Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/13/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside the Beacon Ruth approaches Bill and tells him that she doesn’t think it’s safe. He tells her that he didn’t have a choice. Bill tells Ruth that they need to do something about Olivia and that they don’t have much time. Bill warns Ruth to be careful.

Meanwhile in jail Olivia is being processed. Olivia demands to use the phone and is thrown in a call anyway. The whole time Olivia is complaining about Phillip and his family. All of a sudden you hear Alexandra’s voice from behind Olivia and we realize that Olivia and Alex are sharing a jail cell. Olivia looks shocked.

Coop is outside, fixes a brown paper bag and says that it’s ‘payback time Phillip.’ Coop takes the bag and tries sneaking it into the house. A security guard decides stops him and Coop pretends that he’s there to deliver food to Phillip. As Coop is arguing with the guard Lizzie comes along. Lizzie tells the guard not to let Coop anywhere near the house.

Inside the study Gus comes walking in on Phillip who is doing some paperwork. Gus wants to know why he was called back home, from the office after just leaving there. Phillip tells him that he has an important assignment for him and it was too sensitive to discuss over the phone. Phillip goes on to tell Gus that they have a serious security breach at Spaulding. Phillip tells Gus that he wants him to run some background checks on various employees. Gus refuses, and Phillip tells him that he’s going to do it with or without Gus’s help. Gus leaves and Ruth comes in. Phillip tells Ruth that he has a lot of things for her to do today.

Alan sees Gus in the mansion and asks if Gus has seen Beth as he’s supposed to have a tennis match with her. Alan looks surprised that Gus is back home and Gus tells his father that Phillip had summoned him back to the house. Alan looks perplexed and Gus explains what it was exactly that Phillip wanted him to do, and tells his father that he refused. Alan stands up for Phillip’s request and Gus tells Alan that he’s worried about Phillip’s paranoia is getting out of hand.

Coop tells Lizzie to leave and she orders the security guard to search the bag. The guard finds a brick and Lizzie looks pleased, she asks him what he was going to do with it, he tells her that it was from Harley’s house and that he wanted Phillip to see exactly what he was doing. Lizzie tells him that he’s dreaming if he thinks he’ll have nay affect on them (the Spaulding’s). Lizzie lets Coop go and he goes to leave.

Frank comes to visit Olivia in her cell, Olivia pleads for Frank’s help and he tells her INS isn’t his area of expertise but he’ll do what he can. He tells her and Alex to behave and leaves. Alex laughs when she finds out that Olivia might be deported and Olivia comments on Phillip’s sick sense of humor. Bill comes to visit Olivia and tells her that he’s going to help her get out of jail. Olivia blames him for helping Harley, which landed her in the slammer. Bill tries quieting her and telling her that they’re in it together and she objects. She tells Bill that ever since Harley joined ranks with them that he’s been making mistakes. She tells him that she may never see Emma again and if that happens it would be his and Harley’s fault.

Gus tells Alan that he’s not making business decision based on business, but on personal things. Alan tells Gus to talk to Phillip again. Gus tells him that he’s given up and is just going to go about doing his own thing. Alan calls Gus the voice of reason and then tells him he has to leave for a tennis game.

Inside the study Phillip tells Ruth that there’s something they have to deal with and asks her to sit down. Phillip tells her that he’s doing a background check on her and asks if it is a problem. She tells him no that its not and Gus hollers from outside for Phillip. Gus tells Phillip he’s decided to do all the background checks while inside Ruth calls Bill for help. Olivia begs Bill not to answer the phone, while at the mansion Ruth is just hoping that Bill will pick up. Bill picks up the phone and tells Ruth that he has the background check and references covered. Bill urges her to find the paperwork on Olivia ASAP. The two get off the phone with one another and Bill tells Olivia that he has someone working on getting her out. Olivia calms down a little and Alex comments that Olivia is in love with Bill. Gus tells Phillip that he’s going to help him because he doesn’t want Phillip alienating the whole staff. Phillip hands Gus the list of people to check into, and tells Gus that he wants him to meet with Ruth right away. Phillip hollers for Ruth, and she ducks under a table.

