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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/1/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Holly, in the cell, tells Sebastian that if his point in taking her captive to put Roger's memory to rest it was not working. She asks Sebastian to open up the cell. Talking to himself, Sebastian tells Holly that he's sorry, but this is the way it has to be and that it's a matter of life and death. Holly says Roger would be proud and wants to know what Sebastian wants from her. She tells him she's his prisoner and a captive audience. Sebastian then appears and states that he prefers "guest." Sebastian opens the cell doors, grabs Holly, and forces her to sit down. He states "you can make this as pleasant or unpleasant as you like." Holly says if she had her way, he'd be roasting in hell with his father. Holly wants to be let go and asks Sebastian to tell her the truth. She asks if he is Roger's son or some lunatic. Sebastian yells and says I am his son in more ways than I'd like to be. He says he will tell her the truth since both their lives depend on it. Sebastian says that, since he was a kid, he knew he was different. Holly states you're just one of a kind. Sebastian says, "when he met his father, he knew he was special." He says, "I knew then I'd be destined to follow in Roger's footsteps." Holly states that he lured her there because of Roger and asks if it's about a ransom. Sebastian asks if she thinks he wants to make money off of her? He explains he has enough money. Sebastian explains that when he met his father, he was struck by how much we were alike, with the same taste in music, clothes, food and wine. The even shared the same genetic deficiency. It's all in the blood. The big difference between them is that the disorder killed Roger, but he is still alive and kicking, so far. Sebastian then explains that he's dying.

Holly doesn't believe him, which angers Sebastian. He grabs Holly and forces her to sit down at a desk. He shows Holly a medical report about red and white blood cells. She says it's inoperable and irreversible and that she's sorry. Sebastian then becomes enraged and grabs Holly and says he wants a life. Holly stares with fear. He shoves her back into the cage and activates the cell bars. Holly doesn't understand and asks what he wants. Sebastian says you are the only person who can get me what I need. She says you need a doctor. Sebastian says I'm terminal unless I make contact with one particular man. She asks who. He says he's in Africa and that's he's his only hope. Holly asks if it is Ed Bauer? Sebastian states that this one particular deficiency, and resulting disease, it's running rampant where Dr. Bauer is working, but Ed is making significant progress in treatment. Holly realizes that she's bait since this has nothing to do with Roger. Sebastian asks if it's so difficult to understand his position. Sebastian states do you honestly think Ed Bauer would go out of his way to cure the son of his worst enemy? Holly asks what Michelle has to do with this. Sebastian says she will find her father and bring Ed to him. Michelle will tell Ed that Sebastian has Holly, and he will come. Holly asks what happens if you don't find him. Sebastian says, "then I'll die." Holly says "and I'll die with you." Sebastian says the idea is to live. Holly tells Sebastian that if he lets her go, she'll have a better chance of convincing Ed to come than Michelle since Michelle has no memory. Sebastian says Ed would do that for you. He says he can't take the chance. Sebastian says, "you are not my bait, you are my bargaining chip." Ed Bauer will not come here to cure Sebastian, but he will come to release Holly. He says Holly will stay here with him. Sebastian states I'll see you in the morning. Holly says you came to town with Roger's ashes and gold coins and she fell for every bit of it. Sebastian says nothing is as strong as the will to live. He will not follow his father into the grave to spare Holly the inconvenience of having to think about Roger for a little bit longer. That is not an option. Sebastian walks away.

Blake and Danny arrive at Towers. She is lightheaded. Blake says she shouldn't have had that last glass of wine. Ross approaches Danny and Blake. Danny says kiss and make up. Ross says Danny has the right idea. Ross states a kiss and an "I'm sorry" will go a long way to be putting the fight they had behind them. Blake says okay, go ahead. Ross states he's waiting for a kiss and apology from Blake. Ross then asks why Danny is with Blake. She says he found me in bed but Danny says it's not what you think. Blake states she went to the Lighthouse and Danny found here there, and they shared two bottles of wine. Danny states that after the wine, Blake wanted to find Ross and make amends. Blake says, no, I wanted amends made. Ross says "oh, from me?" He says I have no reason to apologize and walks away. Blake says, "you've got to be kidding me?" She receives a telegram from Sebastian saying Holly and Michelle are with him and business is going well. He asks Blake to continue to keep this a secret. Danny asks what the telegram is about. Blake says it's about a friend who travels around the world and is into romance.

