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Guiding Light Update Friday 12/3/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

First few moments preempted for me:

At Company, Dinah tells Jeffrey he doesn’t look great, and she wonders why.

On the island, Michelle is tending to a very sick Tony who is sweaty and dehydrated and complaining of being hot. Michelle tells Tony she thinks he was hallucinating before. She says that she doesn’t want to worry him, but he’s very sick and if they don’t get him out, it’s only going to get worse. Tony tells Michelle to take it easy and that he’s fine. She tells him she’s going to get him some aspirin. He wants water.

Jeffrey tells Dinah to state her business and go. Dinah asks if he is sad, and if someone stole the little blonde doll he liked so much. Jeffrey walks away and approaches Cassie and Edmund who are sitting at the bar. Jeffrey says he is concerned about Tammy. Cassie says that they saw Tammy on Thanksgiving. Jeffrey says that when they came in they were so happy, so he thought it had something to do with the kids. Edmund confesses their happiness has everything to do with the kids. Cassie mentions they just had a preliminary visit with the fertility doctor and Jeffrey tells Cassie that he’s happy for her. Cassie and Edmund leave and Jeffrey tells Dinah good night. She offers to buy him a drink and he says “maybe just one.”

Outside of company, Cassie tells Edmund he has to behave because he was practically gloating with Jeffrey. Edmunds says that the doctor told him to have unlimited sex with her so he’s supposed to gloat. Cassie says that she doesn’t think unlimited sex are the words the doctor used. Edmund replies that sometimes in life, you have to read between the lines. He kisses Cassie and they leave.

Tammy is sitting at the docks sadly looking at the water. Sandy walks up to her and touches her shoulder. Tammy confesses she’s not going anywhere tonight, and that it’s getting cold. Sandy pulls up the zipper on Tammy’s jacket. She asks what would she do without Sandy? Sandy says there is a possibility you might have to learn to do without me really soon.

Bill and Olivia are at the beach and she says itís freezing. Bill has set up blankets, candles, and warm drinks. Olivia says that she has things to do and places to go and Bill wonders what they are. Olivia says I have reading to do tonight. Bill asks if reading is more important than their honeymoon. They kiss, then Olivia says this is my first real honeymoon, and in some ways, her first real marriage. Bill says we are a testimony to a jailhouse wedding.

Olivia says we do have fun, and thanks Bill for making her laugh. Bill senses Olivia is worried. She talks about Frankís grilling and being accused of murder. Olivia tells Bill that Frank is going to hammer him about her. She then tells him what Lizzie and Beth said to her. Bill says you did not shoot anyone, and no one will take Emma away from you but Olivia is not so sure. She says the only way to stop a Spaulding is to put a bullet in them. Bill remembers Olivia saying she wanted a honeymoon on the beach. Olivia is very touched by his gesture. Bill says that we have to stick it out and the truth will prevail. Oliviaís cell phone rings and itís the nanny. The nanny tells Olivia sheís at the airport with Emma and that the flight to San Cristobel is leaving soon. She asks if Olivia is on her way. Bill and Olivia look at each other.

Olivia is wavering but then agrees to meet her later and ends the call. She tells Bill it was the nanny and that she’s worry about her. Bill wants to know what he can do to make her forget for a while. He makes Olivia smile and she tells him that it’s wonderful. She starts to tell Bill she loves him, but corrects herself and makes it sound like she loves everything he’s done for her. Bill puts on a French accent to some sweet Olivia talk and starts to dance as Olivia laughs. Bill says that having sex in the snow is a very natural thing and they kiss. Bill gets them some hot drinks and Olivia says I have to tell you something. Then she says maybe it’s better that we don’t talk. She kisses him again and they look at each other. Olivia tells him not to look at her like that and to shut up and kiss her like he means it. Bill replies he can do that. They share a passionate kiss.

Dinah and Jeffrey toast each other with glasses of beer, and she thinks she owes Jeffrey an apology. Dinah is a bit concerned about this case of self-denial and his having all of those emotions bottled up inside of him. Jeffrey says he’s fine, Cassie’s fine, and they were all fine, except for maybe Dinah. Dinah says she thinks it’s amazing that Cassie is parading around with baby news. As if she wanted to see Jeffrey suffer. Jeffrey says Cassie doesn’t know how I feel, and neither do you. Jeffrey gets up and walks away. Dinah says to herself “don’t be so sure.”

Sandy says that he’s not going anywhere, she is. Tammy asks if he is kicking her out of his apartment. Sandy says that he doesn’t think it’s a good situation for anyone. He says they are going to have to make some big changes if she is going to stay in the apartment. He says he is tired of the couch and suggests they switch between the couch and the bed each week. Tammy says that she has just applied for a job on campus but Sandy says he doesn’t need rent money. He thinks there are other ways she can earn her keep.

Michelle is giving Tony water. She tells Tony that he has to stay with her and talk to her. She wants him to talk about football. Tony tells Michelle its all her fault. He begins to hallucinate again and sees Michelle in a different light. Sheís wearing a different outfit, like what the pre-amnesia Michelle would wear. She says he looks better, and it will make it easier to say goodbye.

