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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/10/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Tony and Michelle are in a bar in Havana. They are looking for the maid, Aurelia, who used to work for Sebastian. Michelle thinks Tony can get information out of her because she’s interested in Tony. Tony tells Michelle that she’d make a lousy pimp. Michelle says he’ll have Aurelia eating out of his hand but Tony explains he’s not for sale. Michelle thinks Tony can loosen up Aurelia with a few drinks. Aurelia is wearing a tight red cocktail dress. Tony looks at her and states I can handle that. Aurelia is dancing, and Tony speaks Spanish to hear. She says that Michelle doesn’t look anything like Tony and doesn’t speak Spanish. Tony explains she is her stepsister. Michelle brings two drinks for Aurelia and Tony. He toasts to new friends. Michelle asks Aurelia if Sebastian Hulce ever comes here but Tony tells her to stop it. Auerlia explains that Sebastian is very dangerous and private man. Tony suggests they forget about Sebastian and asks Aurelia to dance. They head to the dance floor as Michelle has a jealous look on her face. Aurelia leaves and thanks Tony. Michelle says “nice move, Santos.” She asks if he found out where Sebastian is but Tony says not yet. He tells Michelle she has to stop acting like a jealous girlfriend.

Lizzie and Coop are at the docks. She says he’s gone and he’s not coming back. Lizzie believes it’s all her fault. Coop says let’s make this all about your suffering. He says that if Lizzie hadn’t ditched him, he would have beaten the truth out of Phillip. Lizzie says you work for me. You either help me or leave. Lizzie walks away as a mystery man watches through the fence. Coop says if I wasn’t so sure that your loony-tunes father would show up and drag you off, I’d be out of here so fast. Lizzie blames Coop’s family and claims they pushed Phillip to do that.

Coop denies it saying the Coopers never forced Phillip to kidnap the kids. Lizzie asks why Coop has it in for her and he says that she keeps proving him right every step of the way. Lizzie tells Coop to go. He hands her the keys to drive home and leaves. Lizzie hears footsteps and tells Coop she told him to leave. Lizzie then asks “who are you?”

Phillip closes a desk drawer in the Spaulding study. Alan enters the room and remarks that Phillip has come home. Phillip says he’s not staying. Alan offers to help, to turn the situation around. Phillip says Lizzie will be reunited with her brothers and sister. Alan explains to Phillip that Lizzie doesn’t want to go with him. Alan tells Phillip he had no right to take Jude. Phillip believes Jude should be with his brother. Phillip puts a brown envelope back into the wall safe. Alan wants to help before things get any worse and asks where the children are. He tells Phillip that he can trust him. Phillip says that he knows Alan understands because the children are the future of Spaulding and that’s what Alan taught him. Alan tells Phillip he needs him to stay here.

Harley is worried about her boys. Gus states the police will find them. Harley asks him not to say things she wants to hear. Gus states he loves those kids, and they feel like his own. Harley reminds Gus they are not. Gus receives a call from Alan saying Phillip is at the house with him. Harley calls Frank and tells him they’ve located Phillip, and she wants the house surrounded but the police should not go inside.

Phillip says you turned me in. Alan tells him it was Gus. He wants to help, but they have to do it as a family. Alan says if you want to leave, you’ll have to go through me. Phillip states okay let them come. I’m ready.

Danny is helping Marina clear tables at Company. Michelle’s contractor arrives asking for Danny Santos explaining that he works for his wife and the other Mr. Santos. Danny tells the contractor that Michelle and Tony are out of town and he doesn’t know when they’ll be back. The contractor states give a message. “I quit.” He leaves. Marina apologizes saying she’s been complaining about her family. Danny says in case you haven’t heard, Michelle left town with Tony and life goes on. Marina tells Danny that Michelle is going to need a contractor to finish up the Lighthouse. Danny states he is considering it as he knows he could do a good job. Danny further explains it would also be good for Robbie to see him and his mother work together and get along. Marina says your not with Michelle, but you’ll do this all for Robbie. She wishes Phillip was like that.

