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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/9/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Company, an annoyed Olivia tells Bill that he can’t promise to her that they will find Emma. She reminds him that he doesn’t know where they were taken. Just then Billy walks in and tells the two of them that he came as quickly as he could. Billy asks Olivia if she is ok. She tells him she is ok, and he tells the two of them that he’s sure Emma will be ok. He assures them that he doesn’t think Phillip would harm the kids. Olivia full of rage yells at her father-in-law and asks why he is taking Phillip’s side.

Outside of Company, Reva reminds Josh that he didnít need to come. He tells her that he wasnít going to have her meet with Jonathan alone. She tells him that she would be fine and reminds him that it was Jonathan who requested the lunch. Reva questions Josh, asking him how he thinks things can get much worse.

Jonathan shows up, snake in hand and introduces his mother to the Ďbaby.í Reva smiles and looks at Josh. He looks back at Reva with an ĎI told you soí look.

Sebastian asks Holly if she wants out of her cell. She tells him that it is a stupid question. He tells her that he doesn’t appreciate her trying to bribe his staff. He goes on telling her that he thought she would understand. Holly looks annoyed, telling her that she gets ‘why’ she was kidnapped – to save his life. He reminds her that he told her only why he needed her, not why he needed a hostage.

In the Spaulding Mansion study, Lizzie tells her mother that if Phillip is going to tell anyone where the kids are that it will be her. Beth refuses, telling her that she doesnít like the idea.

Beth tries explaining that Phillip is unstable and no one can predict what he will do. Lizzie claims that she is the one who pushed her father so she should help find the children. Beth refuses and Lizzie asks her mother if she loves Phillip anymore. Beth looks shocked and tells Lizzie that she does. Lizzie tells her mother that if she is the only one who can help him, and that if everyone cares about Phillip they will let her.

Inside the Springfield University gym, Phillip and Rick are still shooting baskets. Rick, who still has the needle in his hand, tells Phillip that everyone is worried about the children. Phillip assures Rick that the children are fine and excited about their new lives.

Phillip tells Rick that he wants to play a game of one on one, changing the subject. Rick tries shoving the needle (capped) up his sleeve and asks Phillip what they are doing. Phillip tells Rick that they are bonding, like they used to. Rick proposes that they place some bets on the game. Phillip looks intrigued and asks what Rick had in mind. Rick tells Phillip that he wants to play for Jude.

With her cell door open Holly walks out telling Sebastian that nothing going on is normal. Sebastian jokes that neither of them know very much about normalcy. Holly tries telling him that there are other ways of getting what he wants. Sebastian concedes that he realizes the Tony and Michelle may either not make it, or not survive. Holly tells him that she doesnít understand and Sebastian simply tells her he needs her. Sebastian walks behind Holly and turns on a projector.

Sebastian shows Holly photos of her, Roger and Blake. He questions what she feels when she looks at the slides and she tells him that she feels mostly sad. Sebastian begins rattling off facts about Holly and her life. Sebastian tells her that everything isnít only about him. He tells her that he wants her to be well. Sebastian tells her that when he sees photos of her with Roger and Chrissy he sees her as in tact and in control. She tells him that it was never that way and questions what he really wants.

Jonathan tells Reva and Josh that he has a room over at the Beacon. Reva gets angry that he is staying in Cassie’s hotel. Jonathan reminds her that Olivia owns half of the hotel and tells Reva that the room is on the house. He then chimes in that he decided to collect on his inheritance. Jonathan tells the two of them that with the cash it made him want to begin a new life. Jonathan tells the two of them that he’s realizes that even with loads of money there are some things you cannot do such as wiping the slate clean. He looks at Josh & Reva and tells them that he needs their help.

Bill agrees with Olivia and tells his father that it does seem like he’s sticking up for Phillip. Bill explains that he’s simply trying to understand why Phillip is doing what he is doing. Olivia tells Billy that it is because he is insane and Billy tells her that is too simple of an explanation. Bill tells Olivia that together they’ve stopped Phillip before and that they will do it again. A courier comes up and tells them that he’s looking for Mr. & Mrs. Bill Lewis. Bill opens the packet and tells them it says it is a wedding present from Phillip. Billy looks worried. Bill looks up as his father and tells Olivia that it was Billy who ordered the INS investigation on Olivia.

