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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/20/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie continues to worry that someone will discover she was the person who hit Sandy with Philip's car. Lizzie also feels guilty because Sandy was so badly hurt in the accident. Philip assures his daughter that he took care of the evidence from the accident so nobody will ever know the truth.

Philip gives Lizzie a puppy to make her feel better. Lizzie gets a call from Coop asking her to meet him at Farley's bar. Lizzie leaves and Philip decides to follow her to where she is going.

At the Beacon, Blake is angry because Ross had her arrested so that she wouldn't go on the trip with Sebastian, Michelle and Holly. Blake gets even angrier when Ross informs her he called Holly and told her Blake wasn't going on the trip. Ross tells Blake he would arrest her again as long as it kept her out of danger.

On the boat, Sebastian receives a call from Blake begging him to come get her because this was supposed to be their time to discover more about their father. Sebastian apologizes to Blake and tells her its too late because the boat is already on its way to the island. Sebastian thinks its better that Blake stays to keep him informed about what is going on in Springfield. Sebastian asks Blake not to tell anyone where Holly and Michele have gone. Tony listens to Sebastian's phone call to Blake from his hiding place on the boat. Blake agrees not to tell anyone where Holly and Michele have gone. Blake promises to protect Sebastian.

On the Spaulding mansion grounds, Bill shows Harley the wrecked car he found on the grounds. Bill thinks the car belongs to Philip and also suspects Philip was the person behind the wheel when a car hit Sandy. Harley opens the car door and finds a key ring with Philip's initials on it inside the car.

Inside the Spaulding Mansion, Gus is still pounding on the door of the study when he opens the door he discovers Ruth has escaped by going out the window. Gus calls security and tells them to look for Ruth.

Outside Spaulding Mansion grounds, Bill sees the security people and Harley runs back inside to keep anyone from being suspicious.

At Farley's bar, Lizzie thinks that Buzz and Coop know that she caused Sandy's accident. Lizzie is about to tell the whole truth until Philip arrives and stops her from saying anything. Philip wonders why Buzz and Coop wanted to meet with Lizzie. Buzz explains Coop only wanted to apologize for scaring Lizzie when he crashed the bulldozer into the Spaulding mansion gate. Philip gives Coop a bill for the damages that he caused with the bulldozer.

Coop agrees to work off the debt he owes Philip. Philip wants Coop to be Lizzie's driver and be on call 24 hours a day for her. Buzz gives Philip the keys to Company to cover the costs of the damages. Philip is impressed that Buzz would make such a sacrifice for his son. Coop refuses to let his father give up Company and accepts Philip's job offer. Lizzie is upset with her father because he gave someone she hates the job of her driver. Philip thinks since Lizzie hates Coop she will take pleasure in making him suffer. Coop takes Lizzie home while Buzz stays behind to warn Philip. Buzz warns Philip not to do anything to hurt Coop or he will have to do with him. Philip tells Buzz he isn't scared of him. Buzz tells Philip to check his history book because when tyrants fall they fall hard.

On the boat, Michelle is angry that Tony sneaked on the boat to protect her. Michelle tells Tony she is tired of both he and Danny treating her like a child. Tony tells Michelle about the phone conversation he heard between Sebastian and Blake. Sebastian arrives to check on Michelle and discovers Tony's hiding spot. Sebastian pulls out a gun and is ready to shoot Tony.

Tony dares Sebastian to shoot him. A nervous Michelle tells Sebastian she invited Tony on the trip. Michelle apologizes to Sebastian for not telling him Tony was coming with them on the trip. Holly begs Sebastian to put down the gun. Sebastian does so for Holly and Michelle's sake. Sebastian makes it clear to Tony that Holly and Michelle saved his life. Sebastian apologizes to Tony for over reacting to his presence on the trip. Tony takes Sebastian's actions as proof that Michelle needs his protection. Michelle argues that she was the one who protected him. Tony tells Michelle that he is sick and tired of her constantly comparing him to Danny.

Holly tells Sebastian she will not tolerate any form of violence on the trip or she will leave. Sebastian smiles and tells Holly it will be a long swim home.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus catches Ruth coming back to the study. Ruth tells him she just needed to go for a walk because she felt claustrophobic. Gus wonders why Ruth chose to leave through the window instead of using the front door. Gus notices that there are a lot of typos on Ruth's job application. Ruth offers to take the application home and retype it. Gus decides to check Ruth's references to make sure they are legitimate. Ruth assures Gus her references are impeccable and says he is more then welcome to check on them. Gus also notices that the address Ruth listed is the lake not on the lake as Ruth claims. Harley calls Bill and asks him to meet her at towers right away because Gus wants to check Ruth's references.

At the Beacon, Ross thinks Sebastian is just as dangerous as Roger and suggests to Blake that they should investigate him. This makes Blake so angry that she refuses to eat dinner with Ross or go home with him. Ross goes home while Blake stays to have a drink. Danny sits down with Blake to talk because he feels depressed because Michelle left him. Blake thinks that the fight that she and Ross just had should serve as a lesson to Danny that he shouldn't try to control Michelle. Blake encourages Danny to be patient with Michelle and give her time and space.

Danny wants to call Michelle because he misses her. Blake lets it slip that Michelle is gone. Danny wonders if Michelle is with Tony. Blake doesn't say anything more and just allows Danny to assume that Tony and Michelle are together. Blake is unaware that Danny's assumption is true. Danny calls Michelle on her cell phone. Tony answers the phone and Danny hangs up when he hears Michelle tell Tony not to tell Danny where they are because she doesn't want Danny to come after them.

At Towers, Bill uses different voices to pretend to be Harley's references on the phone with Gus. Bill is proud of himself and thinks Gus bought the act. Harley is still afraid Gus will discover she is Ruth Karlof

At the Spaulding Mansion, The strange phone calls give Gus an uneasy feeling about Ruth. Gus calls Philip and advises him to fire Ruth because he doesn't trust her. Philip tells Gus he doesn't trust him so he won't take his advice about firing Ruth. Harley goes back to where she found the car and makes prints of the tire tracks. Harley also looks at the damage to the car. Harley gets a call from the lab and is informed the tire tracks she gave them match the ones found at the scene of Sandy's accident.

Harley smiles because she has evidence that could send Philip to jail.

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