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Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/11/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Beth is in the Spaulding study and looks at the clock on the mantle. Alan comes in and asks if there is any news. Beth says no. Lizzie is holding Roxie and Beth wants her to eat breakfast. Alan hugs Beth and tells her everything is going to be okay.

The following scenes are of Beth, Lizzie, Alan, Bill, Olivia, Buzz, Rick, Harley and Frank in the background with Phillip speaking of his feelings about them.

Phillip is watching Beth and Alan on the surveillance camera and says to himself they have been through so much together and that he knows exactly what she is thinking. He ponders how she could take Lizzie from him. He speaks about Alan not knowing how to solve this problem. Phillip says he tried to protect this family and make a better future for them. He says and what did they do? They made him think he was crazy. Worst of all, they poisoned Lizzie against him but he doesn’t blame Lizzie. He blames the rest of them. He says they have to be made to understand there are consequences for what they’ve done.

Bill and Olivia enter Towers as Phillip asks how Olivia could ever feel she’d be fit to raise his child. He gives her marriage to Bill six months before her next loveless relationship. Olivia robbed him of the birth and first few months of Emma’s life. Phillip states Emma deserves more than Olivia could ever give, and he’ll make sure she gets it.

Next is Gus, who is at the docks. He’s the newest edition to the Spaulding family, at least for this week. Phillip wonders who’ll he’ll be calling himself next week.

Next is Rick who is at Company. Phillip says he’s like his brother. He knows that Rick knows what loyalty is, which makes what he’s done all the more unforgivable.

Buzz, Frank, Coop, and Harley are at Company. Phillip states Frank, Buzz, and Coop all humiliated his family and tried to take Zack and Lizzie away from him. He tells Harley) she could have stopped all of this. But, she pushes people into corners and then wonders why they push back. He says because Harley thinks she’s right and always morally superior to the rest of us. Phillip elaborates that she thought she could make a fool out of him by masquerading as Ruth. He states I’ll be serving that dish, Harley, and it’s a bitter, bitter pill that she’ll have to swallow.

Phillip is now outside of Company and continues to speak to himself. He states I loved you all in one way or another. My family, my everything. There’s just one thing left to do.

Frank asks if they are ready to go. He wants to take different leads to find the kids. Harley asks what do I do? Frank wants Harley to go upstairs as she’s too emotionally involved. If she doesn’t, Frank states he’ll take her down to the holding cell. Coop, Buzz, and Rick all agree they know what’s best for her. Rick tells Harley he’ll call her. Harley says to herself “please bring my babies back to me.”

Coop states he’ll go the Spaulding’s. Buzz doesn’t agree. Coop wants to make sure Lizzie is okay and feels he’s in good terms with Alan since saving Lizzie’s life.

The clock on the mantle in the Spaulding study says 12:30 pm. Coop arrives at Spaulding study, and Alan says this is not a good time, and tells Coop to get out. Alan states her family is taking care of that. Coop replies like you took care of your son? Beth and Lizzie want him to stay, and Alan eventually agrees. Coop and Lizzie head to the kitchen to get something to eat. In the hallway, Alan says what Coop said is true.

This is crisis is somewhat my fault. Beth states all that matters is getting the children back. Beth is going to make more calls as Alan leaves to check security.

Beth returns to the study, and finds Phillip waiting for her. He states I had to see you.

The clock on the wall at Company now says 1:15 pm. Harley asks the police officer, Brian, about them having to move. He has no information about it. She states Joe is on the upstairs phone about it with Frank and that they have to move because it’s not safe. Brian goes upstairs to check with Joe as Harley slips out unseen.

Beth asks Phillip what he has done with their son. Phillip states he is safe. Beth screams out for Alan, but Phillip puts his hand over her mouth. Phillip says he’ll give James back to her but first, he wants to explain, for her to listen, and asks her to be quiet. He takes his hand away from her mouth. Beth asks if he’ll return all the children. Phillip replies only James to her. Beth states that he tried to take Lizzie by force. Phillip admits he was wrong to try and force Lizzie to go since she is an adult, and believes Beth is a good mother unlike Harley and Olivia who don’t share the same values. He only trusts Beth.

She grabs onto Phillip, hugs him, and begs him not to do this. Phillip says what you and I had was the first and the best for both of us. They are holding each other tight. He says and not matter what I ever do, you are my family, and I’ll always love you. Beth tells Phillip she loves him. She is crying, touches Philip’s face, and begs him not to do this. Beth asks Phillip to think about Rick. He tells Beth to meet him at company at 9 o’clock and not to tell anyone or she won’t see James again. Phillip leaves as Beth continues to cry.

