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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/25/04

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By Eva
Proofread by Angie
Pictures by Boo

At Towers, Harley shows Bill the pictures of the tire tracks taken from Phillip’s car that are identical to the tire tracks at the scene of Sandy’s accident. Harley and Bill hug each other because they finally have proof of a crime that would put Phillip in jail. Harley wants Bill to go look at the car and look for clothing fibers or anything that could help them build a solid case against Phillip.

At the farm, Cassie cries a bit and informs Edmund she has called all of Tammy’s friends, and none of her friends have seen her.

Cassie explains to Edmund that Tammy was devastated when Cassie informed her that J..B. was her cousin. Tammy was even more heartbroken when Cassie told her that J.B. knew and had kept it from her so he could sleep with her to hurt Reva. Cassie is worried about what Tammy might do in her current state of mind. Cassie vows to kill J.B. if she ever lays eyes on him again. Edmund apologizes to Cassie because he wasn’t there to help her break the tough news to Tammy. Edmund tells Cassie he caught Dinah stealing money from Jeffrey’s safe. Cassie calls Buzz and Marina, who inform her they haven’t seen Tammy either.

At the Spaulding mansion, the guilt over causing Sandy’s accident continues to torment Lizzie, who has a flashback of the accident. Lizzie decides she must tell Sandy the truth.

At the hospital, Tammy slaps Sandy across the face and yells, "I thought you were my cousin!" An angry Tammy continues to blast Sandy, because she believes if he hadn’t lied about his identity J.B. would not have been able to sleep with her. Sandy also blames himself for what J.B. did to Tammy and cries a little as he apologizes to her. Sandy explains to Tammy that if he hadn’t been in the hospital, he would have been able to stop J.B. from hurting her.

At Josh and Reva’s house, J.B. holds on to Reva’s throat as if he wants to strangle her. J.B. tells Reva that he has dreamed of killing her for a long time. Reva thinks J.B. would never kill her, he just wants her attention. J.B. dares Reva to fight him, but when Reva doesn’t put up a fight J.B. lets go of her throat. He explains to Reva that he wanted her to experience some of the pain and fear he felt while he was growing up, when his adoptive father Alfred would arrive home and abuse him. J.B. continues to explain to Reva that when he was a little boy the abuse wasn’t as bad, because his father had his drinking under control. J.B. tells her that as he got older his stepfather’s hatred of him grew worse, and so did the abuse. Reva wonders why her son seemed so happy when she went to visit him when he was six years old. Jonathan explains that when he was little he was a very good actor, and not even his aunt Olivia knew of the abuse he suffered. Reva cries and tells her son she would have taken him away from his adoptive parents had she known his stepfather was abusing him. J.B. yells at Reva that she never came back for him, she just left him with strangers and never looked back.

At Farley’s bar, Danny is sitting alone having a drink when Dinah approaches him. Danny tells Dinah she really is a beautiful woman. He finds it hard to believe Dinah could be so evil. Danny invites Dinah to have a drink with him. At first Dinah refuses, saying people in town will talk if they see them together. Danny tells Dinah he has never cared what people think of him. Dinah sits down and has a drink with Danny, and the two begin to flirt with each other.

At the hospital, Sandy continues to cry a little as he explains to Tammy that he pretended to be Jonathan because he always wanted a real family he could love and who would give him love in return. Sandy once again apologizes to Tammy, saying he never meant for her to pay for his lie. Josh arrives to warn Sandy that he is going to make sure he never hurts the Lewis family again. Tammy runs to hug Josh while Sandy tells Josh that he wants to find a way to make things right for everyone he hurt. Josh tells Sandy it's too late for him to make things right.

In the hospital hallway, Josh continues to try to soothe Tammy by saying that, in time, the bad memories will fade away, although right now she feels like her world is falling apart. Tammy thinks Josh believes she is a pathetic person. Josh tells Tammy that isn’t true at all. Tammy leaves the hospital as Josh calls out her name to try and stop her from going.. Lizzie arrives to talk to Sandy about the accident. Sandy lets her into his room because he could use a friend right now.

