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Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/4/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Cassie stands outside the strip club with Jeffrey, reflecting about how the ‘strip club’ life used to her life. She tells Jeffrey that the only thing she thought about on the drive up to Chicago was how she was going to tear into the club and remove Tammy. She then tells Jeffrey that she’s not sure if she can go inside now. Jeffrey offers to go inside and get Tammy for her and she scoffs, telling him that she knows she has to do it and that she’ll be fine. Jeffrey takes her hand and the two walk into the club.

Tammy sits on a dock and remembers about when her mother told her JB was Jonathon. Tammy, obviously distraught walks to the end of the dock and from behind her Sandy appears asking her if she’s ok.

At the police station, Gus meets with Harley. He tells her that he received her message and wonders if everything is ok. Harley tells Gus that she thinks that she should tell him that Lizzie is in the interrogation room ready to confess everything to Frank. Gus is mad and tells Harley that he knows she didn’t convince Lizzie to confess, but that he’s sure Ruth convinced Lizzie to come clean. Harley tells Gus that it doesn’t matter who it was.

Inside the interrogation room, Frank asks Lizzie what information she has as Gus and Harley walk in the room. Frank tells them both that they’re going to have to leave as they’re not longer on the police department. Lizzie tells them that she doesn’t mind it if Harley and Gus stay and that she was the driver in the hit & run accident.

In the Spaulding Mansion study, Phillip asks Zach what he meant when he said that “Mommy was Ruth” and Zach clarifies that his mother wears a costume to look like Ruth. Zach tells his father about the fake nose and wig, and Phillip pretends that it is funny in front of his son.

Jeffrey shows Tammyís photo the manager at the strip club who claims he hasnít seen her. Jeffrey asks if the bartender might have seen her and the manager goes off to find him.

Meanwhile, Cassie shows the photo of Tammy to the strippers and all of them tell her that they havenít seen Tammy. Suddenly one of the strippers recognizes Cassie and refers to her as the ĎPrincess Stripperí and tells her that sheís something of a legend.

On the dock, Tammy rushes away from Sandy yelling at him to stay away from her. Sandy tells Tammy how he found her (by hearing a fog horn when she called). He then tells her that he’s sure things will get better as she’s been through some tough things before. Tammy tells Sandy that this time it is different as she wanted him. Sandy tries telling Tammy that she didn’t want JB, but who she thought he was and points out that he manipulated her on purpose – something she had no control over. Tammy tells him that she should have listened to the people in her life that told her to stay away from JB again blaming herself. Sandy tells Tammy she should blame him for coming to town in the first place, Tammy screams at him that he doesn’t understand. She falls to the ground crying about how stupid she was. Sandy tells her that she’s not stupid and no one thinks that. Tammy cries about her virginity being gone and not being able to ever get it back.

In the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip thinks back to the times when Ruth was acting strangely and is interrupted when Zach tells his father not to be mad at his mother.

Zach tells his father that itís just a game and Phillip tells Zach that heís not mad at Harley. Phillip then asks Zach where his mother is tonight and when Zach tells Phillip that Harley is at the police station Phillip tells Zach that itís way past his bedtime and he needs to go to sleep. As Zach leaves Phillip becomes more and more enraged.

In the interrogation room, Frank reminds Lizzie that she can have a lawyer and Lizzie tells Frank that Gus is a lawyer. Gus asks his niece if she wants him to be her lawyer and she tells him that she doesn’t care that she simply wants to tell the truth. Harley tells Lizzie that she thinks she should tell the truth and it is obvious that she’s not. Lizzie looks confused and Harley tells her that it is obvious from the outset that Lizzie is covering for her father so that he won’t go to jail or back to Ravenwood. Lizzie tells Harley that she was the driver and that’s why she now has Coop driving her around, because she hasn’t driven since the accident. Frank asks Lizzie why she didn’t come to the police beforehand and she tells them that it was an accident, but that she assumed everyone would think she did it on purpose even though she didn’t. Lizzie tells them about how she followed Tammy in order to find Joey and when she turned the car on and hit the gas it unexpectedly lurched forward hitting something. Gus and Harley ask her where the car is and what section of the car hit Sandy, neither of which Lizzie can answer. Gus tells Lizzie about Ruth’s accident and asks if Lizzie knows who did that as well. Lizzie tells them that she doesn’t know and Harley pulls Frank aside. Harley whispers something in Frank’s ear and then Frank sits down across from Lizzie. He tells her that she committed a crime and he’s going to have to run it by the DA, but that it carries a stiff punishment. Frank then tells Lizzie that if she helps him that he may be able to help her, he asks her to tell him who tried to hit Ruth and Lizzie looks as though she doesn’t know what to do.

At the strip club, the bartender recognizes Cassie as Shady Layne, tells her that he hasn’t seen Tammy and then tells her that if she wants their help she needs to dance.

Sandy tries telling Tammy that everything will work out and reminds her of the family she has. He tells her that she’s too strong to let a guy like Jonathon break her. He tells her how beautiful and amazing and that any guy who didn’t want her would be stupid. She tells him how he’s wrong and then asks him if he would want her. He tells her that he would want her in a heartbeat.

