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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/16/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the police station, Frank has all of the suspects in Phillip’s murder mapped out on a white board. The list includes Olivia, Rick, Bill, Beth, Gus, Alan, Lizzie, Billy, Coop, Harley and as Frank is about to add his father’s photo to the board Buzz walks in. Buzz reminds his son that half the town had it in for Phillip. Frank shows his father the next picture that has to go up on the board and Buzz tells Frank to go ahead. He tells Frank that he’s glad to be in the company of those that hated Phillip. A police officer comes over to Frank letting him know that they have a witness to the murder scene. Frank tells the cop to bring him over. The cop brings a white haired man to meet Frank while Buzz mills around looking a bit suspicious. Frank thanks the man for coming in and the man begins his story. He tells Frank that he was walking his dog past Company on the night of the murder and that someone came rushing past him. As Frank is asking the man to describe what the person looked like Buzz grabs his head, makes a sound and looks like he might fall. Frank turns to his father, checking to see if he is ok and sits him down. Buzz tries keeping his head down and covered while someone rushes to get some water. Buzz assures everyone that he is ok.

In the Spaulding Mansion study, Lillian is sitting at the desk looking at a photo album crying. Beth comes up behind her, in tears, and hugs her mother. Beth tells her mother that although she got James to sleep he keeps asking for Phillip. Beth tells her mother that she needs to plan the memorial service and that she can’t even begin to focus on that. Lillian tells her daughter that she shouldn’t have to deal with all of it, and questions where Alan is. Beth tells her that Alan is consumed with dealing with Phillip’s remains and putting fires out at Spaulding. Lillian offers to help Beth with the service. Beth tells her mother that she needs to have the memorial service to remind everyone about the man that Phillip was, not the man everyone came to fear. She tells her mother that she can help her with reaching through to Lizzie, as she hasn’t cried since the hospital. Lizzie walks in, tells the two of them she is fine and hugs her grandmother.

In the jungle, Tony flashlight in hand is hollering to Aurelia. Michelle is right behind him, and tells him that his pesky sister is there. Tony tells Michelle to get out, or the guide won’t take him to find Sebastian. Aurelia appears and she tells him that she’s glad he’s alone. Michelle watches on from the bushes.

At the Country Club, Reva thanks Josh for bring her out tonight as she needed to get away. Reva tells Josh that she can’t help but wonder what put him over the edge. Josh questions what it is that happens to a person to make others want to kill him. Reva looks up and says that she wonders that perhaps if someone had came along to try and understand him that things may have turned out differently. Josh looks Reva squarely in the wyes and tells her that Jonathan is not like Phillip. She tells him that her son is going down the same road that Phillip did. Josh tells Reva that one day she may need to face the possibility that it may be too late to save her son.

Harley walks into the Beacon and sees Gus questioning staff as to whether or not Olivia was at the Beacon on the night Phillip was killed. Harley walks over to Gus and tells him that she needs to talk to him. Harley asks Gus what it is that he is doing considering he is off the force. Gus tells her that he is Spaulding’s lead counsel. Harley questions why Spaulding’s lead counsel is trying to prove that she didn’t kill Phillip. She then tells him that proving her innocent may be the one thing he will never be able to prove.

Michelle watches from the bushes as Tony and Aurelia kiss one another. Tony asks Aurelia to tell him where Sebastian is. She tells him that it is too dangerous and that she brought him here simply because she wanted to see him again. She tells him that Sebastian’s hide out is guarded. Tony convinces her to take him to Sebastian, but only if he keeps his word about spending time with her. The two kiss.

Beth tells Lizzie that she doesn’t need to be so strong all the time. Lillian tries telling Lizzie that since she’s surrounded by family that she can let down her defenses. Lizzie lets them both know that she’s going to deal with her father’s death on her own terms, the way Phillip would have wanted her to. Lizzie tells them that she’s going to the Country Club, Lillian offers to go with her. As Lizzie is leaving she tells her mother that it will all be over tomorrow. Lillian leaves and Beth goes to the desk. She finds a letter as Rick walks in. He asks if she’s ready to see visitors and she tells him that she always ready to see him. He tells her that he bought someone and Mindy walks in.

The three hug and hold one another crying.

Buzz drinks his water at the station and Frank promise to take his father home as soon as he is done with the witness. Frank goes back to his witness and another cop has already taken down a description of the witness he saw fleeing Company. As the witness is explaining what the person fleeing the scene looked like Buzz sneaks out. The witness tells Frank that the person leaving Company was a woman, about 5’6’’ with reddish brown hair.

