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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/15/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Edmund and Jeffrey are checking on Cassie who has just fainted. Edmund tells Jeffrey to leave her alone as Cassie begins to wake up. She gets up and says she’s okay. A doctor who just checked in offers her help. Cassie refuses to go to the hospital, but the doctor agrees to examine Cassie in her suite. Dinah just watches on and says to Jeffrey “talk about a near miss.” A little to the left and she could have fallen in your arms.”

Alan is in shock with the news that Phillip is dead. He doesn’t understand how Phillip can be dead and begs Rick to go and check. Alan then pushes Rick away and wants to go into the examine room himself.

Beth tells Alan that Phillip is gone. Lizzie hugs Alan and tells him it’s going to be okay. Beth is crying. Rick hugs and consoles her. Olivia learns from the doctor that Phillip never regained consciousness and she is worried about Emma. Alan tells Olivia “Phillip is dead and it may be your fault.” He looks at Olivia with rage.

Outside of Company, Gus asks Harley what she remembers. Harley says, “Phillip was shot?” Gus tells her that Phillip is at the hospital and she is shaken. Gus asks Harley to talk to him and tell him what happened. Harley says that she went looking for Phillip, disguised as Ruth, and wanted to trick him into telling her where the kids were. It turned out he knew it was actually Harley and started laughing at her and things got ugly. Gus asks how. He looks at Harley’s hands and sees blood on them.

Frank tells Alan he is sorry for his loss. Alan wants Olivia arrested and to find out where she was prior to 9 o'clock tonight. Frank promises he’ll get to the bottom of it and there will be no wild accusations. Olivia states I was going to meet Phillip, and she believes the rest of them were due to have a private meeting at 9 pm. Alan tells Olivia then everyone is guilty, but no more than her. Frank offers his condolences to Beth and Rick. Rick wonders how Harley will explain to Zack that his father is gone. Frank says he doesn’t think that Harley knows yet.

Gus hides Harley’s hands and learns from one of the police officers that they found a slug in the wall that looks like a .38. The policeman leaves. Gus asks if Harley shot Phillip.

She says no but she doesn’t remember everything. Gus checks her purse, but Harley says she didn’t bring a gun. Then she says that Phillip did. It was a .38. Gus wants to know how Harley knows that Phillip had a .38. Harley states I don’t know. Gus takes off Ruth’s wig, and rubs the blood off of Harley’s face. He asks if Harley was alone. She says yes. She states that Phillip took off Ruth’s wig and got right in her face. Phillip asks Harley if she thought he she could fool him forever. He’s very angry and says "I told you 9 o’clock." She’s early and just blew her chance to get the boys back. Phillip says he hopes she took lots of pictures as that is all she’ll have to remember them by. Harley goes after Phillip telling him he’s sick. Phillip, now very enraged, grabs Harley and puts his arm around her throat asking “I’m sick?” He tells Harley she’s just like the other hypocrites in this town who say he is sick. Phillip asks if Harley told any of the other mothers that she was coming here. He asks about her Ruth charade and that she was the one who took Zack first. Harley tells Phillip he’ll never get away with this, she’ll make him pay. Phillip asks are going to stop me, Harley? He takes his arm from around her throat, and pushes Harley away. Phillip pushes the gun towards Harley that is sitting on the bar and tells Harley here is her chance to stop him. There is a napkin wrapped around the gun. Harley and Phillip stare at each other. Back to the present, Gus says so he put the gun on the table? Harley slams down her hand and says right between us. Gus wants to know what Phillip was trying to accomplish with a loaded gun. Harley doesn’t know and says “your guess is as good as mine.”

Dinah says I hope Cassie feels better as she didn’t look too good. Jeffrey wants to know what made Cassie faint in the first place. Maybe the bombshell that she knew Edmund before her official return to Springfield. Jeffrey says you were working Eddie boy from the start and feeding him info so that he would perceive him as a threat. Dinah says you give me too much credit. She thought Cassie’s feelings were for Jeffrey. Dinah says relax I’ve kept all your precious secrets.

The doctor examines Cassie and says stress didn’t cause her to faint. She’s in good physical health and had just recently eaten.

