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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/30/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

In the alley outside of Farley’s Bar, Sebastian stumbles around gasping for air as though he is in pain. He tries to hold himself up by grabbing onto the wall when Dinah shows up. Neither seem happy to see one another. Dinah wonders why Sebastian hasn’t left yet. He informs her that if they let killers like her run free that he should be welcome in Springfield as well. She notices that he is in pain and inquires whether or not he is ok. She accuses him of being drugged and he denies it. She almost waves off his pain and informs him to stay away from ‘her’ bar. She tells him that she doesn’t think Farley’s is big enough for the both of them. Sebastian doesn’t even look up at her, makes one final grasp towards the wall and collapses. Dinah looks surprised.

At the hospital, Rick is signing some paperwork when Mel comes up and hugs him from behind. He looks surprised to see her. She asks him how everything is going and he tells her that everything is fine. He almost looks uncomfortable around her. A nurse comes up and asks Rick to sign some release paperwork. He does so while Mel looks over some papers on the desk. He turns to see her snooping and tells her that if she had wanted to look at them she could have asked. She apologizes. Mel informs him that she doesn’t think he should give the papers to Jude and then offers to read it all aloud. She begins reading aloud a letter composed by Rick for Jude. The letter tells Jude that he may hear some bad things about Phillip, but that ultimately he was a good guy. She goes on to tell her husband that by the time Jude is old enough to read and understand the letter that he will be able to understand the truth as well. She tells him that he owes it to his son to tell him the truth, not to spin a fairy tale. Rick looks angry and doesn’t say a word.

At the farmhouse, Reva shows up at the door to Cassie who stands inside. Cassie asks her sister how Paris was. Reva rushes in telling Cassie how she has never seen Marah so happy. Cassie asks if Reva told her about Jonathan. She tells her that she told Marah and that she was stunned. Reva goes on to tell her that she thinks it will simply take some time for it all to sink in, for everyone. Reva asks Cassie how Thanksgiving was. She tells Reva that she missed her. Reva tells Cassie that she missed her as well. Cassie tells her sister that she ‘could have fooled her because it was Thanksgiving and she couldn’t decide between Cassie and Jonathan.’ She goes on to accuse Reva of skipping town in order to avoid making the decision. Reva looks shocked.

At the bar at Towers, Jonathan walks in. He sees Sandy sitting at the bar eating and goes up to him. He asks Sandy how is Thanksgiving was. He replies that it was fine and asks Jonathan to leave. Jonathan offers to tell Sandy about his ‘American Gothic’ Thanksgiving at Cross Creek. He refuses to believe Jonathan.

Sandy gets up and walks away. Jonathan gets up and follows him, informing him that not everyone thinks of him as the ass who ‘shagged his cousin.’ He tells him that Reva sees him as a sensitive soul and that Bill and Olivia are coming around. Sandy laughs.

Dinah bends over to check on Sebastian. He begs her to help him. She scoffs at the idea of helping Roger Thorpe’s son. She tells him that she would almost be willing to help the man who made her life miserable when he first came to town if she didn’t have prior plans. She heads inside for a drink when Edmund walks outside. She rushes up to him and hugs him. He wants to know what is going on. She tells him that Sebastian, her ex husband’s son just fell in front of her. She tells Edmund to call 911 while Dinah pretends to do CPR on Sebastian. Edmund tells her that the ambulance is on the way and asks what happened. She tells him that Sebastian was coming out of the bar as she was going in. She admits to ‘having words’ with him and tells Edmund that all of a sudden Sebastian fell. She becomes defensive and tells Edmund that she didn’t cause whatever happened. He tells her that he wasn’t thinking that. Dinah continues to talk to Sebastian, pretending to care. Edmund tells her that thanks to her, Sebastian will be ok. Edmund maintains that Dinah saved his life as Sebastian comes to.

Rick informs his wife that his son will know the truth about Phillip. She suggests that perhaps Rick should wait a bit before he finishes the letter. He tells her that he’s going to do it now and make sure that Phillip’s children get letters too. Mel is supportive of the letters to Phillip’s children, but tells her husband that the rest of the letters may be a bit extreme. He tells her that their kids are going to get earfuls about Phillip from people who hated him, so he is going to help provide a balance.

