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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/22/04

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By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Sorry this is so short...I wish I had more time to describe it because the show is SO good right now and has so much going on.  I urge you to read the transcript!

Michelle and Holly stand on the deck of the yacht.  Michelle talks about her mother and asks Holly what she thinks about Sebastian.  Holly gives her impressions of him.

Meanwhile, also on the yacht, Sebastian phones someone to tell them that they need a water taxi.  Tony comes in and wonders what Sebastian is talking about.  Sebastian explains that the yacht is too big to bring into port and that's why he ordered additional transportation.  Tony is still suspicious.  They meet up with the women.  Sebastian suggests some cocktails.  Holly says she doesn't drink, so he pours her sparkling water and wine for everyone else.  He pours a glass of Roger's favorite, so Holly wonders if he will be bringing up all of Roger's favorites.  Tony would prefer tequila, but Sebastian tells him that you don't have to have a sophisticated palate to enjoy this vintage.  Tony acknowledges the insult.  Sebastian toasts to Roger and getting what you want.  They have dinner.  Holly thanks Sebastian for everything.  Michelle talks some more about her feelings about remembering her mother.  She gets very tired, and so do the others.  Sebastian suggests an aperitif, but Holly says she wants to turn in.  He gives her a peck on the cheek as she leaves.  After she leaves, he throws the drug overboard that he used on Michelle and Tony.  They are slumped, heads on the table.  He runs into Holly again and she thanks him for the dinner.  He tells her that Roger's plans weren't the same for everyone and that he had something special for her.  She is not surprised. He tells her that they have to leave now. 

Later, Michelle and Tony awaken.  They both are groggy and have headaches, so they realize they were drugged.  She wonders where the others are.  She sees a note taped on a life preserver that says to bring Ed Bauer to him or else Holly will never be returned.

Josh unstraps Sandy from his bed in the hospital.  Josh chews him out for all of the lying he did and orders him to leave town.  They argue.  Sandy keeps trying to explain how he feels, but Josh isn't interested.  Sandy wants to stop Jonathan from hurting Tammy or anyone else. 

Josh explains that he will handle him, too, but without any help from Sandy.  Sandy protests that he loves Reva and the rest of the family, but Josh cuts him off by grabbing him and throwing him against the wall, and holding him by the throat.  Josh yells at him some more for what he did and then leaves.  The nurse comes in as Sandy is gasping.  She chides him for leaving the hospital before without permission.  He tells her that he wants to go now and asks whose permission he has to get.  She is shocked and says he has to stay because he's still recovering.  He says he's checking out now and leaving town.

At the hospital, Danny asks Rick if it's okay for him to take care of Robby because he is so angry at Michelle that he is afraid that he will say something unpleasant about her in front of their son. 

They discuss what's been going on with Michelle and how she had some memory return, the doctor he tried to get for her, that she got mad, and that she just took off with Tony.  Rick offers his help.  Josh comes by later when Danny is sitting in a bar, looking despondent.  Josh asks him if he's seen a guy named JB who might be with Tammy.  Danny is not very helpful and tells him that he doesn't know him.  He asks Josh wants his advice, but Josh doesn't.  Danny says he looks like someone who is about to make a bad decision.  Josh stalks off.

Tammy and Cassie argue about J.B. and things get heated.  Tammy things her mom is just trying to run her life.  Cassie ends up blirting out that J.B. is her cousin.  Tammy is very shocked and tries to deny it.  Cassie apologizes for the way she told her.  She explains about Sandy not being Jonathan, but that J.B. is.  Tammy is very much in denial at first and tries to say Cassie is lying or that J.B. didn't know what he was doing.  They argue. 

