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Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/18/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the Spaulding Crypt, Ross walks over to Phillip’s tomb. He watches as Harvey, perhaps the cemetery caretaker, brings in flowers. He gives Ross his condolences and asks if the police have any leads on who shot Phillip. Ross thanks him and tells him that the police don’t know anything yet. Ross asks Harvey if everything is set and he tells Ross that it is. Ross mentions that he usually finds cemeteries comforting, but that he doesn’t today. Harvey tells him that there is never anything consoling at the Spaulding Crypt.

The following scenes were shown with no one talking as we over hear Ross uttering the sentiments below.

In the Spaulding dining room, Alan sits at the table as we over hear Ross talking about the Spaulding family. Ross talk about how with all the Spaulding money that they should be the happiest people, but that they are not. Ross wonders if their inevitable discontent is a result of bad choices or bad luck. In the dining room, we see Lizzie and Beth walk in. Alan rises to greet them and hugs them.

Olivia and Bill are sharing a drink in Farley’s Bar as Ross goes on to speak about the mansion and how it must feel empty and silent on a day where they have to bury Phillip. He talks of how some people in town won’t mourn Phillip’s passing and that some may even celebrate his death.

Frank removes the police tape from Company, as Ross goes on about how even Phillip’s enemies need to admit that it will be hard to picture a world without Phillip Spaulding. Gus and Buzz walk into Company together. Ross talks about how it is sad that the person who shot Phillip only saw the troubled Phillip, that he had became in most recent months. Ross laments that it is sad that the killer did not see the kind Phillip that he had been for years prior. Harley walks out from the kitchen of Company. According to Ross it is both the fault of Phillip and the fault of the town that they forgot the ‘good Phillip.’ He finally states that sadly, everyone will have to live with the consequences. Ross finishes speaking as Harley looks at Gus and tells him that she thought he would be with his family.

Gus looks towards Buzz and Frank and tells Harley that he will see them at the cemetery. Harley tells them that they should all get going. Frank tells his sister that they plan on waiting for her to change clothes. Harley surprises her family by informing them that she is not going. She tells them that she doesn’t need a funeral to know that Phillip is dead. Harley walks off.

Ross traces the name on Phillip’s tomb and says hello to Rick as he arrives. Rick, beer bottle in hand, tells Ross that he came early as to have one last beer with his friend. Ross smiles and tells Rick that he will leave the two of them alone. Rick pulls out another beer and asks Ross to stay. They both toast Phillip and have a drink.

On the bench outside of Company, Harley and Gus sit and talk. Gus checks to see if Harley is ok. He tells her that he is glad she isn’t going to the cemetery. She tells him that he shouldn’t be there with her. She claims that Alan will think he’s being disloyal. He tells her that he doesn’t care what Alan thinks. She tells him that she knows that Gus believes that if she attends the funeral that she will make a tragic graveside confession to killing Phillip. He tells her that she has nothing to confess. He tells her that she didn’t shoot anyone. Buzz and Frank come outside to see if Harley changed her mind. She tells them that she’s going to stay home with the kids. Frank suggests that perhaps Zach should go to the funeral to say goodbye to his father. Harley refuses telling them that she’s not sure how many of Phillip’s enemies will actually stay away from his funeral. Buzz agrees with Harley. Harley looks at her father and brother and asks why they are even going. Frank tells her that he is Zach’s father and he is investigating Phillip’s death. Frank states that he never really thought about not going. Buzz tells her that he needs to pay his respects to Phillip because he loved his family. Buzz tells his daughter that he and Phillip weren’t that different; it is just that Buzz got a second chance. Buzz wonders if perhaps, Phillip needed a second chance. Coop comes outside and tells them that he’s ready to go. They all leave Harley at home. She walks back inside Company and Gus follows. Inside, she tells him that he should go. She tries to tell him that he can’t protect her. Gus tries to convince her that it’s not her fault. He tells her that he has his cell phone if she needs anything. Gus leaves and Harley has a flashback to the night Phillip was killed. She remembers Phillip grabbing her by the neck and him shoving the gun at her.

