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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/2/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

In the ravine, Michelle and Tony continue to kiss. Tony walks around and tells her that his knee feels better. The two joke about starting a life in the ravine. Suddenly Michelle sees a large spider. She jumps up screaming. Tony scares the spider away and the two kiss again. As they kiss we see that there is a bite on the back of his neck.

At Towers, Danny is leaving as Mel is walking in. She asks him how Robbie is doing and he also asks her how everything is going. There is some obvious uncomfortable ness between the two of them. Mel asks if he has heard anything from Michelle yet. He tells her that he didn’t expect to hear from her considering she ran away. Mel informs him that he could look at the situation in another way, from the point of view that he drove her away.

Beth walks into the police station and seems shocked to see the ‘Suspect Board.’ She looks over it and then sees that Rick is there. He tells her that he just got questioned and that there is nothing ‘like reliving the worst night of your life.’ Beth comments, while looking at the board, that it is so sad that Phillip hurt so many people on his way out of the world. She goes on to tell him how she finds it sad that it may be the only way any of them ever remember Phillip. Rick comments that most of them had a motive to kill him.

In the interrogation room, Olivia is sitting down at a table. Frank plops a tape recorder on the table in front of her and lets her know that it is standard procedure. She says that she didn’t kill Phillip because things are finally going right in her life. Frank lets her know that perhaps she knew that Phillip had one last thing to hold over her head. He drops a red folder in front of her and opens it. She glances down and tells him that she can explain. Frank lets her know that she doesn’t need to explain stock fraud to him. She wonders how Frank found the file. He tells her that Alan gave the police access to all of Phillip’s files. He informs her that he will only ask her once and then asks what she was doing the night of Phillip’s murder. Olivia, looking upset tells Frank to get it over with and simply cuff her.

At Company, Buzz talks to Harley, Coop and Marina. He laughs at the fact that no matter how much they try and separate themselves from the Spaulding’s they continually find themselves tied to them. He chuckles. Harley comments that she’s glad he finds it all so amusing. Marina tells them that Lizzie simply wants to have a hold over them. Buzz reminds them all that Lizzie is late. Coop notices her walking in. He goes over and tells her that she can’t bring her dog into the restaurant. She dismisses him and tells him that she can as she owns the place. She informs everyone that they’d better get started. Following Lizzie into the restaurant is Gus. Harley makes a beeline for him and asks if ‘the Lizzie doll comes with her own attorney?’ He tells her that he gave her a ride and wanted a cup of coffee as she doesn’t have a license. Harley reminds him that what happened at Farley’s the other night wasn’t ‘real.’ He tells her that he remembers and will also stay out of the murder investigation as well. Gus heads toward the back of the restaurant telling her that he’s going to help himself to a cup of coffee.

Danny seems shocked by what Mel has said and follows her back into the dining room. She tries to explain to him that part of her attraction to Tony probably came from the fact that Tony tried to accept her for who she is. Danny wonders where all of this is coming from and she brushes over the question. She assures Danny that Michelle is fine. She tells him that both she and Rick miss the old Michelle. She goes on to tell him that they need to move past that and get to know Michelle as she is now. She reminds him that things will never be the same. Danny tells her that he is and that he’s moving on with his own life for both himself and Robbie. Mel tells him not to forget his marriage. He tells her that it took him a while to realize there was nothing left of his marriage, but luckily now he realizes that. He tells her he’s moving on. She tells him that she’s sorry and he reiterates that he’s going to be ok. Mel tells him that it’s sad when something comes between two people who are otherwise meant for one another. It is clear she isn’t talking about Danny and Michelle. He asks her if everything is ok and she tells him it is. She reminds him to call her next week to get the kids together. He agrees and leaves.

As Beth stares off into space Rick comes back with coffee for her. He tells her that it’s not going away. He tells her that every morning he wakes up with a knot in his stomach. She tells him that each morning she heads to the study hoping to find him there. He tells her about an article he read that he wanted to talk to Phillip about. He goes on to tell her how they used to get into debates about corporate greed and how he now misses that. She tells him that James had a nightmare the other night and she thought to herself how she was going to yell at Phillip for telling him scary stories, until she remembered. She informs him that he can fight with her any time he wants. He lets her know that he’s willing to tell her scary stories whenever she wants.

