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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/22/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

On the island, Michelle is calling out and looking for Tony. She discovers his flashlight and then sees Tony lying in the ravine appearing to be unconscious.

Outside Company, Olivia is holding an envelope from Phillip. Bill arrives and encourages her to open it. He is surprised that Phillip would leave Olivia anything in his will since Emma will be set for life. As Olivia opens the envelope, they say ‘oh my’ in unison.

At J. Farley’s, Josh tells Reva this will be the Thanksgiving from hell. They are playing pool. Reva is planning to invite Bill, Olivia, Billy, Cassie, Sandy, Tammy, Edmund and Jonathan. Josh says he won’t be presiding over this disaster. Reva wants to know why Josh is being so negative. He says we’ll have to bolt the dining room furniture to the floor to keep people from throwing it at each other. Reva thanks Josh for the pep talk then Josh says she should think about the turkey and the life she’ll be saving. Reva says “I’ll hire private security and metal detectors if I have to, but we are having a Lewis Thanksgiving this year.”

Inside of Company, Harley says it’s all speculation at this point. Gus says we are following a trail of evidence. Harley replies circumstantial evidence. Gus asks if Harley thinks Buzz could have killed Phillip. He states we know the alarm didn’t go off that night so it either malfunctioned or someone turned it off. Harley says just because her father turned off the alarm doesn’t make him a killer. Gus states it makes him a suspect.

At the police station, Zack asks Buzz why his picture isn’t on the murder suspect board with his mommy’s. Buzz tries to explain those pictures aren’t like the family pictures he sees at home. He tells Zack that we are all sticking together, and he will never let anything happen to him or his family. Buzz hugs his grandson.

Gus tells Harley to stop thinking like a daughter and think like a detective. He asks again if she thinks it’s possible that Buzz could have killed Phillip. Harley says it’s possible anyone could have. Gus explains if he did it, you didn’t.

Bill is reading the document, and Olivia states she didn’t ask Phillip for it. It was just a gift. Bill wonders why he would give it to Olivia. She says to guarantee this very awkward moment. Olivia says the good news is we are married and technically what mine is yours. She asks "tell me you trust your wife?" Bill replies that he does. Olivia wants to leave saying she’s either had the best idea of their marriage or the worst.

Reva can’t believe Josh wants to cancel Thanksgiving. Josh says they don’t care about Thanksgiving in France . Reva wants to spend the holiday with Jonathan. Josh doesn’t believe anyone cares but Reva, the family won’t play ball where Jonathan is concerned, and it will take the family years to get over what he’s done. Reva asks so I’m being selfish? Josh states you have to remember who and what we are dealing with. Reva says I saw something at the country club with Jonathan. It was pain and that they are a lot a like. Josh doesn’t agree. He says you can’t have the Thanksgiving she wants with this kid in the picture. Josh states it can just be you and me. He starts comparing the two of them to pool balls. Josh is the solid. The dependable guy. Reva is the stripe, completely unpredictable and zany. He wants just the two of them. and as long as they are together, it will be a holiday. Reva smiles and grabs Josh’s jacket. Josh goes to hug Reva, and Jonathan asks, “mind if I play?”

Michelle is yelling at Tony to wake up. Tony asks why are you yelling and throwing things are me? She asks are you hurt? Tony says he’s alive and asks who she is? He is only kidding. Michelle doesn’t find it funny and is trying to work her way down to the ravine. Tony thinks he did something to hurt his leg. Michelle says she is coming but Tony tells her to stay put. Michelle almost makes her way down but falls on the last step into the ravine.

Outside of Company, Alan hugs Zack and tells Buzz they should appreciate that Zack is in their lives. Buzz asks what Alan wants other than revenge. Alan says not much and punishment will be distributed to all who deserve it. Buzz tells Alan he can’t come and make threats. Alan says the last time we came here, we found Phillip lying in a pool of blood. Buzz says he’s sorry and asks is it over, or must someone else get hurt? Alan replies Phillip is gone and it will never be over.

Harley tells Gus we don’t know if my father did anything. She says we don’t know that I didn’t do something. She says why would he do it now? Gus asks why Buzz would lie to her about not being here. Harley states she doesn’t know. She asks if Frank knows? Gus states no, but when he finds out, it won’t look good for her father. Gus says you know what is happening here but Harley states it’s not the same thing. Gus states oh, yes it is. It’s her wine cellar moment. Harley replies it’s a completely different situation because when Gus decided to protect Alex, he already knew she was guilty. Gus asks what are you going to do when you find out your father is guilty?

Reva tells Jonathan it’s hard to imagine the Lewis family holiday and she and Josh are working on the seating chart dilemma. Jonathan asks if anyone would come if he came. Reva tells Jonathan to let her worry about that. Jonathan asks how Josh would feel if he put his cloven hoofs on his daddy’s sacred land.

