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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/26/04

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By Eva
Proofread by Angie
Pictures by Boo

On the boat, Michelle and Tony are determined to get to shore and find out where Sebastian took Holly. Tony wonders why Sebastian wants to exchange Ed for Holly. Michelle thinks Sebastian is seeking revenge on Ed on behalf of Roger. The sea gets rough, and Michelle is thrown into Tony’s arms when the boat hits rough water. Tony reads the boat's barometer and discovers that a big storm is headed their way.

In Santo Domingo, Sebastian takes Holly back to the hotel room where Roger raped and terrorized her in the past. Sebastian explains to Holly that Roger's last wish was for her to let go of her bad memories and replace them with good ones. Roger believed this would help her let go of her painful past with him. Holly refuses to go in the room until Sebastian promises her that he won’t let anything bad happen to her.

At the farm, Sandy arrives to speak to Cassie about Tammy. Edmund tells him he has caused enough pain by pretending to be Jonathan and demands that he leave the house. Cassie arrives and asks Sandy to stay because she needs to speak with him.

At Farley’s bar, Tammy demands that J.B. tell her if he knew they were cousins. J.B. responds that he did know they were cousins, and when Lizzie told him Tammy once had a crush on her uncle Edmund, he knew his plan to hurt Reva would work. Tammy thinks J.B. is sick and disgusting and moves to slap him, but J.B. grabs her arm and warns her he will hit her back hard if she hits him.

At the Lewis house, Josh struggles to make Reva understand that J.B. is evil, and he isn’t the same sweet little boy she remembers from the last time she visited him. Josh asks Reva not to allow her guilt over J.B.’s abusive father to cause her to allow him to hurt their family anymore. Josh forbids Reva to see J.B. ever again.

At the farm, Sandy cries as he apologizes to Cassie for the part he played in what J.B. did to Tammy. Cassie wonders if Sandy’s feelings for her family are real or just another lie. Sandy tells Cassie that he loves Reva and everyone in the family, and that was never a lie. Sandy explains that he would do anything for any member of the Lewis family. He tells Cassie that he saw Tammy earlier at the hospital, and they must find her before J.B. does because he is dangerous. Cassie is angry because she promised to save her engagement ring from Richard for Sandy to give to his future wife. Sandy apologizes once again for the pain he has caused the people he loves so much, then he leaves to go to find Tammy. Cassie gets even more desperate to find Tammy. Edmund assures Cassie that they will find Tammy, and they will get her through this situation.

At Farley’s bar, Tammy thinks her aunt Reva knew what sort of person J.B. would turn out to be, and that is why she chose to get rid of him. Tammy’s words make J.B. angry and he yells back at Tammy that he didn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do. J.B. calls Tammy a spoiled brat who was ripe for the picking and says he just happened to be the first guy in line to pick the fruit.

At Josh and Reva’s house, Reva cries as she explains to Josh that Jonathan is her child, just like Marah, Shayne and Dylan are her children, and she must help him. Josh tells Reva that if she can’t kick this kid out of their lives for the good of their family then he will do it for her. Reva wonders what Josh’s actions will do to their relationship.

At Santo Domingo, Holly remembers every detail of the night of terror she lived through with Roger. Holly doesn’t think she can face her past, so she opens the door to leave but is startled to see a man who looks like Roger outside. Holly closes the door quickly so she won’t have to look at him. Sebastian opens the door again and discovers that it is just the room service waiter bringing them the food he ordered.

At Farley’s bar, Tammy tells J.B. she wants to wash him off of her and be clean so she can forget every place he touched her. J.B. thinks that Tammy will never forget him because he has left a mark on her that will never wash away. He thinks it's sweet that Tammy is still wearing the necklace he gave her.

At Josh and Reva’s house, Josh tells Reva she has no reason to feel guilty about Jonathan’s life, because at the time she thought she was doing what was best for him. Reva continues to cry as she explains to Josh that Jonathan is her son and she won’t leave him to suffocate in his own pain, because that would mean she is a bad mother. Josh thinks that Reva can’t fix Jonathan with family dinners and photo albums, he needs professional help. Josh thinks they must cut Jonathan and Sandy out of their lives forever. Sandy arrives and agrees with Josh’s opinion.