The two smile. Rick gets up and tells her he needs to get going and meet Mel for dinner. He invites her to come along and she tells him she has a few more things to go over with Frank. Rick leaves and Beth looks lost.

Olivia tells Frank that the night Phillip was shot she arrived at Company after the murder. She admits to hating him and not being sad about his death. Frank asks her about her lies to Phillip about Emma. She tells him that everything she did was for Emma. Olivia wonders who has spoiled his mind against her. She goes on to talk about how she will never get a fair shot in a town run by Spaulding’s. He tells her that he’s done with her, but not to leave town. As she is leaving the room she sees Beth. Olivia accuses her of trying to pin Phillip’s murder on her.

Back in the ravine, Tony and Michelle are curled up against one another. She tells him that she feels so perfectly happy with him, even though everything around them is screaming danger. He tells her that he feels the same happiness. He wonders why they ever even have to go home. He tells her that they should begin a life on the island. She tells him that most would consider it running away. He informs her that they really shouldn’t care what others think. Michelle questions whether or not Tony feels he will lose her once they go back to Springfield.

Lizzie is telling Coop that Alan’s assistant made up an agenda for them. Harley goes over to Gus and wonders if he is truly going to let her handle Buzz and Ruth. He tells her that he respects the fact that she wants to handle the situation.

He lets her know that he was simply trying to help her before. She thanks him for the night in the bar and he changes the subject. Harley walks off. Lizzie hands what look like folders to Buzz and Coop. She tells them that she had someone at Spaulding create them. Buzz is confused as to what they are. She tells him that they are the new menus. Marina looks less than happy that they are pink. Coop makes a comment on the new name ‘Elizabeth and Company.’ She tells them that she added some new entrees to the menu, such as the ‘sour cream and caviar omelet.’ Harley walks over to see what is going on. Buzz tells Harley not to be late to future staff meetings. Marina tells Lizzie that the family wants the restaurant back. Buzz tells Lizzie that she has no idea how hard it is to run a restaurant. Lizzie informs them that she’s going to make the place into something she would be proud of. She compares Buzz to Phillip, telling everyone that they both want to take care of their families. Buzz walks out and Harley follows. Harley wonders if he needs his pill and he assures her he doesn’t. He tells her that he simply hates to lose the restaurant. He tells her that he wanted to make it right for all of them. She cuts him off and tells him that she understands. She assures him that everything will be ok. Gus watches from inside. He puts on his jacket and makes the comment that he ‘will do what he has to do.’

Michelle wipes down Tony, telling him that the thought of returning to Springfield has him breaking into a cold sweat. He jokes that he had to get her on a deserted island before she would even notice him. She tells him she tried so hard to figure out what she wanted that she didn’t notice it was right in front of her. She tells him that when she is with him she feels like herself. She goes on to tell him that being with him is like ‘coming home.’ She goes on to inform him that nothing will keep them apart. Michelle cuddles up into his lap. He tells her that he used to think about the moment when they would be together a lot. She tells him that it doesn’t matter where they are that they will be. There is a shot of his neck again. This time the bite are looks like it has swelled some more.

Lizzie takes off to ‘get some things done in the kitchen.’ She adjourns the staff meeting. Coop tells Marina that they need a plan and offers a work slow down. She tells Coop that she thinks a strike is a better idea. Coop tells her that the idea is to get Lizzie to hand the restaurant back over to Buzz, so the more trouble the better. Danny appears and tries ordering from the ‘new menu.’ He informs them that if they want to get rid of Lizzie they’re doing it the wrong way.

Olivia claims that Beth has been trying to get back at her from the start. Beth informs Olivia that she doesn’t even need to lift a finger to make other people think she is guilty of killing Phillip. Beth wonders if Olivia cares that Emma’s father is dead. Beth tells her that she wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Olivia killed Phillip as she has so much hate inside of her. Beth walks off.

