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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/1/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

There is a knock on the Lewis door. Jonathon enters saying “Hi mom, I’m home.” He is traveling light, just him and Lou the pet snake. He says “hi Lou, say hi to grandma.” Reva thinks she and Lou can get along as long as he stays in his cage. Josh enters the room smiling and extends his hand to welcomes Jonathon, telling him to make himself at home.

At the farm, Cassie picks up a bag of trash which breaks. Spilling on the floor. She finds a stuffed lamb in the trash and asks Edmund what the lamb is doing there. He explains that it was a giveaway at the mall and begins to pick up the trash. Cassie tells Edmund he used to be a world class liar but he’s lost his touch.

Outside of Farley’s, Tammy is reliving Jonathon telling her she’ll never be the same, and that he left his mark on her.

She enters the bar and asks for a beer on tap. The bartender asks for ID but Jonathon’s friend, Jake, tells the bartender she’s old enough for lots of things. Tammy replies “definitely.”

At Towers, Dinah comes up to Billy’s table and tries to get information from Billy about Cassie and Edmund’s wedding date. Bill and Olivia arrive and Billy asks how was Cross Creek. Bill says it was the best Thanksgiving he had in a long time. Billy says he’s sorry he missed it and says that a lot of things changed while Bill and Olivia were gone. Billy says I forgot everyone thinks Olivia is a killer. It’s the headline on the paper. He shows it to Olivia and Bill. It says “Did She Do It? Billy says it “sounds like a straight forward question if you ask me.”

Billy suggests Olivia get a lawyer and she walks away. Billy tells Bill that Olivia’s problems are his problems. Bill says she didn’t kill Phillip. He explains Olivia looked him straight in the eye and said she didn’t kill Phillip, and he believed her. Dinah asks Olivia if she killed her cousin, Phillip.

Jake asks Tammy if she is alone, and if she’ll give him another shot. Tammy asks at pool? Sandy arrives and asks Jake about his car. He tells him that his tires are flat. Sandy says that the crime in the neighborhood just keeps getting worse. Jake tells Tammy that he has to go and tries to get her to leave with him but she refuses.

Sandy suggests they go to Company for something to eat. Tammy says “Elizabeth and Co”? She doesn’t’ think so. Tammy says the only reason you wanted to get rid of Jake is to be alone with me. She starts coming onto Sandy.

Josh and Jonathon shake hands. Josh says he’s very cool with Jonathon staying at the house. Jonathon says “I don’t think we are in Springfield anymore, Lou.” Reva explains that she and Josh discussed it and he was receptive to the idea. Jonathon says to keep your enemies close, right Josh? Josh thinks the only enemy Jonathon has is himself. Jonathon asks if there are any house rules. Josh said he gets a room and gets to eat whenever he wants, but no drinking or drugs. He wants to show Jonathon to the guest room and Jonathon is not pleased. Reva says he can’t come in here and lay all this guilt at my feet and expect me to just roll over. She tells him they both have a lot to make up for.

Cassie says to Edmund “look at you.” You look as guilty as RJ stealing a cookie. Edmund said it was ridiculous but Cassie figures out that Edmund bought the lamb for her. Edmund says that after the miscarriage, he saw the lamb in a toy store and imagined Cassie holding their baby. He explains after the miscarriage that he never stopped to ask Cassie if she wanted another baby. Cassie says she is worried sick about Tammy, and is still trying to deal with the fact that she can conceive. She admits she is so absorbed in her emotions that she’s been ignoring him. She asks if Edmund wants to have a baby. Cassie wants him to be honest. Edmund says I don’t think I realized I even wanted a child until I had one with you. He says I’ve been overwhelmed with love for you, the children and the child that doesn’t even exist. He says it doesn’t matter what he wants. She has to want a child. Edmund asks Cassie to be honest. “Do you want to have a child with me?”

Cassie is still holding the lamb and puts it down. Edmund tells Cassie “I have you and the children, and my life is very full.” Cassie says I wanted to spare you from the whole process of trying conceive a baby, the hopes, the disappointment, and the indignity of all the tests. She says after all of that, you have a baby, that’s great. Edmund asks are you saying you want to have a baby with me. She says not if it means putting you through hell. He asks again about having a baby. Cassie says, “of course I want your baby Edmund?” Edmund says after all I’ve done? Edmund picks up Cassie, twirls her around and tells her he loves her so much. He kisses her, and Cassie professes her love for him too. Cassie explains there could be a lot of work. Edmund says he’d be willing to make love to her ten times a day. Cassie says this will be very emotional for us. Edmund says I would do anything to make your wish come true. Cassie kisses Edmund. She confesses the take out is probably ready, and he should go and get it. Edmund doesn’t want to leave and kisses her. She tells him the sooner he goes, the sooner he’ll get back. Edmund starts to leave and then returns for one more kiss explaining she makes him so happy. Edmund leaves. Cassie says to herself, in joy, “a baby” and grabs her sweater and leaves.

