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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/29/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Inside the lighthouse, weíre shown is a close up picture of Danny, Michelle, and Robbie as Danny and Marina arrive. Danny says he doesnít think Marinaís dad wanted her to leave with him.

There is a knock on the door and it is Sebastian. He says ĎHello Danny, Iím looking for Michelle. Ď

On the island, Michelle and Tony are kissing after having made love. He tells Michelle how beautiful she is as they continue to kiss.

At Farleyís, Harley asks Gus if she can sit down. Harley says that with everything going, he might be her only real friend in town. Gus helps Harley off with her coat and asks why she isnít home having Thanksgiving with the family. Harley says that sheís had better Thanksgivings. They talk about how much fun last year was. Harley says that she was totally stressed out in the beginning and then relaxed near the end.

She says she hates watching every word and move Buzz makes. Gus explains she shouldnít do that. Harley says maybe you are right, and Iím the one who killed Phillip. Gus says no offense but he didnít come out tonight to get depressed. He tells Harley that maybe if she wants something different tonight then she should stay. Harley says maybe I should go and Gus asks why she did. Harley wishes everything didn’t have to be so complicated but Gus says that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Harley wishes they could be any two people alone in a bar.

Outside of Farley’s bar, Blake is on her cell phone trying to reach Holly. She leaves a message at Holly’s house stating she’s starting to get worried about her and asks her to call.

Holly is in her cell talking to herself and saying that Sebastian’s plan is not going to work and that Ed is never going to come here and Sebastian will die. Everyone will die. Holly screams out he won’t do this to her. She tries to break free.

Sebastian comes in, and Danny says that Michelle is not here. Sebastian and Marina introduce themselves to each other. Danny explains that Michelle is out of town on a trip. Sebastian asks if it’s business or pleasure. Danny wonders why he wants to talk to Michelle. Sebastian asks Danny to tell Michelle he’s trying to contact her. Danny wants to know the real reason Sebastian is here.

Michelle says that for a second, she almost forgot where she was. Tony wants to thank Michelle for believing in them and for not shutting down. Michelle says if she had, she would have missed out on something really great. She asks Tony if he thought they’d end up like this and Tony says ‘didn’t she.’ Michelle isn’t sure. She says she knew something was there but she was just along for the ride. They kiss again and Tony asks what’s wrong. Michelle says “I just can’t enjoy this ride, Tony, because it’s not real.”

Gus touches Harley’s hair and says that two different people wouldn’t be real or us. Harley says that maybe she’s tired of real for one night. Blake comes in to Farley’s and says hello to Gus and Harley. She asks what is going on and that she’s there for take out because Clarissa won’t eat turkey. Harley tells Blake she and Gus just ran into each other. Blake says I’ll call you tomorrow and she wants to hear the dirt. She tells Harley that it’s okay to need someone. Blake walks away and Harley sits down at a table alone.

Sebastian explains he recognizes this isn’t a real good time. Marina tells Sebastian she watches Danny’s son but Danny says it’s none of his business. Sebastian apologizes saying he’s jetlagged and feeling edgy. He asks about Michelle’s partner. Danny explains Tony is out of town also. Sebastian asks with Michelle? He then tells Danny that he now understands why he is so tense.

Tony places Michelle’s hand on his heart and asks if she feels it beating and if that isn’t real. Michelle says where we are and what has happened to us is not real life. Tony says that this is the most real day of his life and has never felt more alive than this moment. Tony confesses that he wanted Michelle for months. She says even though you knew we’d both be hurting someone we cared about. Tony says that I couldn’t help myself, and doesn’t think she could either. Michelle doesn’t regret it. Tony explains he won’t be sorry and that she is everything to him. He says that this is the real deal. She is stuck with him and he’s not letting go.