Buzz tells Harley that he understands what Phillip was going through. He explains that making choices in the best interest of his family and then having them blow up was all Phillip did. Harley tells her father not to compare himself to Phillip. She reminds him that he never wanted to hurt anyone. He tells her that it was a technicality. She explains that she is on to him. He gets angry and tells her that he doesn’t want her help. He gets up to head back inside and runs into Lizzie leaving. Lizzie tells him that he needs to ‘talk to the help.’ She also asks that Harley make sure her father really does talk to everyone she explains that she doesn’t have time as she has to go to the police station. Harley tells her that she was just headed there and offers to give Lizzie a lift.

Inside Buzz’s apartment Gus is snooping around. He wonders where Buzz would hide evidence. He’s looking in a closet when Buzz walks in.

Buzz asks him what he thinks he is doing, Gus informs him that he needs to go first and holds up a bloody article of clothing.

Danny explains to Marina and Coop that a strike will accomplish nothing. He reminds them that people will simply go somewhere else for their burgers. Marina wonders what he suggests. Danny tells them that all they need to do is figure out Lizzie’s weak spot and exploit it. Coop tells Danny that he weak spot is not being in control. Marina doesn’t understand how they will use that to their advantage. Danny tells them that they need to do exactly what she says and follow all of her orders. Coop calls the idea brilliant. Marina looks confused.

Tony begins shaking and is broken out in a cold sweat. He hears Michelle’s words about being with him. Suddenly he sees an image of Danny near him. ‘Danny’ tells him that Michelle is playing Tony and once they cross into Springfield Michelle will be his again.

At Towers, Mel and Rick are having dinner together. He comments that she looks as though she’s been busy. She tells him that she got a lot of Christmas shopping done for the kids. She tells him she has a surprise for him and hands him photos from the 4th of July BBQ. Rick goes through them faster and faster. Mel asks him what he’s looking for and he tells her that he knows there are photos of Phillip on this roll of film. He finds the index sheet and points out where they were. He blames it on the print shop making a mistake, and then notices Mel’s reaction. He asks her if she didn’t have them printed on purpose. She admits that she didn’t and apologizes.

Buzz tells Gus that he could easily call the police and have him arrested for breaking and entering. Gus reminds him that hiding evidence is also a crime. Buzz asks Gus if he thinks he killed Phillip. Gus avoids the question and tells Buzz that he knows he hated Phillip. He also goes on to remind Buzz that Phillip was shot downstairs and that he knows that Buzz had to be the one to shut the alarm off. Buzz asks if Gus is going to come after him.

Olivia reminds Beth how angry she was when they all found out that Phillip had kidnapped the children. She reminds Beth that both Rick and Harley were just as angry as she was. She goes on to tell her that although she was angry and isn’t sad about the death it doesn’t mean that she was the one who shot him. Beth tells Olivia to look around and lets her know that she is the one who is raising all the suspicions. Olivia looks around to find the entire police department staring at her. Beth walks off.

Lizzie and Harley walk into the police station. Lizzie thanks Harley for the lecture. Harley informs her that it isn’t over yet. Harley tells Lizzie that she wants to protect her family because he means the world to her.

Lizzie reminds her that Phillip meant the world to her and someone took him away. Lizzie walks off. Olivia gets a drink of water and is interrupted when Lizzie tells her hello.

Harley pokes her head into the interrogation room and asks her brother if he has a moment for her. He tells her that he really doesn’t as he needs to meet with Lizzie soon. Harley tells him that Lizzie will wait. She tells her brother that she wants to talk to him about the murder case. She goes on to tell him that she thinks that he is way too close to everything and that perhaps he should let someone else handle the case. She reminds him about how much the Spaulding’s have hurt him this year. He calls her a lousy liar and asks who she is trying to protect.

Marina wonders why Coop would want to take orders from Lizzie. He explains to her that if they give complete control over to Lizzie that eventually she will blow it. Danny tells them that it’s a good idea. Marina disagrees and tells them that she doesn’t want to be around Lizzie all the time. Coop jokes that as long as she can keep her temper down that things should go fine. She remarks that she is the most even tempered person she knows.

Danny laughs and reminds her of the time she threw feta at someone in the kitchen. Coop takes off to explain the plan to his father. Danny and Marina are left joking around and poking fun at one another. Marina bets Danny that he wouldn’t be able to last working for Lizzie. The loser has to cook for the winner.

