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Guiding Light Update Friday 11/12/04

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By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

At his place, Sandy tries to get Tammy to eat something. She is down in the dumps and doesn't want to ever leave because she's too embarrassed that she fell for Jonathan's game. She feels like a "stupid loser". Sandy advises her that she can't close herself off from the world forever. Reva arrives, so Tammy hides. Sandy doesn't answer her knocks, so Reva uses his spare key under the mat to let herself in. She is surprised to see him there because she thought he may have left town. She tries to tell him that she is sorry for how they haven't gotten along lately and she still wants him to be her friend. It's clear she wants to call him "son" even though she knows she can't. Sandy tells her that there's nothing between them and she should leave him alone. She argues, but he doesn't change his stand, so she leaves, hurt. Tammy wonders why he did that. Sandy sidesteps her questions and reminds her that she has to figure out when she is going back to her family. She is not ready yet.

At the Beacon, Dinah pretends to Edmund that she is sorry that Tammy isn't found yet. She reminds him that Cassie went to Chicago with Jeffrey, fueling his anger.

Just then, Jeffrey and Cassie arrive. Cassie tells them that they couldn't find Tammy anywhere. As Cassie phones the police, Edmund acts jealous about her going to Chicago with Jeffrey and shutting him out, so she yells at him that she can't deal with his jealousy right now because she's so worried about her daughter. Dinah pretends to stand up for him, saying that Cassie is selfish and not treating him properly. She points out that he was very nice to her when she first came to town, even though he didn't know who she was. Cassie is stunned that Edmund had contact with Dinah before she did and didn't tell her about it. She gets very upset, not believing it. He admits that he helped her out and gave her a place to stay. Cassie wonders if Jeffrey knew, too, but he claims he didn't.

Sebastian returns to Holly's prison to find her lying on the floor, seemingly unconscious. When he turns to call for help, she grabs something and tries to hit him over the head with it, but he catches her and stops her. He tells Holly that if she wants him dead, she will have to stand in line because the disease has dibs on him. She asks him where he went, so he tells her that he went to see where Tony and Michelle might be. She asks sarcastically if Dr. Ed isn't coming to save him, and he adds, "Save you, you mean".

He says quietly that he thought they had shared a moment earlier, but she accuses him of trying to hit her. They argue about it. She notes that Roger never had a problem with hitting her. He says this isn't about Roger. He grabs her face and tells her to look at him, that he is standing in front of her, not Roger. Then he shows her a package he bought and tells her he thought she'd appreciate a change of clothes. She throws it back at him. Later, Holly changes her tune and puts on the dress, then acts nice to him. She apologizes for how she acted.

At company, we see someone moving in the shadows at 8:40pm. The clock turns and next we see it is 9pm. Outside, Buzz is waiting and is annoyed that Phillip has stood him up. Alan comes up and wonders what's going on. He sees some broken glass behind Buzz and wonders if someone broke in. They investigate and find blood there, too. They turn on the lights and are shocked to find Philip lying on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Alan and Buzz try to help him and phone 911.

Gus arrives and is full of questions. He especially wonders where Harley is. The EMT's arrive, with Rick. Alan argues, not wanting Rick to work on Phillip, but Rick insists. Gus holds Alan back. Beth and Lizzie arrive and are upset to find Phillip dying. There is much confusion as the EMT's try to help Phillip and take him to the hospital, and various people arrive. Buzz is worried about finding the kids that Phillip stole. Alan is angry and accusatory, wondering if Buzz or someone in his family shot Phillip. Buzz gets a paper from Phillip's coat, hoping to get a clue, and Frank helps him with that. Olivia arrives. She is angry and worried about Emma. She tells Alan that she hopes Phillip dies. They figure out that Phillip told everyone to meet him there at 9, letting them think that they were the only ones to be there. Olivia thinks he played them all for fools. Gus figures someone showed up early. Olivia makes a speech about how rotten Phillip is and how he was trying to turn them all against each other. She runs out and Bill tries to stop her but fails. Outside, Jonathan finds her outside and asks, "Hey, killer, where's you ditch the gun?" Frank and Gus confer about the lack of evidence. They find Phillip's phone but nothing to point to his killer. Frank hopes he comes to long enough to tell them who pulled the trigger.

Rick his hopeful that Phillip will pull through since the bullets went right through him and didn't get stuck in any major organs. Frank and Buzz discuss who might have done this; Frank points out that any of the people there could have done it. Lizzie cries into Beth's shoulder and blames herself for what happened to Phillip. She says if she had gotten on the plane like he asked, this wouldn't have happened. Beth tells her that it's not her fault.

Olivia acts shocked that Jonathan thinks she could have shot her own husband. He says it sounds like Phillip had it coming, from what she described. She is nervous that he might try to blackmail her with what she said the previous night. He swears he is on her and her child's side. They each wonder if the other one shot Phillip.

Jonathan runs into Reva and wonders why she looks rattled. She tells him that she is upset because she found out her boss, Phillip, was shot. He tells her how he already knew and says that it sounds like it was for the best because Phillip sounded like a jerk. She says quickly that he wasn't, so he backs off, wondering if she was married to him, too. She says no, that he was just a good friend and that people change. She admits that she is upset also about Sandy. He asks why, so she tells him about Sandy telling her to get lost. She is very defensive and figures that he will be happy about it. Unlike Jonathan, she is not used to people that she cares about coming and going in her life. She accuses him of getting what he wanted and says sarcastically that it is mother's intuition that tells her she's right about that. Jonathan reminds her what Sandy did to him and says good riddance to Sandy. He says it's for the best, and she counters that Sandy said the same thing. She says bitterly that she has a knack for finding ungrateful kids. He says that Sandy was just taking up space (meaning he's a useless human being), but she declares that Sandy was a good friend and she'll miss him. It sounds like she started to say "son" and changed her mind. He says quietly that no matter how terrible she thinks he is, Sandy is the one that hurt her. He starts to say, "I just wish" but stops and says never mind, then leaves.

Frank gives orders at Company for the place to be secured for forensic investigation. The cop he talks to, Brian, wonders if Frank isn't too close to this to do the investigation, but Frank tells him it is his. Frank talks to Gus, who has been trying to reach Harley by phone. Gus isn't sure how he feels about this situation. Things are a little tense between Gus and Frank because of the whole family feud and what Phillip had been doing.

At the hospital, another doctor tells Rick that he can't help Phillip now because he's too emotional, and Rick agrees. Alan is upset and tells the doctor urgently to do his best. He tells the other family members to pray for Phillip. Alan has flashbacks to talks he had with Phillip and how Phillip acted toward the end.

Harley finally shows up at Company, so Gus tells her what happened. She says, "I think I did a terrible thing".

Meanwhile, the doctor comes out and tells Alan and the rest that Phillip is dead.

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