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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/23/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the farmhouse, Edmund bring Cassie a cup of tea to calm her down. She tells him to put it down and she reminds him that he doesn’t need to fuss over her.

She reminds him that she is no longer pregnant. She goes on to explain that although having the miscarriage was sad she didn’t know she was pregnant beforehand so it is not although it is a huge loss. She goes on to tell him that the most amazing thing is learning that she can conceive. She giggles a little and Edmund looks confused. She notices the look on his face and asks him what is wrong. He asks her if she wants a child.

Holly is in the corner of her cell, yelling out to Sebastian how similar he is to his father. She walks over to a wall, yelling out at Roger and removing photos of herself from the wall. Sebastian is on the other side of the wall, where Holly can’t see him listening. He walks out from the shadows, and clears his throat as Holly runs to the front of the cell. She yells out for him to help her. She asks him where he was and he informs her that he was sleeping. She looks at him shocked and asks how he could sleep for three days. He looks as though he simply doesn’t care and dismisses her by telling her that ‘time flies.’ She inquires whether or not he’s found either Ed or Michelle. Sebastian ignores the question and tells her that he’s arranged dinner for her. She becomes sarcastic and tells him that he’s always thinking of her. Sebastian looks tired. He begins to turn away telling her he was going to offer his company to her and assumes after her last comment that she doesn’t.

She asks him to stay. She tells him that he’s won because she’s locked up, tired and hungry. She goes on to state that she might as well make the best of it. He tells her that she should change and she agrees. As she heads to change, she looks over her shoulder at Sebastian who is staring at her through the cell bars.

Coop, with Roxie in hand walks into Company following Lizzie. He tells her that she has to know that what she is doing is wrong. She smiles, telling him that she thinks it is great. He begins to call her ‘Lizard’ and she reminds him that he needs to call her ‘Miss Spaulding’ as she is his boss. Lizzie looks around telling him that she’s glad her father gave her the restaurant. She tells her that it will give her a chance to run the restaurant the right way. Coop asks for her to please let him break the news to his family. She refuses, telling him that it is the boss’s job to keep her employees informed. Coop watches as Lizzie walks behind the counter and comments that the situation is going to be ugly.

Outside of Company, Alan is on his cell. He thanks the governor and tells him that he truly appreciates the favor. He assures the governor that he will not rest until he finds justice for his son.

Inside the interrogation room at the police station, Buzz tells Alex that he thought she’d be back in her cell by now. She tells him that she saw Buzz at Company the night Phillip was murdered.

He tells her that she knows nothing about that and looks away. She goes on to say how she was there and saw him race out of the restaurant. She tells him that she doesn’t know if Phillip was dead or alive when he left.

Sebastian looks at Holly. She asks him to open the door and she does. She is dressed in a flashy blue dress. He asks if she minds if he has a drink as it helps with the pain. He then asks her if she is ever tempted and points at the bottle of wine. She smiles slyly, and tells him she remembers what it is like everyday. She goes on to explain how she can recall not only what it feels like to drink, but to hold the glass in her hand as well as the smell. He expresses his admiration for her resolve and asks how she manages to not drink. She tells him that she remembers what she did after she began drinking and prays. She questions him about his addiction and he tells her he doesn’t really have one. She implores him to share, claiming that he knows everything about her. He claims that others have called his violence a vice. She questions the validity of the statement and he asks her what she does when the temptation is too strong. She tells him that it is not a complete tragedy because she has had to find sensual experiences, such as food to take care of the attraction. For a moment it looks as though Holly may kiss Sebastian until she giggles and turns away. She goes over to the table and bites into a green bean. Sebastian stares at her.

Cassie asks Edmund if she can ask him an honest question. He lets her know that she can always ask him anything. She tells him that she feels so overwhelmed about everything. She lists the many overwhelming things going on in her life such as Dinah, the boys, planning the wedding and everything with Tammy. She doesn’t know if she is giving enough attention to the boys. Edmund assures her that she is although Cassie doesn’t seem to sure. She wonders why Tammy had to leave home in order to ‘get better’ and Edmund explains that he is sure Tammy will come home soon. Cassie tells him that she thinks she has made Tammy’s life worse. Edmund lets her know that neither she nor Tammy did anything wrong. He lays the blame solely on JB. Cassie goes on telling him that until she can be the mother Tammy needs she doesn’t think that she can think about anything else. She asks him, with tears in her eyes, if he understands. He looks confused and tells her that he does. She utters that she needs to go check on the boys and leaves the room.

Buzz demands to know what Alex was even doing out of prison the night of Phillip’s murder. He asks if she got a note about meeting Phillip at Company and then asks why she isn’t on the ‘suspect board.’ She tells him that she’s sure once the pressure builds on this investigation that someone will squeal. She goes on to tell him that secrets never stay buried for eternity. Alex comments that he doesn’t seem too shocked that she saw him. He looks at her and tells her that it is simply because he saw her as well. He continues on that they both know about the meeting Buzz had with Phillip and asks what she was doing. She tells him that she wanted to try and talk some sense into Phillip about kidnapping the children. She tells him that she never even made it into the restaurant, and that is why she doesn’t know if Phillip was alive when Buzz left or not. He asks her what she wants. He tells her that although she doesn’t know if Phillip was alive when he left Buzz is also unsure if Phillip was alive when Alex left. She informs him that she wants to come to an understanding. She tells him that they will find out everything. She goes on to explain that when the police find everything out she will be his alibi and he will be hers. She asks what he thinks.

