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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/1/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Holly is inside her prison cell, pacing back and forth. She yells to Sebastian telling him that this isn’t the correct way to put Roger’s memory to rest and to open the cell up. Sebastian is sitting a few yards away on the floor with his back to the wall and says (more to himself it seems than Holly) that he’s sorry that this is the way it has to because it is a matter of life and death.

Blake and Danny stumble drunkenly into Towers commenting that neither of them should have had that last glass of wine. Blake grabs her chest and looks upset, so Danny asks her what is wrong. Blake tells Danny that Ross is at Towers and that she’s not ready to see him yet. Danny reminds Blake that at least she has the person she loves right in front of her. Danny walks of to get them some coffee and decides to stick around when Ross comes over to say hello. Ross lets Blake know that he’s been looking for her, and Danny in his drunken stupor tells them both to kiss and make up. Ross tells Blake that he thinks Danny is right – that a simple kiss and apology would go a long way. Blake agrees and looks at Ross waiting for the apology. Ross tells Blake that he was expecting the kiss and regret from her.

Out on the balcony at Towers Alan joins Phillip and checks to make sure his son is ok. Phillip tells his father that he is fine and Alan tells Phillip that what he told Lizzie (that Phillip would do anything to protect her) makes Alan wonder what kind of risks Phillip is willing to take. Phillip tells his father not to worry as he’s outside awaiting the call that will tell him that everything is going to be ok. Alan questions his son and Phillip tells his father that Ruth has been a problem that will be solved.

Outside of Farley’s Ruth squints at the headlights aimed directly for her and suddenly realizes that the car is headed for her. Ruth screams out, and suddenly Gus comes from nowhere and shoves Ruth out of the way and onto some piles of garbage in the alleyway. The car rams toward them again, hits only a garbage can and takes off. Ruth looks up to see who pushed her out of the way and in doing so rubs her forehead which causes the wig to come off. Gus realizes that Ruth really is Harley. Harley looks worried that Gus has now found out her secret. Gus looks shocked and tells Harley that he thought there was something familiar about her. Harley tells Gus to get off of her and that perhaps instead of analyzing who knew what about Ruth that he should be looking for broken bones. Gus tells Harley he’s not going anywhere until she tells him what’s going on.

Tony is inside room with a policeman of some sort. The policeman shows Tony a photo, Tony looks at it and tells the policeman that it isn’t her. The police assure that they will continue to look for the ‘lady.’ Tony nods, thanks the man and watches him leave. Tony walks over to a window and looks out, remembering the final moments he shared with Michelle on the boat. Suddenly Michelle walks in and tells Tony hello. Tony looks shocked, and runs over to hug her. The two of them are crying.

Holly tells Sebastian that Roger would be proud of him and that he has her locked up. Holly wants to know what more he wants. Sebastian gets up, and tells Holly that he prefers to think of her as his guest. Holly muses how amazing it is what traits get passed on from one generation to another. Sebastian tells Holly not to make things ugly, opens the prison door with food in hand; Holly walks out and towards the door. Sebastian grabs her, orders her to sit down and tells her that her stay with him can be as pleasant or as unpleasant as she wants to make it. Holly begs Sebastian to let her go. Holly asks if Sebastian is really Holly’s son and he tells her that he is in more ways than he wishes he was. Sebastian then tells Holly that he thinks it’s about time her came clean to her with the truth.

At the Springfield Police Station Alex walks into the interrogation room to see Lizzie. Alex is happy to see her niece and gives her a hug. Alex immediately asks her niece what is wrong and Lizzie tells her aunt that she just wanted to visit. Alex can sense that something is wrong and convinces Lizzie to tell her what is wrong. Lizzie asks her aunt how she can stand to be in someplace as horrible as a jail. Alex tells Lizzie that she can’t think about how horrible jail is or it makes it worse. Alex asks Lizzie why she is asking and Lizzie tells her that she fears she may soon be in jail with her aunt.

Back on the balcony at Towers Phillip tells his father that Ruth had an agenda. Alan tells Phillip that he should simply pay Ruth off when Phillip gets a phone call from the driver of the car. The driver tells Phillip that he had Ruth in his headlights until someone, who looked like Gus pushed her out of the way. Phillip yells at the driver calling him an idiot. Phillip tells the driver that he didn’t want her dead; simply that he wanted her to disappear. Phillip hangs up and has a mini breakdown, muttering that now she’s wandering around knowing about the car and what happened earlier. Phillip picks up the closest thing to him, which happens to be a potted plant and it looks like he’s going to throw it to the ground. Alan stops him, telling Phillip that there are people on the ground. Phillip puts the plant down and Alan gently questions Phillip about what he hired the man to do. Phillip is enraged and yells that it is about his daughter’s life, not Ruths and he tells his father that Ruth found the car which links Lizzie to the accident that almost killed Sandy. Alan looks shocked and makes sure he heard correctly about Lizzie. Phillip tells his father that yes; Lizzie was driving the car that hit Sandy which made it necessary for him to get rid of Ruth in order to save Lizzie’s life.