Marina tells Sebastian that he should go. Sebastian explains that he feels Michelle has been acting strange and that at times like these, Michelle needs her family. He suggests that Danny contact Michelle’s father. Sebastian gets angry with Danny again and says that Danny must know where Michelle is since she is the mother of his child. Sebastian apologizes again and leaves. Marina asks what is his deal. Danny says more than he is letting on. Marina says that he’s intense and had a good point. Danny wonders about what. Danny says Michelle has made her choices and she, apparently, is very happy with them. He won’t be banging his head into that wall anymore. All he’s interested in is that Michelle is a mother for Robbie. Marina asks “if Michelle walked through that door right now and said she wanted him back, would you take her?”

Gus sits down with Harley and wants to end the night on a good note. There is music playing in the background, and Harley says that we danced to this music in your motel room. They talk about all the ashtrays that were in the room and “Mona.” They wanted this song to be the first song they danced to at their wedding. Gus and Harley ask in unison if they want to? Harley says never mind. She says that maybe we could pretend it’s the night before our wedding. Gus asks if she’d like to do that. Harley says none of it happened. No lies, no murders, thinking my father killed someone. Just before all of that. She says it’s dumb and to never mind but Gus doesn’t think it’s dumb. He stands up and extends his hand to Harley. She gets up and takes his hand. They begin to dance closely as Blake watches and smiles.

Blake comes out of Farley’s bar. She walks away and doesn’t see Sebastian who is also outside of Farley’s calling Holly. She asks where is he. He’s on the one-way radio and it only works when he calls her. Sebastian asks if she is okay. She says she’s all alone and is worried because he’s sick. Holly is concerned that something might happen to him.

Blake approaches and says “Sebastian.” Sebastian hides the radio but it is still on, and Holly can hear the entire conversation. Holly yells “Blake, Blake can you hear me? He has me prisoner.” Blake asks Sebastian when he got back to town.

She asks about Holly. Sebastian says that Holly is on the island with Michelle. Holly yells out that she is alone and asks for Blake again. Blake says that she hasn’t heard from Holly in weeks. He asks didn’t you get her e-mails? Blake wants to hear her voice and wonders why Sebastian left her there. He explains he had some business to do regarding Roger’s estate and it will be a short trip. Sebastian says Holly is going through Roger’s things for a clue to what he left behind. Holly says he left a son who is just as scary as he is. Blake wonders why Holly didn’t come home for the day. He says Michelle and Holly insisted on staying but Blake is having a hard time believing this. Sebastian asks if he’s ever given Blake a reason to not trust him. Blake says I hardly know you and that Holly would not spend the day away on Thanksgiving. Holly continues to yell out for help. Sebastian explains she’ll get another e-mail and that Holly probably got side tracked. Blake says which is it. Either she knows it’s Thanksgiving and has forgotten about it, or just doesn’t care? Sebastian tells “Chrissy” to stop giving him the third degree and that Holly is fine. Holly continues to yell out for somebody to help her. She looks at the bottle of wine outside of her cell, picks it up and looks at it. Holly holds the bottle. Blake tells Sebastian I can’t take your word for it and wants to talk to her mother now, or she will call the police.

Tony says you have doubts. So what. Maybe he is here to see things for what they really are. Michelle says haven’t you noticed since the accident, I’ve thought about myself and been very selfish? Michelle explains I’ve been selfish and done what I wanted, when I wanted. She says that it wasn’t right. She didn’t think about Tony’s feelings or Danny’s. Tony says you’ve been trying to figure out who you are. Michelle says us being together has pushed her into facing what she’s been feeling all along. She asks Tony to please don’t let her ever miss amazing moments with him. Tony kisses her, and they hug.

Marina asks what is her deal. She doesn’t think before opening her mouth. Danny thinks it’s a good thing, and he respects that. She’s honest. Marina says I’m your babysitter. Danny says that your my friend, and Michelle’s friend. She says that I don’t think Michelle would agree with you these days. Danny says that’s her loss. Marina says I miss her and thinks Danny would too. Danny says of course I miss her. She was my life and explains even if I wanted to go back, he doesn’t think he could. Too much has happened and that’s the way it is. Marina says I can respect that.