Alan says, “I’m on your side, yours and the children’s.” Phillip is looking at a photo of Beth. Alan talks about the model of Springfield but Phillip says it will have to wait. As they look at the model, Alan remarks that it’s a wonderful future for the children. He says the children will be so proud to see their family name and asks Phillip to bring the children home. Phillip states that dreams change. He’s made sure his enemies won’t win, and Spaulding will come out stronger than ever. Alan explains he’ll handle their enemies. Phillip says it’s ironic, I’ve finally become everything you’ve ever wanted me to be, and you can’t stomach it. Alan asks again about the children’s whereabouts and that says he’ll take care of everything. He explains this isn’t the way.

Harley and Gus barge into the Spaulding study, and she is pointing a gun at Phillip. He says, “I knew you’d come.” An emotional Harley states “you tell me where my boys are NOW! Harley is going to shoot one leg at a time until he tells her the whereabouts of Zack and Jude. Gus tells Harley this isn’t the way. Harley tells Gus to get away from her. Phillip tells Harley she won’t shoot him. Harley calls Phillip a monster. Alan states that Harley will never get away with this. Gus tries to get the gun away from Harley. She break downs and begs, “where are they?” as Gus takes the gun out of her hand. Phillip says where you’ll never find them. Harley asks “why are you doing this?” Phillip says he has to protect them from their well meaning but woefully misguided mothers. Phillip says I know what you all think, but he knows what he has to do unlike Gus who doesn’t know what side he is on. Gus says he is clear now and asks where the children are. He threatens to arrest Phillip and put him in jail. Phillip tells him to just put me in jail and he’ll rot, but that they still won’t find the children. Gus asks what he wants to end all of this. Phillip wants to be alone with Harley.

Gus tells Harley he doesn’t want to leave her alone with Phillip. Harley explains she can handle it. Phillip says you heard her and you might as well take the gun with you. Alan tells Phillip to listen to her and that they can work this out. Gus calls Harley “Coop.” She tells Gus she’s got it. Gus says if you hurt her, I’ll make sure you don’t get out of here alive and that he doesn’t need him to find the kids. Gus and Alan leave and wait outside. Phillip asks if she thought in a million years that this is where they’d end up. Harley begs for Phillip to tell them that the boys are safe. Phillip explains he would never let anything happen to boys. Harley says she knows. Harley picks up a photo of Zack on the mantle, and she talks about the first night they brought Zack home from the hospital. Phillip says our son had just been born, and I thought my father was dying. Harley says we put our son in the bed between us, and promising we’d always be there to love him. She says you can’t have forgotten that. Phillip hugs Harley and says he hasn’t forgotten anything.

The man tells Lizzie to please come quietly but Lizzie puts up a struggle. As Coop arrives and tells the man to take his hands off of her. Coop has a slab of wood in his hand. He is ready to hit the man. He takes one swing, but the man takes the wood away from Coop, and then knocks Coop to the ground. The man takes Lizzie away while she screams for Coop.

Phillip says he remembers when they brought Zack into a room full of Coopers and Spauldings and Zack made them a family. Harley says just bring him home, and we can work things out and be friends at least. Phillip says that dream left the station a long time ago. Harley doesn’t agree. Phillips states I tried so hard when were married, but things kept falling a part, and he couldn’t live up to her impossibly high standards. Harley apologies for things falling apart, but they have their wonderful little boy who needs the love from both of his parents. Phillip doesn’t want Zack jumping through hoops to meet Harley’s demand for perfection. Phillip says all the mothers of my children have victimized them because he was they father. The mothers have forced him to this. Harley asks how can you deny your children the love from their mothers? Phillip asks what about their father and that none of them thinks it’s matters. What about a father’s love? He will give them a father’s unconditional love. Harley asks like you got from your father? She apologies. Harley is crying and still holding Zack’s photo. She says I’ll do anything to get the boys back. Phillip turns and says there is one thing that he’s always wanted from her.

Harley says this is all some game to you. Phillip explains he’s never been more serious in his life. He hands her a piece of paper that will help her find the boys. Harley thanks him. Phillip states we had a deal and wants to know how much she wants the paper. He asks if she would beg him for it the way he begged her once upon a time. Phillip says I begged you to give me a chance, to take me back and not destroy our family. Harley says “oh Phillip, you are sick.” Philip says never mind. Harley apologizes and is crying. She says I’m sorry for all the pressure, hurt, and being a perfectionist and obsessive. Harley cries and says, “please forgive me.” Harley breaks down again, and Phillip comforts her. Philip says that’s enough and he does understand. He states I know what it feels like to beg and crawl for something you want so badly and not to get it. Phillip says I wish I could believe you, but I can’t. Philip shreds the paper containing the location of boys in front of Harley. Harley tries to stop Phillip from shredding the paper.