Harley tells Gus that the only way for her to stop Phillip was from the inside. She reminds Gus that Phillip is out to ruin lives and she had to find a way to stop him. She tells him that she invented Ruth to try and stop Phillip from hurting someone like Ruth. Harley stands up and claims that the almost hit and run was attempted murder. Gus looks like he doesn’t totally buy it.

Sebastian tells Holly that since he was little he knew he was different and never understood it until he met his father. Sebastian tells Holly that from the moment he met his father he knew he was destined to follow in his footsteps. Holly asks why he lured her then and Sebastian continues to tell her about when he first met Roger and how similar they were. Sebastian tells Holly that the difference between him and his father was that the deficiency killed Roger and so far it hasn’t killed him yet. He then tells Holly that he is dying.

Michelle has a glass of water while Tony tells her that he had half the island look for her. He tells her about how he went back swimming for her after they went overboard. Michelle tells Tony that through the whole thing she kept thinking about what her mother said to her in the vision about being brave, she then shows Tony the coin and tells him that she took it as a good omen that it made it through the storm. Tony tries telling Michelle that she needs to go to a doctor and Michelle refuses, telling Tony that she’s fine and simply needs a shower, warm food, and a bed.

Danny tells Ross and Blake that he needs to call it a night and starts to take off when Ross asks him why he was with Blake. Danny tells Ross that they ran into one another earlier and Blake butts in to tell Ross that he found her in bed. Ross looks completely confused and Blake tells her husband that Danny found her in Michelle’s bed by accident as she had planned to spend the night at the lighthouse. Blake then tells Ross that they shared some wine and then came looking for Ross. Blake tells Ross that she was looking for Ross to make amends and Ross tells her that she won’t get it from him and walks off. Just then someone comes up to Blake and hands her a telegram from Sebastian. The telegram says that Michelle and Holly are with him and that everything is fine, and to keep it secret. Blake sighs loudly, which Danny hears and he asks if everything is ok.

Phillip tells his father that he would have told him sooner, but that he thought he had the situation handled. Alan asks Phillip why she was driving, and Phillip tells Alan that sometimes ‘these things just happen.’

Lizzie tells her aunt that things have gotten totally crazy and that she no longer knows what to do. Alex hugs her and convinces her to tell her everything. Lizzie confesses to her aunt that she was the one driving the car.

Phillip tells Alan that Lizzie panicked and tried to hit the brakes that it was too late.

Lizzie tells her aunt that she didn’t even know who she hit, but that she kept driving like she was on auto-pilot the whole way home.

Phillip tells Alan that when Lizzie got home she told him exactly what had happened, that he looked at the car and the damages seemed obvious so he had to take care of it. Phillip tells his father that he took the car out to the swampy part of their property and sunk it as deep as he could, thinking that if the car couldn’t be found then they wouldn’t be able to find out who committed the crime either. Phillip tells Alan that somehow Ruth went out there and found the car.

Lizzie tells Alex, that lately Phillips whole attitude is simply telling Lizzie ‘not to think about it.’ Lizzie tells Alex that she can’t stop thinking about what happened and that she has continually thought about confessing to the police. Alex tells her that confessing may be the only way to save oneself.

Phillip tells Alan that since Lizzie is a Spaulding and the police chief is a Cooper that it is ‘exactly what they have been waiting for.’ Alan looks confused and asks who would be waiting for such a thing. Phillip tells him that everyone is – the Coopers, the press, the Lewis’s. Alan tells Phillip that he has done more than cover up a crime, he has almost killed a woman. Phillip tells his father to be strong. Philip tells his father that he can’t show a weakness, that he has to control everything or they will lock him up. Phillip begins ranting about electricity being pumped through his brain and being drugged up. Alan tells Phillip that he can’t, nor can anyone else control everything.

Alan tells his son that he has to think things through better without going so far. Phillip’s phone rings and it is Lizzie’s driver telling him that Lizzie had him drive her to police station to see Alex and that she seems very upset. Phillip runs off the balcony yelling to his father that he needs to stop Lizzie before she ruins everything.

Gus looks at Harley in disbelief and tells her that he can’t believe that Phillip would try to take someone’s life. Harley tells Gus to listen to her and shows her the evidence she has against Phillip for the hit and run accident. Harley tells Gus that she thinks he’d want to kill anyone who opposes him, Gus tell her it still doesn’t make sense why he would want to kill Ruth. Harley tells Gus that Ruth told Phillip that she found the half buried car. Gus asks Harley if she told Frank, and Harley tells him that she hasn’t yet. Gus asks if she is going to out herself as Ruth, and Harley asks Gus that the real question is what he is going to do.

