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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/2/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Suzanne

Josh and Reva set the table for dinner; Josh is not happy that Jonathan is coming to dinner. Josh promises to behave as long as Jonathan treats Reva the right way. They discuss him and also their other children, Marah and Shayne.  They hug and kiss.  Just as Reva and Josh are getting close, Jonathan walks in, making snide remarks.  He sits for dinner.

Dinah tells Jeffrey over the phone that Tammy is on her way to Chicago.  As soon as she hangs up, she realizes that her plan is working out better than she had hoped.

Edmund runs into Cassie as she’s leaving, and she tells him that Tammy called her. Cassie lets him know that she has to find Tammy and that it would be better if he (Edmund) didn’t go with her as he was part of the reason she left. She knows it's not reasonable because it's not really his fault, but Tammy blames him for the way Jonathan turned out.  She also informs him that she thinks Tammy is at her old strip club.  Cassie promises Edmund that she’ll stop by and see if Reva will go to Chicago to help her look for Tammy.

Ruth assures Phillip that he could have trusted her and tells him that he will have to pay for being a bad boss.  She is very annoyed that Phillip tried to run her over with his car. Phillip, Ruth and Gus decide to continue their conversation in another room. Ruth tells Phillip that almost being hit by a car put things in perspective for her, and that she’d like to begin negotiations.

Josh goes into the kitchen to bring out the food while Reva offers Jonathan a drink.  He wants alcohol but settles for cider. Jonathan doesn't think Reva will be a good cook. The whole time he is there, he is a smartass.  Josh tells him he doesn’t have to try so hard to be a tough guy. Jonathan gets up and paces around, nervous, wondering what is expected of him.  Reva tells Jonathan that she wants him to relax, make himself comfortable in her home and that she will answer any questions that he has. Jonathan asks her how it feels to go through every man in one family-- marrying them and then dumping them one by one. Reva tells her son that she loved a lot of men in her life and assures him that his father was a very caring man.  She says he is like Richard, but he thinks he's more like his Uncle Edmund.  She says that's not so bad since Edmund is a changed man, thanks to love.  He scoffs and she replies that love is better than hate.  He says he's not there for that, but he makes a joke out of it, saying he's there for the free food.  Josh comes out from the kitchen and looks none too upset that he missed the pre-dinner mother/son talk.

Jeffrey shows up just as Cassie is leaving to tell her that he knows where Tammy is and offers to go with her. She tells him that Reva will go with her, even though Jeffrey offers the use of some of his contacts in Chicago. Cassie thanks him, but again refuses.   He follows her anyway.

Dinah watches, telling herself how predictable Jeffrey is.

Phillip asks Ruth what it is that she wants, and Ruth tells him that he’s lucky that the Spaulding Enterprises attorney is present. Ruth reminds Phillip of what he told her about Sandy’s hit and run accident and how she found the car involved in the accident. Phillip warns Ruth that she’s raving like a lunatic and that if she’s not careful, she may end up in Ravenwood. Gus tries offering Ruth a cash settlement, but she scoffs at the idea. She threatens to go to the press to tell what she knows and says that the pressure might make someone come forward, such as Lizzie.   Feeling defensive, Phillip gets annoyed at that.  She points out that Ross knows that the driver was one of Phillip's hired goons.  Ruth tells Gus and Phillip that she wants Spaulding Enterprises.

Dinah shows up at the farmhouse and tells Edmund that she saw Tammy. Dinah tells Edmund that if she had known Tammy was going to run away, she would have stopped her. She thought Jeffrey would have said something to Cassie about it when he came to pick her up. Edmund tells Dinah that Jeffrey never showed up and that Cassie was headed to go to Chicago with Reva. Dinah lets Edmund know that Jeffrey and Cassie were just seen leaving together.   Edmund is stunned.

Jonathan jokes about incest, comparing Reva's history with the Lewis family to his bedding Tammy.  Josh asks Jonathan, who has gross table manners, when he’s going to leave town as it seems his work in Springfield is done. Jonathan tells Josh that he’s sick of Springfield and that he was thinking of moving to Eastern Europe, or Paris, as he hears there are “some really hot, young designers” there. Josh gets angry and warns Jonathan to stay away from both Marah and Shayne. Reva points out that Marah is moving to London anyway.  Jonathan notes that Marah probably won't get the letter and package she sent to her.  Suddenly the doorbell rings, so Jonathan jumps up to get it, and it turns out that Cassie is on the other side.

Ruth challenges Phillip and Gus to draw up the papers; Phillip laughs at her. Gus tells Ruth that he thinks she may be going a bit overboard. Phillip warns Ruth that she’s making a huge mistake, and it's one that she will not be able to take back. Ruth tells Phillip how the town could flourish under her watch, but Phillip tells her that it is not a joke. He also warns her that accidents happen all the time. Gus warns Phillip that Ruth will not meet with an untimely accident.   Phillip and Gus argue about it.

Cassie is obviously upset that Jonathan is at her sister’s house. Reva offers to go outside with Cassie to try and explain it to her. The whole time, Jonathan runs his mouth, and Josh has to tell him to shut up. Cassie tells her sister that she can’t believe Reva would invite him, someone who made Tammy run away, into her home. Reva is shocked to hear that Tammy is gone. Cassie tells Jonathan that he should be behind bars and warns him that she will hurt him if anything happens to Tammy; Reva tells Cassie to please stop. Cassie, mad at Reva as well, tells her that she thought that she could come to her for help. Suddenly, Jeffrey walks in, and Jonathan makes a comment that Jeffrey and Cassie would make a cute couple. Jonathan is amazed at his resemblance to his father.  Reva offers to help Cassie and do whatever it takes to get Tammy back. Cassie tells Reva that she can take care of her own daughter. She doesn’t understand what happened and how Reva can protect Jonathan, whom she calls a monster. Reva tries explaining to Cassie that she has to try to reach him because he’s her son.  She offers to help find Tammy again. Cassie tells her that she doesn’t need her help and that it is obvious that Reva made her choice. Cassie walks out.  Reva wants to go, but Joshua offers to go instead, but then Jeffrey goes after her.