Harley tells Gus that she can’t even explain how hard it is to be with her kids not knowing if she is the one who killed Phillip. Gus assures Harley that she didn’t kill Phillip. Harley tells him that she’s not so sure and she doesn’t understand why he wants her to lie. He clarifies that he doesn’t want her to lie; he just wants her to keep quiet until they know more. Harley tells Gus that not saying anything is a lie by omission. Gus tells Harley that if she confesses now she will be convicted in the press before the trial even begins. Harley tells Gus that this is her problem and she can’t do this with him. He tells her to hang on, that he will call her and walks off.

Josh has a candle light dinner all set up for the two of them. He shows her hat he has a present her sitting next to her plate. She opens the envelope that he set out for her and finds plane tickets inside. He tells her that they are tickets to Paris so that they can spend Thanksgiving with Marah. Reva tells him that she would love to go on the trip, but that she can’t. She gives her husband the excuse that she has to cover Phillip’s murder on the show and that it may take several weeks. Josh tells her that Jonathan is not her only child. Reva looks confused and tells him that she never even mentioned Jonathan. Reva looks up and see Lillian and Lizzie walk into the Country Club. The two get up to go give their condolences to Lizzie and Lillian. Reva tells Lizzie that she hopes Lizzie will remember how much her father loved her. Lizzie gets angry and goes off on the two of them. She tells Josh and Reva that he father was better than any Lewis or Bauer will ever be. She questions why they would even call her father a friend. She claims that they, like the rest of Springfield are glad he is dead.

Buzz arrives at the Beacon to find Harley sitting on the couch in the lobby. He tells her that he’s glad she called as he was already looking for her. He asks her if she’s told Zack yet and she tells him that she did. Buzz tells her that she’s going to have to remind Zack of how Phillip was when he would take his son out for hot fudge sundaes and read him bedtime stories. Harley agrees and then asks her father why he changed so soon after the wedding. She tells her father how Phillip came to wish her luck on the day of her wedding. Buzz tells her that everything changed on that day. Harley tells him that she can’t believe that she hates someone that she once loved. She tells him that its wrong and that now she feels guilty. Buzz tells her that he knows what she means. Harley tells her father that he has no reason to feel bad as he did nothing wrong. He tells her that he most certainly did in letting her down again.

At the police station Frank is on the phone leaving a message for Harley to call him back. Gus walks in and asks if it about the murder. Frank tells him that it’s actually about his father and that he ran out of the police station after looking ill.

Gus notices the suspect board and asks Frank if they have found the murder weapon yet. Frank tells him that they haven’t, but that they did find a witness who saw someone fleeing the scene. The witness is sitting down with a sketch artist. Cindy, the sketch artist tells both Frank and Gus that she is done and shows them the picture.

As Aurelia kiss Tony breaks away long enough to tell her that all play and no work was not the deal. She tells him that she’s got a new deal going. In the bushes, Michelle accidentally steps on something that makes a racket. Tony pretends to not hear it and Aurelia goes to investigate. Aurelia finds Michelle and accuses her of acting more like a jealous wife than a sister. Tony tries convincing Aurelia that Michelle isn’t ‘all there’ mentally. He begs her not to let Michelle ruin their night and she tells him once he gets rid of his ‘sister’ that she will come back. Aurelia leaves and Michelle apologizes to Tony.

The two of them argue about what Aurelia was really going to show Tony.

Back in the Spaulding study Rick, Mindy and Beth look over photos from the past. They get to pictures from the senior prom and Beth comments that it changed her life forever. Mindy tells them that the night of the senior prom everyone knew that the two of them belonged together. A photo of Beth and Phillip’s wedding day flashes on the screen. Beth tells them that it was the happiest day of her life. She gets up and tells them that even through the tough time she knew that he always cared for her. Rick reminds Beth that she was the love of Phillip’s life.

Beth breaks down and tells them that the two of them that only they can understand how she loved him entirely. Rick reminds her that the three of them are going to stick together as they will always be the musketeers.

Reva tells Lizzie that she and Phillip were very good friends for a long time. Lizzie gets up halfway through the sentence. Lillian apologizes to Josh and Reva on behalf of Lizzie. Josh tells Lillian that there is no need to apologize and that losing a parent at any age is tough. Lillian takes off after Lizzie and thanks Josh and Reva. Josh continues to try and convince Reva to take off with him to Paris. She tells him that she’s thinking about it and reminds him that they have the house to themselves. The two take off.

At the station, Gus looks at the photo and Frank realizes that the sketch is Ruth Karloff. Gus brushes it off and tells Frank that there is a slight resemblance. Frank grabs the sketch and tells him that it makes perfect sense. He tells Gus that Ruth had motive as she knew about Lizzie’s accident and also accused Phillip of trying to hit her. Gus tells Frank that she got out of town pretty fast once Phillip tried to kill her. Frank tells Gus that he will find Ruth.

