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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/28/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Towers Father Ray joins his cousin, Danny who was dining alone until Ray showed up. Danny seems surprised, but glad to see him. Danny tells Ray, that he doesn’t think he’s going to want to hang out with him tonight, and Ray tells him that he heard Michelle moved out. Danny, looking a bit inebriated tells Ray that’s he’s sure he (Ray) has hear a lot of things and asks if he’s heard whether if Tony went away with Michelle. Ray tells Danny that Tony and Michelle going off together was no rumor. Danny looks a bit shocked, although you can tell the news doesn’t surprise him all that much.

Inside the boat Michelle is sitting very close to Tony, curled up in a blanket. Michelle notes that the boat is no longer rolling around as much, and Tony tells her it’s because the wind stopped, but that it may be because the storm is in a lull. Michelle and Tony agree that while it’s still quiet that they should try and use the radio again. Michelle asks Tony if he thinks Holly is ok, and Tony tells her that he’s sure she is considering that Sebastian is using Holly as a bargaining chip to get Michelle to cough up her father. Michelle, upset about the news whines that she simply doesn’t understand. Tony tells her that they can’t worry about the Sebastian stuff right now, and they have to figure out where they are, and they may have to follow the stars to figure that out.

On the wooded path Sebastian and Holly walk, with flashlights lighting their way. Sebastian asks Holly if she remembers the cave, and Holly has a flashback to her time spent in this area with Roger. She remembers being in a boat, and looking up above her, seeing the same caves she’s seeing now. Holly obviously looks shaken following her daydream. She tells Sebastian that he’s a chip of the old block, since he’s making her relive the worst moments of her life, Sebastian tells her that it’s about setting her free and that as much as she wants to fight that notion she knows it to be true. Holly tells Sebastian that she was never free of Roger, and that he continually dragged her down with him, sometimes to the depths of hell. Holly muses that perhaps Roger is in hell now. Sebastian is greatly angered at Holly sentiment that his father could be in hell and let’s hr have it. He yells at her that she needs to stop vilifying Roger every time she opens her mouth, and tells her that this is where it all ends – right here and right now. Holly looks utterly terrified.

Phillip is on the phone inside the mansion’s study and tells someone that it needs to be taken care of, in terms of ‘it never being found.’ Phillip gets his assurances from whoever is on the other end of the line, and Frank comes in. Frank makes sure he’s not interrupting and Phillip thanks him for coming. Frank asks Phillip point blank what it is that he wants and Phillip tells Frank that he wants to help with the investigation. Frank looks confused and asks what it is he wants to do and Phillip offers to post a reward for the arrest of the hit and run driver, and tells Frank that he’s willing to put up 50,000. When Phillip asks Frank his opinion on the reward Frank simply asks him what is in it for him (Phillip).

Inside Bill’s apartment Bill tries stopping Harley/Ruth from going to Phillip’s alone. Harley tells him that she doesn’t need him there, while Bill reminds Harley of all the things Phillip has done (such as leveling her home) and tells her it will be dangerous for her to go to the Spaulding Mansion and tell Phillip that she knows about the accident. Harley/ Ruth tells Bill she has nothing to worry about because she’s going to be offering Phillip her undying silence, and then tells Bill she will call him when it’s all over. Bill agrees with her, and tells her that if she’s meeting him at Towers not to go out on the balcony. He then tries fixing her wig and ends up screwing it up even more. The two of them laugh about it and Harley runs into the bathroom to try and re-fix her persona/costume of Ruth. Bill hears a knock on the door, and opens it to see Gus standing there. Bill immediately slams the door in his face and runs to tell Harley that Gus is at the door. Harley has a stunned look on her face.

Back on the boat Tony tries to reassure Michelle that together they are going to get through this. Michelle doesn’t look like she completely believes him, and then Tony goes on to say how he can’t wait to get back at Sebastian. Michelle looks frustrated and tells Tony that she doesn’t believe that Sebastian is 100% bad. Tony looks at her like he can’t believe what she is saying, and she tells him that she gets a feeling that something good will come out of everything. Tony tells her that he’s going to go and try and get the winch working so he can drop anchor. Before he leaves he checks with her that everything is ok, and she assures him that she’s fine. As soon as Tony leaves Michelle has a vision of her mother, Maureen telling her that everything is going to be ok and not to be afraid. Michelle looks confused.

Sebastian, still angry tells Holly that Roger died with Holly’s name on his lips, and that he spent his final moments on this earth thinking about her. He tells her that she is the monster if that doesn’t touch her. Holly, trying to defend herself tells Sebastian that she didn’t have to come with him on this little expedition, but that she did. She tells him that she could have easily left at any point on this mission, but she didn’t. Sebastian challenges her, asking if she was really as free to leave as she thinks she is. Holly tells him she is, and he tells her to leave. Sebastian walks off, leaving Holly alone on the trail.