Holly claims that Sebastian is demented, and that it is all a lie until he shows her a medical report. Sebastian points out that what he has is inoperable and irreversible. He grabs Holly and tells her he wants a life. Sebastian in his fury throws her back into the cell and closes the door.

Tony tells Michelle that he was worried about her and what he would tell her family. Michelle confesses that while she was in the water that she promised she would never take one moment for granted if she lived through the storm. She decides that she has to talk to Robbie, as he was all she could think about. Michelle picks up the phone and calls to talk to Robbie. He tells her that he had a bad dream and then asks where his mother is.

Blake tells Danny that nothing is wrong and then assures Blake that everything will be fine between her and Ross. As Danny is leaving Blake thanks him for doing nothing at the lighthouse.

Alex tells Lizzie that somehow the truth always finds a way out. Alex tells Lizzie that being consumed by guilt is a worse punishment than anything any court could hand down, and tells her to take a few days to think about everything. Alex also tells Lizzie that in the meantime she shouldn’t tell her father anything. Just then Phillip, Alan and two policemen rush into the interrogation room where Alex and Lizzie are. Phillip asks her daughter what she is doing with Alex. Alex thanks Phillip for allowing Lizzie to come visit her, when very few others have taken the time to do so. Alex looks at Lizzie, tells her to remember what she said and then urges Phillip to take Lizzie out of the police station. Alex gets taken back to her cell, and as Lizzie goes to leave Phillip tells Lizzie he wants to know what she and Alex were talking about.

Gus tells Harley that he agrees with her, that someone did lie and cover all the facts – and that person was her. Harley tells Gus that his family has too much power, which they use to hurt other people. Harley challenges Gus, and tells him that if she is right – he has to help her take down Phillip. Harley walks off, as she sees someone walking towards them. Ross stops and tells Gus ‘hello’ and tells Gus that he’s taking a walk to remind himself that he’s one of the good guys. Ross notices the mess all around and asks what happened. From behind Gus we hear Ruth’s voice urging Gus to tell Ross what happened. Gus introduces Ruth to Ross, and Gus tells Ross that Ruth was almost hit by a car. Ross looks around and notices that they’re in the same area that Sandy was hit. Gus agrees with Ross and tells him that he believes it was the same person that hit Sandy who tried to hurt Ruth. Ruth assures Ross that she is ok, and Ross requests that Gus write up a report on what happened including any suspicions he has about what happened. Ross calls the police and leaves. Ruth looks at Gus says that she’s glad he believes her. Gus doesn’t really reply, but just tells her that he’s going to need a report. Gus begins to walk off and Harley calls out to him thanking him for helping her. Gus asks if she is glad he is choosing her over his family. Harley tells him that she is and it looks as though the two may reconcile. Gus tells her that he’s not doing it for her but for himself, his family and so that no one ends up hurt. Harley looks at him with a wounded expression and nods.

Holly tells Sebastian she doesn’t understand why he brought her here and wants to know exactly what it is that he needs. Sebastian tells her that she’s the only person who can get him what he desires. Sebastian tells Holly that he is terminal unless he makes contact with one particular doctor, Ed Bauer. Sebastian tells Holly that the disease that he has runs rampant in Africa where Ed is working and that he has heard Ed is making great strides against the disease there. Holly is startled that she is simply being used as bait and that it has nothing to do with Roger. Sebastian tells Holly that Michelle will find her father or the two of them will die. Holly tries to convince Sebastian that she has a better chance of getting Ed to come to the island than Michelle, who doesn’t even remember her own father. Sebastian won’t agree to let Holly go.

Michelle is in bed, while Tony is lying on the floor trying to be comfortable. Michelle tells him that if they’re both going to look for Holly bright and early in the morning that they both need a good nights sleep and invites him into the bed. Tony climbs in and tells him that the storm made him think about what he could have lost. He tells her that when he got ashore he knew he couldn’t live in a world without her in it. When he checks to make sure Michelle is listening he finds he asleep.

Tony leans over and kisses her on the forehead.

At Towers Robbie’s babysitter drops him off to Danny. Robbie comes running up to his father and tells his father that his mother called and made his bad dreams go away.

Phillip tells Lizzie that he told her she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Alan tells both Phillip and Lizzie that he thinks they should get going. As they walk out of the interrogation room the three of them see Ruth alongside Gus telling a police officer that she would like to report a hit and run. Phillip looks startled and asks Ruth what she is doing at the police station. Gus tells Phillip that Ruth was almost hit by a car and Alan, Phillip and Lizzie look shocked. Ruth tells the three of them that she thinks someone tried to kill her. Lizzie looks at Ruth and then up at her father, and it looks like she might be figuring out what happened. Phillip is quick to announce that he thinks someone must be targeting people at the bar and tells Ruth he’s worried about her.

Alan ushers Lizzie outside and Ruth questions whether or not Phillip is really worried about her, he assures he is. Ruth tells Phillip that he has been a very bad boss and that he will have to pay.

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