Guiding Light Update Monday 10/11/04

By Boo


Outside, Tammy and J.B. arrive. Tammy comments that she is a bit chilly. Billy comes outside when he sees Tammy. Tammy is happy to see him. He tells her he was just stopping to get Reva something to eat before heading to the hospital to see her and Sandy. Tammy starts to introduce him to J.B., but Billy says that he already knows who J.B. is. Billy asks Tammy to go inside and pick up his order for him. When Tammy leaves, Billy tells J.B. that he knows the kind of guy he is. He warns J.B. not to hurt Tammy. If he does hurt Tammy, Billy will hunt him down. Tammy returns with the order and happily hands it to her Uncle Billy. After Billy takes off, Tammy tells J.B. that she heard what Billy said to him. She is angry that her family all treat him badly when they first meet him. J.B. takes the opportunity to compliment Tammy again on what a wonderful person she is. She is 100% capable of making her own decisions, and deciding who she wants to be with. Tammy asks if he knows who he wants to be with. He tells her that he does know, and asks if she knows who she wants to be with. She tells him that she does as the two share a kiss. Tammy tells a delighted J.B. that he is the man she wants to be with, and she is ready now. He tells her that he is going to make sure that her first time will be a night she will never forget. He tells her that he has to run and take care of something first, but promises to call her as soon as he is done. Tammy tells him that she canít wait. He canít wait either, and gives her a long kiss before taking off.

Michelle sits at a table going over some paper work when Sebastian approaches her to ask what she is studying. She tells him she is just trying to better understand the gene research that her father is doing in Africa. Sebastian tells her that he would like to know a little more about Ed Bauer too. Michelle thought that Roger and Ed were not very close. Sebastian tells her that he is just as interested in his fatherís rivals as he is in his fathers friends. Danny and Robbie come rushing in; Danny tells Robbie that just like he promised, mommy is there. Michelle is happy to see her two favorite men and gives Robbie a high five. Sebastian decides it is time for him to leave, and makes his exit. Michelle wonders why Danny came back so soon. He tells her that he cancelled the job interview after talking to her last night and realizing that she had her first memory. He tells her that taking care of her was more important to him than the job interview. They get something for Robbie to eat and Danny pulls out a coloring book and crayons to occupy the boy. He tells Michelle that when he heard how excited she was to have had a real memory, he did a little research on the net. While he was researching he found a neuropathologist, someone that specializes in memory losses. He tells her that he went and talked to this man, and told him all about Michelle. Michelle takes offense when Danny tries to explain that the doctor had asked about Ďother symptomsí. She doesnít see her behavior as a Ďsymptomí; she doesnít remember being any other way. She is just being herself. Danny tries to explain that the doctor told him that the changes in her personality could be symptomatic. Michelle starts to get really upset and Danny tries to back off a little bit. He tells her that he was just trying to help. He made an appointment for Michelle to see this doctor. Danny thought they could make it like a little family vacation. The three of them could go to New York together. Michelle works herself into a real anger. She starts to yell at him that she really likes who she is now. The old Michelle that he married is gone; this is who she is right now. Danny tries to get her to calm down. She yells even louder that she is sorry that she is embarrassing him, but reminds him that she is Ďbrain damagedí. She also loudly tells him that he is the reason she is like this. He made her like this because of the explosion. Robbie gets frightened by his motherís anger and runs to jump onto Dannyís lap for protection. When Michelle sees how much she scared Robbie, she calms down quickly and tries to assure him that she is okay. She apologizes for talking so loudly, and tries to calm him down. Danny confirms for the boy that mommy is just fine now. Robbie runs off to get something, and Michelle thanks Danny for being so enthusiastic when he told Robbie that she was okay. Danny tells her that he didnít feel enthusiastic because she isnít okay. She had major damage done by the explosion and he is just trying to help her. Danny has reached the end of his rope, he doesnít know what else to do. Michelle asks if he is telling her that she is damaged now, after months of telling her that nothing is wrong with her. Danny confirms that is what he is saying, she is damaged.