Beth tells Lizzie that she can’t let her go anywhere near Phillip right now. Lizzie explains to her mother that no one gets her father the same way no one understands her. She tells her mother that in some weird way the get one another. Beth looks upset that Lizzie is the only way to find out where the children are. Beth reluctantly allows Lizzie to try and find out where the children are, but stipulates that she is going to be the one calling the shots.

Phillip tells Rick that too many people put stock in romantic relationships, when really a good friend is the hardest thing to come by. Rick agrees with Phillip and tells him that he has been a good friend. Phillip tells Rick that he loved what they used to have. He tells Rick that Zach and Jude will have chance to be best friends, as Rick and Phillip used to be. Rick asks Phillip again where the children are. Phillip tells Rick that they will have the perfect life. Phillip tells Rick that his children canít have the right life in Springfield because too many people would be pulling at them. Phillip tells Rick that his life has always been easier, because itís always easier to be the conscience. Rick tells Phillip that he doesnít know what to say. Phillip tells him that his simply being there says it all. Rick tells him that heís not there simply to get the kids back, but also to be there for Phillip. Rick proposes that the two of them go get a beer and try and figure things out. Phillip hands Rick the ball and tells him that they donít have much time. He tells Rick that people are looking for him and that he wants to play one last game for old timeís sake. The two begin playing and Rick pulls the needle out from behind his back.

Rick tries jabbing it into Phillip and the two end up on the floor. The two are wrestling and Phillip asks why Rick had to go and do that.

Sebastian tells Holly that he wouldn’t go to such lengths for a date. Holly tells Sebastian that if he lets her go she can help. Sebastian looses his temper and tells her to stop thinking of herself. Sebastian apologizes and tells him that his illness makes him moody. Holly asks if Roger lost his temper toward the end and Sebastian admits that as the disease progresses his temper will escalate.

Billy rips the paper out of Billís hand. Billy claims that Phillip is trying to drive a wedge in the family. Olivia ignores what Billy is saying and asks if it is true. Billy tries explaining what Phillip is trying to do. Bill tells his father to answer the question.

Billy tells them that they need to understand and Olivia punches Billy in the face. Olivia, in tears tells Billy that he can hate her but her child is a different story. She reminds him that Emma could have been taken away. Olivia pushes Billy and tells him that heís no better than Phillip. Billy tries stopping his son. Bill tells him that he knows his father didnít do it for him. Billy tries to explain what happened and Bill tells his father that he knows he did it for himself.

Reva asks Jonathan what it is that he wants. Jonathan tells Reva that he wants to forget that the last month ever happened. He tells Josh that if they forgive him that he will forgive them. Jonathan tells them that he could walk around being mad for the rest of his life, but he doesn’t want to. Jonathan asks Josh what he would do if he were up against the wall. Jonathan asks if Josh would blackmail or frame someone if he had no other choice. Josh begins laughing and tells Reva that Jonathan is pretending that he has information he doesn’t have. Josh admits to Reva that he framed Jonathan for stealing the wallet and that he tried to get him to leave town by bribing him. Josh tells Reva that if he didn’t love her, that he would have done a lot worse.

Back in the gym, Phillip and Rick continue to wrestle over the needle. Suddenly Phillip shoves the needles into Rick’s upper thigh. Rick tries to stand up and falls on Phillip. Phillip sits on the floor, with Rick in his lap questioning how they got this far. Rick fades off telling Phillip that he was trying to protect both Jude and Phillip. Phillip tells him that he did what he did to protect Jude. Rick tells Phillip that he needs help. Phillip tells Rick that he never thought he would betray him, and that there is only one other person he can truly trust. Rick passes out. Phillip gets his phone out and calls Lizzie.

