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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/18/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo


Cassie and Edmund walk out onto the balcony to find Dinah and Jeffrey kissing. Cassie grabs Dinah by the arm and jerks her away from Jeffrey. She yells at Dinah to leave Jeffrey alone. Edmund leaves after seeing Cassie’s reaction. Cassie lays into Dinah for trying to worm herself back into Cassie’s life. Cassie is shocked when Jeffrey tells her that he kissed Dinah, not the other way around. Dinah looks a bit impressed that Jeffrey stood up for her and leaves the two of them to discuss this by themselves. Cassie thinks Jeffrey has lost his mind, Dinah is dangerous. Jeffrey admits that Dinah has a bit of an edge, which infuriates Cassie. Jeffrey thanks her for her concern, but tells her that he can handle this and starts to leave. Cassie tells him they are not finished.

Dinah finds Edmund in the restaurant and tries to plant the seed that Cassie’s reaction to seeing her and Jeffrey kissing proves that Cassie has feelings for Jeffrey.

Edmund tells her that Cassie doesn’t see a ‘relationship’ between Dinah and Jeffrey, all she sees is Dinah still in town and still being involved with the people in her life. Dinah tells Edmund that she thinks it is good for Cassie to have a man in her life like Edmund. She also thinks that whatever this thing with her and Jeffrey is, it is a good thing too. It is good that both her and Cassie have good men in their lives.

Back out on the balcony, Cassie tells Jeffrey that she won’t stand by and let Dinah get her hooks into him. Jeffrey tells her that she really doesn’t have a choice in the matter. He tells her that she has her motel, Tammy and Edmund to worry about. Cassie gets angry at Jeffrey’s attitude and when Edmund returns, she tells him she is ready to go to Reva’s. She wants to go change her shirt in his suite first.

In Edmund’s suite, Tammy and J.B. are making out. When J.B. tries to pull her down on the couch, Tammy quickly gets up with the excuse that she always imagined candles. She finds a lighter and lights several candles in the room. J.B. tells her to make sure to light enough that he can still see her. Tammy tells him that he always knows the perfect thing to say. J.B. starts to kiss Tammy again but she is obviously nervous. He asks her if she is nervous about being in her uncle’s suite. She claims that she isn’t nervous at all. J.B. suggests going to the bedroom and Tammy wonders what the rush is. They have all night. J.B. tells her that he doesn’t mean to rush her, but he has waited a long time. He makes it clear that he isn’t waiting any longer. He pushes her up against the wall and kisses her, starting to take her clothes off. Tammy tells him that maybe they should order some room service. J.B. pretends to give up, saying that it is obvious that Tammy isn’t ready for this. He tells her that he wants her first time to be perfect, and something she will remember for the rest of her life. He puts on his jacket to leave. He gets an evil little smile on his face when Tammy stops him. She tells him that she will just die if he leaves. She really does want to be with him, but this is all new to her. J.B. asks what it is about him that she likes. She turns her back to him and tells him that she likes the way he makes her feel.

J.B. takes off his jacket again and gently touches the back of her neck. She tells him she like the way he touches her. They start to get hot and heavy again when Dinah enters the room. Tammy freaks out and grabs the fireplace poker. Dinah quickly explains that she stayed in Edmund’s room a couple of nights ago and is just there to pick up something she forgot. Tammy thinks that Dinah is stalking her. Dinah assures her that she only wants to get what is hers and then she is gone. J.B. wonders who Dinah is and Tammy tells him that she is no one he wants to know. Dinah carefully picks up a compact and shows Tammy what she is taking. She promises that she won’t ‘rat them out’ before carefully leaving the room.

In the hallway, Cassie catches Dinah leaving Edmund’s room again. Dinah tells her that she was just leaving. Cassie tells her that she isn’t leaving until they get a few things straight. Dinah tells her if that is the case, there is something she should know right off the bat. She starts to tell Cassie about Tammy, but Cassie cuts her off and tells her not to mention her daughter’s name. She demands to know what Dinah was doing in Edmunds room. Dinah tries to explain, but Cassie isn’t satisfied. She grabs Dinah and drags her back to the restaurant to tell Edmund that she ‘caught’ Dinah in his room again.