She tells him that those who ‘hated him towards the end’ had good reasons. Rick looks as though he can’t believe what she is saying and tells her that he was ill. He tells her that he misses Phillip and that she’s not listening. He tells her a story about reading the paper this morning and getting ready to call Phillip when he realized he was dead. Mel tells Rick that he was always so loyal to Phillip. He accuses her of making the word ‘loyal’ sound like a bad thing. She tells him that she can’t forgive Phillip for taking the children. He tells her that if she doesn’t understand Phillip that it’s fine. Rick walks off. Suddenly Beth comes through the hospital doors. She asks Mel if things are ok. Mel informs her that it is as simple as the fact that she and Rick are having a bad day. Beth tells her that she’s going to see Rick and offers to help. She tells Beth that it’s a family thing, thanks her and walks off. Beth looks confused.

Cassie looks at some presents that Reva has brought to the house and asks what Reva bought Jonathan. She avoids the question and simply tells her sister that she got him ‘gifts.’ Cassie makes the joke that Reva should have got him some ‘unpasteurized cheese that sat in the sun for too long.’ Reva reminds her sister that Jonathan is kid. Cassie tells Reva that Tammy is as well. Cassie tells her that she will never forgive him for what she did to Tammy. Reva tells her that she doesn’t think she will ever be able to forgive him for his transgression with Tammy either. She does tell her sister that regardless he is her son. She tells Cassie that he sees the past as Reva abandoning him and that she’s not about to make the same mistake again. She goes on to explain that she hope she can reach him so that he stops hurting people. Cassie accuses Jonathan of playing to her guilt and keeping her away from her family. Reva tells Cassie that he’s doing no such thing.

Cassie asks her sister what Christmas will be like and who will be sitting around the tree opening presents. Reva tells her that they will eventually work it out. Cassie tells her sister that she needs her. Reva assures Cassie that she will be there for her and asks how Thanksgiving was. Cassie tells her that Tammy came to dinner and then left. Reva wonders why she left. Cassie tells her that it’s because her self esteem is shattered and that she should ask Jonathan to leave. Reva tells her sister that she can’t do that. Cassie tells her that Tammy is terrified of Jonathan. Reva tells Cassie that she’s surprised that haven’t already run into one another yet. She reminds her sister that eventually it will happen. She goes on to tell her sister that Jonathan even has a room at the Beacon. Cassie seems stunned to hear this. Reva explains that she thought Cassie knew, and that Olivia arranged the room for Jonathan. Cassie gets angry and tells her that she can’t believe that. Reva explains that he’s paying for the room himself since he cashed in on his trust fund. Cassie explains that it doesn’t make it right now that he simply has money. She asks Reva how many people Jonathan will have to hurt before she realizes that her son is a lost cause. Reva sticks up for him and tells her that she hopes she will be able to get through to him when his guard is down. Cassie tells her sister that she doesn’t want to see her hurt. Reva brushes off the concern and tells her sister that she can bounce back. She changes to subject and tells Cassie to open her presents. Cassie asks her sister if it is too late for them to celebrate Thanksgiving. Reva tells her that it’s never too late. Cassie tells her sister that they should go to Towers and discuss Paris.

Back at Towers, Sandy tells Jonathan that from the way he is throwing money around that he guesses he cashed in on the trust fund. Jonathan admits that he did cash in on it and put the money in his Swiss bank account, where no one but him can touch it. Jonathan asks if he is upset that he didn’t get his hands on the money. Sandy tells Jonathan that he doesn’t understand why he is still in town, if he’s already gotten the money. Jonathan tells Sandy that he and Reva have some unfinished business to take care of. Sandy stops him mid-sentence and informs him that he will not allow Jonathan to hurt Reva. Jonathan thanks Sandy for ‘softening Reva’s heart.’ He tells Sandy that he’s going to make her forget she ever knew Sandy.