At the mansion, Alan thanks Beth for everything she did to help him with the funeral. He tells her that he knows she loved him and that her arrangements will honor him the correct way. Alan tells her that he blames himself for Beth and Phillip breaking up, and ultimately his death. Beth tries to talk to Lizzie and who refuse to say more than one word to her mother. Beth lets Alan know that she spoke with Alan-Michael on the phone earlier. Alan tells her that he did as well and he can’t believe that he won’t be flying in for his own brother’s funeral. Beth tries to explain to Alan that Alan-Michael didn’t think there was much he could do. Alan rebuffs that and tells Beth that he doesn’t want to see his father mourn his favorite son. Alan tells Beth that Alan-Michael will reap what he sows. Lizzie goes over to hug her grandfather and tells him that she is there for him. Alan hugs her back and tells her that she has been strong through everything. He goes on to tell her that he father would have been very proud of her. Beth butt in, and tells her that she doesn’t have to be strong every second and that it is ok cry. Lizzie tells her mother that she’d simply rather get even. Lillian walks in and tells Lizzie that it’s not the right attitude to have. Lizzie tells them that if they want her to honor her father that’s what she’s going to do. She reminds them that it is exactly what he would have done. Lillian tells Lizzie that even if it was what Phillip would have done it doesn’t make it right. Alan tells Lillian that they should hold the conversation off until after the service. Alex walks in and everyone is shocked to see her. She tells them that Alan called in some favors for Alex to get a day pass for the funeral. She thanks Alan and then hugs Lizzie.

Olivia has a glass of wine. Bill comments on her hitting the alcohol pretty hard. She tells him that she can hold her alcohol. Bill tries to tell her that it is ok for her to be angry and grieve for Phillip. She tells him that she grieved for her marriage a long time ago. She tells him that she pretty much only feels relief that Emma is home safe and sound.

Billy walks in and tells them that he wishes he drank. He tells them that the whole family should go to the funeral together to show a united front. Mindy pops out and gives her brother a hug. She turns to Olivia and tells her that she wishes she could welcome her back into the family, but that Billy has filled her in on the specifics. Olivia tells her to take her best shot, and to get it out before the funeral. Mindy tells her that her younger brother will pay for his own mistakes. She then tells Olivia that she may have single handedly sent Phillip over the edge and that is what she will never forgive her for. Olivia smirks and tells Mindy that it is so easy fro everyone to blame her, but that he brought it all upon himself. Mindy tells them all that she may not have been around recently, but that she’s going to choose to remember the Phillip she grew up. She goes on to tell them if they want to remember anything else, to please keep it to themselves. Olivia tells her that she will most likely be alone in her ‘love fest’ because he made a lot of enemies before he left the world. Olivia stumbles out of the bar with the rest of the Lewis’s behind her.

At the cemetery, Rick and Mindy are standing next to one another talking about how they are going to miss him. Mindy asks if Mel will be coming to the funeral and he tells her she is home watching the children. He tells her, with Beth standing close behind, that he also doesn’t think Mel will ever forgive Phillip for taking the children. Beth apologizes for the way that Mel feels.

In another corner of the cemetery Billy is standing with Bill, Olivia and Frank commenting on how he didn’t realize Phillip had ‘this many friends at the end.’ Olivia sits down and tells them that as far as she in concerned that this is all a celebration. Bill tries to get Olivia to quiet down, telling her that it makes her sound suspect – especially in front of Frank. Frank tells them that basically everyone at the funeral is a suspect. He offers to tell them where they are on the list. Olivia jumps at the chance to find out about the investigation. Olivia tells Frank she wants to know if she is above or below Harley on the list and then asks where Harley is. Alan and Lizzie walk in and Olivia makes snide comments about the ‘grieving family.’ Alexandra walks in and Olivia makes another rude comment.

The reverend comes up behind Alan and asks if he is ready to begin. Alan looks over at the entrance, sees Gus walk in, and tells him that they are ready to start.