She says Iím leaving and Tony begs her not to go. He grabs Michelleís hand. Michelle tells Tony that sheís not leaving him. Tony continues to beg Michelle to stay. In his hallucination, Michelle explains to Tony that Danny telling her what to do didnít work for Danny, so she doesnít know why he thinks it will work for him. Tony asks where she got those clothes. Michelle talks about the beginning and guess thatís what itís all about. The explosion was the beginning for her and Tony. Tony asks if she got her memory back. Michelle is smiling and says ďyeah, lucky me. We knew it had to come back someday right?Ē Michelle says itís not real. She gets up and says this is the real me, and everyone knows she has to be this way. Michelle wants them to still be friends. Back in his real mind, Tony grabs Michelleís foot and pleads her not to go. Michelle says Iím right here, and sheís not leaving him.

Bill and Olivia are lying on the blanket kissing, and he wishes he could make this investigation disappear. She says he already has. Bill kisses Olivia and leaves to get an extra blanket. Olivia calls the nanny and asks if Emma is asleep. She says she’s hung up and asks if the flight is on time or delayed. Olivia asks the nanny to wait there and not do anything untill she gets there. Bill returns with the extra blanket and says maybe it’s time we started warming things up. They kiss and Olivia says I just want you to know… Bill says I know you are scared. He says we started this fight with Phillip together and that’s how it’s going to stay, you and me together. Olivia kisses him and they fall back kissing on the blanket.

Edmund carries Cassie into the farmhouse. Edmund talks about Cassie taking her tempature everyday and about pre-natal vitamins. Edmund has to take a whole lot of zinc. He says he is going to call a personal chef because Cassie has to watch her diet. Cassie thinks they should let nature take its course and they kiss. Cassie interrupts the kiss and says if we really want to get pregnant, now is not the time, it’s the worst time.

Jeffrey is in his room at the Beacon and Dinah is there waiting for him. She lowers the lights, and asks if he wants a little adult pay per view. Jeffrey asks if we really have to do this, the sparing and mind games. He just wants to be left alone but Dinah doesn’t. She thinks Jeffrey being alone will make him even more miserable and wants to do something about it.

Tammy asks about other things to earn her keep. She offered other things and he turned her down. Sandy tells her to get over herself. He wants to build some shelves for his sound equipment, and, he hopes Billy and Josh will hire him back at Lewis Construction since he’s staying in town. Sandy believes he can win them over eventually.

Sandy says he will need an assistant but Tammy says she knows nothing about carpentry. Tammy says she’d cook for him if he had dishes. Her specialty is mac and cheese, roast chicken with mashed potatoes, and french toast. He says that he’ll get his hardware stuff and some dishes on their way home, and she can cook for him tonight. Tammy is smiling and never thought she’d be doing something so simple for him as cooking. Sandy says the last person to the car washes the dishes and they race to the car.

Dinah tells Jeffrey everyone needs someone and that he is all she has. Jeffrey says you are free and your life doesn’t have to involve me but Dinah says that he understands her. She says she does have feelings despite what other people think. Dinah thinks she and Jeffrey are two miserable people and can share in that pain and enjoy themselves for one night. Dinah says why don’t we just focus on what we need and like. Dinah starts to come onto Jeffrey and kisses him. She suggests he lose himself in her and be sweet, kind and wonderful and just separate himself from everything else. Jeffrey responds and kisses Dinah.

Cassie tells Edmund we have to pay attention to the science of the project. Edmund tells her sheís really turning him on. Cassie says we need to consider conserving our resources, especially Edmundís resources.

Cassie explains they have to apply the resources when theyíll do the most good. She shows Edmund her date book and points to a specific good week and window but Edmund is frustrated. Cassie says we canít cave in and Edmund agrees. They sit side by side on the sofa, trying to be strong. Edmund says waiting is good and Cassie says sure. Edmund says there is a lot to be said for anticipation and letting the moment swell and Cassie readily agrees. Edmund says if we wait, it will be that much better. Again, they both agree to wait. Edmund says itís childís play. Cassie finally says ďoh, the hell with itĒ and kisses Edmund. They start to remove each otherís clothes.

Olivia and Bill are still on the beach. Bill is sleeping and Olivia says that he believes in happy endings. She hasn’t before but with him, she might have had a shot. Olivia tells Bill she’s going to miss him so much. She kisses him on the cheek and gets up.

Michelle is ringing the towel to get water on Tony. He turns over, and she sees the spider bite on his back. Michelle tells Tony she know what is wrong with him and tells him that he has to stay awake. She tells him that she has to leave him.

Cassie and Edmund continue to kiss passionately. She says I want this. She wants a baby, a life, and marriage with him. Edmund says anything, everything, me, it’s all yours. He kisses her again, and they fall onto the sofa.

Jeffrey is removing Dina’s clothes. She tells him she wants a drink and he agrees. He asks her to go and get him a double scotch but she says what about being a gentleman and getting her a drink. Jeffrey agrees and she says to make hers a double. Dinah goes into her purse and takes out condom package. She begins to poke holes in it with a pin. Dinah returns the damaged condom to her purse. She is laying on the bed in her black bra and panties when Jeffrey returns with a bottle of wine and glasses. Dinah tells him to forget it as she’s not thirsty. They begin kissing passionately.

Bill wakes up and calls out for Olivia.

Michelle tells Tony the pool could be a way out. She thinks if she dives down into the pool, she’ll get out of the hole. Tony doesn’t want her to go but Michelle believes there could be a cave and a way out, and it’s a risk she has to take if she wants to save him. Michelle promises she’ll be back. She kisses him and says it won’t be the last kiss she gives him. Michelle leaves as Tony falls back onto the sand shaking.

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