Gus and Harley continue to dance. He says you smell good. Harley says it’s the shampoo. They talk about the fragrance of shampoos laugh. Harley wonders when is the first time he used that line “you smell good.” Gus says I was honest with you. Harley says that we should change the subject. Gus says I lied once, but I’m not a liar and wishes Harley could find the distinction. Harley says she can’t and doesn’t know why, but she can’t.

Sebastian explains he can’t get Holly on the phone as there is no cell service. Holly hand wrote Blake’s message and gave it to one of the locals so that they could go into town and e-mail her. Blake says you make it sound like dad’s stuff was scattered all over the jungle. Sebastian explains that it is and that Roger was very meticulous in placing clues to the inheritance. Blake believes this sounds far fetched and that this is crazy. Sebastian says obviously what he left us is worth a fortune. He says we are very close to the end and can’t stop her from calling in the authorities. Blake just wants to talk to her mother. He says she will soon. Blake says I have a problem sitting on the sidelines and wants to be a part of this. Sebastian explains she is and running interference is very important. Blake tells Sebastian she wants to go back to the islands with him.

Holly is sniffing the wine and says “just one. What would it hurt?” She talks out saying look at me Roger? Look what you’ve done to me. Holly raises the bottle to Roger.

Harley says it’s stupid and there is now way they can go back. Gus believes she’s obsessed with the past. Gus tells Harley she should try optimism sometimes. Harley says she is Miss Optimistic. Gus says she should give people a chance without finding the worst before hand, and they might surprise her in a good way. She should try and find some faith. Harley tells Gus she really does want that.

Harley says I wish I could have more faith. Gus wants her to try harder. Harley says that he’s right, but she can’t change. Gus says she can and to just do it. He says that you are missing all the good stuff. Harley says I don’t know how else to be. Gus asks if she is too grown up to learn something new? Harley tells Gus she is sorry she called him a liar. Gus says it’s okay. Harley says it’s not okay, and she’s decided I’m going to protect my father and that makes her a hypocrite. Gus doesn’t think she is a hypocrite and understands. Harley says that she has to go and put the kids to bed and Gus asks her to kiss them for him. Harley says yeah and leaves. Gus looks sad.

Blake wants to help and help her mother. Sebastian doesnít think itís a good idea. He says I read about Rossí nephew in the paper. Sebastian says losing a family member is hard enough and that Ross may need her. Blake says itís not like Iím running out on Ross. Sebastian asks if her marriage can endure that right now and Blake says no. Blake says Holly and Michelle will want to know about Phillip and makes him promise that Michelle to call Rick. Sebastian says I canít promise phone calls. Blake says you better step up on those emails and says you better stay in touch with me. They hug and Blake leaves. Sebastian is feeling woozy and sits down and asks Holly to pick up on the radio phone. Holly responds and asks what lies he told Blake this time. Sebastian is in pain and says that heís sorry that this became so complicated. He never wanted to torture her. Holly asks how he feels. He says Iím fine and she says I donít believe him. Sebastian says Iím coming and then collapses. She yells out for Sebastian to not leave her alone like this. Holly says ďOh god, oh god, what have you done to me?Ē

She looks at the bottle of wine and picks it up.

Danny closes up the Lighthouse, and asks Marina if she is ready. She says I work for Lizzie tomorrow first shift. Danny tells Marina to quit as she must have better things to do with her life. She asks what about you? Marina is tired of being road kill for Phillip and Lizzie She wants to be in the drivers seat and asks Danny to help her. He says sure why not. She says that in return, she’ll show him how to have fun since he’s a little stiff. Marina will show Danny how to loosen up and suggests they go for a drink. Danny asks if Marina is old enough to drink. She says FYI, I’m old enough for a lot of things. Danny says “oh really?”

Michelle says it’s perfect. She almost doesn’t want to leave this place. They kiss. Tony grabs his shoulder and says that something just bit him. Michelle wonders if it was a mosquito. Tony promises Michelle that they’ll be in a nice comfortable bed tomorrow night. Michelle says I’ll always have my memories. Tony says he has the real thing and kisses Michelle as a spider walks across the sand.

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