In the study, Lizzie hears her phone ring and tells her mother that Phillip is on the other end. Beth reminds her daughter to remember what she told her. Lizzie answers the phone. Phillip asks Lizzie where she is and she tells him that she’s on her way down to the docks. He tells her that he is going to the docks to get her.

Phillip kisses Rick on the forehead and tells him that really did love him. Phillip walks out, leaving Rick alone on the gym floor.

Beth and Lizzie get ready to leave for the docks and Beth reminds Lizzie of the plan. She tells her that if something bad happens to come back to the car, where Beth will be waiting. Beth reminds her daughter that she’s going not to harm Phillip but to get back the children. Beth’s phone rings and she rushes out, telling Lizzie to stay in the house. Beth tells Lizzie that the plan can wait and not to go near her father. Lizzie agrees and Beth leaves. As soon as Beth leaves Lizzie leaves as well.

Reva asks Jonathan to leave so that she and Josh can talk about something. Josh and Reva walk off to talk. As Jonathan is heading into Company Olivia walks out. Jonathan asks her how she’s doing and she tells him that Emma was kidnapped. Jonathan actually looks worried and asks who took Emma. Olivia looks at him and asks if he truly wants to help her. He tells her that he does.

Beth rushes into the gym, calling out to Rick. She rushes over to him and he tells her that they’ve lost him.

Lizzie arrives at the docks and finds her father waiting. Phillip tells her that he knows what he is asking her to do is difficult, but that in the end it will be worth it. Lizzie asks her father where they are going and he tells her that it is going to be a surprise. Lizzie asks her father if she can say goodbye to her mother and he refuses to let her. Lizzie tells him that she doesn’t know if she can do it anymore. Lizzie makes a slip of the tongue and lets on that he knows that he has the children. Phillip realizes that Lizzie has set him up.

Sebastian reminds Holly that he doesn’t want to hurt her. He lets her know that as long as she does what she is told that she will be safe. Holly calls Sebastian a coward and he raises his hand to slap her. Holly cowers away and Sebastian stops himself.

Bill tells his father that he thought he was going to stop running his life. Billy claims that Bill didn’t see the damage she caused before. Bill asks his father if he contacted the INS to have them investigate the marriage and Billy tells his son that he didn’t. Bill doesn’t believe his father. Billy apologizes and offers to fix what happened. Billy pleads with Bill not to let it drive a wedge between them.

Olivia tells Jonathan that Phillip was the one who took Emma. Jonathan tells Olivia that Phillip is just like her brother-in-law, Alfred. He tells her that he is a bully that picks on children. He goes on to tell her, with a determined look upon his face, that no child should ever be separated from their mother. He tells Olivia that it is a sin and Olivia nods in agreement.

Phillip asks Lizzie if she came to the docks to set him up. She assures him that no one can ever turn her against him. Lizzie tells her father that she thinks what he is doing is wrong and that they belong in Springfield. Phillip hugs his daughter and tells her that he would die for her. Lizzie complains that he is squeezing her too hard. He tells her that he can’t leave her behind. She tells him that she can’t leave with him. Suddenly headlights shine on the two of them and Lizzie runs off. Phillip runs after her.

Jonathan urges Olivia to get off her butt and try and find Olivia. He warns her that not doing anything is just as bad as the kidnapping. He tells her that she will need to punish the person responsible for taking Emma. Olivia tells Jonathan that it is almost as if he can read her mind.

Holly challenges Sebastian to hit her. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her. Holly goes back in her cell and Sebastian closes the door.

Beth helps Rick to his feet. Rick cries, telling Beth that he thought they could get through to him. Beth asks if he is a danger to the children and Rick tells her that he doesn’t know. Suddenly Lizzie comes running in and tells them that she has seen her father. Lizzie tells her mother and Rick that he scared her. Beth and Rick tell Lizzie that he is simply sick and not well.

Back in the study, Phillip makes a phone call and tells someone he needs a favor. He mutters that sometimes you need to hurt the ones you love.

Rick calls Frank to tell him that Phillip is still in town and that Phillip has never been more dangerous.

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