The EMT’s tell Sebastian that he is one lucky guy. Edmund gives Dinah the credit for saving his life. Sebastian seems shocked that it would be Dinah that would save his life. The EMT’s take Sebastian away and Dinah pretends to be shocked. She tells Edmund that she never thought she would be part of something so big. She invites him into the bar for a drink. He tells her that he doesn’t think it would be a good idea and she promises not to dance on the pool table. He tells her that he’ll join her and the two walk into the bar. He warns her that if she’s not careful that her reputation in this town may change. She jokes that she’d have to save 15 people for anyone in town to notice the good she did. He tells her that she needs to trust that change needs time to take place. Edmund goes to get them drinks.

Rick sees Beth sitting in the hospital. He asks if everything is ok with the kids. She tells him that she came to check on him and informs him that she saw Mel. She wonders if everything is ok. He tells her that they had a little fight. He tells her that everything with Phillip has made it hard. She tells him that she’s sure it is hard for Mel to see her husband in pain. He confesses to Beth that Mel hasn’t been very supportive. He goes on to tell her that Mel, it seems, wants him to get over it quickly. Beth seems surprised at Mel’s’ attitude. Rick tells her that Mel had issues with Phillip. Beth reminds him that everyone had issues with Phillip. He defends his wife, telling Beth that she has always been so supportive of him. He tells her that he thought she would understand better about Phillip. He tells her he doesn’t know what else to do. Beth hands Rick a book and tells him that its one her mother gave on grieving. He asks if it helped her at all. Beth shakes her head no. Rick jokes that it is a must read. Beth reminds him that the two of them will get through it all. He tells her that perhaps when the police catch the killer that perhaps then they can get some closure. The EMT’s rush through the ER doors with Sebastian on a gurney. Rick rushes over to Sebastian’s gurney. Rick rushes into a private room while Sebastian is awake. While working on Sebastian Rick hears the voices of Alan and Beth in his head the night that Phillip was shot. He does a double take, looking at Sebastian again and rushes out of the room.

Dinah tells Edmund that he’s the only man besides her father and brother that actually treat her like a normal human being. She apologizes for going on and on. He tells her that it’s ok as she’s had a rough night. She tells him that she always seems to want what she can’t have. She goes on to tell him that in a different time and place that perhaps they could have been friends.

He tells her that he can’t influence people to think about her the way she wants them to. He goes on to tell her that he’s sacrificed too much. She tells him that she understands and offers to get another round of drinks. He accepts and then tells her that he will drive her home. Edmund stand up to get more drinks and sees a ‘congratulations on the new baby’ sign. He stops dead in his tracks. Dinah tells him that she’s sure the sign is making him think of Cassie’s miscarriage. He brushes her off and heads to the bar. On the table his cell phone rings. Dinah picks it up to see who is calling. She notices that Cassie is calling; Dinah ignores the call and sets the phone back down.

Sandy tells Jonathan that they both know that he doesn’t want to help Reva heal. Jonathan tells Sandy that he can’t help that he is her Achilles heel. He tells her that unless he forgives his mother that she will be crushed under the weight of her own guilt. Sandy tells Jonathan that he should be glad that is what is going to happen. He accuses Jonathan of enjoying watching others in pain. He warns Jonathan that this time he won’t get away with it. Jonathan tells Sandy that Reva doesn’t even want him around anymore. Jonathan wishes Sandy good luck and walks off. Sandy follows him.

Cassie and Reva walk into Towers together, Cassie with her cell phone against her ear. She tells Reva that she doesn’t understand why she can’t get in contact with Edmund. Reva tells her that she should enjoy their time together and to relax. Reva heads off to find a table while Cassie goes to get drinks.

Outside on the balcony, Sandy tells Jonathan that even though Reva may hate his guts he is not going to allow Jonathan to ruin her life. Jonathan tells him that he’s simply looking for his family. Sandy tells Jonathan to drop the act. Jonathan gets angry and wonders if the reason Sandy is so mad is that he got to Tammy before Sandy did. Sandy tells Jonathan that he is beyond disgusting. Jonathan goes on to push Sandy’s buttons and tells Sandy that although Tammy was ‘good’ he’s now looking for someone with a bit more experience. Sandy looks confused.

