Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/12/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside Company Michelle argues with Danny that she’s not ‘damaged.’ Danny tries reasoning with her that she is in fact different since her accident and tells her that they should go outside and talk. Michelle takes his comment and asks if Danny is embarrassed to be with her, and he tells her that at this moment he is. Marina comes over to ask what is going on and Michelle tells her to get lost. Danny apologizes to Marina for Michelle; all the while Michelle is raising her voice to Danny. Buzz comes over and asks them if everything is ok and Danny apologizes and takes Michelle outside. Danny makes sure that Buzz will watch Robbie (who is in the kitchen with Coop) while he and Michelle go outside to talk. Michelle wants to take Robbie and leave, but Danny won’t let her and tells her that they’re going to talk outside.

Outside of the Beacon Tony catches up with Sebastian and asks what is up with him, and warns Sebastian to leave Michelle alone. Tony tells Sebastian to leave town and he refuses. Tony grabs Sebastian’s arm and tells him not to play games with the people he (Tony) cares about. Sebastian tells Tony not to touch him and as Tony is asking Sebastian what it is exactly that he does, Holly joins them and tells Sebastian she is wondering the same thing.

Inside the study at Spaulding Mansion Phillip is enraged, he’s on the phone telling someone that if they don’t find Harley by sunrise that they’re out of a job. Phillip tells Alan he doesn’t understand how she left with him, as they changed all the codes and doubled the security force. Phillip doesn’t understand how Harley got in let alone took Zach. Just as Phillip is going off on how he can’t rest until they’re found Harley walks in with Zach and tells Phillip that they’re back. Phillip gives Zach a big hug and then gives Harley a look.

Buzz, Marina and Coop are inside Company when Frank walks in. Buzz asks Frank how stuff at City Hall went and Frank tells them that if he wants to be reinstated as a cop that he needs to apologize to Alan Spaulding for pulling the gun on him. Frank tells them that he thinks it may be time for him (Frank) to eat some humble pie and Coop protests telling Frank he can’t apologize to Alan. Frank tells them all that he knows exactly what he wants to do, and that is to apologize to Alan.

Inside the mansion Alan takes Zach to the kitchen so that Harley and Phillip can talk. Alan tells the two of them that they need to work it out so that Zach doesn’t suffer anymore. Alan leaves and Phillip tells Harley that he should have her arrested and that since this little stunt he would be vindicated if he were to request full custody. Harley scoffs at him, telling him that they wouldn’t give it to him, someone only a few months out of the mental hospital. Harley tells Phillip that he’s going to forget about every wrong that she’s done to him as she’s sick of all the fighting, she tells him that she’s calling a truce. Phillip looks at her like he doesn’t quite believe her.

Inside the Beacon Olivia is angry at Bill that he left her & Emma twisting in the wind for Harley. Bill tells Olivia that they’ve out maneuvered Phillip once before and that they will do it again. He also tells Olivia that he trust Harley. Olivia gets angry at that and asks if he trust her. Bill brings up the fact that Olivia bought the land Lewis Oil sits on and Olivia tells him she put her cash on the line for him and their company. Bill tells her that she did it behind his back; Olivia tells him that the big difference between the two of them is that she doesn’t have a rich father to give her money if Slingshot Enterprises doesn’t work out. Olivia claims that this is all very personal for her as she’s doing it all for Emma. Bill looks shocked and tells Olivia that it’s very personal for him too, and he can’t believe that she can’t see that.

Sebastian tells Holly that she can’t be too careful as Holly and Tony notice Sebastian’s gun. Holly asks why he’s carrying it, and he tells her she should know especially since Chrissie was attacked. He tells them that he carries it to protect Holly, Chrissie and Michelle. Holly tells Sebastian that she hates guns and doesn’t feel better. Sebastian then offers the gun to Holly since she hates them so much.

Michelle and Danny storm into the lighthouse, Michelle claiming that Danny wants to live in the past. Danny tells her that he misses her, and that she’s not the only one in the equation. Michelle starts stripping and tells him that perhaps making love is the only way to make some new memories. The two begin to kiss.

Marina tells her father that there has to be another way for her to get her job back. Buzz sticks up for Frank and tells Coop and Marina that Frank will do what he has to get his job back. Frank tells them all that he’s apologizing because it’s the right thing to do, and reminds them that him pulling a gun on Alan was wrong and against the law. Marina tells her father that it sucks and Coop tells Frank that he’s ‘punking out.’

Phillip closes the door and tells Harley that she doesn’t need to pretend with him. Harley tells Phillip that she wants her children to be happy and that includes spending time with their father. Phillip asks her why she left town with them and she tells him that she was scared of him. Harley tells Phillip that she knows that he loves Zach and knows what its like to not have a father around and she’s not going to do that to Zach. Phillip tells Harley that he will go for the truce and she agrees to pick up Zach tomorrow after school. Rick walks into the study and tells Phillip that he can’t believe Harley took off with the kids. Phillip agrees with Rick and tells him that he thinks they should keep an eye on Harley. Rick tells him that it’s not Harley they have to watch it’s him (Phillip). Rick tells Phillip that the feud with the Coopers has to stop and that its Phillip’s fault Harley took off with the kids.

Holly refuses the gun and Tony offers to take it. Sebastian tells Holly that she shouldn’t listen to ‘career criminals.’ Tony warns Sebastian again and tells him that he doesn’t want him around Michelle and that the best solution is for Sebastian to leave town. Holly asks if he’s leaving and he tells her he is. Holly tells him that she could have gotten to know him better and that she knows Blake will be disappointed. Sebastian asks Holly to leave with him.

