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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/17/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Cassie rushes towards the door in a hurry while Bill stands beside the couches. Bill picks up a copy of a ‘wanted’ poster which has the police sketch of Ruth Karloff on it. Bill calls Harley and tells her that he needs to talk to her about Ruth. As he is hanging up the phone Olivia appears with Emma. She notices the ‘wanted’ paper he has in his hand and asks if the person on the paper is his Spaulding mole. Olivia asks him if he hired a murderer on purpose or if it was an accident. Bill looks like he doesn’t know how to respond.

In Farley’s Bar, Sandy and Tammy walk in. Sandy tells her that she can turn around if she wants to. Tammy tells him that she has to face what happened to her. She points out that this was where JB left her to dance with his friends, and how she ran out the back door. Sandy cuts her off, trying to make light of the situation and tells her that his ‘organs know what happened next.’ Sandy sits Tammy down. When Tammy thanks Sandy for all he has done he shrugs it off. Tammy tries explaining that he can’t protect her from every bad thing just as Dinah walks up behind her. Dinah welcomes Tammy back to town.

In the fountain at the Country Club, Jonathan is splashing around making a scene. He notices that Reva has walked in and tells her to hop in with him. Reva looks so angry it almost appears as though she might not be able to say anything. She tells him, almost quietly, to get out of the fountain immediately. Someone that works at the Country Club comes over and apologizes to Reva for the inconvenience. She tells him that Jonathan is her son. Jonathan, still sitting in the fountain, claims that it must be hard for his mother to admit that. He goes on to tell her that Lizzie just told him he was a nobody, that she must be right. Reva begins looking more and more hurt. Jonathan then tells his mother that technically he is dead, so ‘no harm, no foul.’ By this time, Reva is raging mad simply trying to keep her composure. She yells at him to get out of the fountain now and for a second it looks like Jonathan may be sorry he hurt his mother.

Lizzie is in the Spaulding study sitting on the couch crying facing away from the door. Coop walks up to the doorway and knocks. She tells him to leave because she knows he hated her dad just as much as everyone else. He tells her that he won’t tell anyone that he’s seen her cry. He brings in his suit and lays it on the chair. She asks him what he is doing. He tells her that since her father is gone his work is done as well. Lizzie looks stunned that he would think of quitting. She tells him that he isn’t allowed to.

Olivia asks what he knew about Ruth. Bill tells her that he knows enough about Ruth to know that she wouldn’t have killed Phillip. He compares Ruth and Olivia, saying that neither would kill Phillip. Olivia tells him that it doesn’t matter because Alan and the press want her to be guilty. Olivia urges Bill to tell her where Ruth is. Bill tells her that he doesn’t know. She reminds him about how Alan demanded Frank arrest her. He reassures her that he will not allow his new wife to be railroaded.

Olivia scoffs and tells him that he doesn’t have much control over the situation. Bill tells her that he never meant for things to get out of control when Olivia tells him that she needs to leave to feed Emma. She tells Bill that they need to continue the conversation later. Bill is left alone and we see Billy approaching his son from the door of the Beacon. Billy tells his son hello and then promptly asks his son if he ‘is still with Olivia?’ Bill is annoyed and tells his father that when they are barely on speaking terms it might not be the best way to begin a conversation. Bill tells his son that he didn’t know if Phillip’s death would change things. Bill tells his father that he’s not going to bail on his new wife. Billy says that he was just trying to be a good father; Bill tells him he’s trying to do the same thing.

Jonathan, now annoyed, declares that he has been trying to get her attention for the longest time. He tells her that he didn’t realize that this was all it would take. She tells him that there is no way he could possibly know what she is thinking right now. He accuses her of being like every other person who is walking by who thinks that he is simply not good enough. She advises him again to get out. He tells her that if she thinks he’s embarrassed now, then she should wait. She tries to tell him that she’s not humiliated but he won’t listen. He stands up, yelling at the top of his lungs. He calls himself a freak show and a loser. Reva looks on, beginning to cry. She tells him that he truly is her son.

Dinah asks Tammy if she had a good trip and informs her that there is quite the search party out there looking for her. Tammy quietly stands up and hands Dinah back her keys. Sandy looks confused. She thanks Dinah for the car. Dinah tells her that she knows what it is like to be on the run, needing all the friends you can get. She tells Tammy that next time she gets help that she figures out make what the person helping her wants in return. Tammy asks Dinah what she wants and Dinah tells her that she only wants her undying gratitude. She also promises to keep everything a secret when Tammy asks her to. Dinah reminds Tammy to stay out of trouble and to ‘keep living.’ Dinah leaves and Sandy tells Tammy that she did what she had to do.

