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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/29/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Josh and Reva’s the doorbell ring and Reva answers it, finding children trick or treating at the door. Josh and Reva both hand out the candy together, and when Reva goes back inside she pick up the phone and begins dialing. Josh walks in and tells her not to bother calling that kid. Reva makes sure she corrects Josh by letting him know that Jonathon is her son, and that he does have a name – regardless of what Josh wants to call him. Josh reminds Reva that Jonathon tried to hurt her, no matter how much she tried to cover it up and tells her that Jonathon will never come to their home.

Outside of Farley’s Bar Lizzie stands alone with her new dog and watches all the adults in costumes go into the bar. Suddenly Tammy comes up to Lizzie and tells her that she will never forgive her for what she did. Lizzie tells Tammy that she doesn’t understand, thinking that Tammy is talking about the accident. Tammy continues talking over Lizzie and tells her she will never forgive her for shoving JB in her (Tammy’s) face considering he was her cousin.

Lizzie tells Tammy that she didn’t know JB was Tammy’s cousin and Tammy tells her to drop the act. Lizzie maintains that she didn’t know JB was Reva’s son, and then tells Tammy that its not a big deal considering they only went out a few times. Lizzie can tell by the look on Tammy’s face that something more happened, and guesses that Tammy slept with JB. Lizzie laughs at this news, as though she almost can’t quite believe it.

At the farmhouse Edmund is on the phone, leaving a message for Tammy telling her that he’s sorry that she blames him for what happened and telling her to call home. Edmund hears someone at the door and opens it to find Jeffery. Edmund tells Jeffery that its not a good time, as Tammy is missing and O’Neill informs Edmund that he knows, that’s why he’s at the farmhouse and that unfortunately Edmund is stuck with him. Edmund looks less than pleased at this news.

Dinah is enjoying a meal at Towers by herself when we see Cassie come in the door and head straight for Dinah. Cassie tells Dinah that she warned her to stay away from her (Cassie’s) kids, and Dinah barely acknowledges that Cassie is there, simply telling Cassie to leave as she (Dinah) is eating. Cassie grabs Dinah’s drink, throws it in the air and lets Dinah know she is done. Dinah turns around wanting to know what Cassie’s problem is. Cassie accuses Dinah of setting up Tammy so that ‘the animal could violate her.’

Coming out of one of the other rooms at Towers is Phillip, cell phone to his ear telling the person on the other end that Ruth is now a liability that has to go. He invites the person on the other end of the line to meet him at Towers as the situation has to be taken care of tonight. Phillip hangs up and in his rage breaks a glass that he was holding in his hand. Just then Beth and Alan walk in, see Phillip and come over. Both Beth and Alan seem worried about the broken glass & blood, but Phillip shrugs it off.

Ruth is wandering around alone with a flashlight and camera on the Spaulding grounds, she gets to an open clearing and declares that ‘this is the spot’ and wonders where the car has gone. Just as she realizes that Phillip moved the car Gus appears shining a flashlight in her face, and tells Ruth hello.

Josh remains solid in his belief that if he hadn’t shown up when he did yesterday that Jonathon would have killed her. Reva tells Josh that she knows that he wouldn’t have hurt her and that they were empty threats. Josh tries telling Reva that she simply does not know her son and suddenly the doorbell ring. Josh goes to the door to open it, sees Sandy standing there and very rudely asks him what the hell he thinks he’s doing. Reva comes to the door, and Sandy tells the two of them that there is something he needs to tell them about Jonathon before he leaves for good. Josh tells him to come in, and Sandy warns Reva that Jonathon knows that she (Reva) wants him in her life and he’s counting on that. Reva gets excited that her son wants her in his life and Sandy warns her that Jonathon will only want to be a part of Reva’s life in order to hurt her and tells her that what Jonathon did to Tammy was only the beginning. Reva sticks up for Jonathon claiming that he’s simply angry because he’s been cheated out his whole life when the doorbell rings again. Reva goes to answer it and when she opens the door an adult in a mask walks in, with arms outstretched telling Reva that it is ‘her candy or her life.’ Josh and Sandy hear what is going on from the other room and rush to see what is happening.

Josh grabs Jonathon and tells him that it wasn’t funny.