Tammy tells Sandy she’s at the bar to forget and that she wants to dance and has her arms around Sandy. They start to dance. Tammy tells Sandy he’s pretty good and asks if he likes her. He says you know I do. Tammy says no, like...like. Sandy says she’s very beautiful and sometimes she is trouble. Tammy asks if Sandy likes having her around. He explains he doesn’t mind at all. Tammy says things are different now. She can’t be what she was, but she can be something else. Sandy tells her just be Tammy. That’s enough. Tammy asks Sandy to take her home to his place. She wants to go to bed with him.

Olivia tells Dinah she guesses everyone in town thinks she shot Phillip. Dinah says you had motive. Olivia says she did, but someone else beat her to the punch. She explains she’s not guilty. Dinah says you’ll be tried and convicted on the street and the newspapers despite the fact that Phillip abused you and took your baby. Olivia asks if Dinah is always this encouraging. Dinah says the good thing is you have a wonderful man who’ll see you through it. Olivia says your brother is great, but he doesn’t love me.

Bill tells Billy his marriage is not just some business arrangement. He really cares about her. Billy says you have to look her in the eye and see who she really is. He believes after that, Bill would run. Bill says “why, so I’d end up like you?”

Reva tells Jonathon to take the guest room, and we’ll take it from there. Josh tells Jonathon to go upstairs and pick any room except for ours. Reva looks at Josh, and he tells her you not the only one full of surprises. Lou and Jonathon go upstairs. Reva tells Josh she owes him big time. Josh says you owe me nothing except your undying love and devotion. Josh suggests he give Jonathon and Reva some space. Reva says she’ll be fine and she thanks him for letting him stay and for being the wonderful man that he always is. Josh kisses Reva and says he wants to do the right thing for her. Josh leaves and blows Reva a kiss good-bye. Reva picks up Jonathon’s jacket. There is a knock on the outside door. It’s Cassie. She says she needed to see Reva in person and is ready to burst. She says all the doctors were wrong and that she might be able to have a baby. Reva hugs Cassie saying it’s wonderful news. Cassie says Edmund wants a baby. Jonathon returns and congratulates Cassie. Cassie wants to know what he’s doing here. Reva explains Jonathon needed a place to stay, and Josh and her invited him to stay. Jonathon smiles and Cassie has a look of hatred towards him.

Bill tells Billy he is all alone and walks past bars to see who is in town. He blew it with Vanessa and any other woman. Billy agrees he was a mess and brought a lot of people down with him, and maybe there is nothing left to teach Bill. He says Vanessa knew what she was doing. Billy says I’m still your dad, and asks if Bill loves Olivia. Is she the love of his life? Bill replies, “who says I want a love of my life?”

Olivia tells Dinah the only person she knows who loves her is Emma. She says it’s so unconditional and better than anything she had with a man. Dinah talks about the love she felt when she was pregnant. She says that’s why when she sees Cassie with her kids, she doesn’t think it’s fair. Olivia defends Cassie and says she’s my partner and friend, and I can’t talk about Cassie with you.

Billy and Bill approach Dinah and Olivia’s table. Billy says everyone is still alive and kicking. Bill tells Olivia it takes more than a few headlines to hold them back. He kisses Olivia, and Billy doesn’t look too pleased.

Tammy continues to come on to Sandy telling him to take her home. Sandy says you know how much you mean to me. Tammy thinks since they are both friends, it would be good for them to get together. No one would get hurt. Sandy says he’d have to be made of stone not to want you because she is gorgeous and sexy. But if they had sex now... Tammy says it’s okay, you don’t have to explain. She walks away. Sandy says he’s just trying to do the right thing, and it’s pretty tough. Tammy wants him to do the wrong thing as it worked for her. She orders another beer. Sandy insists he’s going to get the car and take her home. He tells Tammy “let’s go!” She tells Sandy (very firmly) “you go!”

At Company, Josh meets up with Edmund. He says things are crowded at his house these days. He tells Edmund that Jonathon moved in with his snake. Edmund is shocked. He asks are you telling me you invited him into your house? Josh says he did and it was one of the smartest moves he’s ever made.