The reverend begins the service and begins talking about how they are there to mourn the loss of Phillip.

Back inside Company, Harley is staring off into space when Zach comes up to her. He hands her a book to read. She sits him on her lap and begins to read. She reads the book ‘Baby Bear’s Family.’

At the cemetery, the reverend continues his thoughts. He tells everyone there that those closest to Phillip can now offer their own words, beginning with Phillip’s uncle, Ross. Ross walks over and kisses Lizzie. Ross tells them all about when he had a private practice. In the back, Buzz leans over to Gus and tells him that he’s glad Harley decided not to come.

Harley finishes reading the book for the third time. She comments that he is just like his father in so far as he loved to read. She tells Zach about how, just after he was born Phillip went out and bought a bunch of books so that his children would share his love of reading. Zach tells his mother that he misses his father. She offers to tell him something else about his dad. She goes on to tell Zach about how excited Phillip was the night Zach was born. Harley tells Zach that Phillip misses Zach as well. Zach asks his mother why someone made his ‘daddy go away.’

Back at the cemetery, Rick is now talking to everyone about Phillip. Rick talks about how Phillip was his best friend. He tells of how there wasn’t a time in his life when he felt he couldn’t go to him for her. He talks of Phillip unending loyalty and the void his passing will leave.

Beth begins talking and tells everyone how Phillip was not only her first love, but her one true love as well. She tells them that it is hard for her to remember a time when he wasn’t a part of her life. She tells them that she will always remember Phillip as a kind, gentle man and that she never once doubted the love he had for his family.

Lizzie talks about her father and his support from her father when she had leukemia. She talks of how he made he laugh, at a time in her life when that was extremely hard. She tells them that she doesn’t know what she is going to do without him.

Alan tells them that in planning Phillip’s service with Beth that they promised they would focus on Phillip’s life before these past few months. He tells of how he loved his friends, family and what he did for the community. Alan apologizes to Beth for breaking his promise to her. He tells them that he won’t deny Phillip hurt many of them that are there, but that in the end the one he hurt the most was Phillip, himself. Alan claims that they failed him and are responsible for his death. He points around the room at all those responsible and ends up with a pointing finger at Harley, who has just arrived.

Harley speaks up, telling Alan that she heard everything he said. She agrees that they are all responsible for Phillip’s death. She tells Alan that if anyone put him in his coffin that it was her. She tells Alan of the terrible things Phillip did to her and the Coopers. Gus look worried. Harley tells Alan that Phillip stealing the children was wrong and that there is no excuse for that. Olivia yells out ‘Amen.’ Bill pulls her aside. Harley goes on to tell Alan that she was wrong in her reaction and that she should have taken the high road. She tells them that Phillip filled her with rage. She tells them that they all knew he was sick and that no one did anything about it. Harley tells them that she will make the promise to Phillip. She promises Phillip that she will do whatever it takes to find his killer, no matter where the trail goes. She promises him justice. Olivia begins clapping and pretends as though what Harley said was a ‘performance.’ Bill tries pulling her back. Olivia tells them that everyone has been so well behaved. Beth and Rick both look angry.

She tells them that as the last unlucky person to be Mrs. Phillip Spaulding she can truly say that ‘you had it coming you son of a bitch.’ Lizzie stands up and tells her grandfather that Olivia must have killed her father, as she almost admitted it. Olivia calls Lizzie a brat, while Bill tries to pull Olivia away from the coffin. Alex tells Olivia not to talk to Lizzie like that and Olivia goes off on the fact that Alex is in jail. Billy tells Olivia to calm down and she claims that he hated Phillip just as much. Olivia demands her justice and her time to tell the world about the misery and pain Phillip put her through. Alan demands that Bill remove Olivia before he does himself. Olivia, while flailing around falls toward Phillip’s tomb and the face plate fall through. Everyone jumps up. Bill and Billy rush to Olivia and help her up. She claims that Phillip demanded to have the last word. Alan tells Olivia that she hopes she is glad she made such a spectacle of herself. Alan goes on to apologize to the reverend about the reactions from those present. The reverend tells Alan that he understands as Phillip brought out strong emotions in everyone. He asks if anyone else has anything that they would like to say. No one stands up and the reverend tells them that the time has come.