At the farm, Tammy arrives home and tells her mother and Edmund she spoke to J.B., and he didn’t hurt her, he only told her the truth. Tammy tells Cassie that J.B. just reminded her that she will never forget him because nobody forgets their first time.

Tammy tells her mother and Edmund that she canít stand the feeling that people are looking at her and talking behind her back because they all know the disgusting thing that happened to her. Edmund tells Tammy that he knows how she is feeling, because he felt the same way for most of his life. Edmund encourages Tammy to remember she has people who love her, and she shouldnít care what strangers think of her. Tammy blames Edmund for what happened to her, saying if he hadnít taken Jonathan away from Reva, Jonathan never would have hurt her. Edmund agrees that he is responsible because of his greed and selfishness all those years ago. He makes it clear to Tammy that he loves her very much and will do whatever he needs to do to make her heal. Tammy asks Edmund to leave her alone.

At the Lewis house, Sandy explains he just stopped by to pack his things and give back his key because he is leaving Springfield forever. Sandy warns Reva not to try and save Jonathan, because he has been evil and dangerous ever since he has known him. He tells her that Jonathan will use her love for him and her good heart to hurt her.

In Santo Domingo, Sebastian reads a letter from Roger to Holly. In the letter, Roger apologizes to Holly for the violent way their evening together ended all those years ago. Roger tells Holly he now realizes that she was the best part of his life. He wants Holly to replace her bad memories with good ones so she can have peace of mind, body and spirit.

On the boat, Tony fears that they could be thrown off. The boat could capsize or sink and they might die. Tony holds a scared Michelle and promises they will survive the storm, but the look on his face reveals that he doubts that to be true.

At the farm, Tammy tells her mother that she has no one to blame but herself for what happened to her; everyone in the family warned her to stay away from J.B., but she refused to listen to them. Tammy feels disgusting and dirty and tells Cassie that at least when she was a stripper she was doing it to put food on the table. Tammy feels like she let J.B. use her for nothing, and if she had charged him at least she would have gotten something out of it.

At the Lewis house, Sandy says a tearful good-bye to Reva and warns her once again not to try and save Jonathan. The words Sandy uses when he tells Reva good-bye sound rehearsed to her, so she figures out Josh is forcing Sandy to leave town. Josh admits that he told Sandy he would send him to jail if he didn’t leave town. Sandy makes it clear that this was his decision, because he doesn’t want to cause any more pain to everyone he loves.

On the boat, Tony struggles to save himself and Michelle after the boat’s anchor comes loose. Tony is unable to put the anchor back on the boat, and he tells Michelle he fears they will be lost at sea.

In Santo Domingo, Sebastian tells Holly that he is searching for some meaning in his life, and he thinks that he is getting close to finding one.

At Towers, Edmund gets a drink compliments of J.B. J.B. tells Edmund that he has always been a hero to him.

In Santo Domingo, Holly makes it clear to Sebastian that nothing is going to happen between them. Sebastian explains to Holly that it is an honor for him to help her let go of the past. Holly thanks Sebastian for helping her. Sebastian explains that the evening isn’t over; now she must embrace the future.

At Towers, Edmund tells J.B. to leave him alone, but before he leaves he advises his nephew to be careful of the choices he makes in life. J.B.. tells Edmund Tammy was great in the sack. This comment makes Edmund so angry he punches J.B. J.B. dares Edmund to kill Richard’s son, just like he has always wanted to do. Edmund does nothing, and J.B. leaves the hotel.

At the farm, Cassie tells Tammy she never wants to hear her talk about herself like that again. Cassie explains that J.B. just took advantage of a young girl who wanted to be in love. Cassie encourages her daughter not to let J.B. win by letting him make her feel horrible about herself. She gives Tammy a kiss on the forehead and assures her daughter she is beautiful inside and out. Cassie vows not to let Tammy drown in pain.

At Josh and Reva’s house, Sandy cries and tells Reva she is the mother he always wished he could have in his life. Sandy also explains that, to a person who grew up like he did, being a part of a family is more important than anything else. Sandy takes one last look at Reva before he leaves the house. Reva cries as she watches Sandy leave her. Josh can’t understand how Reva could love Sandy even though he isn’t her son. Reva knows Sandy isn’t her son, but she loves him anyway. Reva makes it clear that she won’t abandon Jonathan a second time, and Josh must accept that if he wants to remain a part of her life.

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