Guiding Light Update Friday 10/8/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Company Michelle drops her coin necklace and has another flashback of Maureen. This time she remembers her mother showing her how to make apple pie. Michelle is interrupted by Tony, when he touches her shoulder and asks her what’s up. Michelle looks startled and is even more surprised when Tony guesses correctly why she had the strange look on her face.

At the farmhouse Sebastian knocks on the door, and when Cassie answers it apologizes for not calling prior. Sebastian introduces himself as Hart’s half brother and Cassie welcomes him into her home. Sebastian tells Cassie that he heard about Reva and hopes she gets well, they both agree that news travels fast with Blake around. Sebastian looks around the house and mentions that it didn’t look the way he had thought it would. Cassie explains that she did some remodeling, and Sebastian asks her if she can explain why Dinah is walking the streets a free woman.

Inside the bar a drunken Dinah drops her drink shattering glass all over and then climbs atop the pool table. She begins stripping despite the fact that the bartender tells her to get down. Edmund walks in and the bartender tells him that he found his (Edmund) card in her jacket and called Edmund for some help. Edmund comments that he think she’s doing a fine job of taking care of herself.

In the hospital while the nurse takes Sandy’s blood pressure Reva questions her, wanting to know how long it will before they will know anything in regards to how the surgery went with Sandy. The nurse tells her that Sandy will be fine and leaves Reva alone with Sandy for a few moments. Reva tells Sandy that she doesn’t know how to tell him that he’s not her son. She also tells him that regardless they share a bond. Outside the room JB looks on, and when a delivery man comes to bring flowers to Sandy JB turns him away. He tells the flower guy that Sandy isn’t going to make it. The delivery guy leaves and JB continues to watch Reva sit by Sandy’s side.

Tony pressures Michelle to tell him what she is remembering. Michelle tells him that she’s had a few flashbacks, all of her mother. Michelle tells Tony that the weird thing is that every time she has a flashback she has her coin with her. Tony asks if that is why she has yet to get rid of the coin and she tells him it is because she like how she feels when she remembers her mother. She also tells him that she was originally afraid of remembering, and now she loves it, for the way it makes her feel. Tony assures her that she will remember again.

Cassie tells Sebastian that making the decision to set Dinah free was a hard one for her. She tries explaining to Sebastian and he tells her that he simply hopes that Cassie will be safe. Cassie explains how Dinah saved RJ and her from the fire. Sebastian tells Cassie that he wants to meet RJ and Cassie goes upstairs to get him. Sebastian uses the time to look around the farmhouse.

Edmund tells Dinah to get down, and she and the many men watching her dance and strip atop a bar pool table agree that she should not stop. Dinah tells Edmund to leave that she doesn’t need saving. As Edmund is leaving Dinah calls Cassie a slut to get a reaction out of him and it surely does. Edmund turns around just as he is leaving.

At the hospital JB sees Reva coming out of Sandy’s room and offers to take her for a ‘spin’ he pushes her around in circles. The two talk about JB’s mother and he tells Reva that she died on the operating table. Reva tells JB she doesn’t know what to make of him and tells him that if what he’s saying is true she’s sorry. He brushes it off and Reva asks him to get lost. Tammy walks in on them as Reva is telling JB to leave. JB tells Tammy he was just looking in on Sandy and Reva and was about to take Reva back to her room. Tammy asks how Sandy is and Reva tells her that he still has a fever but should be fine.

Dinah tells Edmund that the truth hurts, and offers to tell all the men at the bar about her week last week. She starts telling them about Cassie and how she kidnapped her (Dinah). Edmund warns her to shut up and when she refuses Edmund puts her over his shoulder and carries her out.

Cassie comes down with RJ and introduces him to RJ. Sebastian tells RJ that he looks like his father (Hart) and his grandfather (Roger). Cassie tells Sebastian that she hopes he can spend some time with RJ. Sebastian offers to stick around while Cassie heads off to the hospital, and Cassie tells him that it’s fine. Sebastian goes back inside and tells RJ he’s looking for his car keys. He and RJ talk about Roger, and Sebastian’s name. Sebastian tells RJ that he’s her in town to claim his and RJ’s birthright.

