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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/21/04

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By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Edmund is with Cassie at home.  She discusses Reva and that creep J.B., and mentions Tammy.  Tammy comes in and tells Cassie that she's going camping with Kira and her family.  Cassie is suspicious and tells her that she thinks she's lying.  She really is going off with J.B.  Tammy admits it and says she didn't want them to worry.  Cassie is annoyed that Tammy lied to her.  Edmund gets a phone call.  Cassie says she doesn't understand or doesn't like why this boy is so important to Tammy.  She thinks that Tammy is still on the rebound from Joey, but Tammy denies it.  She says she likes him and that he is sensitive.  Cassie won't let her go, but Tammy reminds her that she's 18.  Cassie starts to say, "As long as you're living under my roof--" but stops herself because she doesn't want to threaten like that.  Edmund says he has to leave for a meeting, but he first tells Tammy to listen to her mother.  Cassie tries to tell Tammy gently that J.B. will have certain expectations of her on a trip like that (meaning sex), but Tammy says that he wouldn't pressure her like that.  She tells Cassie that she feels like they have known each other forever.  Cassie suddenly wonders if they have already slept together and begs Tammy not to go.  Tammy admits that they have and again reminds her that she's 18.  Cassie gets very upset and hugs Tammy, saying she's her little girl.  Tammy tells Cassie that she's never been happier.  Cassie remembers that she said that about Tammy's father, too.  Tammy goes to get some stuff out of storage for her trip.  Cassie says it's still not okay, but Tammy asks her to be happy for her because she loves J.B.  Cassie just can't believe it.  She is talking to herself when Reva comes up.

Dinah quietly sneaks in to Jeffrey's room and into his bed.  He catches her and gets on top.  They joke around.  She brings up that Cassie is jealous of her, so he throws her off the bed.  While he's in the shower, she phones someone, pretending to be from the D.A.'s office, saying that Jeffrey will meet Edmund at his suite for information about Mr. Randall.  Jeffrey comes out of the shower, so she apologizes for giving him a hard time about Cassie.  She says she wants to be his right arm, his best PR person.  She goes through his papers, which irritates him, and reminds him that he has an appointment in about 18 min.  He has totally forgotten so he is in a rush.  She gives him the files he needs and his briefcase.  He leaves.  She searches and finds his safe.  She opens it because Jeffrey used the same combination he always uses.  She puts in a picture of Richard and Cassie.  Someone phones to tell her that Edmund has arrived.  She says to herself that when Hart caught Cassie stealing money from Lewis Oil, she was very upset.  She practices her sad face in front of the mirror and says to herself, "Poor Cassie".  She uses eye drops to put fake tears in her eyes (Good inside joke!) and leaves the safe open.  She pretends to rifle through the safe and get caught as Edmund walks in.  She tells him in an embarrassed voice that she needs cash and asks him if he will pretend that he didn't see anything.  He asks what kind of trouble she's in.  She tells him that she borrowed money from the wrong people when she was hiding out.  She tells him that she's considered waitressing or stripping and leaves that up to his imagination.  He falls for her act and asks how much she needs.  She says she doesn't want to get him involved.  He tells her just not to take O'Neill's money while he's there.  She quickly dashes in front of the safe as he goes toward it, as if to stop him from seeing something, so he gets suspicious and demands to know what she's hiding.  He sees the picture of Richard and Cassie.  She tells him that she doesn't think it's Richard.  They hear Jeffrey coming, so they quickly cover everything up.  He wonders why they are there together, so she jokes that they're having an affair.  Neither of them thinks that's very funny.  She says that Edmund just stopped by, so Jeffrey wants to know why.  She ushers Edmund out, saying he is late for an appointment.  Jeffrey wants to know what that was about, so she replies that Cassie is not taking their kiss too well.  She shows him that she organized his desk (which he is not happy about), and then she leaves.  Edmund catches her in the elevator and asks what she's up to now.  He recalls that last time she played this game, he almost killed Jeffrey.  He asks why she wants him to go after O'Neill.  She say that she wants him to hurt Jeffrey the same way he's hurt her.  He doesn't buy it, so she tells him that she will never be the person he wants her to be.  He wonders what she means, so she pretends to confess that in their intimate moments, he likes to call her Cassie.

Reva is on the phone when Josh walks in.  She is calling around, trying to find J.B.  He warns her to stay away from J.B.  They mention how J.B. slept with Tammy, his own cousin.  She can't believe her son did this but says she can't stay away from him because he is her son.  He hugs her and asks how he can help.  She wants to find J.B. and tell him why she gave him away.  He points out that J.B. is sick and twisted.  She says she can't imagine what happened to him to have him act like this and do this to Tammy.  He tells her that J.B. is deeply disturbed and there's nothing Reva can do to fix him.  She's only going to create problems for her family.  He's very angry and both him and at Sandy.  She wants to go talk to Cassie.  He offers to go with her, but she wants to go alone.  She corrects herself, saying she doesn't want to go at all.  How can she tell her sister what her son did? He tells her it's not her fault, but she replies that she gave birth to him.