Holly asks is Sebastian has ever been lonely. He tells her that everyone has. She mentions that the last year, with him taking care of Roger, must have been hard on him. He informs her that it has been the one thing that has made sense. She asks how he can deal with the most terrifying thing all alone. He looks down at his glass of wine and tells her that’s how the wine comes in handy. Holly looks at him and then goes on to explain to him that although she hate the way he treated her she doesn’t think he understand what’s behind his motivation. She tries to tell him that she understands that all his actions have been driven by loneliness, motivation and terror. She explains how she knows what it feels like to be desperate. Sebastian informs her that her little performance is proof that she knows what it is like to be desperate. She pretends to not know what he is talking about. He declares her little routine an act to try and seduce him He questions how far she is willing to go.

Inside Company Marina storms away from both Lizzie and Coop declaring that Lizzie cannot be the boss. Lizzie tells Marina, with a big smile on her face, that hoping does not make something true. Marina tries to explain to Lizzie that none of it simply makes any sense. She goes on to ask Lizzie why she would want the restaurant where he father was murdered. Lizzie tries to explain to Marina that she feels closer to her father here. Marina wrinkles her nose and calls Lizzie ‘weird.’ Lizzie informs Marina that her father wanted her to have the restaurant and that she refuses to let him down. Coop tries to tell Lizzie that her ‘continuing Phillip’s work’ will make many people in the town angry. Marina tells them that she is confused. Lizzie declares that her father bought the restaurant before he died and then left it to her in his will. Alan walks in and asks if there is a problem. Lizzie tells her grandfather that she is simply ‘dealing with employees.’ Marina tries to tell Alan that she doesn’t understand how or why her grandfather would sell a place that meant so much to him.

Alan tells Marina that Buzz sold the restaurant for her and Coop. He goes on to tell her that she should never underestimate what a man will do for his children and grandchildren. Marina tells both Alan and Lizzie that none of the children or grandchildren would want Buzz to sell the place. Coop mentions to Lizzie that the last thing Phillip would want would be for Company to remain standing. Lizzie tells them that she doesn’t think that her father would want her to ‘play with a vacant lot.’ They remind her that her father was sick. She retorts back that even in his sickness he still loved her and knew what was right for her. She reports that she will be running Company. Alan tells her that Phillip would be very proud of her at this moment. He kisses her on her forehead, and tells her he will see her back at the mansion. He goes to leave. Marina asks Lizzie if she will be responsible if she accidentally burns someone while she is waitressing. Coop asks Lizzie if she can really wants to run the [place her father died in. Lizzie tells them that she does want to run it, as she has plans for the place. Marina pipes in asking what the plans are. Lizzie tells her that she is ‘going to make the place not suck.’ Coop and Marina sigh as they look at one another.

Buzz asks Alex what she is going to do if he doesn’t accept her offer. She tells him that she has already been through too much for him not to. He tells her that they have all been through a lot. She reminds him that he is free and has his family. She goes on to tell him how Phillip took her down to the docks and of his plan to get her lost in the system. She goes on to tell him how luckily, Alan saved her. She tells him how she won’t be able to take it any longer. Buzz hugs her and apologizes that he can’t be her alibi. She asks why and he tells her that he doesn’t think she got out of her cell to talk sense into Phillip. He accuses her of killing Phillip. Alex tells him that she thinks he did it. Buzz wonders why she would make a deal with someone who she thought killed her nephew. She turns the tables on him and asks why he didn’t go to Frank immediately to tell him she was on the loose the night Phillip was killed.

She claims that they still have feeling for one another. He tells her that what was done cannot be forgotten. She tells him that she wants things to be better between their families. They both talk about how they are sick of the hatred. She claims they have more wisdom than the rest of them. He tells her that he has a hard time seeing her as a peacemaker. She tells them that they simply need to want it. She asks him again if they can have a deal. Alan walks in. Buzz whispers into Alex’s ear ‘ok,’ kisses her and walks out. Alan asks what 'all that’ was about. He hands her a suitcase and tells her she is a free woman.

Sitting down at dinner with Sebastian, Holly tells him that he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks he does. He claims to know how much she wants to get out of her cell. She asks her to admit that the gourmet dining is an attempt at seduction. She goes on to tell him that it is reasonable, considering that he knows her history that he would ‘want to give it a whirl.’ He asks if it is working. She tells him she’s not sure. Sebastian stands up and tells her that he has bigger fish to fry than her. She asks him what is more important – prolonging his life or making the most of what he has left. She tells him that she notices him looking at her as well as the numerous pictures that are up of her. He calls her observant and she kisses him.