Lizzie tells Frank that she doesn’t know who tried to hit Ruth. Harley tells Lizzie that she knows it was Phillip or someone he hired because Ruth had information on Sandy’s hit and run. Lizzie tells Harley that he father would never do such a thing, and Harley reminds Lizzie the lengths he went to in order to hide the car from the hit and run accident. Frank warns Lizzie that she will go to prison unless she confesses everything she knows about her father and the person who was hired to kill Ruth. Suddenly Phillip busts in ordering his daughter not to say another word. Harley tells Phillip that they are talking to Lizzie about the hit and run, and Frank tells Phillip that Lizzie came down of her own volition. Harley smiles as she informs Phillip that his daughter just confessed to being the one that drove the car that hit Sandy. Phillip tells Harley that since she and Gus are no longer on the police force it is a breach of protocol and anything that Lizzie said is inadmissible. Harley tells Phillip that she was at the station on other business when she saw Lizzie, who asked her to be present during the confession. Phillip then looks at Gus, and he claims he was already there at the station. Phillip calls Harley a coward for going after Lizzie instead of the person she’s really after, him. Phillip tells them all that the interview is over with and that he and Lizzie are going home. Frank tells him that he can’t do that as Lizzie voluntarily walked in and made a statement after being read her rights and denying legal counsel. Lizzie looks shocked and Frank tells her that he has to book her. Phillip tells Frank that he will bring Lizzie back in the morning with an attorney and if he has a problem with that Frank can talk to Judge Bronson, whom is a good family friend. Frank tells Phillip that he doesn’t care what judge he has in his pocket, on his way out Phillip tells Harley and Gus that they will both be sorry that they crossed him.

At the strip club, Jeffrey walks over to the strippers and bartender and tells them that he’s the DA and that if they know anything about Tammy that they need to talk. The bartender and one of the strippers walk over to Cassie and tell her they were joking as they’re ‘real proud of her.’ The strippers go back to dancing and Cassie looks at Jeffrey asking him what they should do now. He tells her that they need to keep looking and Cassie remembers back to when she was stripping. She also imagines Tammy dancing as well.

On the dock, Tammy freaks out at what Sandy said, ripping her clothes off telling him that she’s sure he wants her because she’s easy. He tells her to stop and then she begins crying telling him that she knows she’s not good enough. He tells her that she’s too good for him. She tells him that she wants to get clean and jumps in the water. Sandy dives in after her.

Cassie is convinced that the strippers are lying even though Jeffrey tries telling her that he think theyíre telling the truth. Cassie freaks out and runs behind the bar, making an announcement that someone had better come clean or she will tear the place apart. Jeffrey drags her out of the club and tries convincing her that the people in the strip club really donít know where Tammy is.

Cassie begins crying and Jeffrey assures her that Tammy is going to be fine as sheís a strong person. Cassie tells Jeffrey that if anything happens it will be all her fault and Jeffrey hugs her.

On the dock, Tammy is standing cold and Sandy gives her his jacket. He offers to crank up the heat when they get in car. He wants to take her home and she refuses. Sandy then offers to take her to Josh and Reva’s and she refuses that as well. Tammy tells him she can’t see her family and tells him that he owes her. Sandy then tells Tammy she can come to his place and he tells her he’s going to take care of her. The two leave the dock.

Lizzie follows her father into the Mansion apologizing and Phillip tells her that she doesnít have to keep saying that. Lizzie tells her father that she didnít say anything about Ruth and that she never will. Meanwhile Phillip goes to the safe and pulls out some money.

Lizzie asks her father why heís being so quiet and he tells her itís because heís counting. Lizzie tells her father that Aunt Alex thought confessing was a good idea as well. Phillip tells her that whatís done is done and tells her to go upstairs and begin packing as he has to get her out of the country. Phillip tells Lizzie that he loves her and has to take care of her to the best of his ability and orders her to do as he says.

At the police station, Harley tells Gus that Frank is on the phone with some judges trying to reverse the deal that Phillip has going on with Judge Bronson. Gus tells Harley that she should hear herself and Harley tells him that if she had known it was Lizzie driving she would have done things different. Gus tells Harley that he thinks Phillip is right and Harley points out that Phillip is crazy and she is not. Gus warns her that she can’t go after Phillip anymore and that she’s going to let Frank handle everything. Harley warns us that one way or another Phillip will pay for all the pain he has caused.

In the mansion, Phillip looks at a framed photo of Lizzie and tells himself that everything has gone too far and that no one can come after his kids and get away with it.

Cassie tells Jeffrey that being back at the strip club brings back all the pain and humiliation. She tells him that she’s tried to make a normal life for her daughter, but that she can’t take away the past. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he knows what Tammy is made of and that Cassie needs to have some faith in her daughter. Cassie asks Jeffrey why he came to help her and he tells her that he wanted to see a good outcome from a bad situation. Cassie thanks him for coming along with not judging her after seeing where she came from. Cassie calls Jeffrey a good friend and hugs him.

At Sandy’s Tammy is in bed and Sandy tells her she needs some sleep. Tammy tells Sandy that every time she closes her eyes she sees Jonathon’s face and Sandy tells her that they will try and have to take her mind off of it. Sandy reads and instruction manual to Tammy.

Phillip tells Lizzie that Bruno will drive her to the airport in the morning and that he knows not to keep quiet about all of it. Lizzie asks her father that if she runs away if it will make her look more guilty. Lizzie tells her father that she doesnít want to be alone in a strange place and he tells her that he will visit her. Phillip gets angry at the fact that Lizzie doesnít want to leave.

He then hugs her and tells her he loves her. Phillip tells her that no matter that it was an accident that they will twist what happened in order to hurt Phillip. He tells her that they canít let them lock her up. Lizzie agrees to do what Phillip wants and he assures her that it will all be ok.

As Gus as leaving, he tells her that she needs to calm down, and that Phillip isn’t right, but that she needs to let it all go. Suddenly Harley’s phone rings and Harley excuses herself to answer it claiming that it is Buzz. It turns out that it is Phillip claiming he wants a truce. Harley doesn’t believe him at first and he tells her that he’s willing to make certain concessions. HE tells her to come over to the house at 9am the following morning.

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