Cassie tells Reva that Tammy had sex with J.B., but Reva already knows.  She tells Cassie to prepare herself and then tells her that J.B. is her son.  Cassie is totally disgusted and her first reaction is to be in denial.  Reva tells her that J.B. did this to get even with her.  Cassie vows that if she gets her hand on this freak, she will kill him.  She tells Reva that Tammy is in love with him, which shocks Reva.  Cassie can't understand why Reva is so much calmer than she is about this.  Cassie says that J.B. might as well have raped Tammy.  Reva says she can't hate him because he's her son.  They argue about that.  Cassie doesn't care why he did it or who he is.  Reva says that she's right and that she's been blind.  She tells Cassie it's not her fault.  She wants to believe that Sandy was her son and that he was okay.  She should have known and looked deeper, because then this wouldn't have happened to Tammy.  She says it's too late now and they have to tell her.  Cassie says Tammy must never know.  Cassie says they have to make J.B. go away, like bribe him or something.  Reva points out the flaws in this idea and says that the only way Tammy will stay away from him is to tell her the truth.  Reva assures a crestfallen Cassie that she will find the right words.  Tammy comes in and wants to know what they're talking about.  Reva offers to stay, but Cassie tells her it's okay.  Reva tells Tammy that she loves her and then she leaves.  Tammy is very defensive about whatever Cassie has to tell her.  She tells her that there's nothing she can say that will make her stay away from J.B.  Cassie cries, saying that Tammy is such a good person and that she is so proud of her.  Tammy gets worried and asks her what she has to tell her.  Cassie says that it's really bad and that J.B. is not who she thinks he is.

Josh meets with Jeffrey, telling him that he needs his help.  He tells Jeffrey that Jonathan is alive and living in town.  Jeffrey is glad to hear it, but puzzled as to Josh's venemence.  Josh fills him in on J.B., not giving him details about what he's done.  He tells Jeffrey that he wants them both stopped.  Jeffrey wonders what he means, so Josh says he wants them both sent to jail.  Jeffrey wonders what they did but has no reason to send them to jail.  He says perhaps there is another way to handle the situation.  Before he can say anything further, Josh agrees, saying they will handle it with old-fashioned Oklahoma-style justice, then he leaves.

J.B is in Sandy's room while he's out, then Sandy returns.  Sandy is angry about Tammy.  J.B. just taunts him about her.  They get into a struggle, but Sandy's injuries make him vulnerable.  J.B. knocks him easily to the floor.  They argue about the mountain.  Sandy protests that he tried to catch J.B., but J.B. thinks that Sandy tried to kill him by pushing him off.  Sandy says they would all be better off if J.B. had died.  J.B. threatens Sandy, and Reva's family.  He has Sandy in a painful hold while he tells him how much pain he was in after his fall and how he broke his legs and tried to keep the vultures and snakes away while he waited for someone to find him.  He straps Sandy in the bed with restraints as he tells him that he promised himself that he would see Sandy again.  Sandy yells at him for hurting innocent people and tells him how great Reva is.  J.B. yells at him to shutup as he puts his hand on Sandy's throat, threatening to break his neck.  Sandy says that J.B. is just afraid that Reva would choose him, Sandy, over J.B.  J.B. lists his family  members in a threatening manner.  Tammy phones to tell him she's ready to go on their trip.  Sandy yells, but J.B. covers his mouth.  Tammy says, "love ya" but then fumbles, saying she didn't mean that.  He tells her it's okay and that he loves her, too.  Off the phone, he makes fun of Tammy.  He tells Sandy that if he makes a sacrifice, he will leave Tammy alone.  He tells him to confess for trying to kill him.  He says Sandy must go to the police.  Sandy asks if he promises that and then he agrees to do it.  J.B. laughs at him and backs out of the deal, saying he is having way too much fun with Tammy right now.  He taunts Sandy some more and then goes to leave.  Sandy says that when she finds out who he is, she won't want him any more.  J.B. tapes a towel into Sandy's mouth to gag him and says there are so many other people to mess with, like Marah.  Sandy gets much angrier when he mentions her name.  He says through his towel that he will kill him.  Joshua arrives after J.B. has been gone for a time.  He is calm and clearly happy to see Sandy trussed up. He rips off the tape, enjoying his pain.  Sandy tells him that Jonathan went after Tammy.  Joshua tells him it's too late and that he had his chance.  He says that J.B. is a despicable piece of trash, and so is Sandy.  He adds that he's the guy who's there to take out the trash.

J.B runs into Reva.  He says, "Hi, Mom! I hear you're been asking for me? About damn time".

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