Danny expresses that Blake and Ross will be fine. Blake thanks Danny for the Lighthouse. Danny says he didn't do anything and Blake says that's what I mean.

On the terrace, Alan asks Phillip if he is all right since he just told Lizzie he'd risk everything to keep her safe. Alan wants to know what kind of risks Phillip was speaking of.

Phillip says he's waiting for a message that will make everything okay. He says the message is about Ruth and after tonight, she won't be a problem anymore. Phillip states that Ruth had an agenda. It was about the survival of their family. Phil receives a phone call from the man hired to kill Ruth. The man says the lady was road kill until someone pushed her out of the way of the car. He says it looked like Gus Artiro. Phillip is full of rage. He calls the man an incompetent idiot and is really starting to lose it with Alan hearing all of this. Phillip ends the call saying that she's out there walking around and that "she knows." Enraged, Phillip picks up a planter to throw it.

Alan stops Phillip and tells him to get hold of himself. He asks if Phillip hired someone to kill Ruth Karloff. Phillip says Ruth found the car which means that Lizzie can be nailed for the hit and run that almost killed Sandy Foster. Alan says "Lizzie hit Sandy Foster?" and Phillip yells, "YES!" Phil states, "I had to get rid of Ruth to save Lizzie's life." Alan is stunned that Lizzie was driving the car. He asks why and Phillip says that these things happen.

The car, and man wearing the green monster mask, drive and aim towards Ruth. She yells "HEY!" and puts her hands in front of her face. Gus knocks her out of the way just in time, and they fall into some trash bags. Ruth's wig and glasses come off and Gus says "Harley." He says "you're Ruth." Harley tells Gus to get off of her. He says he knew there was something about her that bugged him and now he knows what it is. You're her, and she's you. Harley tells Gus maybe he could be concerned about her health and check for broken bone. Gus says you're fine. She tells Gus again to get off of her because she can't breath. Gus yells and says he's not going anywhere until he knows what's going on. Harley explains why she invented Ruth so that she could stop Phillip before someone got killed. Gus asks if Harley believes that Phillip would try to kill her. Harley asks why Gus thinks they are lying there? She tells Gus again to get off of her. As Harley and Gus get up, she says this was attempted murder and not some accident.

Tony is in a hotel room on an island. An officer shows Tony a photograph and Tony says it's not her. The officer says they'll keep looking for the lady and leaves. Tony has flashbacks of Michelle asking him if they will be get through this. Michelle enters the room with the officer and says "nice weather we're having huh?" Tony hugs her in relief. He has tears in his eyes. Tony explains he tried swimming after Michelle, but couldn't find her. Michelle says I kept remembering the memory flash of my Mom and how you and I were going to be okay. She shows Tony the coin and says that the fact that it survived was a good omen. She tells him she started walking and found a road. Michelle wants a hot meal, dry clothes and soft bed. She lies down on the bed, and Tony asks if this is a joke to her. Michelle says you were afraid that you'd lost me. She wants Tony to admit it and be brave. Michelle says that if she told herself that she survived, she wouldn't take one minute for granted again. Michelle says she was thinking about Robbie the entire time and wants to call him. She calls Robbie's nanny and asks to talk to him. Michelle talks to Robbie. He asks where she is. Michelle is then lying in the bed and Tony is sleeping on the sofa. She says if they are going to search for Holly in the morning, they both need a good night's rest. She tells Tony to join her in the bed. Tony says when you go through something like the storm; you appreciate what you've got and what you could have lost. He says when I crawled up on the beach, I thought I'd lost you and that my life was over. Tony states I thought there was no way of living in this world without you. He says Michelle, but she has fallen asleep.

Tony kisses her head goodnight.

Lizzie visits Alex at the police station and Alex is very glad to see her. Lizzie is very upset and Alex says that she can tell her anything. Lizzie asks Alex how she does it. How do you handle being in here? Alex says by quiet meditation. Lizzie says she thinks she'll be in here soon too. She says things are getting crazy and she doesn't know what to do. Alex tells her to calm down and tell her everything. She asks if Alex heard about the car that almost killed Sandy foster. Lizzie says, "it was me."