Back inside the room, Tammy hears Cassie and Dinah argue and freaks out that her mother is there. After Cassis and Dinah leave, she is shocked that Dinah really didn’t tell her mother about her. J.B. wants to get back to what they were doing, but Tammy doesn’t want to stay there anymore. Cassie might come back. J.B. suggests she call Cassie and see where she is. Tammy calls Cassie and learns that she and Edmund are on their way back to the farm. She hangs up and tells J.B. that he is a genius, she thinks they have the whole night now. They start to make out again, removing clothes again. Tammy stops again for a second and turns off her cell phone so that no one can interrupt them again.

Dinah and Cassie return to the restaurant where Edmund sits calmly at a table. Cassie yells at Dinah that she wants her to stay away from everyone that Cassie cares about. Dinah tries to tell her that she would like nothing better than that, but she can’t do it with Cassie shadowing her all the time. Cassie can’t believe that Dinah thinks she is the one doing the following. Dinah tells her that she is tired of Cassie always throwing her past up in her face. She just wants to get on with her life. She suggests that they both just let go of the resentments before she leaves. Cassie vents to Edmund about Dinah.

Edmund realizes that Cassie didn’t change shirts. Cassie tells him that she doesn’t care anymore, they should just get to Reva’s. Edmund informs her that Josh is back in town and he and Reva have returned to the hospital. Cassie is happy that Josh is back, maybe he can now handle the whole Sandy situation. She surmises that Jeffrey will not be much help now that he will probably be too busy cramming his tongue down Dinah’s throat. Edmund doesn’t understand why that upsets Cassie so much. She tells him that Dinah is just trying to get to her by going out with Jeffrey. Edmund thinks that Dinah had a great idea, they should both get over this resentment of each other. Cassie gets even more angry and still thinks that Dinah only wants to get to Jeffrey as a means of getting to her and she is determined not to let that happen. Dinah has been hiding out of sight and listening to this whole conversation. She comments to herself that Cassie has just sped things up for her, and now it is on to ‘phase two’.


Michelle and Tony start to go at it pretty hot and heavy, when a limo driver interrupts them to tell Michelle that he is there to take her to the airport. Michelle pulls herself together and tells Tony that she can’t make love to him. She just ended things with Danny and she needs time to herself. Tony tries to talk her out of going on this trip, but Michelle insists that this is what she needs. Some rest, maybe a little adventure, maybe even get some of her memories back. Tony is not convinced that this is the best thing for her to do. His jealousy shows a bit when he asks if she is doing this to find out if there is more there with her and Danny. Michelle tries to explain to him that she just really needs this time to herself. Ever since she woke up from the coma, she has been trying to figure out who she is. Only, first it was her and Danny, then her and Tony, and now it is all about Danny and Tony fighting. She needs this time to think about just her. She tells him that she is walking away from all of this so she can find herself. Tony finally realizes that Michelle is determined and agrees to let her go. Michelle hugs him and tells him to take care of himself. Tony hopes she has fun on her trip. Michelle heads out the door.


Holly nervously paces a bit and Sebastian asks her if she is afraid of flying. She tells him that she isn’t nervous about flying, but she is nervous about where they are going. Sebastian tells her they are going to Santa Domingo, where Roger took her when he kidnapped her.

Sebastian claims that Roger wanted the story to go full circle and end in Santa Domingo. Holly thinks she must be crazy to be going along with this. Sebastian tells her that she is doing this for three reasons; her own peace of mind, for Roger, and partly for him. Holly tells Sebastian that he thinks that she sees something of Roger in him, but she assures him that if that were true, she would be running the other way. Sebastian disagrees with her and thinks that there is a part of Holly that wants to talk to his father one last time. Just to put closure on their long relationship. Sebastian tells Holly to pretend that he is his father and tell him whatever she wants to say. He thinks it will do both of them a lot of good. Holly tells him that Roger was not a happy or good man. She doesn’t think that Sebastian really wants to know the truth about Roger. Sebastian tells her that he spent months with Roger. Holly points out that it was just that, months. Not years, and they were months that he heard nothing but Roger’s point of view. She tells him how Roger demanded complete and utter devotion from everyone around him. Anything else, Roger perceived as betrayal which meant banishment or death. Sebastian thinks that Holly must have loved Roger on some level or she wouldn’t be going on this trip. Holly’s phone rings. As she answers the phone, Sebastian goes off to make sure everything is ready. Ross tells Holly over the phone that Blake won’t be going on the trip. When Sebastian returns, he tells Holly that everything is ready to go as soon as ‘Chrissy’ and Michelle get there. Holly tells him the trip is off. Sebastian lets Holly know that they are going to make this trip even if Blake can’t come. He needs to find what his father left behind. He insists that this trip has to happen now! Michelle arrives and Sebastian quickly sends her and Holly to board the plane. Before he joins them, he makes a call to make sure the boat is ready. After he leaves the lobby, Tony comes in following Michelle. An airport employee tells him that this lobby is for private planes only and makes it clear that Tony shouldn’t be there. Tony asks for help and explains that he doesn’t know which airlines have direct flights to Miami.