Tammy asks Sandy if since JB she seems any different. Sandy assures her that she’s not and it will be his mission to shake that notion out of her head. He tries to tell her that she is the only one who thinks that. One of JB’s friends comes over, Jake and tells Tammy that she is looking ‘hot.’ He tries to corner her and Sandy gets up and pulls the guy aside. Jake calls Sandy the ‘new guy.’ Tammy begins to cry and claims that Jake knows. She tells Sandy that he could tell what she was. Sandy tries to convince her that no one can see anything and Cassie walks up. She hugs her daughter who looks completely shocked.

Billy takes what Bill said about wanting to be a good father and asks if Olivia is pregnant. Bill assures his father that she isn’t. HE tells Billy that he was talking about being a good father to Emma. HE claims that from the reaction he got from his father that he’s not going to be very supportive. Bill tells his father that he doesn’t want to hear anything more about what Olivia did to Josh. Billy tells his son that it’s not about that. He tells him that it’s about the life she drew him into. He reminds Bill that Phillip is dead and that no one knows where the investigation will lead. Bill tells his father neither he nor Olivia killed Phillip. Billy tells Bill that he called his friend at the INS and told him that the relationship between Olivia and Bill was legit. Bill asks his father if that means he is going to back off. Billy tells his son that he will and that all he wants is to be a part of Bill’s life. Olivia walks up as Billy is leaving. Bill begins playing with Emma until Olivia cuts him off. She tells him that she will not allow Bill to use Emma to ‘stick it to Billy.’

Lizzie blames Coop and Frank for her license being taken away. She refers to the accident as a ‘mess.’ Coop tells her that almost killing someone is more than a mess. She tells him that she needs him to drive her and Roxie around because she doesn’t have a license and because it is what her father would have wanted. Coop tells her that he’s very sensitive to what she’s going through, but what her father would have wanted doesn’t matter to him.

She tells him that it matters to her. She tells him that she needs to carry out some of his deeds. Coop tells Lizzie that at the end her father lost it, and that he knows he loved her. He tries to tell her not to make her father out to be a hero. Lizzie tells him that her father was a good person. Coop reminds Lizzie of all the bad things Phillip did right before he died. Lizzie claims that Coop is like everyone else and he tells her that she and her father are one in the same. She tells him, before walking out, that the big difference between her and her father is that she is alive to make him pay.

Cassie is still hugging Tammy and tells her that she was going out of her mind not knowing where she was. Tammy tells her mother that she is fine. Cassie notices Sandy and asks what Sandy is doing there. He tells her that he was trying to do the right thing and goes to play some darts. Tammy asks her mother how she found her and Cassie tells her that she got a phone call. She doesn’t mention who it was from. She tells her daughter that she missed her and is happy she is ok. Cassie tells her daughter that she has an idea of what she is going through and wants to get her home. Tammy refuses and tells her mother she isn’t going home until she figures out what is inside of her that made her open up to a jerk like JB.

Jonathan makes light of what Reva is saying. He asks if she is thinking about how she could have been a better mother. He tells her that she’s tried telling him that before, but that he’s not buying it. She tells him that he is exhausting and that he’s not very special. She tells him that he’s like everyone else who would be standing there shivering in the fountain. He tells her he’s not like everyone else and that he’s not going back to where he came from. He accuses her of wanting some preppy, momma’s boy. Reva tells him that she’s not too proud of herself and it sounds as though she wants to tell him something. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hear about how she barely hung on all those years. He tells her to finish what she started and to leave her alone. Reva tells him that she can’t do that and jumps in the fountain with him. Jonathan tells his mother that her jumping in was interesting. She tells him that she’s an old hand at jumping in fountains for attention.

She tells him about her ‘Slut of Springfield’ speech in the fountain where she beat on her chest, similar to what he did. She tells him that he has no idea of the depths of other people’s lives. She lets him know that he has his own nose shoved so far up his own life that he can’t see how he’s destroying himself. She tries tot ell him to look past his own bitterness. She reminds him that her being in the fountain with him reminds her of one of the worst times in her life. He shrugs her off and tells her that if she wants real pain she should try falling off the side of a mountain. Reva tells him that her being there means something. She tells him that he is done calling the shots. She pushes him back down when he tries to get out. She informs him that they are not done yet.

Cassie reminds her daughter that JB came to town simply to hurt anyone he could. Tammy reminds her mother that she was too stupid to see what he was doing. She sits down at the bar and orders a drink while her mother tries to convince her that there was no way to see what Jonathan was doing. Tammy tells her mother that she thinks she is defective because apparently JB saw something in her that he could manipulate. She refers to herself as a victim and Cassie tells her daughter she is anything but a victim. Cassie tells her daughter she is glad she left the strip club.