‘Danny’ tells Tony that Michelle never even noticed him when Danny was around. Tony tries to convince ‘Danny’ that what he has with Michelle is real. Tony is really shaking now. ‘Danny’ warns Tony that he doesn’t think he will make it back to Springfield alive. Tony tells ‘Danny’ that he lost Michelle because he didn’t love her for who she was. ‘Danny’ offers to wake Michelle up. Tony yells out ‘no’ and lunges towards Michelle. Michelle wakes up. She becomes worried about him and wonders if he is ok.

Rick wants to know why Mel would want to erase his memories of Phillip. She claims that she only wanted him to have good memories of the day, of the moments they shared. She tells him that she understands and offers to have the other photos developed. He refuses and tells her he can do it. She tells him that there was a photo where Phillip was ‘looming’ over Zach and Jude and it frightened her. She tells him it reminded her of the kidnapping. He ignores her, obviously mad and remarks that they should simply order dinner.

Buzz tells Gus to leave. Gus tries to explain to Buzz that once Frank finds out about the alarm he won’t be able to help his father. Gus tells him that he’s not here to help the Spaulding’s but instead to help them. Buzz tells him that the shirt was used when he cut his hand on a bagel. He challenges Gus to have the blood analyzed and wonders why Gus would put himself on the line for a Cooper. Gus informs Buzz that he should know why.

Harley informs her brother that she’s trying to protect the whole family. Frank tells her to leave the protecting to him. He tells her to take care of Zach. He tells her that the evidence is coming in. She asks questions about a fingerprint lead on the gun and he refuses to answer. He gets a phone call and she asks what it is about. He tells her that it is simply a follow up about the alarm system at Company. He assures her that it is probably nothing. Harley looks upset and Frank leaves.

Lizzie wonders what Frank got out of Olivia. Olivia blames Lizzie and claims that she’s just as guilty. Lizzie explains that she did nothing wrong, so she has nothing to hide. She remarks to Olivia that she’ll take care of Emma fine once Olivia is gone.

Olivia asks her what that comment was about. Lizzie informs her that when they lock her up for killing Phillip that she will take care of Emma as a Spaulding. Olivia promises that Lizzie won’t get anywhere near Emma. Lizzie lets her know that if she’s in jail there will be nothing she can do about it. Lizzie heads off to find Frank. Olivia looks frightened. She picks up her cell phone and calls someone. She tells the other person to pack up Emma’s things as she and the baby are leaving Springfield for good.

Coop remarks to Marina that Danny has been spending a lot of time around her. She reminds him that she’s been watching Robbie. He tells her that he hopes she knows what she is getting herself into. She tells him to get a life, finishes pouring some beers and heads back over to her table with Danny. Danny wonders if she is ready to let Lizzie run her life. He reminds her that he knows it isn’t easy to separate personal and professional lives. She informs him that she likes a challenge. He smiles.

Tony apologizes for waking her. He tells her that he had a bad dream.

Olivia tells someone that she will meet them at the airport. All of a sudden as she is passing a room someone grabs her and pulls her inside.

Frank is on the phone and finds out that there were no faulty alarm rings on the night Phillip was shot. He asks for a list of people who have the access codes. The person on the other end tells him that only Buzz had the code. Frank looks shocked and asks the person to double check.

Gus reminds Buzz that he once covered evidence before for someone Buzz cared about – Alex. He reminds Gus that Alex is his family. He tells Buzz that this time he’s finding out what happened for Harley. He informs Buzz that Harley doesn’t know what he’s doing. Gus asks Buzz if it was self defense and Buzz tells him to leave. Gus tells him that he will need to trust someone. He informs Gus that he trusts someone – himself. Buzz kicks Gus out and tells him not to snoop around again.

Outside of Company, Harley puts in some fake teeth and calls the police station pretending to be Ruth Karloff. He tells her that he’s been looking for her and motions one of the other policemen to trace the call. Frank offers to meet her somewhere and she refuses. She hangs up the phone and makes the comment that she is willing to do anything for her family.

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