In Olivia’s bar, Phillip is making the same deal with Rick. Rick states he has to tell Harley and Beth. Phillip says if you want Jude back, you will except these terms and won’t convince him either wise. He says he’s going away and won’t be back. Phillip states I don’t want last night being the last memory of you when you came after me with a hypodermic. He says you are my best friend. Rick states you know in your heart this is wrong. Phillip states I’m trying to do the right thing and ask if he accepts his offer. Rick says since I want to see my son, I’ll have to accept your offer. Phillip asks how many years did you want to be a father. You lost Abby because of it, and then God smiled upon you and gave you Jude. He says don’t make me take him away from you. Phillip tells Rick to be at Company at 9 o’clock and not to tell anyone. Phillip leaves.

Frank returns to Company and says after five hours, all dead ends. He asks Buzz if he’s okay. Buzz states I thought this war was over and no one else would get hurt. Buzz states we are reactive instead of proactive. He says we have to think about the future.

Buzz says the Cooper’s should be more Spaulding-like. He says they need to play hardball and go after what they want, especially their livelihoods and their children. Think outside the box gorilla warfare. Buzz says for example Phillip took Jude and Zack. We take Lizzie, hold her hostage and threaten to kill her. Frank asks you are kidding right? Buzz replies he doesn’t even know. Frank’s cell phone rings. He learns Harley gave the officer the slip. Buzz and Frank leave to find Harley.

Olivia is on the phone trying to find the location of Phillip. Bill says we’ll keep brainstorming. Billy arrives and wants to help. He called the INS and told his friend he made a mistake. Billy states Phillip is the enemy not me. Olivia is very upset and says her daughter is gone and to hell with everything else. She leaves. Olivia enters the elevator, and Phillip is also on it, but is standing behind her.

Phillip asks Olivia is she wants her daughter back. Olivia grabs onto Phillip and pushes him, and he asks what is with her and elevators. Olivia demands to know where Emma is. He tells Olivia to stop. Phillip says I told you that you can have her back to raise on your own, and he’ll be gone. Olivia says just like that, but Phillip says there are conditions. He claims he can’t get her back until tonight and in the meantime, she can’t tell anyone that he is here, or the deal is off, and she’ll never see Emma again. And he means, Rick, Harley and Beth. Phillip claims Emma needs a mother; even Olivia. Olivia asks just Emma why? Phillip states because she’s a baby. He says you play dirty and don’t give up. He would be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Phillip believes in time, Rick, Harley and Beth won’t be as angry at him. Olivia tells Phillip he has truly lost it. Phillip states if you want Emma back, be at Company at 9 pm and if she tells anyone, the deal is off. Olivia doesn’t believe Phillip and wants to know what he’s up to. They reach the floor of the restaurant, and Phillip pushes Olivia out of the elevator.

Olivia walks into the restaurant at Towers and says Wait! 9 pm. Bill comes up to her and asks what is wrong. She apologizes for running out on him. Bill suggests they sit down and have a drink and figure out how to contact Phillip.

Beth arrives at Towers and orders at drink. She says almost 6:15. Bill and Olivia asks if she’s heard any news. Beth asks you? They say no and are out of people to call. Beth states Lizzie went out with Coop and was just checking on her. They agree to pass on any info to each other as there are close up shots of both Olivia and Beth. Beth leaves.

At the Beacon, Coop ordered him and Lizzie a sandwich. Roxie tries to have some of sandwich, but Coop says this is people food. Lizzie feeds Roxie some of her sandwich. He asks if Lizzie is okay. She asks do you care. He says no, not really. Coop tells Lizzie to eat her sandwich. Lizzie thanks him.

Beth is back in the Spaulding study and it’s now 6:50 pm. Alan returns and says he’s been worried about her and asks if there is any news. Beth starts to leave, and Alan asks if something happened. She says besides that Phillip kidnapped my son. Alan says Beth doesn’t seem to be herself. Beth states it’s stress. She asks if Alan has had any luck tracking down the corporate jet and Phillip must have paid off a lot of people as he can’t get any information. Alan believes Phillip won’t be found unless he wants to be found. Alan says don’t worry we will find the children. Beth really wants to tell Alan about Phillip and begins to, but then changes her mind and only thanks him for everything he’s done. Alan says you don’t have to thank me as my family is in crisis. He loves everyone. Beth states she has to go and leaves. Alan picks up the phone receiver.

