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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/29/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Reva answers the door to trick or treaters at the Lewis house. Josh serves the kids candy as Reva tries to call Jonathan. Josh tells her that he's not coming and that Jonathan tried to threaten her. Reva confesses he didn't hurt her as Josh states he can still see the marks on her neck. Josh doesn't believe they'll ever hear from Jonathan again. Josh tells Reva that Jonathan is dangerous and that if he hadn't stopped him he might have killed her. Reva shares that she put Jonathan's hands around her neck because she knew it was an act and was calling his bluff. Josh then answers the door to Sandy. He tells Reva "it's the other one." Sandy wants to tell them something about Jonathan. Josh reluctantly lets Sandy in. Sandy states that Jonathan only wants to be a part of Reva's life in order to hurt her and that hurting Tammy is just the beginning. What he really wants is to hurt Reva. Reva understands why Jonathan is angry as he's been cheated out of his life. The door bell rings again and Reva answers. A man wearing a mask arrives and says "your candy or your life."

Josh grabs the man and pushes him against the door, saying "do you think that's funny?" Jonathan takes off the mask and says "easy Mom, easy. It's only me. Boo."

Jonathan says he has an invite from the lady herself. Reva agrees and asks Josh to back off. Sandy tells Jonathan to trick to treat somewhere else while Jonathon tells Reva to stop harassing him. Reva says he must want to see her since he could have said that on the phone. Jonathan says "you think?" Josh tells Jonathon to back off and grabs him again. Jonathon says "I did want to see you again and I can't stop thinking about that hug you gave me." He tells Josh she's 'something' which infuriates Josh grabs him from behind and puts his arm around his neck. Josh, still holding his hands around Jon's neck, pushes him out of the door and tells him not to come back. Jonathon taunts Josh calling him "big Daddy." Reva pulls Jonathan back into the house as Sandy tries to restrain Josh. Josh tells Sandy that he's fine. Back inside of the house. Reva asks Josh what he's doing. Reva suggests he go outside and calm down. Josh yells that he can't stand here and let Jonathan pull this stuff. Sandy is also back inside of the house. Reva wants Josh to leave them alone to work things out. Josh initially protests and then agrees. Outside, Josh calls Edmund saying he needs to see him. He asks Edmund to meet him at the Towers as it's about Tammy and Cassie's safety. Edmund agrees to meet in fifteen minutes.

Reva gives Jonathan something to drink. Jonathan decides to leave saying he knows he's not welcome here. Sandy says good idea, and Reva tells him to sit. She asks if Sandy doesn't have some packing to do upstairs saying she'll call Sandy upstairs if she needs him. Jon says "see you Sandman" as Sandy leaves. Reva tells Jon he could answer some questions and asks him why he is so determined to fight her. Jon says I don't give a damn about you. He's only here to get his trust fund, and hooking up with Tammy was a bonus. Reva asks if he's trying destroy her family. She says I'm the one you're angry with and he should leave everyone else along. Reva want to make up for things. She says we have to deal with this face to face. Jon says it will be tough on my body if your husband is around, but Reva says Josh will understand when he realizes he doesn't have to protect her from Jon.

Outside of Farley's bar, Tammy goes after Lizzie. She says it's time she paid for what she did. She blames Lizzie for pushing JB towards her and says that Lizzie knew he was her cousin. Lizzie says you only went out a few times and it's not like you slept with him. Tammy's eyes close and Lizzie says 'oh my god, you slept with your cousin?' Tammy says she didn't know and that JB did it on purpose. Lizzie is smiling. Tammy alleges that that Lizzie helped JB and Lizzie claims she didn't know, but Tammy thinks she's lying. Tammy states that JB couldn't have gotten near her if it hadn't been for Lizzie and tells Lizzie she is disgusting.

Lizzie replies that she's not the one who slept with her cousin. Tammy slaps Lizzie and tells her to shut her lying mouth. Lizzie brings up Cassie's history of stripping, Reva past and says that Tammy is destined to be trash. Tammy tells her she is just as sick as her father and that's why Lizzie's all alone. As Tammy leaves. Lizzie cries and cuddles Roxie the dog. . She says "I'm not sick, I'm fine. She's wrong."

From the farm Edmund is leaving Tammy a message to call home. Jeffrey arrives, and Edmund tells him that Tammy is missing. Jeffrey says that's why he's here.

At Towers, Cassie tells Dinah to stay away from her children. Dinah says she is eating and to get lost. Cassie throws a glass of water on Dinah and tells Dinah that she's done. She states that Dinah set up her daughter so that that animal could violate her. Cassie mentions that the guy was Tammy's cousin and that Dinah could have stopped it if she had told her the truth. Dinah tells her that if she wants to blame someone to put it on herself. She also says it's no wonder Tammy is looking for love in all the wrong places. Dinah leaves.