Harley is crying, falling to the floor, and desperately trying to read the shredded paper. Gus and Alan come back in. Phillip says maybe there was nothing on it and he was just messing with her. Harley cries again “where are they?” She yells at Phillip he’s not going to get away with this. Gus pulls Harley into the hallway. She asks Gus to help her put the shredded paper back together. Alan tells Phillip he is so sorry for all of this. Phillip asks, “how sorry are you dad?”

Harley and Gus are putting the shredded pieces together. Harley sees a Pier 9 and Gus explains he just had a corporate lawsuit where they moved the corporate yacht down to the docks. Harley says, “let’s go.” Gus tells Alan not to let Phillip out of his sight and will have Frank send the cops in. Phillip looks on.

Alan tells Phillip the cops will be here in a minute. Alan says I never wanted that and wanted a better life than his. Phillip says and yet you caused me so much pain and hurt me over and over again. Alan has regrets. Phillip says you can wipe it all away. He will forgive him for everything if. Alan says if I help you get out of here. Phillip says Gus and Harley about to find the kids, and he can’t get locked up again. He says to Alan all the years wiped clean. Alan states the hidden exit in the cellar. I’ll tell them I couldn’t stop you. Phillip hugs Alan, thanks him and leaves. Alan phones Frank. He says Phillip has escaped from the house.

Michelle says she’s not jealous. Tony states I don’t want her, I want you. Michelle asks why he is telling her this now. He explains he’s been trying to tell her this for a while. Michelle says that she’s been sending him mixed messages. She says part of her would love to say lets go for it and run away together, but it’s not that simple. Tony says that’s okay and doesn’t want her to do anything she’ll regret and that he’s going to give her the lead. From here out, they are going to worry about Sebastian. Tony readies to go Aurelia but Michelle stops him and says thanks. She touches her wedding ring.

Danny is trying to put together a schedule for working at the Lighthouse and taking care of Robbie. Marina offers to take care of Robbie and asks if she would get paid and Danny agrees. She wants to help Danny since she can’t help her family. They shake on their deal and Marina thanks Danny. He thanks her too, and says he needs to work and wouldn’t be able to do it without her. Marina says something good has happened and maybe it’s an omen.

Gus and Harley arrive at Pier 9 and there is no boat. Gus says they are not here because he set you up. Phillip doesn’t want either of them at the house. She calls Alan, and he asks if they found him. Alan says he turned Phillip over to the cops. He explains he sent Phillip out through the hidden exit in the cellar and told the cops they could find him there.

A police officer comes in and tells Alan that Phillip is not where he said he would be. Alan is very surprised and states “he knew I’d sell him out. And now he’s gone. Phillip is gone.” Harley cries and tells Gus that Phillip is gone. She falls to the floor saying I'm never going to see my babies again.” Gus consoles her.

The man brings Lizzie to Phillip, and they hug. She says you know him, and how could you do this to me. Phillip says it doesn’t matter, and he’s going to take her to a place where no one will hurt her. Phillips tells Lizzie that there are all kinds of father, and asks hasn’t he always been there for her. He says we have to go before they take you away from me again.

Lizzie says I can’t go. Phillip gets mad and says you have to go and trust me. Coop shows up and says he’s not letting Phillip take her. Lizzie begs to go home. Phillip says everything will be okay. He puts his hands on Lizzie’s face. Phillip says you were my firstborn child, and I’ll never let anything happen to you. Lizzie continues to tell Phillip she can’t go and cries and apologizes. Phillip says okay and kisses Lizzie’s head and says it’s not your fault. He tells Lizzie he loves her. Phillip tells Lizzie to go with Coop. They leave. The kidnapper tells Phillip they can force Lizzie onto the plane but Phillip says there is no point. The Coopers, Lewis’ and even my own family, have turned my children against me. Phillip says to tell the pilot to the cancel this flight. He has some unfinished business to take care of and will be staying in Springfield a while longer.

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