She proceeds to tell her daughter about the phone call from the strip club and Tammy gets angrier. She tells her mother if she thinks she is strong then why would she be at a place like ‘Teazers.’ Tammy accuses her mother of selling her out. She tells her mother that she never even went to Chicago. Cassie tries to hug Tammy and she refuses. Tammy tells her mother that one of them has to leave. She convinces her mother that she won’t leave, but that she can’t be with her right now. Cassie tells her daughter to call her. Cassie leaves and Sandy is still standing there.

Lizzie tells Coop that he was there when she stood up to her father. She reminds him that she, like everyone else, hurt her father. She tells him that she needs to stand up for her fathers cause. She tells him that she needs to do it to make it all up to father. Coop tries to explain that Phillip’s world view was a bit skewed when he died. He tries telling her how lonely her father was and how he wouldn’t wish that on her. Lizzie gets mad and tells him to continue driving.

Bill tells Olivia that she is nuts and cynical. He tells her that he’s not using Emma and that they need to think about their future. Olivia reminds him of the last time they talked about Emma and how it didn’t go well. Bill tells her that with Phillip gone, things have changed. He tells her that Emma needs a father and that he wants to make things right.

Sandy grabs Tammy by the hand and tells her he’s going to save the night. She tells him that she doesn’t know how that is going to be possible. He tells her they are going to have some fun. He twirls her around and begins dancing with her. Jake comes over and gives her his phone number. Sandy refers to him as a joke, and Tammy takes it as a sign that she ‘can’t hide it from strangers.’

Sandy tries to convince her that she has nothing to be ashamed of. Tammy looks like she doesn’t believe him.

Olivia tells Bill that Emma needs someone to be her father that wants to be. She reminds him that their union was one of convenience and obligation. She tells him that with Phillip dead that he has his chance to walk away. Bill looks at Emma.

Reva tells Jonathan that back in the day she was something of a wild child. She lets him know that she used to be the town misfit. Jonathan tells her that it doesn’t make them similar. Reva tells him that there used to be a time when she couldn’t join the Country Club. She tells him about growing up poor, her mother and how she felt when she first came to Springfield. She tells him about how she busted her way into Springfield. She tells him about the time she was in the fountain and how strong she thought she was, and yet how broken and lonely she felt inside. It almost looks like she is reaching Jonathan. She continues to inform him that it doesn’t need to be the end of it. She tells him he can be who he wants to be and not rail against the world. She tells him to just ‘be’ if he has the courage. She stands up and tells him it’s the end of the lesson. She advises him to get up before they both get sick. Jonathan jokes that he would be doing the whole town a favor if he stayed in the fountain and died of pneumonia. Reva begins crying. She calls out to the waiter and tells him that she wants to have dinner for two at her usual table. Jonathan begins to cry. Reva asks Jonathan to join her for dinner.

Tammy looks at the number that Jake wrote down and tells Sandy that guys like him never used to look at her twice. Sandy tells her that she simply didn’t notice it when they did look at her. She is convince that ‘boys like that’ noticed the change in her. He refuses to admit that anyone can see a vulnerability in her. He tells her that guys will look at her for a long time because she is cool, smart and beautiful. He tells her that any guy who doesn’t treat her right is insane. He leaves to go get the car as she plays with the phone number.

Coop tells Lizzie that he doesn’t understand why she needs to be mean and mad at everyone. He agrees to pay off the debt he owes to her family. He tells her that he refuses to be her friend and doesn’t understand why anyone would be. He tells her to leave and she screams that she hates him as he walks off. Lizzie begins crying and looks at Phillip’s model of Springfield. She vows to never let anyone forget her father.

Bill tells Olivia that if she walks away from their marriage that she could get deported. She tells him that she has Emma and if she gets sent to San Cristobel that it won’t be the end of it all. She tells him that he is a good guy but that they weren’t supposed to get attached. Bill kisses Emma on the forehead and tells her that he wants to be with the two of them. He tells her that they need to go home. The two talk about how Phillip’s funeral is tomorrow, Bill tells her he is unsure if they she go. She tells him that she wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Reva looks back at the fountain and Jonathan. He gets up and tells her that a “man has to eat.” He warns her that it is not the rode to recovery. She tells him that he can get some dry clothes in the pro shop and he jokes with her that he’s not the khaki type of guy. Billy walks in and demands to know what Jonathan has done to Reva. Reva tells Billy that nothing bad happened and Jonathan walks off. Reva tries to explain to Billy that at least now she knows who her son is. Billy tells her not to read too much into the latest ‘stunt’ and warns her that he is nothing but trouble.

Through tears Reva laughs and tells Billy that she was too. She tells him that he is her.

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