The following is a montage of images with music playing in the background.

Someone places a rose on the coffin. Alan, Beth and Lizzie stand together, Beth in tears. Harley looks lost. Olivia looks vindicated. Rick appears angry. Alex and Lillian are distraught and holding hands. Alan fades in as the gravestone fades out. Music begins as a montage of Phillip photos appear. Phillip proposing to Beth. Shaking his father’s hand. Visiting Rick in the hospital with Mindy and Beth. Fade back to Alan and the funeral. Blake hugs Ross tight. Rick kisses the coffin. Fade to Phillip holding Emma for the first time.

Phillip hugging Lizzie when she was smaller and again as she was older. Hugging Olivia. Fade to Bill checking to see if Olivia is ok. Ross places a rose on the coffin. Harley does the same. Fade to Phillip and Harley when Zach was first born and then to her pointing a gun at him. Alex places a rose on the coffin. Lizzie kisses the coffin. Beth places a rose, fade to her Rick and Phillip at the prom. Another image of Beth and Phillip on their wedding day. Beth grabs Rick’s hand and hugs him. Fade to Phillip more images of Phillip in his younger days. Phillip showing his father Zach when he was first born and more recently Phillip showing his father the model of Springfield. Alan places a rose. The pall bearers grab the coffin. Gus and Alan look at one another. Ross hugs Blake. Ross and Rick slide the coffin into Phillip’s tomb. Harley cries standing next to her father. Mindy hugs Rick. Alan, Beth and Lizzie hold one another. Coop and Frank look to the ground. Bells ring and Lillian looks upward, with tears in her eyes. Bill and Olivia hold one another. Fade to the front of Phillip’s headstone.

At the mansion, Lizzie cries. Beth come sup behind her to see if she is ok. Beth turns to Alan and tells him that surely they can read Phillip’s will another day. Lizzie refuses telling her mother that they need to do what Phillip wanted. Alan agrees as long as Lizzie thinks she can get through it. Lizzie tells her grandfather that she can, and asks her grandfather to sit with her. The two walk off. Beth is left standing alone.

In Farley’s Bar, Buzz is having a drink. He wonders out loud what Phillip was thinking. Ross appears and asks if he can join Buzz. Ross tells Buzz that he needed a drink before the reading of the will. Ross tells Buzz that he misses Phillip.

Buzz tells Ross that he wanted to like him, and that he admired him. Ross looks confused and Buzz explains that Phillip never ran from anything. He tells Ross that when Harley was shot he ran out of the hospital room, leaving Frank to take care of his sister. He goes on to tell Ross that it was Phillip who convinced Buzz to go back inside. The two toast Phillip. Ross gets up to leave. Ross tells Buzz to go home.

At the cemetery, Harley is still sitting staring at Phillip’s headstone. Gus appears behind her and offers to drive her home. She tells him that she wants to sit a bit longer. She turns to look at him and tells him that she know he was afraid she was going to confess. Gus reminds her that she has nothing to confess to. She tells him that she meant what she said because she owes it to both herself and Zach. He assures her that it wasn’t her. Harley and Gus leave together.

Ross shows up at the mansion and check with Beth that everyone is ready. She nods. Rick shows up in front of Beth and the two ask one another how they are. Beth is crying and Rick tells her that he has never felt more alone in his life. She tells him that he’s not alone. He tells her that when he got in his car to come over to the mansion he looked at the passenger seat that was empty. He tells her that he could handle his wife not supporting him, his father being so far away and his sister never really being his sister if he knew that Phillip would be ok. Beth assures him that they will get through it. The two hug. Suddenly they hear Phillip’s voice thanking them for coming. They all look up and see Phillip on a TV screen.

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