Harley tries to convince her father that he did not let her down. He maintains that he could have stopped Phillip months ago. Harley tells her father that she has to tell him something about herself. Harley tells her father that they need to be grateful that the children are safe. Buzz reminds her that Gus was the one who brought the kids home. Harley tells him that it sounds as though he is saying that when Phillip was killed justice was done. Buzz tells her that perhaps it was. She disagrees telling him that justice will be done only when Phillip’s killer is found. Buzz tells her that it may happen sooner than she thinks. He then tells her about being at the police station and overhearing the witness. Harley hugs her father and tells him that she love shim no matter what. Harley gets up and leaves.

Lizzie is smiling at the Country Club and tells Lillian that she wants to get a grilled cheese just like she used to when she went there as a child with her father. Lillian offers to find someone at the hospital for Lizzie to talk to, in case there are things she doesn’t want to tell family. Lizzie bluntly tells her grandmother that she knows Lillian wants to ask if she shot her own father.

Michelle and Tony wait for Aurelia who never came back. Michelle comments that Aurelia is probably on a boat halfway to the main island now. Both Michelle and Tony’s flashlight batteries die and the two are together, alone in the jungle without any light. Tony is obviously mad and tells Michelle that he could have gotten Aurelia to tell him where Sebastian was. Michelle tells him that there was no way she was going to come through and that she was leading him on. Tony accuses Michelle of being jealous and tells her that he wasn’t ‘really’ kissing Aurelia. He tells her that he’s going to show her what a real kiss is and grabs a hold of her and kisses her.

Lizzie tells her grandmother that they need to get together again soon because it was fun. Lillian tells Lizzie that she knows Phillip loved her and that she loved him. She tells her that she knows that neither would intentionally hurt the other. Lizzie corrects her grandmother and tells how her father tried to have her kidnapped and treated her as a piece of property. She goes on to say how much she loves her father.

Jonathan tries walking into the Country Club and is refused at the door. Jonathan points to Lizzie and then tries to get her attention. Lizzie looks over at Jonathan and turns back to Lillian telling her that Jonathan is a creep. At the door, Jonathan is yelling out to Lizzie trying to get her to tell the doorman that she knows him. Lizzie gets up to take care of the situation. Jonathan tells her that he heard about her father and that he’s sorry.

Jonathan begins to make a scene telling everyone how ‘dirty’ Lizzie is. Lillian rushes over and decides it might be best for her and Lizzie to leave. Lizzie tells her grandmother to go on ahead and that she will catch up. Out in the hallway, Lillian calls Reva and tells her that Jonathan just showed up at the Country Club. She goes on to tell Reva that she thinks she may want to head back to the Club as there may be trouble. Inside, Jonathan drinks a bottle of wine as Lizzie tells him not to bother holding the drugs over her head. She tells him that with Joey gone no one will believe him. Jonathan asks what she is even doing at the Country Club so soon after he father’s death. Lizzie slaps him across the face.

In the study, Mindy, Beth and Rick all toast Phillip. Mindy tells them that she needs to go to stay in the hotel. Both Rick and Beth offer to let her stay with them and she refuses. Rick tells Beth that he’s going upstairs to get Jude and Beth asks him to stay longer. She brings out the letter Phillip left for her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be alone when she reads it. Rick lets her know that he will stay with her as long as she needs.

Gus tells Frank that he can’t base his case on an eyewitness who walked off. Harley walks in and tells Frank that she got his message. He tells her that he was worried about Buzz. Harley turns and sees Gus. She wonders what he is doing at the station. Frank tells her that Gus is trying to protect Ruth. Frank shows Harley the sketch. Harley turns to Gus and the two exchange looks.

Tony pulls away and tells Michelle that he gave her a real kiss. Michelle tells him that she thinks their next move should be to report Holly missing. Tony tells her that he can’t believe that Aurelia stole his wallet and cell phone. He tells her that they are stuck where they are.

Jonathan warns Lizzie that he could sue her for hitting him. Jonathan proceeds to make a scene by knocking a waiter over and spitting in a drink. Lizzie takes off. The maitre’d tries to get Jonathan to leave forcibly. Jonathan break free, pushes the waiters aside and jumps in the fountain. Reva arrives just in time to see her son soaking in the fountain, spitting water everywhere.

Beth tells Rick that she can’t read the letter. He offers to read it for her. The letter, from Phillip, tells Beth that he sorry he took the children away but that he did it for the right reasons. He calls Beth a ‘wonderful mother and his truest love’ in the letter. He tells her that through it all he loved her and that his life began to fall apart the day they broke up. In the letter he wonders if they may start over again and tells her to turn to Rick in case she needs anything. Beth and Rick cling to one another.

Harley tells her brother that she needs to tell him something about Ruth. Frank keeps getting distracted and walks away. Gus tells Harley that he got rid of Ruth’s wig and clothes. Harley looks shocked that Gus is covering for her. Harley wonders why Gus is covering for her. Gus assures Harley that they won’t be able to find someone who doesn’t exist.

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