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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/3/04

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By Elizabeth and Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

(First 20 minutes of show was preempted by Bush’s speech.)

Outside a bar, Reva asks Sandy why he came into her life, so Sandy tells her that he never planned on pretending to be her son. He came to town to meet her and tell her about Jonathan, then he found himself wanting to be a part of her family. When Reva walked in and jumped to the conclusion he was Jonathan, he thought, "What the hell, I could be a better son than he ever would". Reva then asks Sandy about his parents and he confesses to her that he never really knew them. He says he was brought up in boarding schools and that the only people who looked after him were some teachers.  Reva tells Sandy that he needs to stop looking at her with his big sad eyes like she should forgive him.   Sandy tells her that he doesn’t expect that. Reva tells him she’s so upset because he made her love him, and he hurt Marah, Shayne and Josh, as well as herself. Sandy apologizes again and tells her that he knows she has every right to hate his guts. Reva tells him that he’s not making it any easier by trying to be a noble person about all of it.  Sandy tells her that he will leave as soon as he figures out where he’s going. Reva gets angry, telling him that she doesn’t appreciate having to be left alone to deal with her real child, someone that she can barely stand to look at and that she may never love.

At the police station, Jonathan is in handcuffs and he's alone with Josh and Billy in a room.  Jonathan tells Josh that he doesn’t think the charges are going to stick, so Josh tells him he doesn’t agree with him. Josh tells Jonathan that this is all a warning.  Billy warns Jonathan that there will be retribution for what has happened. Josh lets Jonathan know that in Springfield he has credibility and power.  Josh says that he’s going to give Jonathan a chance and orders Billy to take off the handcuffs.

At the Beacon, Bill tells Harley that Phillip is acting weird, so Harley tells him that Phillip tried to kill Ruth. Bill gets worried and tells Harley that he thinks it may be time for Ruth to retire to Florida. Harley doesn’t agree and tells Bill that she’s counting on Phillip coming after her again.   She tells Bill that she wants to put more pressure on Phillip, hoping that he will crack.  She adjusts her wig and tells Bill that it's time for Ruth to have a little meltdown, as she heads over to where Phillip is sitting.  Ruth tells Phillip that she’s awaiting an answer on her offer, so Phillip tells her that she’s in over her head. They go out to a courtyard area; Lizzie tries to get Phillip to leave with her, but he waves her off.  Ruth lets him know that she’s not afraid and that she will get what she wants.

Reva asks Sandy if he's okay and she remembers that she found him nearby after the accident.  She tells Sandy that she feels like she’s losing him all over again, even though he isn’t her son. She tells him how she wishes she could go back to when she didn’t know. She wonders who he really is, but he says it doesn't matter.  Reva then tells Sandy about having Jonathan over for dinner and that at one point she just wished he would go away. She knows that Jonathan had a bad childhood but says that it doesn't excuse his behavior.  Reva begins crying, thinking that she’s a bad mother.   She wonders what's wrong with her.

Josh gives Jonathan an ultimatum – either leave town now or something bad will happen. Jonathan seems unfazed by Josh’s warning.   Josh points out that with Billy, Jonathan will never see it coming. Jonathan is not impressed by their threats, so Billy punches him.  He falls on the ground and Billy steps on his neck. Jonathan asks Josh for help, but he claims that he can’t control his brother.   Jonathan looks scared as he gasps for breath.

Ruth tells Phillip that she thinks he’s gone over the deep end.  He reminds her that there is nothing he won’t do to protect his family.

Jonathan agrees to leave town if Billy gets off of him. Josh asks his brother to leave because he wants a moment alone with Jonathan. Josh gives Jonathan his inheritance from Richard and tells him that if he sticks around town, he will make his life miserable.   Jonathan says that his family is there and mentions Reva.  Josh points out that he doesn't even like Reva and that if it were him, he'd just want to take the money and leave.  Josh leaves after telling him to leave and never come back.