Michelle tells Tony that she didn’t know how it was going to feel connected to people and she’s excited to see how it will feel when she realizes how she is connected to others in town. Tony tells her not to fight the memories, and that it doesn’t necessarily mean it will change who she is now.

JB apologizes to Reva for getting her riled up and he and Tammy head off to get something to drink. JB then apologizes to Tammy when they’re alone and tells Tammy that Reva just reminds him of his mother, who is a selfish excuse for a human being. JB promises to try harder where Reva is concern and Tammy thanks him for being for her.

Reva looks in on Sandy and the bank manager comes to see her. Mr. Duncan, the bank manager tells Reva that the bank did not release any money to the ‘boy claiming to be her son’ and that he didn’t sign the final documents. He tells her that the bank caught the signature discretion and reminds Reva of when he called. She remembers that it was on Sandy’s party and then tells Mr. Duncan she isn’t feeling well. He leaves and Cassie comes along, Reva tells Cassie that Sandy knew all along that he wasn’t her son.

Sebastian shows RJ a coin he has from Roger and asks RJ if he’s ever seen a coin that looked like his. RJ tells Sebastian about his father’s hiding spot, and shows Sebastian. He tells Sebastian that Dinah showed him the spot and leads him to it. The coin is there and Sebastian tells RJ that he needs to keep the coin a secret.

Cassie tells Reva that it makes sense of why Sandy had been jumpy lately. Cassie tells Reva that perhaps he simply wanted money. Reva tells Cassie that she doesn’t believe that and that none of it makes sense. Cassie wheels Reva into Sandy’s room and Reva tells Cassie that she needs to know what is going on. Reva remembers the computer and how Sandy acted suspicious with it continually slamming the top down whenever she came around. Cassie decides to send Tammy after the computer and heads out into the lobby to ask Tammy to go get it. Tammy agrees to go get the computer and tells JB that she doesn’t want to go. JB overhears the whole conversation and offers to go get the computer for her. Tammy thanks him and just then Sandy’s eyes flicker and we see JB standing over Sandy’s bed telling him he doesn’t belong here and that he was the person behind hitting Sandy with the car. Reva is watching on as Sandy moves around still unconscious.

Edmund asks Dinah what she was thinking about babbling to the world, and stripping. He tells her she has no idea what could have happened to her. Dinah tells her there’s not much else that can happen to her with the life she’s had. Dinah tells Edmund the only reason he cared was because she may have spilled the beans on Cassie. Dinah asks Edmund to teach her how to be good because the anger inside of her is killing her. Edmund gives her his keys to his apartment in Towers and tells her that she can stay there until she finds another place. He also tells her that she has to believe that she can be good before others will see it.

Sandy remembers being on the cliff with Jonathon. Jonathon tries guilting Sandy into thinking that he didn’t try to save Jonathon. Sandy tells Jonathon that he came to Springfield to tell everyone about Jonathon. Jonathon doesn’t believe him and tells Sandy that what Reva did was unforgivable. Sandy threatens Jonathon and tells him to stay away from Reva, suddenly Reva appears and Jonathon throws her off the side of the cliff.

JB has Sandy’s computer and has guess his password, calling Sandy ‘average.’ He finds the photos of himself and deletes them. He also types up an email. JB brings the computer to Tammy and she thanks him.

Michelle tells Tony that she thinks Danny needs to want her as she is now or that she doesn’t feel that they will make it. Tony shows Michelle a photo of the family all together before the accident and just then Sebastian comes over. Michelle introduces the two and it seems Sebastian has already heard of Tony. Michelle heads to the bathroom, Tony goes to pay the bill and Sebastian looks at the photo of Ed, telling himself that it’s not right that Ed is still alive.

Dinah walks into the farmhouse, and ‘talks’ to Hart. She says that she has good news to share. She talks about how Cassie and Hart met, and how now she and Edmund connected the same way. She has a flashback while talking about how Cassie and hart met, and it’s similar to what played out with Dinah and Edmund in the bar tonight, with Cassie stripping drunk on the pool table and Hart grabbing her down. Dinah decides that she wants to see how Cassie will ‘like it.’

Reva reads a note she found on Sandy’s computer, it is a letter written to authorities from the point of view of Jonathon’s parents, telling them about when Jonathon was last seen and that he was hiking. The letter also goes on to ask if there were any John Doe’s found near where Jonathon was hiking.

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