Back in the Spaulding Mansion study Phillip tries telling Frank that the reason he wants to post the reward is because he’s a concerned citizen and father. Frank tells Phillip that he appreciates the offer, but that he has to say no. Phillip wonders why and Frank tells him that a reward has already been posted; as Frank is talking he walks over the mantle and picks up a photo of Lizzie. Frank then tells Phillip that they will catch the driver of the car, and that it’s not a question of money but more of time. Frank tells Phillip that he knows Lizzie has been through a lot, similar to Marina and knows that there is nothing the two of them wouldn’t do to protect their daughters. Frank walks away, leaving a very bewildered looking Phillip behind. Phillip looks around, as if he’s trying to get his wits about him, and wonders out loud what Ruth has been up to.

Inside Bill’s apartment Harley/Ruth tells Bill that Gus can’t know that she’s there and hides. Bill answers the door and apologizes to Gus telling him that he needed to clean up a bit, and that he’s busy. Gus barges in, telling him that he doesn’t look busy and asking if anyone is in Bill’s apartment with him. Gus tells Bill that he wants to talk to him about Ruth, since she used to work for Bill. Gus asks questions about what kind of person Ruth is, and Bill asks why he needs to know about her. Gus tells Bill that he sees two sides to Ruth and wants to know what is going on. Bill asks Gus why he would help someone who is against Phillip, and Gus tells him that his (Gus) job is to keep Phillip from hurting anyone else. Just then a voice comes out from behind Gus telling him that he may be too late. Gus turns around and sees Harley; she tells Bill that she’s looking for a towel as there were none in the bathroom. Bill runs off to get her one and leaves Gus and Harley alone for a moment. Gus looks a wee bit shocked and Harley asks him what is wrong. He tells her that it’s peculiar that Harley is there, Harley tells Gus that she and Bill spend a lot of time together. Gus questions Bill about Olivia and Bill hands Harley a towel. Harley turns the tables on Gus and asks what he is doing there, Gus tells her that he’s here to question Bill about Ruth Karloff and Harley plays stupid, acting as though she doesn’t know who Ruth is. Bill tells Gus he has nothing to add, and Gus agrees to leave. Harley begins to‘re-Ruth’ and Bill questions Harley why she would lead Gus to believe that they were an item. Harley claims that she made him believe they were together to knock him off his balance.

Danny stumbles into the lighthouse, looking around and wanders over to her bed where he sees someone sleeping. Danny pulls back the covers to see Blake laying there.

Holly looks around, obviously not knowing where she is and has flashbacks of when she was in the woods with Roger. Holly calls out to Sebastian, who shows up and asks her if she is looking for the way out. She tells him that she wants to go with him and wants to put everything that happened with Roger to rest. She tells Sebastian that she’s determined to let go of all of this and tells Sebastian to ‘take her there’ and the two set off.

Maureen tells Michelle that there is no need to be afraid and that she remembers. Michelle has a flashback of when she was younger and her mother telling her to go into the water, and that she won’t drown. Maureen fades away and Tony appears. Michelle is excited and tries telling Tony about her vision. It appears that Tony isn’t in the mood, and Michelle asks him what is wrong. Tony tells her that the engines are dead, and that there is a storm coming in. Michelle tells them that they will make it through today and all of a sudden the boat jolts. The two rush up to deck of the boat; Tony looks over the side and tells her that there is both good and bad news. He tells her the good news is that they don’t have to worry about the anchor anymore as their anchor chain just broke and that the bad news is the storm, he asks if she’s ever seen ‘The Perfect Storm’ and tells her she will tonight. Tony and Michelle go back into the room on the ship and Michelle tries assuring Tony that everything will work out and tells Tony that she has to tell him about her vision. She tells him about how she didn’t want to go in the water, but her mother convinced her that she would be ok. Tony tells Michelle that he will not lose her, and hugs her.

Holly and Sebastian walk into a room and Sebastian tells her that he’s sure she’s heard of it before and refers to it as ‘The Island of lost souls.’ Holly remembers that it is where Roger spent some time before coming back to Springfield. Sebastian tells Holly that this is where Roger died. Sebastian turns on the lights and sees the room has plenty of pictures of her and Blake around. Sebastian tells her that the photos gave him strength and joy. Sebastian offers Holly food or drink and she asks for a phone to call Blake to let her know she is alright and Sebastian tells her that there are no phones – for perfect solitude. Sebastian hands her a glass of water, Holly notices a cigar on a plate, walks over, picks it up and accuses Sebastian of lying to her, that Roger is here.

Blake looks confused and wants to know what Danny is doing in the lighthouse and he tells her he was wondering the same thing about her. Danny tells Blake that he came to the lighthouse to be closer to Michelle, even if it was by being alone in her space and he calls himself stupid. Blake tells Danny that she had a huge fight with Ross and needed someplace to go, and wanted to be alone. The two laugh at themselves thinking about how they can’t even get the ‘alone’ part right in their plans.

