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Guiding Light Update Friday 11/5/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Harley is inside the mansion and thinks it’s creepy that there are no maids or butlers or anyone else to be seen. She calls out for Phillip.

Michelle and Tony are speculating as to where Holly could be. Michelle believes that the motel staff knows something about Sebastian but is scared of him. She wonders if Sebastian would hurt Holly. Tony hears something at the door and tells Michelle to hide.

Holly is in the cage. A man with Sebastian puts a food tray on a table. Holly says she didn’t touch the last three trays and won’t touch that one. Sebastian asks if she intends to starve herself. He tells her that she doesn’t want to die. She tells him to let her go so she can get Ed and the Sebastian won’t die either. Holly says that Blake will be worrying about her. Sebastian says that Holly sent Blake a telegram letting her know that she was alright. Sebastian then offers to play a game of chess with Holly. If Holly wins, she can call Blake. If Sebastian wins, Holly has to eat.

Lizzie is outside the mansion when Coop shows up. She’s waiting for Bruno to pick her up but Coops is there in Bruno’s place. Lizzie tells Coop that Bruno was suppose to take her to the airport. Coop guesses that Lizzie is running away and wants to know why.

Gus sees Beth and asks if she’s OK. Gus realizes that Beth didn’t know that Lizzie confessed to Sandy’s hit and run. She wants to know why Phillip didn’t tell her.

Alan and Olivia meet at the Beacon. Olivia says she’s been asked to the house by Phillip.

Alan thinks Phillip is offering an olive branch, Olivia says that Phillip would rather beat her with it. She tells Alan that Phillip is a menace and needs to be stopped.

Harley is in the study while Phillip is observing by camera. He says, “welcome back Ruth.”

Tony opens the door and attacks the man entering the room. Michelle hits the man with a candle and knocks him out before Tony can get any information.

Holly and Sebastian play chess. He’s impressed with her chess game. She tells him Roger would have been proud of him and the way he is acting. Sebastian then says, “check.”

Coop asks Lizzie again why she’s running away. Or is she being sent away. He asks why Phillip called for the car. Coop tells Lizzie that if she doesn’t want to go, she shouldn’t.

She tells him it’s not that easy. He asks what she’s so afraid of. She says they should just go. He grabs the bags and follows.

Beth asks if Lizzie meant to run Sandy down. Gus says it was an accident and that Phillip was covering it up. Beth wonders how things got that bad. Gus says to be proud that Lizzie stood up to Phillip. Beth fusses that Phillip has led Lizzie to believe she can live by a different set of rules. Beth calls Phillip and tells him she knows about Lizzie. She wants to know where Lizzie is. Phillip says he’s keeping her from being thrown to the wolves. Beth leaves to go to the house.

Olivia meets Harley in the study. Both comment that no one was at the gate. Olivia thinks it’s creepy too.

Olivia rips into Harley about Ruth. Harley asks if Olivia is jealous of Harley and Bill or Ruth and Bill. They agree that they don’t want to lose their children. Phillip is watching the conversation.

Michelle and Tony argue and then Tony wakes the man. The man is there to complete Sebastian’s orders and help then find Ed. He tells them Sebastian has threatened people he cares for if they don’t find Ed.

Sebastian tells Holly she doesn’t hate him. He admits he needs Ed to save his life and needs Holly too. He then calls “checkmate.’ He forces her to the cage and throws her in. Then he falls down in pain.

Gus congratulates Alan on his raising of Phillip. Alan asks what’s going on. Gus admits to knowing about the accident and tells him that Lizzie confessed.

Alan says Phillip is right. He says that Phillip and his children are targets. Alan speaks of Phillip and Zack being together that morning.

Coop and Lizzie are pn the plane and Coop feels like he’s going to regret letting Lizzie go because he believes something is wrong. He says he’s going to call Frank to find out if anything is wrong.

Beth comes into the study and sees Harley and Olivia. Beth believes that Phillip has taken Lizzie somewhere and Phillip comes in.

He says it’s nice to see his childrens’ mothers getting along so well and they have a lot to talk about.

Sebastian is in pain and says Holly cares after she asks if he’s all right. She says he should be in a hospital. He says he has a choice and this is the way he has to do it.

She offers to go find Ed again but Sebastian rages that he won’t let her go.

Lizzie threatens to kick Coop off the plane but Coop threatens again to call Frank. Lizzie admits to hitting Sandy and they argue.

She says her Dad got upset and that’s why she’s there. He accuses her of taking the easy way out. He told her she was selfish and nasty and as crazy as her Dad was.

Phillip tells the wives to be patient. He says Beth can’t see Lizzie now. Beth asks if Phillip wants to doom Lizzie to a life in prison. Harley asks why they’re there and Phillip says he wants a truce.

Tony says he will find Ed. He wants Michelle to go home and let him handle it. She says she can’t walk away.

Holly admits that she let Sebastian lead her there. She asks for food. The man who brought the food came in and she offered a bribe.

Gus remembers that today was Harley’s day with Zack then gets a call about the security of a planned flight.

Harley questions if Phillip brought them there to end the fighting. Phillip admits that the last few months have been very difficult.

He admits he’s been wrong all along and everything is his fault. He says Zack is confused and he’s let Lizzie down. Alan walks in and Phillip admits that while Olivia’s actions have been horrible toward him but he still wants a true. Phillip says they don’t have to believe him, just let him know what they decide. Harley shakes her head.

Holly asks the man to let someone know where she was but Sebastian interferes. He asks if Holly wants to leave. Holly says maybe that’s what he deserves. Sebastian says he will not be denied.

Michelle says she won’t leave. She says she’s sorry for what she’s done but they’re in this together. Tony and Michelle kiss and are interrupted but the phone and the door.

The door brought a maid in who admitted she use to work for Sebastian. Tony and Michelle say they are sisters.

Coop tells Lizzie that she’s doing the right thing. He says she was brave to stay. Lizzie offers to wipe Coops debt clean if Coop offers her an alibi.

Alan says he thinks Phillip really wants to end the war. Gus comes in and doesn’t believe it. Gus asks where Zack is as Beth gets a call. Beth finds out that James wasn’t dropped off at school and Olivia starts looking for Emma.

Phillip is with Coop, Zack and James on the plane. He’s waiting for Lizzie. (I didn’t see Emma.)

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