At Farley’s bar, Edmund tries to calm Cassie down a bit before they go inside to look for Tammy. Once inside, Edmund makes a scan of the room and tells Cassie Tammy isn’t there. Edmund does see Dinah with Danny and tries to make Cassie leave before she can see them. When Cassie hears Dinah laughing, she turns and sees Dinah is with Danny. Cassie is very angry and walks over to Danny to warn him not to get involved with Dinah, because Michelle will return to him and then he will be sorry he was ever involved with Dinah. Cassie thinks Dinah is only trying to get her hooks into another man, just like any tramp. Cassie also wants to know why Dinah was trying to steal Jeffrey’s money. Dinah pretends to be upset that Edmund told Cassie what happened in Jeffrey’s office. Edmund tells Dinah he always tells Cassie everything. As they are leaving, Dinah asks Edmund if he told Cassie about the picture of her Jeffrey keeps in his safe. Edmund explains to Cassie that Jeffrey keeps a picture of her and Richard from her days at the palace in his safe.

At Josh and Reva’s house, Reva apologizes to her son for letting him grow up with parents who didn’t love him and who made him feel like he was less of a person because he was adopted. Reva explains that if she had taken him with her he would not be alive right now. Reva dares J.B.. to hurt her and take out all of his anger and rage on her if that will make him feel better. She tells J.B. he shouldn’t hurt innocent people like Tammy. Reva grabs J.B. and puts his hands on her throat and refuses to let go of him, even though J.B. has tears in his eyes when he asks her to let go. Reva tells J.B. she loves him, and she has never stopped loving him. J.B. still has tears in his eyes as he pushes Reva down on the couch and tells her she doesn’t know the meaning of the word love. Josh arrives and pulls J.B. off of Reva and tells him he is a spoiled brat who needs to be taught a lesson. Reva gets between her son and Josh and begs Josh not to hit J.B. Josh explains the pain Reva felt when she decided to leave him with his adoptive parents, which she only did because he seemed happy with them. Josh warns J.B. to stay away from the Lewis family or he will make sure he goes to jail. J.B. warns Josh that he doesn’t want to have him for an enemy because he's a dangerous foe.

At the hospital, Sandy tells Lizzie that he isn’t Reva’s son, and that his lies have caused people that he loves a lot of pain. Sandy tells Lizzie that the guilt that he feels about his lies won’t let go of him, and he doesn’t know how he can ever live with himself. He says he is going to leave town so he won’t cause people that he loves any more pain. Sandy warns Lizzie to stay away from J.B. because he is the real Jonathan, and he is dangerous. Sandy feels guilty because if he hadn’t had the accident he would have been able to stop J.B. from hurting Tammy.

Lizzie tells Sandy he shouldn’t blame himself, because the accident wasn’t his fault. Sandy agrees with Lizzie and blames the person who hit him and left him there to die. Lizzie apologizes to Sandy for the accident and is about to tell him the truth when Harley arrives to question Sandy. Lizzie tells Sandy and Harley she just wanted to thank him for saving Tammy’s life. Lizzie gives Sandy a kiss on the cheek and leaves the room. Once in the hallway, Lizzie hears Sandy tell Harley he didn’t see the driver who hit him.

At Towers, an immigration agent arrives to check if Bill and Olivia’s marriage is legitimate. The agent wonders why Bill and Olivia haven’t gone on a honeymoon. Bill explains that they have been too busy with the business they own. The agent tells Bill that he will be making a surprise visit to him and his wife so he may interview them separately. Bill leaves to make his apartment look like he is married.

At Farley’s bar, Danny is preparing to leave the bar with Dinah until he shows Dinah a picture of Robbie. As Danny looks at the picture he tells Dinah that he doesn’t know how to explain to his son that his mother is gone. Danny also begins to talk about how much he misses Michelle. When Danny looks up he realizes that Dinah has left him talking to himself.

At Josh and Reva’s house, Reva tries to explain to Josh that J.B. seems like a bad person, but he is just very angry about his life, and all he needs is a lot of love and time. Josh insists J.B. is dangerous, and he won’t allow him to hurt her or any member of his family again. Josh wants Reva to send J.B. away, or they will be done talking to each other..

At the farm, Cassie feels like the worst mother in the world. Cassie figures out that Dinah knew that J.B. and Tammy were together, and that she intentionally stopped her from going into Edmund’s suite at Towers because she wanted to use Tammy to hurt her. Cassie blames Dinah for ruining Tammy’s life.

Outside Farley’s bar, Tammy debates with herself a few minutes whether or not to go inside the bar. Tammy decides to go home, and J.B. arrives and offers to open the car door for her.

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