Scenes switch between Phillip and Alan, and Lizzie and Alex, explaining the accident. Lizzie says that everything happened so fast and that if she had hoped that if she just kept driving and driving, it would end up being a bad dream. Alex says that things have a way of coming out. She wants Lizzie to think about it. Alex explains she will get Lizzie through this but not to tell Phillip anything.

Phillip tells Alan that he looked at the car in the garage and the front end was all banged up, and it was obvious what had happened. He took the car to the swampy corner of the property and didn't think anyone would find it. No car, no crime. But Ruth found it.

Lizzie explains that Phillip is trying to take care of her, but she can't sleep and wants to confess to the accident Alex says confessing might be the only way of Lizzie saving herself.

Alan says you did all of this to protect Lizzie. Phillip says Lizzie is a Spaulding, and the police chief is a Cooper. It's exactly what they've been waiting for. Alan asks who? Phillip says all of them, the press, the Coopers and the Lewis'. Alan says you have done more than covering up a crime, you've almost had woman killed. Phillip says 'you don't get to do that Alan. You don't get to pull back now.' He says we have to be strong now. If you let up a little bit, they lock you up. He talks about what happens at the psychiatric hospital and Alan tells him that he can't control everything, no one can. Alan says he's learned that lesson the hard way. Alan says there is a way of protecting your family without going so far. Phillip receives another phone call. It's Lizzie's driver explaining that Lizzie is at the police station visiting her Aunt Alex and seems very upset. Phillip tells Alan he has to stop her before she ruins everything. They leave.

Harley tells Gus about the car and that the treads match the tire tracks at the scene of the accident. She says the car she found was Phillip's on Spaulding property. Harley states Phillip hates the Lewis', and he will take out anyone who gets in his way, including Ruth. Gus says it doesn't make sense since Phillip trusted her. Harley says he did until Ruth told Phillip about finding the car. Gus wants to talk about the facts. There is a person in this situation who lied to cover up the truth. He says you invented a person to infiltrate my family's business. Harley says your family has too much power and has tried to hurt people she loves. Harley says if I'm right, you have to help take down a man who is ready and able to kill to have his dreams realized. Ross arrives and says he's out for a walk. Harley hides. Gus asks if he had a rough night. Ross states something like that and asks what happened here. Harley is back in Ruth's disguise. Ruth says "go ahead Mr. Aitoro. Tell the man." Gus introduces Ruth to Ross. Gus states that Ruth was almost hit by a car. Ross asks isn't this the neighborhood that Sandy Foster was hit in? Ruth says Mr. Aitoro saved my life. Ross wants a report to include Gus's suspicions by tomorrow afternoon. As Ross leaves, Harley says, "you do believe me." Gus says "I'm going to need a full report, Miss Karloff." Harley thanks Gus and says that it means everything to her. Gus says that it makes her happy that he's choosing Harley over his family. Harley smiles and says "finally." He says I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for me. Gus says I need to find the truth and stop my brother before he destroys himself or someone ends up dead.

Phillip and Alan arrive at the police station. He asks Lizzie what she's doing here. Alex thanks Phillip for letting Lizzie visit. She says we've had a wonderful talk. The police officer tells Alex it's time to go back to her cell. Alex wants Phillip to take Lizzie home. Alan says your aunt is right. Phillip asks Lizzie what she was talking about to Alex. Phillip says it's okay and that her grandfather knows. Alan says "we should go." Phillip guides Lizzie out of the interrogation room.

Ruth is reporting a hit and run. Phillip sees Ruth and asks what she is doing here. Gus says that Miss Karloff was almost hit by a car tonight and it happened outside of Farley's bar. Ruth says I think someone tried to kill me. As Alan takes Lizzie to the car, Gus walks away for a minute. Phillip says he feels awful about his. Ruth asks "Do you?" She states that she's been a good and loyal employee and tried to help him with his little driving problem.

Ruth says you could have trusted me, but instead, you tried to kill me. "You've been a very very bad boss, and you're going to have to pay for that."

The nanny brings Robbie to Danny at Towers. Robbie had a bad dream. Danny asks Robbie if he's okay. Danny asks about Michelle. Robbie says that mommy said she misses me and that's she having a lot of fun.
He asks Danny "isn't that great." Danny says, "yeah bud, that's great."

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