Outside the mansion Coop comes towards the mansion with a mini bulldozer. Lizzie screams for the guard to stop him and he can’t as nothing is going to stop him. Coop runs through the gate, and inside Phillip hears a loud crashing sound. Ruth crawls out from under the table, Phillip leaves and Gus remains in the study to wait for Ruth.

Olivia tells Alex that she doesn’t love Bill and that they’re simply business partners. Alex tells Olivia that it was Slingshot Enterprises that declared war on Phillip and the Spaulding’s. Olivia decides that perhaps neither one of them is entirely innocent, and the reason they don’t get along is because they’re so much alike. Olivia begins crying about having her child taken away and Olivia remembers that Alex knows what it feels like to have your kid taken away. Olivia tells Alex that if she helps Olivia that Olivia will help her.

At Towers Bill meets up with Frank and asks if Frank could please let Olivia out. Frank tells Bill he can’t as its INS that they’re dealing with. Frank tells Bill that he’d like to help. The two talk about how Phillip’s rampages have only ended up hurting the kids. Frank reminds Bill that he is all Olivia has and that he needs to step up to the plate.

Alan runs into Gus in the study and asks what the racket was about. Gus tells Alan that he’s helping Phillip out interviewing the employees and Alan is pleased to hear that. Meanwhile outside the security guard pulls Coop out of the bulldozer. Lizzie calls Coop crazy, and Phillip comes out. Lizzie tells her father that Coop came towards her and that she tried to stop him. Ruth comes out and tells Phillip she didn’t know if he would need any help with all the commotion. Coop tells Phillip that what he did was payback for Phillip ruining his sister’s house. Ruth sticks up for Coop and tells Phillip not to call the police because Coop is just a kid. Ruth tells Phillip that it would be bad for their PR to have a kid arrested. Frank comes to the scene of the accident and offers to pay for the damages for him. Phillip tells Frank that he wants Coop to be arrested.

Bill is on the phone with a lawyer to see what he can do to hold off the trial. Bill gets angry and hangs up the phone. Bill has an idea and calls up Jeffery O’Neill.

Alex asks Olivia why she should trust her, and Olivia tells her that desperate times call for desperate measures. Olivia asks if any of Alex’s beloved family has tried to get her out, Alex makes excuses for her family and eventually agrees to partner with Olivia. Alex offers to call Phillip for Olivia and Olivia offers to testify on Alex’s behalf in court as she was the one who was running Spaulding Enterprises when the Antimonius case went down. Alex borrows a cell phone from one of the guards and makes the phone call.

Gus asks Alan to join him when he gives Phillip the report on the interviews. Alan declines. Outside Frank tells Phillip he is completely unreasonable. Ruth reminds Phillip that if he presses charges against Coop that the story could leak out about Harley’s house. Ruth reminds him that the public wouldn’t like to hear about that. Phillip gets a gleam in his eye and decides that perhaps he could punish Coop himself. Lizzie and Coop exchange some words, and Phillip sends Ruth back inside to meet with Gus. Phillip tells Frank and Coop that since he committed a crime he’s going to make him pay for it. Ruth rushes in to meet with Gus for her interview. Phillip tells Coop that he’s going to have Coop work for him to pay off the damages. Frank tells Coop that he’s going to do it, and he doesn’t have a choice. Alex calls Phillip and he tells her he can’t talk to now and hangs up. Phillip gives Coop the choice of going to jail or working for him (Phillip). Lizzie is standing there with a grin on her face the whole time.

Bill rushes down the jail and tells Olivia that he has a way to get her out and that Jeffery O’Neill is coming down to help them. Olivia asks Bill what he’s doing, Bill tells Olivia he loves her and she loves him so they should just get married. Alex and Olivia both look completely stunned.

Ruth meets with Gus and introduces herself.

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