Phillip is also at Towers and is on the phone. He says that Ruth Karloff is a liability and he can no longer afford to have her around. He states it has to be taken care of tonight. Phillip says "I'm sorry Ruth you've gone too far." After he smashes a glass in his hand, Beth and Alan arrive and notice his hand bleeding. Beth looks at Phillip's hand, and he says not to worry about it. He called Lizzie to ask her to join them for a nice family dinner. Beth says she is worried about Lizzie and she is worried about Phillip. She states there is more going on with Lizzie than just boy trouble, and she's seen Phillip and Lizzie with their heads together talking. Beth hears Lizzie crying in her room at night, but Lizzie says she's fine. Beth wants to know what is going on and is afraid Lizzie might try to hurt herself again or somebody else. She doesn't want to be shut out like they used to be before. Phillip says before I went crazy? Beth says I need you to be like you used to be before you fell apart. She says that sometimes, she doesn't know who he is. Phillip says "the role of the sensitive Spaulding is now being played by Gus Aitoro." Beth asks if Phillip likes being disliked and feared all over town. Phillip states that his family and his children love him and that is all that matter. Beth asks Phillip not to keep secrets from her about their children. Phillip says that sometimes it's better that you don't know. Phillip walks away leaving Beth with a worried look.

In the dark, Ruth is on Spaulding grounds looking for the car that hit Sandy. She can't find the car and says that Phillip must have got to it. Gus approaches her, shines a flashlight on her and says "hello Miss Karloff." He asks if Ruth is bird watching.

She replies 'yes. Owls. They are nocturnal remember?' Gus says he's on to Ruth. She says we must be here for the same reason. To get evidence against Mr. Spaulding and use it against him. Ruth asks if they found something against Phillip, would he turn it in or protect his brother. Gus asks if she's been working against Phillip all along. He warns Ruth that Phillip doesn't fool around and that she's messing with a very dangerous game. Ruth says thank you, but I can handle Mr. Spaulding and anything he throws at me. Gus asks if she has something against his brother. Ruth says maybe. Gus says then I can't let you do anything to hurt anyone else in this family.

Phillip calls Ruth, and he says her instincts were right about Lizzie. He asks for a favor. Phillip says Lizzie has gone back to Farley's, and asks if Ruth will go and pick her up. He says he let Coop go early tonight. Phillip explains she just has to wait outside, and Lizzie will look for her. Ruth says I'm on it, and I will take care of Miss Lizzie. Gus asks what Mission Impossible is Phillip setting her up on now? Ruth tells Gus that she's headed for a bar and to please not follow, or she'll have him arrested for har-ass-ment. Gus states it's

Cassie returns to the farm and asks Jeffrey what charges could be brought against JB or Jonathan Edmund suggests fraud charges. Jeffrey says those charges could apply to Sandy, but not Jonathan. Cassie believes that JB took advantage of Tammy. Jeffrey says that the sex was consensual and that what he did was not a crime. He says the law is the law and that as long as he didn't commit a crime, he can't do anything. Edmund says there are other ways. Jeffrey says he didn't hear that. When Edmund's cell phone rings Cassie tells Jeffrey that she ran into Dinah. She says that Dinah found it amusing that Tammy had been taken advantage of. She says Dinah knew Tammy was in that hotel room with JB and didn't bother to tell Cassie about it. She brings up the photo of Richard and Cassie in Jeffrey's safe.

Outside of Farley's, Dinah meets up with Tammy. She says that she thought they were okay because Dinah kept the secret about the guy in Edmund's suite. Tammy says it figures you were there like a bad luck charm and Dinah says she knows the truth. Tammy gets upset and is worried that everyone in town knows that she slept with her cousin. Dinah says she is sorry and wants to make up for things. Tammy asks to be left alone. Dinah says if she had known who JB was, she would have kicked him in the crotch so hard he would have been singing for the Vienna Boys Choir. Tammy says all you know is revenge.

Dinah says you shouldn't knock it until you've tried it. She says I bet Cassie is tiptoeing trying to say the right thing. She says do it. Pick up and go. Tammy says I'd love to get out of here, but can't go as her car is registered in Cassie's name. Dinah takes her keys out of her purse, gives the keys to Tammy, and says take mine. She says I owe it to you, and you owe it to yourself. Tammy says thanks and leaves. Dinah says to herself that "before long, Cassie, everyone you love will be waving bye bye."

At Towers, Lizzie meets up with Beth and asks if she's a bad person. She confesses what Tammy said about her. Lizzie says she doesn't mean to hurt anyone, but she does.