Cassie tells Edmund she had a miscarriage. Edmund says “what?” Edmund asks you were pregnant? Cassie says “neither did I.” He asks how she could have been pregnant. The doctor guesses she was maybe two to three weeks pregnant. The doctor further states it’s not unusual for a woman to think she can’t get pregnant and then becomes so. The doctor leaves, and Cassie apologizes. She asks if Edmund is okay. He says it’s my fault. Cassie says no you heard the doctor say I didn’t have a miscarriage because of stress. She states my life has changed. Our life.

Jeffrey talks to Dinah about Edmund finding out about his leave of absence from the bureau so that he could closer to Cassie. He states you told him we were working together. Dinah confesses she let it slip out.

She says I admitted it to you and that I have no trouble playing straight with you. Jeffrey states I wish I could believe that and that she loves to stir the pot to upset Cassie. He says Edmund is dangerous. She says Edmund has Cassie’s love and that should transform the most dangerous man. Jeffrey says, “If you push this guy to the point that he thinks you are the root of all his problems, he will make your life a living hell.”

Frank learns the bullet was found in the wall as Beth tells Lizzie that they'll take care of her father. Alan says that we have to stand strong as a family. Rick says he’s going to miss Phillip and that he was his best friend for a very long time. Alan says until recently. Rick tells Alan "I just want to say how sorry I am."

Gus is on the phone and asks what have you got and says to do it quickly. He hangs up and asks Harley about the gun. She says she doesn’t remember and asks what Gus thinks. Gus asks truthfully? He states the fact she was so mad at him, there was the presence of a loaded gun, blood on her hands after he was shot, it’s not that good, baby. Harley agrees. Gus discovers a cut in her head. Harley says she remembers she fell. She has another memory of Phillip. Harley asks what is he doing. Phillip is holding the gun and baiting Harley to take the gun. He claims she knows how to use it, and believes she wants to. He says “lets see just how much you hate me.” Harley tells Phillip she doesn’t want to shoot him and just wants the boys back. Phillip cocks the gun and says “over my dead boy.” He’s trying to get Harley to take the gun again saying let’s see how tough you are and that the gun is loaded. Harley asks why he is baiting her. Phillip asks if Harley is afraid or maybe she doesn’t love them as much as he does. He then says maybe she’s too good to do it and how she’s saying the Coopers are better than the Spauldings and Harley says they are. Phillip appears to slam the gun in her hands and in rage asks Harley, at this moment, is she better than he is? Harley tells Phillip she wants to stop the insanity while Phillip, now in full rage, baits her saying “if you want to stop me. Do it. Go ahead!” He has a wild look in his eyes. In anger, Harley says “all right! All right!” They struggle for the gun. Back to the present, she tells Gus then we struggled, and had the gun between us. We were both holding the gun. Harley says that’s when I fell, but I’m not positive. Gus asks if that was your blood or Phillip’s blood. Harley doesn’t remember. Gus tells her she has to remember. Harley again says she doesn’t remember and that they have to tell Frank. Gus puts his hands on Harley’s face and says that’s the last thing she is going to do.

Edmund asks Cassie to sit still. She says you have no idea what it feels like to be told you can’t have another child. Cassie states those days are gone. Thank god! Edmund remembers how devastated she was to learn she couldn’t have anymore children. Cassie relives the disappointment at being told by doctors that you can’t have a baby. You get to the point that you give up about making a baby with the man you love. Edmund says you handled it well but than she didn’t have a choice. Edmund says life is kind of strange. Cassie says surprisingly sweet like him. She states what happened tonight is as much about you as it is me. And that news is good, very good.

The doctor tells Jeffrey that Cassie had a miscarriage, and she wasn’t very far along. The doctor leaves. Dinah says you are acting like it’s yours. Jeffrey tells Dinah if you try to use this, or rub it in Cassie’s face in any way shape or form. He is warning Dinah. Edmund will be the least of her problems. Dinah says I don’t have any intention of gloating. She walks away.

Bill tells Olivia they are going to find Emma. Olivia says I hate him. He was a horrible heartless human being who only wanted to torture her. Bill tells Olivia she’s not going to do herself any favors by going on what Phillip did to her. Olivia thinks that Bill feels she murdered Phillip. Bill states he doesn’t. She says considering how many people wanted hated Phillip, they have to stick together or not. Olivia says this marriage is in name only right?

Rick says you are right, Alan. I’m not sorry that Phillip died and tells Alan he is an idiot. Alan says he gave up on Phillip when he needed him the most. Rick yells “he took my son!” Rick is crying and says he blew it and is sorry that Phillip is gone. Alan says he was my son and I loved him too, Rick.