Lizzie taunts Tammy, half not believing that Tammy slept with her own cousin. Tammy tells Lizzie that JB slept with her to get back at her family and then blames Lizzie for what happened, claiming that she wouldn’t have gone anywhere near JB if it hadn’t been for her. Lizzie tells Tammy that JB is the one who originally noticed her (Tammy) and wanted to get to know her better. Tammy calls Lizzie a liar and slaps her across the face. Lizzie looks stunned and then tells Tammy that she was destined to be trash as her mother took her clothes off for money and then slept with her sisters ex husband. Tammy comes back at Lizzie telling Lizzie that she’s the sick one, like her father and walks away.

Cassie tells Dinah that it was her fault that Tammy was in danger. Cassie reminds Dinah that she knew Tammy was in Edmund’s suite with JB and did nothing to stop them. Dinah tells Cassie that Tammy is all grown up and that regardless of whether she had stopped them or not that Tammy and JB would have found a way to be together. Cassie tells Dinah that as adults they’re supposed to stop the sickos, and tells Dinah that JB was Tammy’s cousin. Dinah tells Cassie she didn’t know about JB being related to Tammy, but that it doesn’t surprise her. Dinah deflects the blame back on Cassie telling her that it doesn’t’ surprise her that Tammy is looking for love in all the wrong places because of the way Cassie raised her.

Beth inspects Phillip’s hand and he tells her that she’s making too big a deal out of the cut. Phillip insists that he’s fine and simply wants to have a nice family dinner, and lets Beth know that he invited Lizzie. Beth looks at Phillip and tells him that she’s worried about Lizzie. Phillip tries reassuring Beth the Lizzie will be ok, and blames it on Lizzie being sad since Joey left. Beth tells Phillip that it has to be more than that as Lizzie cries at night and won’t tell Beth what is bothering her. Phillip tells Beth not to overreact, and that her overreaction is one of the reasons Lizzie doesn’t confide in her mother. Beth tells Phillip that she just wants the two of them to parent Lizzie and be aware of what’s going on with her together. Phillip tells Beth that sometimes it’s better ‘if you just don’t know.’ Beth gets a frightened look on her face.

Gus questions Ruth on what she is doing, and Ruth tells him that she’s looking for owls as they are nocturnal. Gus tells Ruth that he’s on to her and that they should level with one another and that he’s ‘on to her.’ Ruth tells Gus that if he’s here, then they must be after the same thing – to gather evidence to use against Phillip.

Jonathon tells Josh that Reva invited him, and Reva tells Josh that she did in fact invite him over. Both Sandy and Josh try getting Jonathon to leave and he tells them that he will only be a minute. Jonathon turns to Reva and tells her that he came over to tell her to back off. Reva looks smug and tells him that she could have told her that over the phone that he came over her because he wanted to see her. Jonathon tells her that he didn’t want to see her and that he would have no problem leaving and never coming back. Jonathon approaches Reva telling her that he can’t stop thinking about the hug they shared and Josh grabs him by the neck.

Cassie comes home to the farmhouse and asks Edmund if he’s heard from Tammy. He tells her that he hasn’t put lets her know Jeffery came by and is still there in the living room. Cassie tells Jeffery that she’s glad he’s there and she is interested in what legal action she can take against Jonathon. Jeffery tells Cassie that the only charges they could bring about would be fraud charges against Sandy and that a man lying to get a girl in bed isn’t against the law. Edmunds phone rings and he leaves the room to take the call. Jeffery promises Cassie that if Jonathon does any little thing wrong he will have him arrested. Cassie tells Jeffery that she stopped by Towers earlier to see if Tammy was there and informs him about the run in she had with Dinah. Cassie tells Jeffery how she blames Dinah for not telling Cassie that Tammy and JB were with one another in Edmund’s room. Jeffery looks almost confused and Cassie tells Jeffery that Dinah is keeping secrets and lets him know that Dinah told her about the picture of her and Richard in Jeffery’s safe. Cassie asks him why he has the photo in there.

As Tammy is leaving Farley’s she runs into Dinah. Dinah asks if Tammy is doing ok, and Tammy tells Dinah to stay away from her. Dinah tells Tammy that she thought they were ok after the night in Edmund’s suite. Tammy laughs and calls Dinah a bad luck charm.