Bill and Olivia arrive at Farley’s. Bill tells Olivia he’s trying to play her supportive husband, but her idea is insane. They approach Josh and Reva. Josh tells Reva she could order some turkey sandwiches and have Thanksgiving right here and now. Reva asks Bill and Olivia to join them at Cross Creek for Thanksgiving. Bill says that’s why we came by to invite them for Thanksgiving. Reva asks where they are having it and Bill answers Cross Creek. Olivia shows Josh the document and declares that she owns it now. Jonathan smiles.

Michelle is now in the ravine with Tony. Tony is in pain with his leg. Michelle is checking on his leg and says his knee is dislocated. He won’t be able to walk. Michelle says I can fix you up, but it’s going to hurt.

Alan has arrived at the police station to visit Alex. She wonders what he wants. Alan says our family is at a crossroads. The choices they make right now will affect our family for generations to come. Alex says we should choose wisely and that something has changed since the reading of Phillip’s will. Alan says , we have to band together as a family and strike back.

Harley doesn’t believe what happened between Gus and Alex compares to what’s going on with her father. Gus asks will Harley turn him in if she learns her father did it? The man who has been through so much, and she holds so dear. Harley states “I’ll do what I have to do.” Gus replies this is your father. The man you would die for. Buzz walks in with Zack and wonders what he did this time.

Michelle wants to pop Tony’s knee back in place, and tells him not to be a baby. Tony tells her to count to three. She pops his knee in on the count of one as Tony screams out in pain. Michelle tells Tony he is feeling better right now? Tony agrees. He apologizes for the lousy trip. Michelle says we have to figure a way to get out of here.

Josh and Reva state Phillip couldn’t have willed Olivia Cross Creek since he never owned it. Olivia asks you didn’t know the sale went through and that Josh needs new lawyers. Josh asks how the sale could have gone through as the land was in trust. Bill says that Phillip must have found a way around it and put in his name and kept it under wraps. Josh is very angry and says he and Billy spent their summers there and their parents are buried at Cross Creek. Reva says our initials are carved all over the place and a lot of things started... Josh asks Olivia how much. She says she doesn’t want money and offers to sign the land over to Bill. Josh agrees to keep it in the family, but Bill doesn’t. Bill says Olivia is my wife, so it’s still in the family. Josh tells Bill we are talking about blood. Bill states I’m talking about vows for better for worse, and Olivia is a Lewis. Reva laughs and asks Bill if he is serious? Olivia says this is why Phillip did this to make us go at each other’s throats like this. She wants them all to go to Cross Creek for Thanksgiving. Reva says I don’t think we can do that. Josh returns the document to Olivia. Jonathan thinks it’s a great idea, and tells Olivia he’d love to go and spent time with her up there.

Alan tells Alex we failed Phillip. Alex says we tried. Alan states someone should have been there before he went around the bend. He says it must never happen to one of our family members again. Alex asks what can I do behind bars? Alan says I have let you rot in jail for months while our family has crumbled around us. But that all ends now. Alan states if you will excuse me I have to go to a meeting. Alex puts her hands on Alan’s shoulders and tells him how sorry she is, and she knows what he is going through. Alan leaves. Alex calls out to one of the officers.

Buzz asks what is going on. Harley asks Zack to go outside with Gus and draw her Thanksgiving picture with the sidewalk chalk. They go outside. Buzz asks Harley to talk to him. Harley says you know I’ve been searching for a clue who killed Phillip. She says it occurred to me that the alarm never went off that night. Buzz says you were always a terrific detective and asks if she is trying to say something. Harley says I’m not accusing you of anything and anyone could have done it including her.

Zack is drawing, and Gus asks if he is ready for some Thanksgiving turkey. Zack asks if Gus remembers Harriett. He says he does and it’s a good thing his mom didn’t put Harriet in the oven. Zack asks if he petted Harriet. Gus says are you going to have a good Thanksgiving with your mother and brother? Zack says with daddy too? He states mommy said daddy went to heaven, but he will come back because he never misses Thanksgiving.

Harley asks why Buzz is so edgy unless there is something he hasn’t told her. Buzz states he bought me out, but he went to Phillip. He hated what was happening to his family. Phillip and Harley were at each other like cats and dogs, Marina dropped out of school, and Coop was roped into everything and driving Lizzie and her little dog around. Buzz went to Phillip to make him an offer, one big buyout to end the pain and suffering. He says I thought I could make a deal and make everything okay. Buzz says the second I handed this place over to him, the look in his eyes, I knew it was a mistake. He states I think I would have done anything to get this place back. Harley asks “even kill him?”

Tony tells Michelle patching him up wasn’t what they had in mind for tonight. He says we have to figure out how we are going to get out of here. She says if we work together, we might be able to get to that upper ledge. Tony states he’s a little dizzy. Michelle thinks he might have a bit of a concussion. He says that was a long way down, and it’s a long way to go up.