Edmund looks a present, wrapped in Christmas paper addressed to Cassie from him. Cassie walks out and notices it in his hand. She asks if it is her and then notices the name tag. She grabs it out of his hand. He tells her that it was supposed to be a surprise. She opens it to find a stuffed a lamb. She tells him that she loves it and then comments that he really wants a baby. He explains that he wants what she wants. She tells him that since she was honest, he needs to be as well. He goes on to tell her that the idea of having a child with her would make him the richest child in the world. Suddenly we hear slight music and see Cassie walk into the living room. Edmund is still holding the gift in his hand, and we realize that what just happened was all a daydream.

Coop walks out of Company and runs into Buzz outside. He tells his father that it has been a long day. Buzz asks if any customers are inside and when Coop informs him that there aren’t he tells him that he wants a quiet moment. Coop tells him that he’s not going to get it. He asks his father why he is so set on him leaving Springfield. Buzz tells his son that he wants him to follow his dreams. Coop tells him that he can and the offers to go for a walk with his dad. Buzz tells him that he wants to have coffee inside with his kid. Buzz walks in to find Marina and Lizzie there. Lizzie sees Buzz walk in and tells him that she’s glad he’s there. Buzz asks Marina what is going on. She asks if he sold the business to Phillip and he tells her that he did. He tells them that he thought that since he died it wouldn’t go through. Lizzie tells Buzz that since she knows how much he loves Company that she was hoping he would stay on working for her. She extends her hand. Buzz looks completely confused.

Edmund tells Cassie that the present isn’t for her. He tells her that he got it for Tammy. She exclaims that she doesn’t even think her daughter will be home for Christmas. Edmund urges her to take it one holiday at a time, first focusing on Thanksgiving. He tells her that since Thanksgiving is about family that perhaps he can get through to her. He promises her that he will reach her. Cassie hugs him and tells him how she loves it when he promises things to her. He hands her a smaller present and inside is a date book. He tells her that he wrote all the important dates in it, with the exception of their wedding date. He tells her that he’s counting on her to pick the perfect date. He kisses her and tells her that they don’t even have time to have a child even if they wanted to. He walks away and she looks as though she may regret what she said earlier. He stares off in the other direction, obviously thinking about having a kid.

Sebastian and Holly continue to kiss. He pulls away in pain. She checks to see if he is ok. He asks her where Michelle and Tony are. She tells him that she doesn’t know. He tells her that he didn’t anticipate for people to be stupid. She explains that there is too much red tape for Ed to leave Africa and that he has to be patient. He yells at her telling her he doesn’t have time and she is wasting what he does have left by trying to seduce him.

She tries pleading with him telling him that she truly cares. He declares that the only thing she cares about is getting out. He throws her back in the cell and tells her he is leaving. He claims that he will only be gone for a few days. HE gives her a radio transmitter and explains that it will only work if he calls her. He leaves and she cries out after him.

Buzz tries to explain to Marina that he was trying to protect the families. Lizzie tells them that she thinks that what Buzz did was a noble thing. Coop agrees with Lizzie. Marina yells at Buzz asking why he never told them. Lizzie butts in, telling them that it’s not the end of the world. She tells them that they can still live upstairs rent free. Marina goes to attack Lizzie and Coop holds her back. Buzz asks Lizzie what her plans are for Company. She tells him that she wants him to remain manager and that she is willing to split the profits with him. She tells them that she simply wants a little creative oversight. He asks what she means. She tells him that the menu needs a change. She thinks that the whole place needs to become a bit trendier. She explains that it will be a chance for the Spaulding’s and Coopers to finally get along and reminds them that she wants the place to be a success as much as they do.

Alex can barely believe that her brother has gotten her out of prison. She asks how he did it. He tells her that he’s been speaking with the governor who understood the toll that Phillip’s death took on the family. Alex hugs her brother and calls it a miracle. He tells her it wasn’t a miracle, but his doing. He demands her to tell him exactly what happened between her and Buzz before he walked in. Alex tries to explain it away as though it was part of the continuing fight between the families. He doesn’t believe her and asks what Buzz meant when he said ‘ok.’ Alan presses Alex and wants to know if she made a deal or a truce. He reminds her that since he got her out of jail she can not go against the family. He also tells her that she can’t get in the way of justice for him or for Phillip. He tells her that he can take her freedom away if he wants and then tells her that they need to go home. The two walk out.

Cassie begins to talk to Edmund again about the baby. He tells her that they don’t need to discuss it any further. He tells her that he’s going to get Tammy and then they can decide about getting married. He kisses her and walks off. Cassie looks like she is about to cry. Outside Edmund picks up his phone and calls Sandy. He reminds Sandy that he owes the family and can not say no.

Inside the cell Holly notices a bottle of wine just within her reach. She looks away from it and then back at it again.

Buzz tells Lizzie that he thinks she has a lot of great ideas for the restaurant. He thanks her for the opportunity to stay and pitch in. He tells her that he thinks this may be a chance for peace. Lizzie goes to take a look at the kitchen. Buzz assures them that the place will be theirs again. The three take bets on when Lizzie will get sick of the business. Alex walks in. Buzz asks the kids to leave. He asks her what she is doing at Company. He hugs her, kisses her and then tells her that neither one will have to go to prison.

He notices over her shoulder that Alan is looking on.

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