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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/27/04

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By Eva
Proofread by Angie
Pictures by Boo

At The Beacon, Dinah is happy because she and Jeffrey are having a normal date and no longer need to hide their relationship. Jeffrey makes it clear that they aren’t on a date, he is just having dinner with his assistant. Dinah ignores his comment and tells Jeffrey she thinks it's time for her boyfriend to meet her family. Ross and Blake arrive for dinner. Blake is angry with Ross because he didn’t tell her that they were having dinner with Dinah. Blake goes outside to get some air and makes a phone call. She tells the person on the other end of the line that she needs that favor he promised her right now.

At Bill’s place, Harley arrives to change into her "Ruth clothes" because she doesn’t have room to change at the boarding house with the whole Cooper clan there. Bill gets a call from the INS agent telling him he will be arriving shortly for a surprise visit. Bill panics because Olivia hasn’t arrived and he hasn’t moved her clothes into his place. Bill takes some of Harley’s clothes and the make-up she uses for her "Ruth" persona and scatters things around the room, putting the make-up in the bathroom. Harley tells Bill that she suspects Lizzie knows something about Phillip’s involvement in Sandy’s accident. Harley is determined to get Lizzie to tell her Phillip caused the accident tonight. She goes outside and calls Coop to find out where Lizzie is right now. Coop tells Harley he and Lizzie are at Farley’s bar, and Lizzie has him dog-sitting her dog Roxie. Harley hangs up the phone and heads over to the bar.

At Company, Sandy tells Buzz he is leaving Springfield and just came to say good-bye to him. Buzz wonders why Sandy lied to the Lewis family. Sandy explains to Buzz that he intended to tell them the truth, but as time went on he became afraid to lose people whom he thought of as family. Sandy explains that all he has ever wanted in life is a family like the Lewis family. Buzz tells Sandy the story of how he abandoned his family and came back to Springfield. Buzz explains that it took a long time, but eventually they forgave him and grew to love him. Buzz encourages Sandy to stay in town, fix his mistake and fight for the Lewis family. Sandy still thinks it would be best to leave town.

At The Beacon, Phillip informs Billy that he placed a call to the INS telling them he suspected Bill and Olivia’s marriage is a fake. Phillip warns Billy not to have a sudden attack of conscience and tell his son he was the one who asked INS to have Olivia deported, or he will make sure Bill goes to jail. Phillip tells Billy not to stand in his way when it comes to getting control of Lewis Oil and Lewis Construction, or he will tell Bill that his father was the one who wanted Olivia deported. Phillip tells Billy that none of this is personal, it's just business; he needs control of the Lewis corporations, and he needed some dirt to use against the Lewis family. Phillip dares Billy to try and fight him. Billy tells Phillip he made a mistake coming after the Lewis family.

At Bill’s place, Olivia arrives and Bill tells her the INS agent is coming for a surprise visit. Olivia and Bill try to go over the answers to questions the INS agent may ask them. There is a knock at the door, and Bill isn’t happy to see Jonathan arrive at his apartment. Olivia makes it clear to Jonathan that she would have put a stop to the abuse he suffered at the hands of Alfred if she had known about it. Olivia invites J.B. inside and tells him she can’t talk right now, but they must get together and talk soon. Bill is upset because he doesn’t want J.B. in his apartment. Bill and Olivia argue back and forth on the issue for a few minutes, and Jonathan opens the door to the INS agent. Bill and Olivia don’t see him because they are still arguing with each other. J.B. tells the INS agent they never bicker, this is their first fight as newlyweds. J.B. introduces Bill and Olivia to the INS agent. The agent wonders why they don’t have any pictures of their wedding anywhere in the apartment. Bill explains to the agent that they have been so busy they haven’t had time to get the pictures developed. The agent notices that the women’s clothes in the apartment don’t seem like the style of clothes Olivia would wear. Olivia explains to the agent that those clothes are the clothes she wears for business. J.B. tells Olivia that he is sorry they had to move up their wedding date because of the deportation trouble. J.B. also hopes they are still planning to have a reception at The Beacon. The agent is satisfied for the moment and leaves Bill and Olivia’s apartment. J.B. tells Bill and Olivia he did them a big favor, so now they must pay him back. He wants a room at The Beacon, with all meals and drinks paid, as well. Olivia agrees to J.B.’s terms, so J.B. leaves the happy couple alone.