On the terrace, Alan says that Beth is taking care of Lizzie right now. He mentions that Beth is concerned that Lizzie is displaying behavior similar to how she was a year ago. Phillip says sometimes the way Beth acts, it makes Lizzie doubt herself and then she act like she is feeling guilty. Alan asks if Lizzie has done something that he should know about. Phillip says yes. It's something that could destroy her future and that his enemies could use it to destroy them all. Alan asks if he could help, and tells Phillip not to handle this alone. He needs all of them now. Phillip says just be there for her no matter what happens. He'll take care of the rest. Phillip says trust me. A man comes out onto the terrace and Alan leaves. Phillip tells the man that Ruth Karloff has to disappear from Springfield tonight and for good.

Edmund leaves for a meeting and Cassie asks Jeffrey again about the photo that Dinah showed it to Edmund. She says the photo was in his safe. He thinks it was probably a photo when he was having Danny investigated and investigating Cassie's partnership with him. Jeffrey says Dinah is the one who is obsessed with causing trouble and she won't change. She asks why he's with Dinah. He says he's got a thing for danger. Jeffrey leaves to chase down a lead on Tammy and do some investigating into Jonathan Randall. He says maybe there is something in his history that will help. Cassie thanks Jeffrey.

Tammy calls Cassie and says she's okay. Cassie wants her to come home. Tammy states I have to get out of here and asks for Cassie not to look for her. She says I love you and ends the call.

Phillip gives the OK for the man to do his job. The man leaves.

On the terrace at Towers, Josh tells Edmund about Jonathan having his hands around Reva's neck and that she's on a rescue mission with her son. Josh says Jonathan has to be stopped and thought Edmund would feel the same way. Edmund says you are hoping I'm going to do the dirty work and asks how far Josh is willing to go. Josh says he wants Jonathan out of their lives. Edmund begins to say 'the old me.' Josh doesn't subscribe to the old and new Edmund and wonders what the old Edmund would have done. Edmund says we start at the bottom and work our way up to the top. Edmund warns how Reva will react if she finds out as Jonathan is her son. Josh says he's a threat to Reva and my family and that he's going to do anything he has to to protect the family.

At Farley's, Jeffrey questions Dinah about the photo of Richard and Cassie that she planted in his safe. Dinah asks if it was Richard or a stand in. She tells him that this lady love threw a glass of water in her face earlier and wants Jeffrey to buy her a drink.

Jeffrey says Cassie is worried about her daughter. Dinah asks why he isn't helping Cassie find Tammy. He says he's working on it. Dinah tells Jeffrey that Tammy is in Chicago. Jeffrey says you are lying. She tells Jeffrey that she hopes he finds her. Jeffrey says he will, but first he has to tell Cassie.

Lizzie talks to Beth and Alan about Carl. Beth asks if something has happened to bring that back up. Lizzie mentions the leukemia and asks if that was payback. Or bad karma? Beth says you did not get sick because you shot Carl. Alan says you talk about karma. Your healing was nothing short than a miracle. Lizzie says I've done some bad things. Beth says you can tell us and that nothing will happen to you
but Lizzie asks what is going to happen to Phillip.

Gus walks into Towers and meets up with Phillip. He says he's working and wants to talk with Ruth and asks Phillip for her whereabouts. Gus says that maybe she's the Spaulding mole. Phillip says she's a model employee and to trust her. Gus wants to follow up on her. He says I'll give her a call. Gus shoves the elevator and says 'hurry up.'

Ruth is in the alley of Farley's straightening her clothes and waiting for Lizzie, while a man wearing a green monster mask is sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Jonathon signs something and Reva asks why he bothered to show up if he didn't care. He says your messages are clogging my voice mail and this is the only way I knew to make it stop. Reva hears a knock at the door and says "boo" to Jonathon. He laughs. She says it's probably some trick or treaters at the back door, and she leaves. Sandy returns. Jonathan says 'bon voyage Sandman.'

Sandy tells him to leave Reva alone. Jon asks 'why? Are you going to push me off a side of a cliff.' He says this is my stomping ground now and that when he puts on the charm, all good things come his way and that Sandy should just ask his little cousin, Tammy.

Dinah is placing a bogus call to Cassie saying she is a booking agent from Teasers Gentleman's Club in Chicago and that she got the number from Tammy. The woman states that Tammy is filling out a job application, and she needs to verify her age of 18. Cassie says she's not 18. The woman says we don't have many royalty types around here, and that they'll make a bundle off of Tammy. Cassie tells her not to
hang up. Dinah ends the call and says "treat or treat, princess."

Phillip approaches Lizzie at the table with Alan and Beth, and hugs her. He says there is nothing he wouldn't do to keep her safe. Alan says this evening is turning out to be very successful. Phillip tells Lizzie that everything is in the right place at the right time. It's symmetry.

Harley asks where are you Lizzie. She tries to enter the bar but the door is locked. Harley walks away from the door as the car, with the headlights on starts gunning for her. She puts her hands in front of her face and yells "STOP!"

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