At Towers, on the balcony Phillip confronts Ruth and asks her what it is that she wants. When Ruth plays like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about he tells her that Lizzie told him that he knows she (Ruth) tried talking to Lizzie about the hit and run accident. Phillip asks Ruth what it was all about and Ruth tells him that she found the car and took the liberty of photographing it and the damage. Phillip plays stupid and asks her what she plans on doing with the information. Ruth tells Phillip that she is not a blackmailed and that her job is to help protect the family. Ruth then tells Phillip that she would need to know what happened. Ruth mentions that she knows that Phillip has been feuding with the Lewis’ lately and wondered if it was a coincidence; Phillip tells her that not much is a coincidence. Inside Towers, Gus walks in and eyes both Ruth and Phillip outside talking. Phillip tells Ruth that he wants the two of them to be honest with one another as it is probably the end of the line. Inside Frank runs into Gus and tells him that he needs to talk to him about something. Frank then tells Gus that Phillip offered to put up a reward for the arrest of the hit and run driver, and asks why. Gus looks confused and the two of them wonder why. The only thing that Gus can think of is that Phillip is trying to improve his public image, and thinks that perhaps it was Ruth’s idea. Frank asks who Ruth is and Gus tells Frank that she is Phillips new assistant, and points out that the two of them are outside now. Outside Phillip tells Ruth that their association will have to end if he feels he can’t trust her, and he doesn’t think he can. Ruth tells Phillip that because she has the information and went to him, it should prove that she is trustworthy. She tries convincing him that she is honest and honorable, and Phillip tells her that it was his driver (now former) who hit Sandy as an accident. Phillip tells Ruth that he let the driver go quietly and hid the vehicle because he didn’t want to ruin his driver’s life. Ruth comments that it was a nice thing to do for such a careless person. Phillip tells Ruth that it doesn’t matter as Sandy is fine, that the driver is unknown and lets her know it has to stay that way. Ruth reminds Phillip that he can trust her and he tells her to try and figure out where the police investigation stands and asks Ruth for the photo of the car. Phillip tells Ruth that he’s really counting on her to help him out and reminds her that it is ‘do or die.’

Danny and Blake have a glass of wine together and toast their misery. Blake admits to Danny that she voted for him when he ran for mayor because she didn’t want Ross to get the job. Danny doesn’t understand and Blake tells him that she loved her life and didn’t want anything to change. Danny tells her that he’s learned that everything changes, Blake agrees and blames Dinah. Danny laughs and tells Blake that her step-daughter is very fascinating. Blake tells Danny how Ross compares Dinah to Roger, and Danny questions what the difference between the two really is. Blake looks offended and tells him that Roger is dead and that’s the difference.

With the boat rocking and the storm raging outside Tony tells Michelle that they can’t stay inside because they don’t stand a chance. He gives Michelle a life preserver, tells her to put it on and then finds an inflatable raft. Michelle is screaming telling him that she can’t do it and Tony blows up, telling her that if they stay on the boat it will sink and they will die. Tony reminds Michelle f what her mother told her, to be brave and that they’ll be ok.

Sebastian tells Holly that everything is a tribute to his father, and that everything is as it was the night Roger died. Sebastian tells Holly that keeping things the same was his way of coping. Sebastian shows Holly a music box of a lighthouse and tells Holly that Roger wanted Holly to have it. Holly tells Sebastian that she knows he is right that it was much easier for her to focus on the bad Roger and that she does in fact miss him. Sebastian moves a hair away from Holly’s face and tells her that Roger would love her more for what she is doing. Holly tells Sebastian she is ready to go, and leave this place to the dead. He tells her there is no going back and leaves the room.

On the deck of the ship Tony is struggling with the inflatable raft and telling Michelle that they need to get going. He tries pulling Michelle with him and ends up falling over board. Michelle is left on the deck calling after him over the railing.

Ruth is inside the Spaulding Mansion, walking down the hallway camera in hand talking to herself about how she’s going to prove that he was behind the wheel of the car. As she walks past the camera we see Gus following her. Phillip is on the phone again and asks someone how much they want to improve their position in Spaulding. He tells the person on the other end that they need to get Ruth to leave Springfield permanently.

Danny and Blake finish off the bottle of wine and it is apparent that they are both drunk. Blake tells Danny that it is a good thing that he is a gentleman, and Danny tells her that being a gentleman doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Blake makes the comment that ‘you never know’ and the two look at each other asking themselves ‘if they could?’ Blake tells Danny that she wouldn’t and Danny agrees he wouldn’t as she is married to Ross. The two sit there and Blake asks if there is anymore wine.

Inside the house on the island Sebastian locks the door; Holly tells him that she doesn’t understand. Sebastian tells her that ‘it is what has to be,’ which frightens Holly even more because it sounds so much like what Roger would say. Sebastian tells Holly that she is the treasure they came for, hits a remote and all of a sudden bars come crashing down on the door. Holly is trapped inside a room.

Tony pulls himself ashore, calling out Michelle’s name while lying in the sand.

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