Dinah apologizes for having to be the one to tell Edmund about Cassie and Jeffrey, and she claims that she thought he knew. Edmund pretends that he’s glad Jeffrey is with her as he didn’t want her to go alone.  He offers Dinah a drink. Dinah suggests that Edmund call Reva and make sure that Jeffrey and Cassie arrived there okay. Dinah runs out to get some ice.

Josh tells Jonathan to leave, saying that they will have to do dinner another night. Reva claims that pushing Jonathan away isn’t going to help anything. The phone rings and Josh goes to answer it. While Josh answers the phone, Reva tries to convince Jonathan to stay. Josh tells Edmund that Cassie was here and left with Jeffrey. Edmund hangs up, livid.  Dinah asks Edmund what he found out.  As Edmund smashes a glass by throwing it across the room, she tells him that she hates to say it, but she told him so.   He goes outside, so she follows.

Phillip asks Gus if he’s siding with Ruth or Spaulding Enterprises.  Gus tells him he’s not taking a side. Phillip demands that Gus take care of the situation with Ruth and he offers to have her arrested for trying to blackmail Phillip. Ruth tells the two of them that she doesn’t think it’s the best idea because she can start talking as soon as she’s arrested. Gus agrees and tells Phillip that it could open Spaulding up to a whole lot of things. Phillip asks Gus what he should do, and Gus tells both of them not to do anything rash. As Ruth goes to leave, Phillip tells her that she's not welcome there anymore.  She warns the two of them that she left what she knows of recent events to her attorney in a sealed envelope, so if anything happens to her, the police will receive it. After Ruth leaves, Gus asks Phillip to level with him and asks Phillip point blank if he put a hit on Ruth. Gus surreptitiously puts a tape recorder on while he asks.  Phillip laughs and pretends to be offended that his brother would ask such a thing.

Edmund has hung up on Josh without saying goodbye.  Joshua sees Jonathan's backpack and seems about to rummage through it.  Jonathan decides to leave.  When Reva seems upset by it, he tells her that he just doesn’t do "the family thing". Reva tells Jonathan how it hurt both her and Josh that Cassie is in as much pain as she is, and explains that what he did to Tammy was inexcusable. Jonathan pretends to be freaked out by seeing Jeffrey, his father’s double, and her in the same room, so Reva apologizes. Jonathan puts a guilt trip on her, basically, and she falls for it.  He tells his mother that he’s never coming back.

Gus reminds Phillip that he helped him while he (Phillip) was in Ravenwood and that he helped protect Alexandra. Gus tells Phillip that he can’t walk away from everything because he knew better and goes on to tell Phillip that he recently found out that Ruth Karloff was the Spaulding Enterprises mole sent by Bill. Phillip thanks Gus and tells him that he will take care of Ruth. Gus tells Phillip that he’s going to get rid of Ruth, but that he’s going to do it his way and going to make sure she has plenty of the two things she wants – money and power. Phillip tells him to do it fast, and Gus assures his brother that Ruth will be on a plane tonight.

Dinah apologizes to Edmund for bringing him the bad news but claims that it is better to know things. She sympathizes with him.  Edmund talks about "killing him", but she reminds him that it doesn't always out well.  He talks about making him disappear, so she thinks he means Jeffrey, but he means Jonathan.  He says he’s done nothing but cause trouble since he came to town, and now Cassie's having to dredge up her past.  Edmund blames himself for Reva having to send Jonathan away and thus his bitterness toward the family. Dinah agrees and tells him that she knows what it is like to risk everything you have just to be close to the people you love, so that you don't feel alone and lost.   They kiss.

Cassie shows up at her old strip club in Chicago.  She is hesitant to go in alone.  Jeffrey arrives to go in with her, so she lets him.

Edmund asks Dinah to leave. Dinah reminds Edmund that as much as he hates Jonathan, she knows he doesn’t have it in him to kill, but he says he does. She reminds him of what she witnessed inside the barn on the night of the fire. Dinah lets Edmund know that she thinks he is going to do the right thing.

Reva tries convincing Jonathan to stay, and he tells her that she’s outnumbered since both he and Josh think it would be best for him to go. Jonathan leaves, and Reva yells after she will call him. After Jonathan leaves, Reva tells Josh that she almost got through to him.  Josh tells Reva that perhaps she only saw what he wanted her to see. He points out that Jonathan is dangerous and hateful.  Reva reminds Josh that she’s not going to abandon her son.  She decides to take a walk. As soon as Reva goes outside, Josh calls the police to report a stolen wallet.

Gus meets Harley in a bar.  He tells her that Ruth needs to stay in a bag and not come out anymore. Harley assures Gus that she wasn’t followed.  Gus fills her in on what happened after she left, including that he’s outed Ruth as the mole.   He leaves to get rid of Ruth; she thanks him again for saving her life.  He tells her to go home to her kids, but she reminds him sadly that she doesn't have a home any more.

Phillip is on the phone with one of his men, who tells him that he lost Ruth while following her. Phillip angrily tells the man on the other end to find her, get rid of her, and not to call him until the job is finished.

Harley calls Bill and asks him to bring Ruth’s backup outfit to the Beacon for one last impersonation as Ruth.

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