Cassie tells her that J.B. just used her just to get back at Reva.  She tries to leave, but Cassie grabs her from behind and holds her tight.  Tammy is in tears, very upset and realizing what happened.  She says that she is not going to be a super-slut like Cassie was so she can stop trying to control her.  They sink to the floor in tears and end up rocking back and forth, crying.  Tammy tells Cassie that she loves J.B. and this makes her want to fight for him and for her.  A little later, she has come to realize what a slime he is.  She protests that she is nobody and didn't do anything to him.  Cassie tells her painfully that he just wanted to make Reva pay.  Tammy blames herself, saying she was stupid, but Cassie says that's not true.  She says she's her sweet angel.  Tammy says sadly, "not any more".  She lies on the floor with her head in Cassie's lap.  She doesn't understand how he could have done something like this.  She blames herself, but Cassie says it's his fault, not hers.  Tammy vows never to love anyone again.  Cassie tries to tell her that they will get through this and someday she'll find real love, but Tammy is not in the mood to hear that right now.  Tammy leaves the room.  Cassie phones Edmund and tells him what happened.  She wonders if Tammy will feel better to hear his voice.  She goes to get her, but Tammy is gone.  Cassie gets frantic and calls around for her. 

Meanwhile, Tammy goes to Sandy's room as he is about to leave and punches him hard in the stomach.

Reva runs into Jonathan, who is waiting for her at home.  He is looking through one of her photo albums at the happy family pictures.  He says a lot of nasty, sarcastic things.  Reva tries to be reasoning and understanding, but when that does work, she talks harshly to him, maybe to try to let him know that she is as tough as he thinks he is.  She goes to grab the album, but he grabs her hand instead.  She yells at him for what he did to Tammy and calls him a coward.  She says he's sick and he doesn't deny it.  He says he knows about her life and that she's no saint.  She admits she has done some things she regrets, but never to deliberately hurt someone, especially an innocent like Tammy.  He says, "not any more", which echoes what Tammy said, and it is chilling.  Reva tells him that she does have guilt and has had it since she left him behind.  He tells her that he's always wanted to hurt her, worse than she hurt him.  She tells him that he's done that already.  She gets very annoyed at what he says and tells him that she is restraining herself from smacking him down.  He keeps making offensive comments.  She says that if he wanted to make her feel more guilt or hurt her, he's won.  She says, "You're the monster now".  He yells at her about accepting Sandy so easily into the family, and she admits she wanted him to be her son so that she would know he was safe and loved.  Then she laughs cruelly, saying that he is jealous of Sandy and how they accepted him.  She says that this is what he really wants, and she holds out her arms as if to welcome him (but it's very sarcastic).  He throws the photo album across the room and denies that's what he wants. 

They talk about his pain, and he says she ain't seen nothin' yet.  She wants to know what he expects to happen now.  He can tell that she's trying to get him to open up, so he tells her this is not their Dr. Phil moment.  He yells that he's sick of her games.  At this point, he has tears in his eyes and looks more vulnerable, so we can tell that Reva is getting to him.  She demands that he tell her what he wants.  She thinks he is scared.  He says that he has cheated death, but she is unimpressed since she has done it so many times.  She wants to fix what is wrong, but he says he's not interested.  She won't let him go after her kids and so there's nothing left for him to do to her.  She wants to know why he's still there, but he doesn't answer.  She tells him to get out if he doesn't have anything to say.  He says that he hasn't decided yet what he's going to do.  He asks her if her guilt is worse or better at seeing him, and she admits that it's a little of both.  She repeats that she'd like to fix things if he will let her, but he doesn't want to be fixed.  He can't believe she's so arrogant.  He mentions falling off the mountain and what Sandy did.  She mentions Tammy, and he says that she deserved it for being so stupid and for living with such an evil man (Edmund).  Reva is disgusted but points out that his anger is preventing him from saying what's truly in his heart.  He laughs at these hokey words and asks if people don't want to smack her all the time.  She tells him honestly that no son of hers would go up against a family with so much to offer.  She says that it broke her heart to give him up, but she thought she was going the right thing by him.  She says her son could never be this evil. At those words, he grabs her throat.

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