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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/19/04

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By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Revaís car:

Reva has helped to get Sandy out of the hospital to help her search for Tammy. Sandy tells her all that he knows about Jonathan and asks her to just trust him.

Reva is confused and doesnít know what to think. She doesnít know if she should trust Sandy anymore at all after learning that he has lied to her all this time. Sandy tells her that Jonathan does know that Tammy is his cousin, but he is doing this to hurt Reva. She doesnít want to believe that Jonathan has turned into this kind of a monster, but she doesnít want to believe that Sandy would be lying about this either. She asks if Sandy has any idea where Jonathan may have taken Tammy. Sandy rationalizes that Tammy wouldnít go to the farm for fear of Cassie coming home, but Edmund has a suite at Towers. Reva realizes that Tammy has a key to that suite also. They head for Towers.

At the hospital:

Josh goes into Sandyís room looking for Reva. When he realizes that no one is there, he goes to the hall and asks the nurse if Sandy had to have any tests ran. The nurse takes off to check and Josh goes back into Sandyís room. He searches around the room and sees Sandyís laptop. As he starts to look at the laptop the nurse comes in and apologizes. She explains that Reva and Sandy were seen leaving the hospital together. Josh frantically calls Frank and tells him to get there as soon as possible. When Frank arrives, Josh quickly fills him in on what he now knows about Sandy and their suspicions that Sandy may have killed Jonathan. Frank gets a call telling him that Revaís car has been spotted in the parking lot at Towers and the two of them take off.


In the restaurant, Bill and Olivia enter the room where Billy has set up the celebration. Bill is in jeans while Olivia has on a beautiful gown.

Billy points out the couple to the waiter and then joins them. He tells Bill and Olivia that he wants them to have a great time tonight, the sky is the limit. He has champagne, caviar, lobster, filet, whatever they want. Olivia tells Billy how much she appreciates him doing all of this for them. She was worried that there might be some hard feelings since she bought the building that his office was in. Billy laughingly tells her that now that she has married Bill, everything that was hers is his now so it is like keeping it in the family. Olivia laughs with him and tells him that is true. Billy sees Dinah enter and tells Olivia that he invited someone that he thinks will get along just fine with her.

Dinah is wearing the exact same gown that Olivia is wearing. Olivia tells Billy that she actually has met Dinah before, and jokes that it looks like they both shop at the same place. Olivia and Dinah decide to go to the bar and get a drink together and leave the men to do their thing. Billy thinks Olivia and Dinah look like two peas in a pod. He is proud of his prediction that they would get along wonderfully. Bill thanks his father for doing all of this for him. Billy really does want his son to be happy. Bill assures his father that he is, he just really wants to find proof that Phillip is behind this thing with the I.N.S.

At the bar, Olivia asks Dinah if she is okay with the marriage. Dinah just wants her little brother to be happy. She gives Olivia a beautiful broach that used to be her grandmothers and tells her that it is her way of saying thank you to Olivia for not ratting her out when Bill was hiding her. Olivia is a bit shocked at such a beautiful gift. Dinah tells her that she just hopes that Olivia doesnít ever hurt Bill, she makes it clear that she will go to any length to protect the people she loves. Olivia doesnít quite know how to take Dinah. Phillip enters the bar and gives his congratulations to the bride. Olivia isnít pleased to see him at all. Bill and Billy join them and Bill tells Phillip that he and Olivia love each other and are happy that they put a stop to his little ploy to get Olivia deported. Phillip is surprised to hear that Bill still thinks he is responsible for that, and starts to tell him about it. Dinah interrupts to say hello and Billy pulls Phillip away from them to talk privately. Bill tells Olivia that he is happy to see Phillip there, it means they are getting to him. Bill gets a call from Harley and takes off for Spaulding, telling Olivia that he will be back as soon as he can. Dinah sees him leave and slyly asks Olivia if there is already trouble in paradise. Olivia tells her that she thinks it is very touching how much Dinah cares for her little brother, but assures her that everything is fine. Bill just had some business to attend to. Dinah doesnít know many men that would even think about business on their wedding night. Olivia tells her that Bill isnít like most men. Dinah agrees with that and makes it clear that Bill is very special to her. Olivia comments that is something else they have in common. Dinah hopes that is true.

