. Sebastian says I brought you here to be here. Holly asks why? To live up to some perfect image of her in Rogerís stories? Holly says he brought her here to save himself. Holly explains she canít even save herself. Sebastian walks away.

Jeffrey says she tricked him into having sex because something in her twisted little mind said she wanted to have a baby. Dinah asks what is wrong with that. Jeffrey claims mothers usually give the father a say in the matter, and he doesn’t want a baby especially with Dinah. Dinah tells Jeffrey he’s safe because she doesn’t want him. Jeffrey says just what I can give you? Dinah says she wants a baby, someone who will love her unconditionally and that the baby won’t affect him. He tells Dinah to get a cocker spaniel. Dinah says I wasn’t even going to tell you that you were the father until he found the wrapper. Jeffrey tells Dinah “biologically news flash you don’t make a baby alone.” There are two people involved and he doesn’t want to be the sperm donor. Dinah explains he’s too late as she has a warm feeling and thinks this mission is accomplished.

Bill arrives at the airport and meets up with the nanny, Jane. Jane tells him that Olivia and Emma. Bill pleads for her to tell him where Olivia has gone. Olivia approaches with Emma in a carriage and tells the nanny she forget Emma’s medication. Bill wants to talk to Olivia without any distractions. They walk away from Jane for a moment. Bill tells Olivia she never said good-bye. Olivia says good-bye and begins to walk away, but Bill stops her. Olivia says it has to be this way. Bill says you were afraid of telling me you were leaving because you knew I’d change your mind.

Sebastian gives Holly a cup of coffee and says she doesn’t know where she is. Holly says his expectations are as bad as these bars. Holly says I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m nobody’s caretaker, and she’s a mess herself. Sebastian disagrees and says nobody wants to die alone. Holly says we are all going to die alone. She states she can’t be what he needs her to be. Holly asks him for another bottle and to let her go. Sebastian refuses and admits that he needed something from her but now, she needs him. He says he’s going to take care of her.

Cassie tells Edmund she’s exhausted. They are both giddy. Edmund says this is all a clinically approved doctor recommended activity and there is nothing to be ashamed of. He asks if she’s had a change of heart. Cassie is amazed that a few months ago, they didn’t know they were making a baby. He’s say it was miraculous and so is she wanting to dive into his gene pool. Cassie mentions she ran into Jonathan a few days ago, and he was needling her that their baby could end up like him. Edmund agrees it could be like him too. It’s in the genes. Cassie says our kid could be anything good, bad or anything in between, but their child will be loved and valued, and taken care of every single day of it’s life. Edmund says the only thing he’s really looking forward to is spending the rest of his life with Cassie, her children, and any children they may have. He says he’s the luckiest man in the world. They kiss.

Dinah says she just wants what everyone else has. People in love and having babies. Jeffrey asks if the baby deserve to have her. Dinah says she would make a great mother. Jeffrey says you are desperate and needy and asks what kind of life that would be for the kid. Dinah, sounding a little angry, asks if the only woman worthy of motherhood is Princess Cassie who could give her child anything. Jeffrey says a lot more than you. Dinah reminds Jeffrey about Tammy’s problems and who didn’t want to be around Cassie. Jeffrey tells Dinah to calm down but Dinah says Edmund is ready to give Cassie child No. 4. She says what do you think that means? It means we need to stop them.

Jeffrey asks Dinah does she really want to prevent Edmund and Cassie from having a baby? She says “you bet I do.” Jeffrey asks how and why and then says he’s not interested. Dinah thinks Jeffrey wants to hear this. Jeffrey tells her she’s lost her mind. Dinah says they haven’t made one yet, and we can stop them. Jeffrey tells Dinah she needs serious help. Dinah says for a smart man, he’s thinking small. Dinah claims she’s gotten over the tit for tat controversy with Cassie. This is Jeffrey’s chance to have Cassie. Jeffrey tells Dinah to get a prescription from the doctor that is really strong. She says once Edmund and Cassie get married and have a child, nothing will get between them. Jeffrey tells Dinah he doesn’t want to be the father of her child. He yells for her to stay clear of Edmund and Cassie, and this will be the last time he and Dinah will sleep together. Dinah asks are you sure about that because she believes he wanted to forget that she wasn’t Cassie. Jeffrey tells Dinah to get out. She is asking for his help. It’s a win-win deal. She’ll get what he wants, and he’ll get Cassie.