Dinah apologizes and tells Tammy that she knows who JB is and Tammy freaks out, wondering if everyone knows about what happened. Dinah offers to help Tammy and tells her that she would have hurt JB if she had known who he was. Dinah tells Tammy that it’s not too late to give JB what he deserves, and Tammy tells Dinah that revenge truly must be the only thing that Dinah thinks about.

Ruth questions Gus about what he would do if he found out that Phillip did something life threatening. Gus asks Ruth if she’s been working against Phillip from the beginning and she tells him that hypothetical questions are amusing. As Ruth is walking away Gus reminds her that Phillip plays rough and that she’d better be careful.

Lizzie runs into Towers, crying and hugs her mother. Lizzie asks her mother if she is a bad person and tells Beth about what Tammy said to her. Beth reassures Lizzie that she and Tammy have had a rough time and things can’t be smoothed over easily. Lizzie tells her mother that she doesn’t mean to hurt people, but somehow she always does.

Phillip and Alan are together outside on the balcony at Towers when Phillip tells his father to go inside and he will follow in a moment. Alan tells Phillip that Beth is taking care of Lizzie and that Beth is simply concerned that Lizzie is acting the same as she did a year ago, when she had the problems with Olivia being pregnant. Phillip tells his father that the way Beth treats Lizzie makes her (Lizzie) feel guilty and Alan wonders what it is that Lizzie has to feel guilty about. Phillip tells his father that no one can be perfect all the time and that was all he meant. Alan asks if Lizzie has done something bad and Phillip tells his father that she has done something that could possibly destroy her future. Alan offer to help Phillip and he tells his father that he has it all taken care of. An unidentified man comes out on the balcony.

Ruth thanks Gus for the warning and tells him that she can handle herself with Phillip and anything that he throws are her.

Phillip tells the unidentified man that Ruth has to disappear from Springfield tonight, never to return.

Josh throws Jonathon out of the house and Reva stops him. Reva pulls Jonathon back in the house as Sandy hold Josh back from hurting Jonathon. Inside Reva wants to be left alone with Jonathon so that they can work some things out. Josh goes outside and picks up his cell phone; Josh calls Edmund and tells him that he needs to see him immediately at Towers. On the other end of the phone Edmund seems reluctant to meet Josh with Tammy missing and Josh tells Edmund that it’s to protect both Tammy and Cassie. Edmund agrees to meet with Josh.

Tammy tells Dinah that she doesn’t need any help in figuring out what to do next. Tammy tells Dinah that she simply wants everything to be over with soon, Dinah compares her situation with Tammy’s and tells Tammy that she knows what it feels like to be alone. Dinah tells Tammy that when she’s feeling the way that Tammy is she just leaves, and drives away and doesn’t deal with anything until she’s ready. That way others have to deal with what’s happening on Tammy’s terms. Tammy tells Dinah that she can’t leave as her car is registered in her mother’s name, Dinah offers Tammy her car telling her that it’s the least she can do for her. Tammy accepts and takes off. Dinah is left in the alley, telling herself out loud that soon everything and everyone that Cassie loves will leave her.

At the farmhouse Edmund grabs a coat and tells Cassie he has to leave for a meeting that he forgot about. Jeffery tells Cassie that he’s going to leave as well and Cassie stops him, asking if he’s going to explain the photo. Jeffery tells her that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Cassie further explains that Edmund was there and saw the photo which Dinah got from Jeffery’s safe. Jeffery shrugs it off, and blames the photo on being part of a case file. He explains that it was probably left from when he was investigating the partnership of her and Danny Santos. He laughs that Dinah would try to make something so small and insignificant out of nothing. Jeffery tells Cassie that Dinah is obsessed with causing trouble and since he loves danger that’s why he is with her. Jeffery leaves telling Cassie that he’s going to have the police investigate Jonathon, hoping that there is something in his file. Cassie thanks him and Jeffery leaves. Cassie’s phone rings and it is Tammy on the other end of the phone. Tammy assures her mother she is fine and tells her mother that she loves her not to look for her. Tammy hangs up.

Gus asks Ruth if she has anything on his family and warns her that his family has been through enough. Ruth’s phone rings and Ruth picks up, hearing Phillip on the other end. Phillip asks Ruth to go back over to Farley’s to help Lizzie out. Ruth tells Gus where she is going and tells Gus not to follow her. Meanwhile on the balcony at Towers Phillip nods to the unidentified man and he leaves.