Phillip thinks it is pretty ironic that Bill hasnít figured out that it was actually Billy that tried to have Olivia deported. He has a good laugh over the fact that Billyís plan backfired and now he is stuck with Olivia as a daughter in law. Billy tries to laugh it off and tells Phillip that it is funny that he would think that Billy would try to have Olivia deported.

Phillip stops him though and tells him that he has friends at I.N.S. and called to find out who was behind it. His friend told him that it was Billy. Billy realizes he is busted and asks what Phillip wants. Phillip says he will figure out something.

Josh and Frank come into the restaurant frantically looking for Reva. Billy is happy to see him back in town. Josh greats his brother but is really anxious to know if anyone has seen Reva. Olivia and Dinah join the group now to see what all the commotion is about. Olivia tells Josh that maybe Reva just forgot to tell him if Bill invited her to their celebration. A worried looking Phillip asks Frank what is going on. Frank only tells him that he canít explain it all right now. When Josh learns that no one has actually seen Reva, he and Frank rush off to find the Maitreí D. Billy notices that Phillip is a little shaken by what just happened. Phillip tells him that he is concerned for Reva and Sandy because they both work for him. Billy doesnít think that is it, he comments that he thought he was the only one that had secrets. Phillip claims that he does everything out in the open. Billy comments that watching the bulldozers tear down people houses was classic. Phillip tells him not to worry, he has no intention of telling Bill what Billy did. He does tell Billy that it may cost him somewhere down the road though as he heads over to the bar area to talk to Olivia. Phillip tells Olivia that he really hopes this marriage thing works out for her, he thinks it was a very smart move and is impressed. Olivia tells him that her marriage is real, and that her and Bill really do love each other. They start to spat back and forth at each other for a bit when Olivia finally loses her cool. She tells Phillip that she doesnít have to listen to anything he says anymore, she is free of him. Phillip smugly tells her to keep telling herself that as he leaves. Billy approaches the women and reminds them that the champagne is getting colder and colder, he is sure that Bill will be back soon. Olivia tells them that she doesnít think Bill will be back so soon and apologetically asks if they can do this another time. Billy tells her that would be fine if that is what she really wants. She assures them that it is and thanks him for all the trouble he went through. She also thanks Dinah for the broach. They say their goodbyes and leave.

In Edmundís suite, J.B. takes off his shirt and Tammy sees the tattoo of the yen/yang symbol on his back. She remembers seeing the symbol someplace before, but canít remember where. J.B. asks if they are going to talk or kiss. They start to make out and sit on the bed. Tammy takes her shirt off. J.B. tells her that she is beautiful and perfect. Tammy doesnít want to be perfect. J.B. tells her that she is untouched. She takes off her bra and tells him to touch her. They proceed to make love. Later on, Reva and Sandy arrive and burst into the room. Tammy comes out of the bathroom and is shocked to see them there. Reva demands to know where Ďheí is. Tammy tries to stop her from going into the bedroom, but Reva searches anyway. Tammy asks if Reva thought J.B. was in there. Reva tells her that she has to stay away from J.B. When Tammy defends her relationship with J.B. strongly, Reva and Sandy realize that Tammy and J.B. have already made love. Tammy still continues to defend herself and tells them that she is an adult, and tonight her first time was just like she always dreamed it would be. Tammy grabs J.B.ís jacket and runs out looking for him. Sandy and Reva both try to stop her but she is too quick for them. Sandy collapses on the floor. Reva manages to get Sandy on the couch before Josh and Frank come bursting into the room. Reva explains all that has gone on and how Sandy is helping her now.

She tells them both all about Jonathan and Tammy too. Josh and Frank arenít as quick to believe all of this as Reva has been and Josh tells Sandy that Frank is taking him back to the hospital until he and Reva can press charges. Sandy tries to talk but Josh doesnít want to hear any thing he has to say. Frank hauls Sandy out as Reva watches in horror. Josh tries to calm her down, but she is very upset. She wants to find Jonathan and see for herself if he really is the monster that Sandy says he is. Josh holds her and promises her that they will find Jonathan and he will not let either Jonathan or Sandy hurt her.

