Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/14/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Ruth meets with Gus in the Spaulding mansion den/study and he is friendly to her. Ruth seems obviously a bit nervous and the two sit down to do the interview.

Olivia laughs that Bill not only asked her to marry him, but planned the wedding as well. Jeffery shows up and is planning in doing the ceremony. Olivia doesn’t look too happy about what is going down and Jeffery informs Bill that he thought the wedding was about more than a green card. Olivia tells them that she doesn’t seem excited simply because she’s in jail. Bill convinces Olivia that he wants to marry her and at the last moment tells Jeffery that she won’t be marrying Bill.

AT the hospital Reva calls Jonathon’s school and tries to get the headmaster on the phone to talk to him about Sandy. She tells the person on the other end that she wants to get in touch with some of his former classmates. JB watches Reva from behind and sneaks into Sandy’s room. Sandy is awake and sees JB, looking quite frightened.

Ruth tells Gus that she has nothing to confess to him. Gus questions Ruth about Zach and being a new employee. Ruth dodges the questions and refuses to look Gus in the eye. Gus calls her out on it and tells her he’d like a little eye contact, or she can explain why not.

Bill tells Olivia that she can’t say no and Jeffery wants to leave. Alex, who has been watching the whole thing, tells Jeffery that she believes that there truly is love between Bill and Olivia. Bill tells Olivia that he knows deep down she’s a romantic and that he wants to be the one to help her out. Jeffery asks Bill and Olivia one last time what is going on, and Olivia tells Jeffery that they want to get married. Jeffery tells Olivia & Bill that if they’re going to get married they have to convince him it’s on the up and up so that Jeffery doesn’t have INS on his back.

JB tells Sandy what Reva is doing outside and takes the call button away. JB tells Sandy that he has to take care of a few things, such as Tammy before Sandy can wake up and gives him some more of his pain medicine, 4 more doses to be exact and leaves the room Reva walks in and tells Sandy that she’s sorry she has doubts about him. Reva pleads with Sandy to give her a sign that Jonathon is alive and just then someone grabs Reva’s shoulder. It turns out that it was Billy, who tells Reva that she can go home. Billy tells Reva that Josh is busy in Oklahoma and that they can talk about it outside. JB sneaks back into Sandy’s room and blames Sandy for Reva’s behavior. Outside the room Billy tells Reva that Olivia is racing with Phillip to see who can buy more of Lewis Oil property. Billy admits to Reva that he called INS and is having Olivia deported. He also tells her that the beauty of the plan is that it looks as though Phillip is the one who set the whole thing up. Reva laughs at Billy’s plan.

Meanwhile in the jail cell, Bill tells Jeffery what he knows about Olivia. Jeffery asks why the two of them are together. Bill tells Jeffery that Olivia helped her after Eden died. Jeffery tells the two of them to explain who the other one is. Bill describes Olivia as a unique woman who has been hurt and needs a man who loves her. Olivia tells Jeffery that she thought men like Bill wouldn’t ever take a chance on a woman like her. Olivia tells Jeffery that she wants to stay in the country so she can take a shot at a life with Bill. Jeffery agrees that the two love one another and begins performing the ceremony.

Gus tells Ruth she’s not scoring high points with him in the interrogation. Gus questions why she would want to work for Phillip of all people and the two talk about power. Ruth accuses Gus of wanting power just as much as Phillip. Gus looks like he can’t quite figure something out about Ruth.

Reva tells Billy that she wants to be in Sandy’s room when he wakes up. Reva tells Billy that by what he is doing could separate Emma from Olivia and that’s not fair. Reva walks into Sandy’s room and talks to Sandy about Billy. Reva’s cell phone rings and it turns out it is JB on the other end, pretending to be an English boy who went to school with Sandy. Reva tells the person on the other end that she’s glad to hear from him. JB drops Jonathon’s name during the phone conversation and tells Reva that Sandy and Jonathon were best friends and competitors. He also tells her that Jonathon tried distancing himself from Sandy and that made Sandy even more clingy and competitive. “Owen” tells Reva that one day they both left school never to be heard from again. The two hang up and Reva is obviously shaken by the phone call, thinking that she knew Sandy.

Inside the jail cell Jeffery gets one of the guards to be a witness for the ceremony. Olivia and Alex talk about their deal, and Alex agrees to be Olivia’s maid of ‘dishonor.’ Jeffery performs the ceremony and Bill and Olivia say their vows. Jeffery pronounces Bill and Olivia man and wife. Alex reminds Olivia of their deal before she leaves.

Ruth tells Gus that she’s seen him around the house throwing his power around, barking out orders. Gus tells Ruth that if she likes her job she’d better be quiet and respect him. Ruth tells Gus that she doesn’t take orders from him, and that even if she was the leak she wouldn’t be stupid enough to get caught. Ruth leaves, telling Gus that she has work to do. Gus calls Phillip and tells him that he’ll meet him at Towers soon and that Ruth will do anything to advance at Spaulding, perhaps even be a security leak.

Harley meets up with Olivia and Bill at Towers and they tell her that they’re married. Harley doesn’t seem excited about their union and Olivia accuses Harley of being jealous that they actually made it to the alter. Olivia gets up to get Harley a glass of champagne and Harley asks Bill if he knows what he’s doing. Bill tells Harley that he believes in loyalty and he needed to help Olivia out. Harley tells Bill that Gus did the interrogation and now he’s more suspicious than ever. She tells Bill that Ruth now needs a life. Billy walks into Towers and seems surprised to see Olivia at the bar. Olivia tells Billy that she’s part of the family again.

Reva is on Sandy’s laptop when Jeffery comes to see her. Reva tells Jeffery she needs his help and he has to agree to help her with no questions asked. Reva reminds Jeffery that he owes her and he’d better agree to help her.

Bill tells Harley that Ruth should have hit on Gus and assures her that the safeguards are in place. Bill looks up and sees his wife with his father and goes over to see what’s going on. Billy tells Bill that this union is like the “black widow and the fly.” Bill tells his father that Olivia wasn’t buying up Lewis Oil property to get at Lewis, but simply to beat out Phillip. Bill tells his father that he just beat out Phillip again by marrying Olivia, because the marriage only strengthened their partnership.

Harley gets up to leave Towers just as Gus is walking in. The two say hello to one another and Gus asks her how the children are. Harley tells him that she has to run and that she’ll see him around.

JB cracks open the door to Sandy’s room to overhear the conversation between Jeffery and Reva. Reva tells Jeffery that Sandy isn’t her kid and shows Jeffery Sandy’s laptop. JB watches the whole thing, gets even angrier thinking that Reva has chosen to believe Sandy again and calls Tammy telling her he wants to see her.

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