Cassie is making a sandwich, but Edmund is in the mood to make love again. She asks how are they supposed to plan a wedding if they are having sex every two minutes.

The phone rings and itís the doctor calling. The doctor wants to remind Cassie that more tests have to be taken. He wants them back in the office ASAP but this time itís Edmundís turn.

Bill tells Olivia she can’t run away, because it’s dumb. If she runs, it makes her look guilty. Bill doesn’t believe she’d be put away for Phillip’s murder. Olivia is worried about Emma and that she’d end up with the Spaulding’s. She claims she loves Emma more than her own life, and those people won’t stop till they get what they wan and she has to leave while she has the chance. Bill asks what else she’s running from. Olivia says “you.” She says you kept me from being deported and now his name is getting dragged through mud being married to someone who is a suspect. She says this is your chance to start over and go forward without any baggage and strings attached. There is a flight announcement for San Cristobe, and Bill asks if that is where she’s going. Olivia says she’s failed at three marriages, and doesn’t want to fail at this one. Bill tells Olivia he doesn’t want her to go.

Sebastian activates the cell bars to go up. She asks if he is letting her go. Sebastian says he can’t and apologizes. She says you won’t give me a drink, or let me go. She’s not liking this party very much. Sebastian tells Holly she needs rest and he’s not going to let her waste her life. Holly says it’s already gone but he disagrees. He says even if we had one more day, or hour, we make it count. Sebastian says if this was the end for me, he would want to look into her clear beautiful eyes and know that his life had meaning and he had found his way. He tells Holly he is here, and he’s going to take care of her. Holly lies down on the bed, and Sebastian covers her up with the blanket. She has her back turned to him and is smiling.

Bill admits he married Olivia to keep her from being deported. His says at the beach when he read the note, he saw his life flash before him. He tells her that her leaving would make his life worse. Olivia asks “really?” He says I couldn’t shop at Price Mart anymore and how would he explain the woman’s underwear in his top draw. Bill says you know what else I couldn’t do. Kidnap you and take you to a frozen beach and make love to you. Bill says he’d miss that and asks wouldn’t she? Olivia says maybe a little. Bill promises he will do whatever it takes to protect her and Emma and will be by her side. He wants Olivia to get this idea of running away out of her head. Olivia asks if that is an order. He touches her face and tells Olivia he’s taking her home where she belongs. Olivia says she’ll make him a sandwich and they leave.

Edmund asks Cassie if the doctor can’t take his word for it that he’s up to snuff. Cassie thinks after tonight, Edmund can do anything. She says she would be willing to give him help because it’s in the interest of science. Edmund says no it’s all for the love of you. They kiss. Cassie tells Edmund he’s the sweetest man in the world and it’s no wonder she wants to have a baby with him. Edmund kisses Cassie.

Dinah is getting dressed as Jeffrey tells her that she’s lost her grip with reality. Dinah disagrees. She says I know the odds of getting pregnant, but she wont’ give up. Dinah says she has one request and for him to stay away from her plans. Jeffrey asks what am I supposed to do sit back and watch you destroy Cassie’s life. Dinah says I know facts and things Jeffrey doesn’t need to know, but it would absolutely destroy Cassie and Edmund. She says they are completely wrong for one another and what she knows proves it. And it would prove it to Cassie and send her straight to Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he’s heard enough and shows the door for Dinah to leave. Dinah says you let me get what I want, and you’ll wind up with what you want. She says the time is ticking. It’s now or never and that is reality. Dinah leaves, and Jeffrey slams the door closed.

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