In Sandyís room, Reva talks to him and wonders how he knew that Jonathan was missing, and dead when he took Jonathanís place. She wonders if Sandy was there when the accident happened. She is horrified to think that Sandy might have caused the accident. J.B. watches through the door window and only says ĎTough break mom.í Reva calls someone on the phone and tries to get any information she can on the accident. She gets very frustrated when they canít tell her anything. Edmund sees her and approaches her to see if everything is alright. Reva lies to him and tells him that she is still just trying to get a hold of Joshua and is really frustrated that she canít. Edmund understands when Reva tells him she just needs to be alone and asks him to leave. He tells her to call him if she needs anything. After Edmund leaves, she wheels her chair back to Sandyís bedside. She asks him if it is possible that he could be the kind of monster that could have killed her son. Reva imagines having a conversation with Sandy where Sandy tells her that she really doesnít know him. He really is a con man that just moved in and took advantage of Marah and Shayne being gone and made her love him. After the imagined conversation, she begs Sandy to wake up and tell her that he isnít a monster that killed her son. When Sandy shows no sign of waking up, Reva goes out to the hall and approaches a police officer, telling him that she thinks she needs to report a crime. She asks him what the procedures are when there is a missing person involved. The cop starts to explain to her that it depends on how long the person has been missing, and if there was any foul play. Reva sees Billy walk in, and is so relieved to see him. She cuts the conversation short with the officer and concentrates on Billy. When Billy asks why she was talking to the officer, she again covers and tells him that they were just talking about the person that hit Sandy. Reva is having such a hard time not telling anyone what is going on. She starts to cry and tells Billy that Jonathan is gone. Billy misunderstands and thinks that she is just worried about Sandy. He tells her to go ahead and cry, to let it all out. He knows that she is worried about her son, but the doctors say he is going to be fine. Reva pulls herself together a little bit and tells Billy that she is just emotional. Billy tells her that he brought Buzz Burgers for the two of them. Reva tells him that she isnít hungry and canít eat. Billy tells her that he knows just what she needs and wheels her outside for some fresh air. Reva objects at first, she really wants to be back inside with Sandy, but Billy tells her that he knows exactly what she needs. He makes a phone call and hands Reva the phone. Reva is delighted to hear Joshua on the other end. Billy laughs when he sees how happy the call makes Reva. Reva excitedly tells Josh that she has so much to tell him, and she doesnít even know where to start.

Back inside Sandyís room, he wakes up and gets a pencil and paper and tries to write out a message. J.B. enters the room and catches him though. He takes the note and puts it in his pocket. He tells Sandy that he is happy to see that Sandy is a survivor also. Just like he (J.B.) survived the fall off of the mountain. He tells him that he isnít ready for Sandy to wake up just yet, and helps him back to sleep by hitting the morphine button about 4 or 5 times. Sandy drifts back out, as J.B. leaves. Reva comes back to the room alone. She tells Sandy that she talked to Josh and told him all about the surgery. She didnít tell Josh that Sandy isnít her son though. She doesnít understand why she didnít, because Josh is the love of her life. She tells him that there is something deep inside of her that tells her she needs to protect Sandy. She has to prove that he didnít kill her son.

Edmundís hotel room:

Cassie enters to find Dinah asleep in Edmundís bed. She is very angry and calling Dinah a slut, tells her to get up and out right now. Dinah drags herself out of the bed, wearing only a button up shirt of Edmunds. She tries to calm Cassie down, but Cassie is really angry and not listening to her. Dinah is a bit hung over and looks for some aspirin. Cassie threatens to have her carted off to jail again for breaking and entering. Dinah tells her that Edmund let her in, she didnít Ďbreak iní. She shows a shocked Cassie the keys that Edmund left with her. Cassie accuses Dinah of stealing the keys. Dinah tells her all about what happened. How Edmund found her really drunk at a bar, up on a table doing some pretty crazy stuff. Dinah knows that she isnít in jail, but living in a town that is so Ďpro-Cassieí isnít all itís cracked up to be. Cassie tells her that she could leave. Dinah doesnít see the fun in that. Dinah finishes telling how Edmund pulled her down off the table, got her a cab, gave her the keys and sent her to his room to sleep it off. Dinah thinks that says a lot about what kind of man Edmund is. Cassie doesnít believe Dinah and again orders her to leave. Dinah tells her that everything she has told her is the truth. Cassie doesnít think that Dinah would know the truth if it jumped up and bit her in the butt. Edmund comes in just then to correct Cassie. He tells a stunned Cassie that Dinah is telling the truth this time. He did give her the keys and he did tell her to come and crash in his room. Then it is Dinahís turn to be shocked when Edmund tells her to leave. She protests a little, but does gather her things, promising to return Edmundís shirt at a later time, she leaves. Edmund explains that he did get Dinah out of the bar earlier because she was so drunk, she was spouting off very loudly about a woman that took her in a car at gunpoint. He wanted to get Dinah out of there before she blurted out Cassieís name. He admits that it was a mistake not to tell Cassie about it earlier. Cassie warms to him a bit and they hug. He tells her that he made another mistake that night, he tried to comfort Reva at the hospital by promising to catch the man that ran over her son. Tammy tells him that wasnít his fault. Now Edmunds turn to be shocked when Cassie tells him that Sandy, the man laying in the hospital bed, is not Jonathan. She explains that they donít know who Sandy is, or where Jonathan is. Edmund has a hard time believing this new information. Cassie tells him that she worries about Reva. Reva knowing that Sandy lied about being Jonathan, but loving him anyway. Edmund starts to call the police, but doesnít when Cassie begs him not to. She explains that she promised Reva she wouldnít tell anyone. Edmund is touched that Cassie trusted him with the truth. They declare their love for each other, and promise each other that nothing, not even Dinah will come between them.

