Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/24/04


By SarahLeigh
Pictures by Boo

Michelle and Tony realize that it's Thanksgiving.

Edmund begins to try to convince Tammy to come home for Thanksgiving, but she is reluctant. Dinah offers to talk to her.

Jeffrey bring a pie to Cassie (someone gave it to him, but he hates pumpkin). She thanks him. He asks if she's ok after the miscarriage, and she tells him she's fine. Jeffrey offers to stay with her until everyone else gets there.

Alan insinuates that Alexandra knows something about Phillip's murder. As she is pleading her innocence, Gus arrives. She tells him that she's worried because Alan is reverting back to his old self. She suggests Gus talk to him since he still trusts Gus.

Gus tries to make small talk, but Alan isn't in the mood. He tells him (Gus) that the only justice that will be served is the justice that he gives out himself.

As the Cooper's prepare for Thanksgiving, they talk about Lizzie owning Company. The talk turns to the investigation, and Frank states that Ruth is still the number 1 suspect, but he thinks the killer is a lot closer to home-as in someone Phillip invited to Company that night.

Cassie tells Jeffrey that even though she knows that Tammy is safe, she still wants her home for Thanksgiving. Jeffrey assures her that she will come back home at some point.

Dinah tells Tammy that she knows how it is to feel so horrible about yourself that you don't want to go anywhere or see anyone. She says that she's done some horrible things, but Tammy didn't do anything. She was only an innocent victim in this whole mess. Dinah tells Tammy that she shouldn't let Jonathan keep hurting her by keeping her from her family.

Lizzie is trying to make Thanksgiving perfect. Beth tries to tell her that nothing will make it perfect since Phillip isn't there, and that it's ok. They just have to get through it together. Lillian confides in Beth that she's worried that Lizzie is the one that killed Phillip.

Alan thinks that he's not going to be very good company, so everyone should have Thanksgiving without him. Gus tells him that he needs him there because they have to get through this together.

Marina shows up with Danny & Robbie. Buzz assures them it's fine for them to join them for Thanksgiving. Blake & Ross arrive next. They spat a little about Dinah, and the fact that the restraining order is keeping Ross from his daughter on Thanksgiving. Rick shows up next without Mel or Leah. Harley asks if they are fighting, but Rick refuses to get into it with her. Buzz suggests they start eating because he's starving.

Tony's knee is obviously bothering him, but he tells Michelle that it's not going to ruin Thanksgiving. He thinks she deserves better since this is the first Thanksgiving she remembers. He leaves to gather up a surprise for her.

Edmund arrives home with Tammy. Cassie is so happy.

Tammy lets her know that this doesn't mean she's back to stay or that everything is ok. Cassie thanks Edmund for whatever he did to convince Tammy to come home. He tells her he had a little help.

Dinah and Jeffrey are in the bar alone. Dinah comments that they are the only two in Springfield without a dinner invitation. Jeffrey tells her that at least he doesn't have family in town who are ignoring him.

Gus suggests someone say Grace before they start eating. Beth tells him that Phillip always said it, and that since Gus is sitting in Phillip's place, he should do it. Gus decides to share with them a tradition his family had growing up. He starts singing America the Beautiful, and they all join him.

At Company, the Cooper clan all stand and sing America the Beautiful also.

Tony gathers up some nuts and berries to make a Thanksgiving dinner for Michelle. They pretend that they have the entire spread-turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc. Michelle tells Tony that she trusts him with her life. He promises that they will have a big celebration when they get back. She tells him they may not even have a tomorrow, and that all they have is right now.

Dinah tries to call Bill to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving. She gets his machine, and leaves a message for him telling him she's on her way to a fabulous dinner party.

Everyone at the Cooper party goes around the table and tells what they are thankful for. Here's a quick run-down:

Buzz-his heart, Frank's reinstatement, that the kids are all back, that Coop came to Springfield (then Marina cuts him off)
Harley-Her kids and family
Coop-that he doesn't have to look at a single Spaulding today
Coops comment sets Rick off, and he leaves.
Blake-her kids, her husband, her brother, her mother, and that there isn't a particular person there today (Dinah)
Ross-thankful that this is a country where people can get a second chance
Then Ross gets a phone call from Dinah. She tells him she's at a fabulous dinner party. He tells her he's working on getting the restraining order dropped, but she pretends there's too much noise at the party and tells him she loves him and will talk to him tomorrow.

Jeffrey is shown alone, and he says to himself that he is thankful for Dinah because next to her, he feels like a very lucky guy.

Back to the Coopers-Frank is grateful for his family, and he promises that he will find whoever killed Phillip no matter how long it takes.

Michelle and Tony are still having their "Thanksgiving" dinner. Michelle tells him they've been dancing around their feelings for each other, and since they don't know if they are going to make it out of there, she wants him to know that what she feels for him is in her heart. He tells her he feels the same and pulls her into a kiss.

Rick shows up at the Spauldings. Beth welcomes him and tells him that he needs to be around people that remember Phillip the way he does.

Alan lets Alexandra know that he knows she bribed a guard to bring her into Springfield the night Phillip was murdered. She is flabbergasted that he thinks she had anything to do with it. He tells her that it's not important what he thinks, but what the police think. Lizzie tells Lillian that she didn't kill Phillip.

As Danny & Robbie are leaving, Marina brings up their kiss. Danny tells her that he won't make a big deal out of it if she won't. She agrees.

Coop is still in shock that Buzz sold out to Phillip. Frank and Harley try to explain it to him. Coop thinks they should use the hit-and-run as leverage against Lizzie. Buzz doesn't like it because that would make them just like the Spaulding's. Coop thinks it would work.

Tammy asks Cassie why she's being so quiet. Cassie is afraid she'll say something wrong and make Tammy walk out the door. She tells her (Tammy) that they have penciled in a wedding date, but didn't set anything in stone until they knew it was ok with her. Tammy doesn't understand why, but Cassie asks her to be her maid of honor (along with Reva). Tammy accepts. They got to look at bridal magazines. Dinah shows up to check on Tammy. Edmund tells her that everything is working out as good as it could be for now. He thanks her for what she said to Tammy today. Cassie comes out to see what he's doing, but Dinah slips off before she gets there. Edmund tells her that he was looking at the moon, and then he asks about the wedding stuff.

As the show ends, we see a montage of scenes. Buzz playing with whipped cream at company. The Spauldings all doing various bonding, and the farmhouse.

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