Rick’s hands are shaking and he says he has to perform the autopsy. Alan says he’ll make a phone call and get another ME from another county. Alan wants Beth and Lizzie to go home. The car is waiting for them. He says he has some details to take care of. Beth offers to stay with Alan but Alan wants her to take Lizzie home and says it’s what Phillip would want. Beth cries and asks what went wrong. She and Alan hug. He says don’t think about what went wrong. Alan says just think about the good times.

Gus tells Harley she has to keep quiet, especially to Frank. Gus is helping Harley out of Ruth’s coat. Gus says they haven’t found the gun, and Phillip had a lot of enemies. She says he hated me more than anyone else. Harley says she is the prime suspect in this case as she had motive. Gus tries to comfort Harley saying they never found a gun and to keep her mouth shut until he can figure this out. He rubs her face with his hand and she asks, “you would do that?” Gus asks, “What do you think?” Frank arrives and hugs Harley. He asks if Gus told her what happened. Harley nods that Phillip was shot. Frank states there is more and that he didn’t make it. Gus hits his hand against the wall and says “damn’it!” Harley says “oh my god” and calls out for Gus. Frank tells Harley the doctors did everything they could. Frank asks Harley if she is okay. Harley tells Frank she has to say something. Gus shakes his head. She tells Frank she loves him. Frank says I love you too and hugs Harley and promises he’ll bring Jude and Zack home. Gus receives a call and asks if he is sure and is he on his way. Gus leaves.

Bill says this is more than a rubber stamp marriage, it’s a partnership. He says she won’t worry about Emma alone. Olivia leaves to splash some water on her face. She hands Bill her purse, and he answers her cell phone. He tells the caller I’ll be there in two minutes. He leaves.

Outside of the ER, Beth tells Lizzie to let the pain out and that it’s good. Lizzie says it’s pointless as it won’t bring Phillip back. Lizzie walks away. Beth answers her cell phone and says she’ll be right there.

The officer asks Frank to go inside of Company. He asks if Harley will be okay and she tells him to go. Frank kisses her good-bye. Harley touches her head and then takes the napkin that is covered with blood out of her bag. She returns the napkin to her bag.

Cassie says we can make a baby together and asks if he wants to make a family with her. Edmund thinks that they need to talk about other things. He says, “I kept knowing Dinah a secret from you” and Cassie says, “I went to look for Tammy, and I trusted Jeffrey’s help more than yours.” Edmund kisses her and thanks Cassie. She believes they’ll find Tammy and when she comes home, their next project will be fixing everything at home. Cassie knows love is not enough and says, “Who knows,” “planning for the future will make a difference.” They kiss.

Dinah says, what you have for her won’t go away, it’s terminal attraction. She says, from my experience, this is the kind of thing that eats you up until you act on it. And then everyone is affected by it. Jeffrey says that’s quite the prognosis. Dinah says, “don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Harley watches inside of Company. Rick calls out for Harley. She says “oh Rick.” Harley tells him how sorry she is, and they hug. Harley confesses she knows how much he loved him. They are both crying. Rick asks what happened. Harley says I fell when I heard about Phillip. Gus and an officer return with the boys.

Rick hugs Jude, and Harley is holding Zack. Everyone is overjoyed and happy. Frank says it worked. I did it, but didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure. He looks at Gus and nods. Gus confesses that he got a number out of Phillip’s phone and called in a couple of favors from the FBI and that Frank said to go ahead. Harley asks about all four kids. Gus states they are all safe and lets keep it that way. Gus walks away as Frank, Gus, Rick and the kids delight in each other.

Bill hands Olivia Emma. She is crying and overjoyed. Meanwhile, Beth and James are reunited in the Spaulding study.

Alan is at Cedars. He is sitting alone in tears. Zack asks “Mommy, where is daddy?" Rick kisses Harley and goes inside. Harley sits down and with Zack. Gus returns to Cedars, puts his hand on Alan’s shoulder and sits down with him. Beth is holding James and Lizzie sits down beside them. Olivia is kissing and playing with Emma. Bill and Olivia share a kiss.

Gus and Alan sit sadly side by side. Harley is talking with Zack as Rick is looking on with Jude in his arms. Harley hugs Zack.

Everyone is crying at the end.

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