Jonathan goes on to tell Sandy that since he’s gotten the trust fund he thinks he may head to Paris and see what Marah is up to. Sandy yells at Jonathan to leave Marah alone. Jonathan pushes Sandy. Sandy grabs Jonathan and holds him over the edge of the balcony. Reva yells at Sandy to leave her son alone. Cassie comes running out to the balcony. Sandy tries to explain to Reva that she doesn’t know what is going on. She informs him that she knows what she saw. Reva asks Sandy what would have happened if she hadn’t come along. Jonathan pretends to cough and remarks at how high they are. He goes on to tell them that it reminds him of his hiking accident. Reva wonders if he is really ok. Jonathan asks for a moment alone. Reva takes Sandy inside. Cassie remains on the balcony and tells Jonathan that it is too bad that Reva showed up when she did.

Inside Towers, Reva asks Sandy if he’s lost his mind. He tries to explain to her the whole story, but she refuses to listen. She points out that he had Jonathan halfway over the railing. She wants to know why he was threatening and yelling at Jonathan. Sandy tries to tell her that all Jonathan wants is to wreak havoc on her family. She reminds him that other said the same thing about him.

She questions how she should forget what she saw. He tells her to take a good look at her son and then tells her that Jonathan could protect himself if he really needed to. Reva remarks that she’s never seen Sandy that angry. He tells her that it is because for the first time in his life he found something worth fighting for – her.

Edmund asks why Dinah would save someone whose father tormented her. He wonders why she didn’t leave him there. She tells him that Roger put her family through hell and she’s sure that Sebastian would love to pay her back for killing his brother. She reminds Edmund that she lives with the fact that she shot Hart each and every day. Edmund asks her if she wanted to get to Sebastian before he got to her. He asks her what would have happened if he hadn’t come along. She informs him that she would have been tempted to leave, but only tempted. She reminds him that he knows what temptation is like and brings up the fire in the barn. She tells him that there is no point in denying their dark side. He tells her that the main thing is to keep it in check. She compliments him and tells him that he does better at hiding his dark side. He tells her that she’s wrong and brings up Jonathan. She asks if he blames Jonathan for the miscarriage. He tells her that he blames himself. Dinah looks confused. Edmund explains that he thinks it is his fault for the way Jonathan turned out. Edmund goes on to blame himself for all the bad in Jonathan’s life and consequently Cassie and Tammy’s suffering on himself. Dinah reminds him that he is suffering as well, and brings up the fact that Cassie’s lost baby was his as well. He remarks that it was his first, or would have been. He looks incredibly sad and lost. Dinah covers his hand with hers.

Rick is a mess, and sounds like he can hardly breathe. He wants to go back into Sebastian’s room and Beth refuses to let him He begins stammering that perhaps he ‘missed something.’ He goes on to say that ‘he didn’t need to die because he must have missed something.’ Beth realizes that he’s talking about Phillip and tells him that Rick did everything he could. Rick tells her that he needs to go back inside the room. She reminds him that he is not alone. She tells him that she understands. Rick still looks upset, but goes into Sebastian’s room anyhow. Beth and Rick look at one another through the blinds in Sebastian’s room.

Inside Sebastian’s room, Rick continues to question Sebastian about his pain. Sebastian tells Rick that he has some things to take care of and attempts to get up off of the hospital bed. Rick tells him that it won’t take long. He promises Sebastian that he will find out what is wrong. Rick orders tests from Neurology. Rick remarks that he’s surprised that Sebastian is still in town. Sebastian looks over at the window and wonders what is up with ‘the cop.’ Rick tells him that since it’s a 911 call they need to fill out a report. Rick asks if anything similar has happened to him before. Sebastian denies that it has and makes the comment that Rick has fallen into his father’s footsteps. Rick retorts that he hopes he hasn’t fallen into Roger’s footsteps. Sebastian laughs and mentions that their fathers weren’t on speaking terms. Rick tells him to relax and that he will get some results back shortly. Sebastian asks Rick if he’s heard from his father recently. Rick tells him that he hasn’t. Sebastian brings up Michelle’s condition and notes that it’s surprising his father hasn’t contacted them. Rick informs Sebastian that Ed tried to contact Michelle, but that she’s away somewhere on vacation. A nurse comes in and tells Rick that neurology needs to speak with him. Rick leaves.