 Reva tells Sandy how Jonathan revels in pushing her buttons and how he makes her feel like she’s somehow being disloyal to Sandy. Sandy offers to play another game with Reva, but she tells him she doesn’t have any more questions.   He tells her to go inside and he'll follow her.   Sandy calls Josh, tells him not to hang up and that Reva needs him.   Jonathan waves bye to Joshua as he leaves the police station.

Josh meets Reva at the bar.  They flirt.  Sandy watches them for a moment and then leaves, satisfied that Reva is in good hands.  Joshua tells Reva that she doesn't have to worry and that it's over.  She wonders what he means.  He says that Jonathan's never going to hurt her again.

Outside, Sandy’s cell phone rings; it seems to be Tammy on the other end, but the signal is not clear.

Back at the Beacon, Phillip warns Ruth but she says she won't be leaving town.  Two guys watch from around the corner, so we're supposed to think they are Phillip's guys that are going to do Harley some harm.  Phillip pleads with her and threatens her.  The guys come out but they grab Phillip and put a strait jacket on him.  He kicks and screams as they drag him off.  Lizzie comes out so he yells at her to call the police.  Coop is there with his little dog and tells Lizzie that Phillip will be better off now and won't be knocking down people's homes.  She tells him to shut up.  Harley takes Lizzie inside and sympathizes with her.  Lizzie is afraid she'll end up like her dad.  Harley, still Ruth, urges her to let it out and tell someone because Phillip kept it inside.  She tells Lizzie to go to the police, but Lizzie looks unsure.  Next we see them at the police station.  Lizzie goes up to Frank and tells him that she has something to tell him about Sandy's hit and run.  She knows who the driver was.

Bill watches the men in white coats take Phillip away.  Olivia comes out so he tells her about it.  She already knows because she is the one who called them.  Olivia is angry at Bill for keeping her out of the loop with Harley.  She is worried that Phillip won't stay locked up for long and that Emma might come to harm.  She snaps that she thought he was different.  A little later, Jonathan shows up, acting drunk, with three pretty girls.  He demands a suite and shows Olivia his trust fund document, which is taped to his chest, to show that he can pay for it.  She tells him to go elsewhere.  Bill tries to make up with her.  He says she must trust him because they're all in this together.  He worries that someone might get killed.

The men take Phillip to Rick, who is waiting at Phillip's house.  Rick tells them to let Phillip out, and they leave.  Rick says they have to talk, but Phillip is very angry.  Rick assures him that there are no commitment papers and asks him to sit down and relax.  He tells Phillip that he is worried about him and is dismayed to find out that what others have been saying is true.  Phillip says things have gone too far now.  He sounds very paranoid and clearly this alarms Rick.  Phillip says that Rick should have just called, but Rick points out that he's called many times and Phillip never returns his calls.  Rick tells Phillip that he's very concerned about him.  Phillip figures "they" got to Rick.  Rick assures him that he's on his side.  They argue.  Phillip says he's not going back to the hospital and knows that they all want him locked up.  He wants to know who did it, but Rick won't say.  Rick assures him that they won't take him away...this time.  He won't give up on Phillip.  He wants him to have peace and be happy.  Phillip asks sarcastically if he doesn't look happy.  He seems to come to some conclusion in his head and then tells Rick "We're done here" in a dismissive way.  As Rick leaves, Phillip tells him in a small voice, "Take care, pal".  It's like he's trying to sound casual but he knows he might never see him again (at least as a friend).  Phillip drinks and then sweeps his arm across his desk to knock things off angrily.  HIs son comes in and sees him.  Phillip hugs him and apologizes for scaring him.  Zach notes that he's mad and wonders if he's mad at his mommy.  Phillip replies that he's not mad at her, he's mad at his secretary, Ruth.  Zach tells him that Ruth IS his mommy.  Phillip's eyes widen in realization and his mouth makes a big "O".

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