Bill tells Olivia he like being her partner, but that he’s not out to sabotage her and that the fact that she thinks everyone is needs to stop. Olivia tells Bill that he needs to stop keeping secrets from her. Bill asks how he can make it up to her and the two agree to head to dinner at Company. Olivia runs upstairs to change. While waiting for Olivia Bill notices two men who walk in long coats ringing the bell at the front desk and they tell Bill that they’re looking for Olivia. The two men claim they want to host something at the Beacon and need to talk to her. Bill lies to them and tells them that Olivia has left; the two tell him that they’re going to look around anyway.

Michelle tells Danny that she’s giving him what he wants and he stops her. Danny tries to get her to stop and she refuses.

Phillip tells Rick that he’s at peace by being at war with half the people in this town. Rick questions how he can be at peace with all of this. Phillip tells Rick that he’s not weak, and sick of searching for whom he is, he tells Rick that he’s compartmentalized to decide who he is. Rick tells him to hold onto the sensitive side that he used to be, Phillip tells him that he’s happy with who he is. Rick tells him to change before it’s too late.

Frank tells Coop and Marina that their family is better than the Spaulding and it’s about time to start proving it. Frank tells them that he needs to get on the police force again and then they can start fighting the Spaulding’s again. Harley runs into Bill and Olivia outside of Company and she apologizes for any trouble she may have caused them. Olivia bites into Harley telling her that the next time she wants to sacrifice a kid to Phillip that she hopes its one of Harley’s.

Holly wants to know where she would go with Sebastian and he tells her he needs her help to find Roger’s legacy. Holly tells Sebastian to stop romanticizing Roger and Sebastian tells her that’s why he wants her there. He also tells her that he’s invited Chrissie. Holly tells him that she doesn’t want any part of it and that she doesn’t want Roger as any part of her life anymore.

Danny tells Michelle he’s not going to do ‘this’ and stops kissing her. Michelle tells Danny that the two of them can’t keep hurting each other like they’ve been doing. She tells him that the woman he loved died in the warehouse explosion and that she needs to stop pretending that she can make him forget the old her. Michelle tells Danny that they need to move on. Danny seems to agree and tells her that at least they tried, and walks out.

Rick asks if Phillip can find a way to work with the Coopers for the sake of the kids. Phillip tells him that he’s already won, and that since Harley left with the kids Rick can hold that against Harley. Rick tells Phillip that he can’t believe that Phillip would say such a thing. Phillip tells Rick that if he’s his friend then he can make sure Rick is on the winning side.

Olivia tells Harley that Phillip has threatened to take Emma away and Harley apologizes to her. Harley tells the two of them that there’s something she needs to tell them and Marina runs out to see her aunt. Marina asks where the kids are and Harley tells all of them that the kids are with their fathers. Everyone looks shocked and Harley tells them that she’ll explain it inside. Harley walks in and Coop asks her to tell Frank not to make one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Harley asks Frank what Coop is talking about. Frank tells Harley that he invited Alan over to make an official apology. Buzz agrees with Frank as does Harley. Harley tells them that all that she tried calling a truce earlier. Everyone goes nuts.

Sebastian walks in just as Michelle as getting angry over Danny leaving. Michelle asks Sebastian if she looks damaged and he tells her she’s not. Michelle tells him that Danny wouldn’t agree, and Sebastian tells her that the only thing that matter is if she feels damaged. Sebastian tells her he has the perfect place in mind for her.

At the Beacon Tony sees Danny sitting on the couch and tells him that he hears congrats are in order. Danny tells Tony to drop dead and Tony says that he didn’t realize the job didn’t work out. Danny tells Tony that he should congratulate Tony since now that he and she are over he can go after her. He makes the comment that she’ alone now so if he wanted to go over to see her he could. Tony tells Danny that at this point Michelle is too good for Danny and he doesn’t blame her. Danny punches Tony. The two go outside, and Tony maintains that nothing is going on between the two of them. Tony tells Danny that he wants Michelle and is so much better than Danny would ever be for her.

Sebastian offers Michelle the trip of a lifetime and asks Michelle to come along. Michelle says no and Sebastian tries to convince her, and then tells her to think about it.

Harley and Buzz hug and then Harley yells for their attention. Harley tells them all that the war with the Spaulding’s isn’t doing any of them any good and that they’re not going to know if he’d accept it unless she gives him the chance. Alan walks in and tells Harley that she thinks it’s a fine idea that she won’t regret. Frank ushers Alan aside and tells him that he wants to apologize for pulling the gun on him before the wedding. Alan accepts Frank’s apology and the two shake hands. Alan asks Buzz to bring out something to toast with. Frank runs outside and Marina follows him, tells him that she loves him and that he’s her hero. Frank confesses that she’s part of the reason he apologized. Buzz thanks Alan for accepting the apologies and the two think that perhaps Harley and Gus can get together once it all blows over. Olivia calls Harley a fool and leaves for some air. Bill tries convincing Harley not to give up, and she tells him that she hasn’t. She informs Bill that she’s just getting started with Phillip. She tells him that Ruth is ready for her next assignment.

Inside the Spaulding mansion Phillip questions Zach about how he and Harley left town. Zach changes the subject, and runs up to his room. Phillip calls someone and tells them that he wants a background check done on everyone that was in his house the night that Zach disappeared. He mentions that he would have Ruth do it; but that she was in the house that night and that he wants a check done on her as well.

Alan goes over to Holly and questions her about Sebastian. Holly tells Alan that he’s in town spending time with family and mourning his family. Holly gets up to leave and Alan tells her to tell Sebastian to tread lightly in Springfield.

Outside of Company the two men that were at the Beacon earlier grab Olivia and tell her to come with them. They tell her that they’re with INS and that they have some questions. Bill runs after her and they tell him that they can answer everything at the deportation hearing.

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