Jonathon tells Cassie it’s exciting about another baby, and he’s great at babysitting and is good with Lou. Cassie is not impressed and wants to leave. Jonathon tells Cassie not to leave on his account. Jonathon goes out to his car to get some stuff. Cassie tells Reva I understand he’s you son and you are stuck with him but asks what Josh thinks. Reva explains Josh is trying to give him a chance. Cassie says he doesn’t deserve a chance. Reva reminds Cassie of Edmund’s past and how he’d changed. Reva leaves to make some tea. Cassie says to herself she has to get out of here but Jonathon returns. He says he really thinks it’s cool about the baby, but when she throws uncle Edmund in the mix, and you never know might happen. Jonathon picks up an apple out of the apple bowl, and begins to eat it. Jonathon states that he and Edmund share some of same genes. He says what if the baby ends up like him or me? It might make Cassie regret she ever did it. Cassie says I’m on to you. Jonathon says “I love it when your eyes flash like that.” It reminds him of Tammy. “The older model is just as hot as the newer model. Twice the ware, but solidly built.” He says real solid. Jonathon puts the unfinished apple back in the bowl. Reva returns with the tea. She asks if Jonathon left and if Cassie scared him away. Cassie says “I’m sure he’ll be back, but I don’t think I will.”

Tammy tells Sandy it’s too late, and he had his chance. It’s not Sandy, but Jonathon. Sandy has left to go and get the car. Jonathon says he did. How stupid can you get? She asks what he’s doing here. Jonathon talks about getting away from her mother and how she’s so excited about having a baby with Edmund. Tammy is very surprised. She asks Jonathon what was it about her that made it so easy for him. She wonders why she didn’t see it.

Jonathon says you liked me. Tammy says that’ it?” Jonathon says it’s when she get that attitude, her hair flies, and she bats her eyes. It says come take me. And he watched. Tammy says I was not coming onto you. Jonathon says like you weren’t coming onto Sandy. Tammy denies it, and says she is a prize. Jonathon replies not anymore.

Josh tells Edmund that Reva feels so much guilt and is constantly defending Jonathon. He believes in a week, Reva will see him for who he really is. Edmund tells Josh it’s a dangerous game. He wonders what happens if Jonathon plays his hand right and gets close to Reva, and she starts inviting him to family functions, holiday’s and weddings. Josh assures Edmund Jonathon won’t be at his wedding. He says if Jonathon is who I think he is, he’ll be out of our lives long before your wedding. Edmund replies “and if he’s not?”

Reva asks Cassie what Jonathon did. She says sometimes, he does things to get attention, and you can’t believe half the things he says. Cassie says it’s not for me to say who to be in your home or tell you what to do. Reva wants them to talk. She hopes she and Edmund have a healthy and beautiful baby. But, Cassie has to understand that Jonathon is her baby, and he didn’t have the childhood or kind of family that her beautiful son or daughter will have. Reva feels she has to make up for that. Cassie says Jonathon is counting on that. She says I just hope you not so busy that it doesn’t cost you everything else you love. Cassie leaves. Reva is frustrated and finds Jonathon’s unfinished apple.

Billy tears up the newspaper article, and tells Olivia he hopes she didn’t do it. Olivia says that’s the nicest thing he’s ever said to her, and she hopes he didn’t do it either. Billy offers the pay the bill and leaves. Dinah also leaves. Olivia’s cell phone rings. It’s Frank. He wants her to come down to the police station as soon as she can.

Cassie arrives at Towers and runs into Dinah. Dinah congratulates Cassie on the big wedding she’s planning but doesn’t know how long the groom will last. Cassie explains things are starting to look up and they were given a miracle. She admits the miscarriage wasn’t that devastating for someone who didn’t think they could get pregnant. Cassie confesses she and Edmund are going to start trying and have a child together. She thanks Dinah for her support and sympathy, but she doesn’t need it as everything is going to be fine for her. Cassie walks away.

Tammy tells Jonathon he won’t get to her. He says it’s a little late for that. She asks why he’s like this. Jonathon says for a rookie, you weren’t half bad. Tammy throws the beer in Jonathon’s face. She says I could have slept with anyone. He says you did. You slept with me. Jonathon confesses he could get her into bed right now, but Sandy doesn’t want her anymore because he got to her first. Jonathon says he is Tammy’s type. Her first and will always want someone like him. Jonathon kisses Tammy and walks. Sandy returns and wants to leave. He asks if Tammy is okay. She says sure.

Josh returns home and asks Reva if Jonathon picked a room. Reva says Jonathon left when Cassie showed up. She wishes Cassie could be more like Josh and give Jonathon a chance. Josh says Cassie has good reason to hate Jonathon, and he believes everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. Reva puts her hands on Josh’s shoulders and tells him she loves him for saying that. She knows in the end, Jonathon will show everyone exactly who he is. Josh tells Reva “my darling, I couldn’t possibly agree with you more.”

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