Olivia thinks spending Thanksgiving with Jonathan would be a good way of them getting reacquainted. Reva says I didn’t know you two were spending time together. Bill suggests Jonathan spend the holidays at the Beacon. Jonathan reminds Bill he helped them with the INS. Josh asks Reva if this is what you wanted? Jonathan asks Olivia if she ever got the feeling she wasn’t wanted around. Olivia replies that is something else we have in common. Jonathan tells Reva you don’t want our kind around. Reva says it’s not true. Josh tells Jonathan his mother is trying to find some middle ground. Jonathan says why don’t you spend Thanksgiving with your children who give a damn and leaves. Josh tells Reva they should try this again next year, or five years from now, or ten years from now. He says Cross Creek isn’t going anywhere and asks ‘right Olivia?’ Olivia says she’s not going to subdivide his precious homeland into an office park. Bill and Olivia walk away. Olivia tells Bill she can’t believe he did that. Bill says what choose you over my family, and she better cook the heck out of that turkey. Olivia smiles. Josh asks Reva if she is ready to throw in the towel yet. Reva says you mean give up? She states I never give up on anything. Josh shuts his eyes.

Gus tells Zack a story about when he was little and going to Cubs games with his dad. They would order hot dogs. But one time for a special game, his dad couldn’t be there. His daddy had to go to the same place Zack’s daddy went. Zack asks to heaven? Gus explains their daddy’s love them so much, and they love us so much, but can’t come back from heaven. They are watching over us. So if Zack wants to be quiet and fill himself with the memories of his dad, he can do that. Gus says and you can talk to him. Zack asks if he will talk back. Gus states your dad will always listen and always be there. Your daddy is in your heart. Zack asks you aren’t going anywhere are you? Gus says he isn’t.

Harley tells Buzz that it’s ironic that the war with the Spaulding would set everything right but instead, we had to put our own lives on hold so we could hate, plot, and scheme. Buzz says that why I thought someone should reign us in and put the brakes on. Harley replies, "so you sold out?" Buzz gets angry and says this family was consumed with bitterness. Harley states we could still have beaten them. Buzz resents Harley telling him he sold out. He made sure they survived, but mortars and brick isn’t worth his family’s pain. Harley wants to know why he didn’t tell them sooner. Buzz says it never looked like a good time. She asks Buzz to look her in the eye with the family and restaurant on the line and asks did he? Buzz says “what is done is done, and that’s his last word on it.” He says I know you didn’t kill him. Buzz receives a call on his cell phone. He says I’ll be right down, officer. Harley asks that was the station and what do they want? He states me. Buzz leaves. Harley and Buzz go outside. Gus asks where is Buzz going. Harley says the station. They called him in.

Olivia tells Bill she didn’t ask for the stupid land, and she did try with Josh and Reva. Bill says everyone knows Phillip gave you this land because you married me to see the Lewis family go crazy. She says this is Emma’s first real Thanksgiving in Springfield. Bill states we’ll take Emma and go to Cross Creek for Thanksgiving take pictures and start our own little tradition. Bill kisses Olivia.

Josh is trying to encourage Reva to go to Paris by humming the French national anthem. He says he’ll spend money on her, maybe some French perfume, black lacy sexy something, and a beret. Reva says a beret and tells Josh “sold.” Josh tells her to come here and hugs her. He tells Reva he is so thankful for things... for their children, their health, and their love for each other. And she is as beautiful inside and out today as the day he met her. And the wisdom he had for marrying her three times. Josh states we’ll visit Marah, hang out at museums, and sleep late. Reva says “you win!” Josh kisses Reva. He says he’s sorry she had to leave her son behind, but he’s not ready yet. Things will get better. Reva states "things can’t get any worse." Josh says “we’ll see when we get back from Paris.”

Michelle is trying to climb up out of the ravine but isn’t able to. Tony tells her to calm down and sit next to him. He won’t touch her. Michelle states he can if it helps him feel better. She says we are trapped here. Tony agrees.

Harley carries Zack inside of Company. She tells Zack that Coop is upstairs sleeping and for him to go and jump on his bed and wake him up and say “boo.” Zack leaves. Gus asks if it was that bad. She says she needs proof and will break into Buzz’s room and see what she can find. Gus is wondering why happens if the gun comes back and his prints are on it. Harley tells Gus that Buzz sold the restaurant to Phillip as he was trying to fix things. But when he realized he couldn’t. Gus replies he’d do anything he could to get the restaurant back. Gus says ”honey, I want to help you and would do anything. Harley asks "help me how?" Gus replies, “to protect Buzz.” He states I’ve been right where you are with my family. She says no. I’m not making the same mistake as you. Harley says, "if I find out that my father is the killer, I will not lie to save him."

Buzz arrives at the police station to see Alex. She says “I saw you. You went to see Phillip the night he was killed.”

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