Tammy finds J.B. and gives him back his jacket. He explains that he heard her aunt and her cousin coming when she was in the bathroom so he thought he would go out the back way to avoid a confrontation. Tammy is taken aback when he tells her that they are going to have to stop seeing each other for awhile. She tells him that she thought they had a wonderful time tonight.

J.B. explains that they did have a wonderful time, but he thinks there is going to be fallout from it and he needs to leave town for a little bit until things calm down. Tammy tells him that she is fine with that, because she is going with him. J.B. looks as thou a big wrench has been thrown in his plan when she tells him this.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Ruth/Harley arrives and starts to go into Phillipís office when Gus catches her. He tries to have a bit of small talk with her but she isnít in a talkative mood. Gus asks if she is still angry with him because he grilled her the other night. He explains that he was just doing what Phillip asked him to do and that all employees were grilled because of the security leak. Ruth tells him that she understands and that she is a team player. Gus leaves her to do her work as she continues on into the room. She shuts the doors behind her and calls Bill on the cell phone. Bill tells her that Billy is throwing a congratulatory party for him and his new bride Olivia at Towers. Harley is surprised that Billy is on board about the wedding. Bill explains that he hasnít told Billy everything yet. Harley tells him that she is at Spaulding now and is going to go through Phillips papers to see if she can find anything that will link Phillip to Oliviaís I.N.S. problems. Bill tells her to be careful and he will call her later. Harley starts to go through the papers on Phillips desk, getting frustrated because she isnít finding anything. Phillip comes in and asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she came back because she found something that she thought he should see. She hands him the paper and reports that Olivia just married Bill Lewis. Phillip reads the article with great amusement.

He comments that it is better than reading the comics. Ruth/Harley is surprised that he isnít angry. He explains that he will no longer have to pay alimony. Ruth/Harley suggests that the couple really are in love. Phillip doubts that seriously. When Ruth/Harley tells him that Bill and Olivia are at Towers celebrating with Billy, Phillip canít wait to get there. to offer his congratulations. After he leaves Harley again closes the doors. She removes Ruthís glasses, putting them in her pocket and starts going through Phillips papers again. She drops some on the floor and when she bends down to pick them up she notices a new button on the side of a table.

She curiously pushes the button to see what it does, and is shocked to see the table top slowly turn over to reveal Phillips model of his new Springdale. Harley realizes what it is and calls Bill to tell him to hurry and get down there with a camera. She tells him what she found and describes the whole model to Bill. Bill tells her that it is a good find, but if they take it to the press, Phillip will put his own spin on it. He asks how she is coming with the search for the papers. Harley tells him that she hasnít found anything so far, and then spots a paper shredder with papers sticking out of it. She tells Bill she might have found something and for him to hurry up and get there with the camera. Bill promises to come right away. Harley runs to lock the doors. She tries to pull the papers out of the shredder but they wonít budge. She has a scarf on and when she turns on the shredder, it starts to pull the scarf in. Harley panics and tries to pull the scarf over her head, but ends up pulling off Ruthís wig also sending it into the shredder. Gus comes to the door and wants to know why the door is locked. Harley really goes into a panic and tries to pull the wig out of the shredder. Gus hears the shredder and asks her what she is doing in there. He tells her that he hears the shredder and knows she is shredding papers. That isnít a good thing to do. Harley finally gets the wig out of the shredder and throws it on, but it is badly damaged. She realizes that she canít let Gus see her or her cover will be blown. Gus keeps insisting that she open the doors. He thinks that she is doing something that Phillip told her to do, but that it is illegal and tries to talk her out of doing it. Harley gets angry that he wonít just leave her alone.

Finally after much bickering back and forth, Gus tells her that he is going to get the keys to the room, but he will be back and the two of them are going to have a talk. Harley starts to freak out a little bit, not knowing how to get out of this one when Bill shows up at the window. Harley explains what happened with the shredder and that she needs to get a new wig out of the car before Gus gets back. She wonders why Bill is covered in mud. Bill tells her that he found something that she really needs to see right now. He helps her climb through the window.

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