Outside, Beth is still standing there waiting for him. She tells him that she wanted to make sure he was ok. He tells her that all of a sudden he felt the same hopelessness that he did the night Phillip was brought in. Rick tells her that he appreciates her waiting. She tells him that she’ll see him later and leaves. Rick stares at her as she gets on the elevator.

Inside Sebastian’s room, he is writhing around obviously angry. He comments that Michelle never even contacted her father. He gets up, rips the wires off of him and decides to leave.

Dinah tells Edmund that she leveled with him about Sebastian therefore he should level with her about Cassie and the baby. He tells her that there is nothing to talk about. She obviously doesn’t believe him. He tells her that what he is feeling isn’t important and that what Cassie is going through is much more important. He begins to tell her that they though Cassie could never have children and stops mid sentence. Dinah asks if Cassie has even acknowledged that he may be in pain about the lost baby. He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk with her about Cassie. She asks if he wants to have a child and he tells her he does.

Cassie tells Jonathan that he doesn’t fool her. She tells him that she knows what he is trying to do to Reva and that she won’t stand for it. He tells her to lighten up. Cassie tells him that if he hurt anyone in her family that she will ‘shove him over the edge’ herself. As she is leaving she tells him that he needs to be out of the Beacon before midnight or she will call the police. He makes a nasty remark calling her ‘sexy.’

Inside Towers, Sandy apologizes for blowing her off the other night. He tries to tell her that he simply needed her to leave his apartment. She demands to know why. He tells her that the reason doesn’t matter. She asks if someone was there and he asks her to trust him. She tells him that it’s easier said than done. He asks her to accept him when he tells her about Jonathan. She tells him that she’s getting to know Jonathan and that his mistake with Tammy was just that. He tells her that he knows how she feels about her kids. She tells him that he should know that once a child has entered her heart that they are there to stay. She tells him that they’re stuck with one another. She hugs him. Jonathan watches on.

Rick tells a nurse that he’s never seen anything like Sebastian’s blood work and that he is lucky he came in when he did. Mel appears and asks if Rick has a minute. He tells her that he has a patient waiting. She tells him that she came back to apologize. She goes on to tell him that nothing she said before came out the way she wanted it to. He tells her that she is entitled to her own opinion. She tells him that she wants to be there for him, and he tells her that he’d prefer to talk about it at home. She leaves to go home and Rick goes into Sebastian’s room. He finds Sebastian gone, and a walkie talkie on the floor. Rick picks it up, and it is the one way radio Sebastian used to call Holly on.

Outside of Farley’s, Sebastian is on his cell phone giving someone directions to ‘have the plane ready.’ He looks on the ground, yelling, wanting to find his radio. He realizes that he may have left it in the hospital, where he can’t go back.

Edmund comments that he was expecting a call from Cassie and goes to check his phone. He realizes that his phone is off and offers to give Dinah a ride home on his way back to the farm. She tells him that she hopes he gets what he wants, a child. She goes on to tell him that he will make a wonderful father someday. He thanks her and leaves.

As Jonathan watches Reva and Sandy hug Cassie walks out from the balcony as well. She sees the two of them and makes a beeline for the door. Reva tells Sandy that they have a lot to talk about, but that she needs to find Cassie. Jonathan approaches his mother and Sandy heads toward the bar. Reva asks Jonathan if he is ok and remarks that she’s glad he’s ok. She asks where Cassie is and he tells her she headed out the door. He goes on to tell her that Cassie kicked him out of the Beacon and asks if he can move in with her. Reva laughs and then asks if he is serious. He tells her that he understand that Josh would have to ok it. They high five one another and she tells him that she’ll be glad to have him. He looks over at Sandy.

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