The Lewis house:

A very distraught Reva is happy to see Josh is home. She wants to go to the hospital right away because Tammy told her that Sandy is awake. Josh tries to calm her down telling her that they will see Sandy in the morning. He is worried about her, and wants her to get some rest. When the phone rings Josh wants her to just let it ring, but she insists on answering it. No one answers her when she says hello. Josh calls the hospital and tells Reva that the nurse reports that Sandy is sleeping. Reva tells him that she wants to be there when Sandy wakes up. Josh can tell that something is really bothering Reva and tells her that she can tell him anything. Reva finally breaks down and tells him that Sandy is not her son, Jonathan.

Josh suggests that maybe the test results were wrong. Reva tells him they were ran three separate times. Josh is shocked to hear the news, but gets really angry when he learns that Sandy knew all along. He can’t believe all that they did for this boy, with Reva even risking her own life with the surgery. Now he agrees with Reva and also wants to be there when Sandy wakes up. He tells her that he is going to rip Sandy’s head off. They head to the hospital.

At the hospital:

In Sandy’s room, he is awake and trying to call Reva on the phone. A nurse walks by and catches him, taking the phone away from him.

Sandy tries to tell her that he needs to talk to Reva, but the nurse only tells him to let the sedative take effect and get some sleep. She is sure that his mother will be back in the morning. Sandy manages to get a hold of the phone again after she leaves and dial Reva’s number, but falls asleep before Reva picks up the phone. He dreams that J.B. is kissing Tammy in his room and he tries to stop them. J.B. tells him that Tammy is his now and turns her around to show Sandy that Tammy is pregnant. As J.B. laughs, Sandy wakes up. He tries to call Reva’s house again, but gets a busy signal. Sandy struggles to get out of bed. He is determined to go and help Tammy.

In the hall, Josh and Reva have arrived. Josh wants to just rush in and beat the crap out of Sandy. Reva stops him and reasons with him that she should at least hear what Sandy has to say. Sandy did save Tammy’s life after all. Reva pleads with Josh to let her go into the room alone. It is her son, Jonathan, that they need to learn about after all. Josh reluctantly agrees to let her go in by herself. After Reva goes into the room, Jeffrey finds Josh in the hall. He is glad to see that Josh is back in town. Jeffrey tells Josh that Reva asked him to look into the real Jonathan’s disappearance. Josh tells him that he is more interested in the ‘non-Jonathan’ for the moment. Jeffrey understands that, but does tell Josh that he doesn’t want to have to pull Reva aside and tell her that Sandy may have killed the real Jonathan. He tells Josh that right now it is all speculation. Josh wants to know everything that Jeffrey knows about all of this.

Reva enters Sandy’s room and is shocked to see the bed empty. Reva frantically calls for a nurse to help her search for Sandy. When they finally find him, she rushes him back to the bed. The nurse tells Reva that this is the second time she has caught him trying to leave. Reva asks for a few minutes alone with Sandy and the nurse leaves. Sandy tries desperately to tell her that something is wrong with Tammy. He can only say one word at a time though, and Reva has a hard time understanding what he is trying to tell her. He finally points to the laptop and Reva brings it to him. He pulls up a picture of J.B. Reva recognizes Tammy’s new boyfriend. Sandy tells her that it is Jonathan.

Reva realizes what he is trying to say and wonders if Jonathan knows that Tammy is his cousin. She asks why he would want to be with Tammy if he knows that. Sandy tells her that Jonathan is trying to hurt Reva. Reva tells him that Josh is in the hall and they will go right now and find Tammy. When she starts to leave the room, Sandy tries to get out of bed to go with them. Reva tries to tell him that he can’t go, but when she sees how determined he is she gives in and asks if he has clothes there.

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