Reva gets Jonathon a glass of water, and he tells her that he knows he’s not welcome and is willing to leave. Sandy who is watching the whole thing tells him that he thinks it’s a good idea. Reva tells Jonathon to stay and reminds Sandy that he has some packing to do upstairs. Sandy goes upstairs and Reva tells Jonathon that she’ll answer anything that he wants to know. Jonathon tells her that he’s here to get his trust fund and that hooking up with Tammy was simply a bonus. Reva tells Jonathon that if she’s the one he’s angry with he should leave everyone else alone. Jonathon tells Reva that it’s going to be hard to talk to her with Josh around and Reva assures Jonathon that Josh will be fine once he realizes Jonathon isn’t going to hurt her.

At Towers Josh meets with Edmund and tells him of how he caught Jonathon with his hands around Reva’s throat. Josh tells Edmund that Reva is on some kind of rescue mission where Jonathon is concerned. Edmund asks why Josh came to him and Josh tells Edmund that he thinks Jonathon needs to be stopped and assumed that Edmund would feel the same way.

At Farley’s Jeffery approaches Dinah and tells her that he knows about the stunt she pulled. Jeffery warns Dinah that he could have her arrested for breaking/entering and planting false evidence. Dinah laughs and tells him he wouldn’t do that and asks if Cassie told him about throwing the water in Dinah’s face earlier. Jeffery sticks up for Cassie telling her that Cassie is worried about Tammy at the moment. Dinah tells Jeffery that if he’s looking for Tammy that she is in Chicago driving on her own. Dinah tells Jeffery that Tammy isn’t in any shape to be on her own and wonders what he is going to do. Jeffery tells Dinah that he’s going to find Tammy, but first he needs to tell Cassie.

Alan, Beth and Lizzie are at Towers about to begin dinner when Lizzie asks if her father is going to join them. Beth assures her that Phillip will join them. Lizzie tells Beth and Alan that she has recently been thinking about Carl, and wonders if her getting leukemia is bad karma. Beth and Alan both try telling Lizzie that she didn’t get sick for killing Carl. Lizzie tells Alan and Beth that she’s worried about Phillip and what is going to happen to him. Gus walks in and goes straight for Phillip who invites him to stay for dinner with the family. Gus notices that Lizzie is at dinner and tells Phillip that he’s looking for Ruth; he asks Phillip he would know where to find her and Phillip plays stupid. Gus rushes out to try and find Ruth.

At Farley’s Ruth is standing outside waiting for Lizzie as she promised when we see someone in a mask driving a car, and it looks like he’s headed towards her.

Josh tells Edmund that he doesn’t need his help, but that he’s looking for ideas of how to Jonathon out of their lives. Edmund begins to tell Josh what the ‘old Edmund’ would have done and Josh stops him, claiming that he never believed that there was an ‘old’ and ‘new’ Edmund. Edmund tells Josh that he needs to think about what Reva would say if she found out, and Josh promises that he is willing to do anything to protect his family.

Reva tells Jonathon that she doesn’t understand what he’s doing at her home if he didn’t want to patch things up. Jonathon shrugs it off, telling her that her messages are clogging up his answering machine. Someone knocks at the door and Reva goes to answer it.

Jonathon takes the time to tell Sandy that he’s getting closer to Reva, and if he wants to know more about that he can ask Tammy. Jonathon turns to leave.

At the farmhouse the phone rings again and Cassie answers it, this time hearing a woman on the other end who claims to be looking for the famous ‘Shady Layne.’ Cassie is furious, and wants to know how the person got the phone number; the lady on the other end of the line tells Cassie that she’s a booking agent and got the phone number from Cassie’s daughter. The person on the other end tells Cassie that Tammy handed in her job application and claims that she’s 18 and needs some verification. Cassie tries lying and when the woman asks what year Tammy was born in Cassie flubs and gives the real year by accident. At Farley’s we see Dinah on the phone pretending to be the woman on the other end of the phone. She tells Cassie that she thinks they will make a bundle off of Tammy and hangs up on her.

Phillip joins his family for dinner, and Lizzie hugs her father. He tells her how much he loves her, and reassures her that everything is going to turn out fine. Meanwhile Ruth is waiting outside of Farley’s for Lizzie when a car driven by the man in the Halloween mask comes headed straight for her.

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