At Farley’s Bar, Lizzie is upset that Coop is using her dog as chick bait. Coop is upset that he was unable to get the girl’s phone number, since Lizzie pretended to be his girlfriend so the girl would leave him alone. Coop thinks Lizzie is jealous of the girl and that is why she wanted the girl to leave him alone. Lizzie thinks Coop is being ridiculous and is way too full of himself. Coop explains he doesn’t want to be her driver and is there only because he must pay a debt. He tells Lizzie that Coopers always take responsibility for their actions, they never run away from them. Lizzie thinks sometimes people get scared, and that is why they run away from things. Buzz runs into Ruth on his way into the bar. Buzz thinks Ruth is there to cause more damage on behalf of Phillip. He demands Ruth turn around so he can talk to her. Harley keeps her back turned to her father, who thinks Ruth is a heartless person.

At The Beacon, Ross tells Dinah that Jeffrey is a womanizer who is rude and not the sort of person she should consider dating. Dinah thinks she and Jeffrey are a perfect match. Blake agrees to stay and have on drink with Dinah. A messenger arrives and hands Blake a piece of paper. Blake hands the piece of paper to Dinah, who is stunned that Blake has filed a restraining order against her. Ross gets even angrier and asks Blake how she could do such a thing to his daughter. Blake tells Ross she feels that Dinah is a danger to her. Jeffrey and Dinah watch as Ross and Blake argue with each other. Jeffrey thinks Dinah loves to see Ross and Blake argue over her. Dinah wants Jeffrey to pretend to care about her so that she won’t think about doing Cassie any harm. Jeffrey reluctantly agrees to the deal. Jeffrey gets a call and must leave to take care of some business. Blake demands that Ross choose between her and Dinah. When Ross chooses to take Dinah home, Blake decides to stay at The Beacon. Blake tells Ross she may not come home tonight. Ross tells Blake that will be her choice to make, and he won’t try to stop her from making it.

At Company, Billy is looking for Buzz but isn’t happy to see Sandy there alone. Billy blasts Sandy for lying and causing so much pain to his family. Sandy explains to Billy that he made a mistake, and he only lied because he always wanted a family like the Lewis family. Billy also tells Sandy to leave town. Sandy tells Bill he is going to stay and fix his mistake and try to win back the love of the Lewis family. Sandy tells Billy he will only decide to leave town if he can’t succeed in getting the Lewis family to accept him again

At Farley’s Bar, Lizzie gets angry when Coop calls her a spoiled brat and blasts him for it. Lizzie tells Coop she is tired of jerks like him always telling her that her life is messed up because she gets everything she wants. Lizzie tells Coop about her illness when she was little and about Beth’s split personality disorder. Lizzie also tells Coop about the pain she felt when her father was in the mental hospital. She leaves Coop alone at the table. Coop wonders what provoked Lizzie’s outburst. Buzz explains to his son that he just saw a Spaulding woman in top form.. Buzz tells Coop he read some of the pages of the book he is writing, and the book is good. Buzz also saw Coop’s itinerary of places he still wants to see in the world. Coop tells his father those places will have to wait for a while, because he must pay his debt to Phillip. Coop also tells Buzz he feels he needs to spend time with his family right now. Ruth tells Lizzie that Phillip told her everything that happened and sent her to find Lizzie because he is worried Lizzie will spill the beans, since she is at the scene of the crime. Ruth tells Lizzie she can talk with her if she needs someone to listen to her. Ruth tells Lizzie that she can trust her, and she needs to talk to someone about the secret before the pressure of keeping it inside gets to her. Lizzie is about to tell Ruth the whole story when Coop interrupts their conversation. Lizzie then tells Ruth she has nothing to say to her. Coop tells Lizzie he is leaving in seven minutes because he is off, and if she wants to stay she can take a cab. Billy tells Buzz that he made a mistake and now Phillip is using it against him. Both men admit to each other they have thought of doing Phillip bodily harm.

At Bill’s place, Olivia is annoyed when Bill tells her that she shouldn’t let Emma get too attached to him, because it may confuse her. Olivia leaves Bill’s apartment and vows not to fall in love with Bill.

At Farley’s Bar, Phillip arrives to check on Lizzie and see how she is doing with her new driver. Coop throws Phillip the keys and tells him he can take her home. Lizzie tells Phillip she is a bit shaken, because Ruth told her that she knows about the accident and was asking all kinds of questions. Phillip makes it clear to Lizzie he never told Ruth about the accident. Phillip tells his daughter that he will find out how Ruth learned the information and handle the problem. Phillip calls Ruth and tells her he has a really important assignment that only she can handle for him. ..

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