Outside of the Beacon, Gus is leaving a message for Harley and then receives a call from Alan. Alan wants his help before things spin out of control. Gus states it’s already out of control. Alan says I know you are angry with me, but this is the time that a family pulls all it resources together. Gus says he has to go and ends the call. Alan says don’t go and angrily says “don’t hang up on me!” He slams down the phone receiver.

Gus says hello to Phillip. Philip says keeps your hands where I can see them and away from that revolver on your belt. He has a message he wants delivered to Harley. Phillip will return Zack and Jude if she agrees to meet him at Company at 9 pm tonight. And Gus, or Harley, cannot tell a soul. But if they tell anyone, Harley and Rick won’t see their children again. Gus tries to ask if the kids are in Springfield. Phillip says either do what I tell you to do, or try and play hero, and screw everything up. It’s your choice. Phillip says “Hero? Harley?” Gus states yeah Company 9 o’clock. Phillip nods his head and leaves. Gus says it’s almost 7 o’clock now. Gus is trying to call Harley again.

Phillip’s watch says 7:15 pm. He’s at the docks and is holding envelopes addressed to Buzz Cooper, and Billy Lewis.

Harley sees Phillip from the side and picks up a piece of wood. A man comes up to Harley who knows her saying she helped him with some legal problems. Harley states she has to go but meanwhile, Phillip has given her the slip. Harley looks inside her bag and pulls out Ruth’s wig. She says Phillip will run if he sees me, but he doesn’t know I’m Ruth. She leaves.

Frank, Buzz and Frank arrive at Towers and are looking for Harley. Frank explains Harley gave a couple of uniforms the slip. He asks Gus if he knows something about Phillip. Gus states no. Buzz asks if you’d cover for Phillip like he did with Alex. Frank states we had to ask. Gus says if you see Harley, have her call me before 9 o’clock. It has to be before 9.

Rick comes off the elevator into Towers, and Gus asks if he’s heard from Harley. He asks if he sees Harley, to have her call him by 9 pm. Gus gets onto the elevator and the door closes.

The Spaulding mantle clocks now states its 7:40 pm. Alan is on the phone asking for information about Phillip. Phillip says “hello father.” Alan asks where are you?

Phillip is watching and speaking on a microphone in the surveillance room that has a camera set up in the study. Phillip tells Alan to be at Company, tonight at 9 pm sharp, or he’ll miss all the fun. Phillip takes out a gun and prepares to load it. Alan asks for him to bring back the children and he it takes it any further, he won’t be able to help him. Phillip believes he’s now smarter and stronger than Alan. Alan says if you are, then you’ll bring hose children home. Phillip says it’s too late as my plan is already in motion.

The next scene is a discussion with only the voices of Alan and Phillip and you see the following characters who have no spoken words.... Phillip is explaining to always have a plan and that strategy is everything and wouldn’t spoil the surprise now. Alan explains to Phillip that he is very sick and needs help. Phillip states for once, he is perfectly well, and is finally in control. Alan says if you don’t stop now, this thing could end up badly. He states he wants to see Phillip. Phillip says you’ll see me tonight at Company at 9 pm and to come alone and tell no one. Alan continues to beg and scream for Phillip to talk to him but there is no answer.

At the Beacon, Coop is reading a note from Phillip to meet him at Company at 9 pm. Olivia leaves, and Bill receives the same note from Phillip at Towers. Billy also gets a note from Phillip to meet him at Company at 9 pm. Buzz opens the envelope from Phillip, reads it, and crumbles up the paper. Lizzie also receives the envelope and reads the note. We last see Harley in Ruth’s disguise.

The time is now 7:25 pm, and Phillip has arrived outside of Company. It’s dark, and the door is locked. He breaks part of the door window and opens the door. Phillip has cut his hand on the glass and applies a handkerchief to stop the bleeding.

The next scenes is of an empty Spaulding study, the Beacon with just the desk clerk, and the envelopes for Coop, Bill, and crumbled paper and envelope for Buzz.

Phillip continues to look at his watch. He goes to the bar, takes out a glass, pours a bottle of beer and begins to drink it. You see a hand turning the doorknob. Phillip doesn’t appear to hear anyone. Then you see a pant leg, a foot and the person wearing gloves holding a gun. The gun is pointed at Phillip. He turns and says very calmly “Oh My God!” There is a still shot of Phillip with his mouth open and two shots fired at him.

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