Outside, Dinah revels in the fact that Cassie caught her in Edmunds bed. She remembers what it felt like to her when she found Cassie in Harts bed after Hart rescued Cassie from a bar. She warns that Cassie hasnít even begun to feel what she felt back then.

The Beacon:

In the lobby, Blake and Ross relax on the sofa reading the newspaper. Ross asks her how long Sebastian is going to be in town. Things are still pretty cold between the two of them. Blake tells him that she doesnít know how long he will be in town, but she is glad that he surprised her. She tells him that her brother is going to be in town long enough to get to know some of the people that her father knew. Ross comments that Sebastian wonít like what he hears, as Roger didnít have too many friends in town. Blake reminds him that Roger is dead, so the Ďcase against him is closedí. She admits that she thought it would be Roger coming to town, because of a letter she received. Ross asks her what other secrets she has been keeping from him. Blake pretends to not know what he is talking about. When Ross tells her that he knows she went to the lighthouse. She claims that she had every right to be there now that she is a real estate agent. Ross didnít know the lighthouse was up for sale. Blake asks how he found out she was there. Ross tells her that Tony told him. Tony also told him that Sebastian was snooping around there too. Blake gets a bit defensive and reminds Ross that when he didnít tell her that Dinah was back in town that felt like he was keeping secrets from her. Ross doesnít want to get into another fight about Dinah; he just doesnít want Blake keeping secrets from him again. Blake guesses that his secrets are Ďjustifiedí. Ross tells her that he thought she would be relieved when Roger died, she wouldnít have to carry around the burden of being Rogerís daughter. Blake informs him that she is proud of being Rogerís daughter, and her brother is also proud to have Roger as a father. Ross decides that is all he needs to know about Sebastian. Sebastian interrupts the argument to ask Ross for some help, well actually, he wants Ross to help Roger. Ross tries to tell him that now isnít a good time, but Blake insists that it is. Sebastian seems to be a little happy that he is causing strife in their marriage. Ross asks what he can do for him. Sebastian explains that he wants to find Ed Bauer, he has a message that his father wanted him to deliver in person. He explains that he not only wants to touch base with his fatherís friends, he also needs to make amends with his fatherís adversaries. Blake is pleased to hear that her fatherís dieing wishes was to make amends and tells Sebastian that Ross will help him. Rossí response is ďLike hell I will.Ē Blake is surprised that Ross wonít comply with her fatherís dieing wishes. Ross explains that Ed canít be reached right now anyway, and even if he could be reached he wouldnít accept a call from Sebastian. He explains that some of the wounds between Ed and Roger go back centuries, and he thinks that Sebastian would just be better off leaving things with Ed alone. Sebastian thanks Ross for the advice, and tells Chrissy (Blake) that he will talk to her before he leaves town. He rushes off as Blake tries to stop him to ask him about when he is leaving. She turns on Ross as soon as Sebastian is gone asking him if he is happy now. Ross tells Blake that he is going to get something to drink, and hopes that she will at least make eye contact with him when he gets back. Blakeís phone rings, when she answers it is Sebastian. He tells her that he didnít want to talk about this in front of Ross, but he is planning a trip and he wants her to go with him. He thinks Roger would want it that way. Blake tells him that she canít talk about it right now, but promises to think about it. When Ross returns, he tells her that he knows they each make each other very angry sometimes, but he also knows that he loves her, she loves him, they both love their marriage and their kids. He promises to trust her completely and not to keep anything from her ever again. Blake tells him that she will do the same, but if he is going to start trusting her, he has to trust that Sebastian really does have her best interests at heart.

Outside Sebastian holds a coin in his hand and Ďtalks to Rogerí. He tells him that he is trying his best to do what Roger asked him, but now it is every man for himself.

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