Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/7/04

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital Lizzie is on the phone with her father telling him that she needs to tell the DA what happened because Sandy is really hurt. Lizzie tells her father that she feels like everyone knows it was her, and Phillip reassures her that it’s all in her head. Phillip also tells her that he needs to take care of the fact that Harley kidnapped Zach and then he will fix Lizzie’s problem. He makes her promise him that she won’t go to the DA until after she talks to him. Lizzie tells her father she can’t hold it in anymore, and to wait for hi to get there. She agrees and as Phillip turns to walk out Gus walks in. Phillip tells Gus that he doesn’t have time for him and Gus punches him in the face.

Olivia is excited that she bought the land Lewis Oil rents from and tells Bill that now his daddy will be renting from her. Bill doesn’t seem as excited as Olivia is about her most recent acquisition.

Frank walks into Company, his hands full of boxes. He tells Coop that he has Harley’s stuff that Phillip saved for her from the house. When Frank asks where Harley is Marina tells her father that Harley ‘kind of took of.’ When Frank questions Marina she tells him that because Phillip was threatening to take Zach Harley left for a bit. Marina comments that Harley is probably in Greece by now. Frank is angry and tells Coop and Marina to get ready for ‘Round 3.’

At the hospital JB walks out as Edmund walks in. Cassie is having no luck in locating Josh, and Tammy offers to try and get a hold of him. Cassie tells Edmund that she’s afraid for Reva, as it’s a risky surgery. Outside JB is angry and talks to himself. He can’t believe that Reva would undergo surgery for a ‘liar and a thief.’ He gets angry and throws a trashcan; Tammy comes out at just the right time so that she sees this spectacle.

Reva is in Sandy’s room with him, in her own bed. The doctor asks if Reva wants to hear about any of the risks and she tells him that since she’s signed off on them she really doesn’t need to hear about them again. The doctor tells her Sandy is a lucky young man and Reva goes over and tells Sandy how much she loves him, regardless of not knowing who he is.

Bill asks Olivia what she wants and why she didn’t call hi when the land came up at the auction like she was supposed to. Olivia tells him that she needs to trust him or not. Bill asks her to please sell him the building and she tells him she can’t do that.

At the mansion, Gus rips into Phillip for having him (Gus) head over to give the Coopers the good news about Company while he tears down Harley’s home, and telling her he’s in on it. Phillip attacks Gus and tells him that he did Gus a favor. Phillip tells Gus that Harley is using him because Gus is a Spaulding. Phillip claims he’s looking out for Gus’s best interests, Gus angrier than ever tells Phillip to stay out of his life or he will personally come after Phillip. Phillip tells Gus that there is something Gus needs to do for him informs him that Harley left with Zach and requests that Gus find out where she is. Gus tells Phillip he’s done being the middleman, and at the end of the day Phillip is on his own.

Lizzie is on the phone and tells her father that he needs to get over to the hospital before they all figure out it was her that hit Sandy. In her mind she sees Cassie, Edmund, Tammy and the hospital staff coming towards her, blaming her for killing Sandy. When Lizzie starts yelling ‘no’ Cassie goes over and asks if Lizzie is alright. Lizzie realizes what is going on, tells Cassie that Sandy can’t die and that she (Lizzie) can’t talk to her (Cassie). Lizzie runs off crying leaving Edmund and Cassie wondering what’s up.

Marina tells her father he can’t be mad at Harley. Frank tells Marina and Coop that he doesn’t blame her, but that he doesn’t think that the situation will end well at all. Frank tells Coop and Marina that they need to fight smart, and from now on they have to play that way. Frank reminds them that what Harley did could get her arrested. Marina asks her father what could happen to Harley’s accomplice.

Tammy questions why JB threw the trashcan and he tells it it’s because of the heaviness of the situation, which brought up some memories. He tells her it reminds him of everything he is missing in his life, which makes him mad.

Cassie comes into Sandy & Reva’s room and asks if she’s sure she wants to undergo surgery. Reva tells Cassie that she can’t let him die, and that they’re not going to find another donor in time. Reva tells Cassie to let her kids know she loves them, Josh know that she tried to call him if there are any complications. Reva tells Cassie that they will deal with the fact that the real Jonathon is out there after the surgery.

Edmund tries reassuring Lizzie the surgery will go well, especially this day in age. Lizzie then asks how Edmund got over the guilt of all the bad things he’d done. Edmund tells her that it helped him to apologize to those he’s wronged. Edmund assumes Lizzie is talking about the bad things he did to Sandy while he was growing up. Lizzie asks Edmund what she should do if she knows that someone did something terrible. Phillip shows up and tells Lizzie that he will take care of her. Phillip pulls Lizzie out of the hospital and tells her that they will talk about everything at home. Edmund looks after them confused.

Olivia tells Bill that she likes having something over him, because it keeps him honest and that’s why she won’t sell him the property. Bill reminds her that he no longer works at Lewis Oil. She and Bill begin making out.

JB tells Tammy that he sometimes gets mad at the world, and JB hands her some coffee. Tammy grimaces when she tastes it and JB tells her there is vodka in it to help her relax. Inside the hospital room Sandy is wheeled off and Cassie tells Reva that she and the surgery is going to go fine. The drugs begin kicking in and Reva is wheeled off.

Phillip tells Lizzie that what’s done is done and that there is nothing she can do about it. Phillip tells her that he loves her, and she has to let him to help her. Phillip tells her that they need to try and forget what happened. Phillip tries telling her that perhaps she didn’t hit Sandy since she doesn’t know what or who she hit. Lizzie tells him to stop twisting her words around. Phillip tells her that he knows what is best and she’d better do what he says. Lizzie apologizes to her father for making him mad. He tells her not to worry and that he can take care of everything. Lizzie tells her father that perhaps she is crazy, and Phillip rebuffs that claim, telling her she’s not going to end up the way he did. He tells her to get a hold of herself and look at the reality of the situation. Phillip tells Lizzie that the Lewis’s, the Coopers, Bill and Olivia will use her to get to him. He reminds her that the accident never happened and Lizzie agrees, looking frightened. She tells her father she is tired and is going to lie down. As she is leaving Phillip tells her that next week he will let her help him pick out a new car. Lizzie looks back more bewildered than ever.

Outside the Beacon Gus runs into Beth who invites him to join her for dinner. He refuses and she questions why he doesn’t want to join her. She tells him she just wanted to help, Gus goes off on her telling her that he doesn’t want anyone to care about him or to try and help him. Gus goes inside, leaving Beth alone outside.

Bill pulls away from Olivia and tells her that as much as he hates to leave her he has to, as he needs to see Reva and Sandy at the hospital. Olivia offers to go with him and Bill tells her he’s not sure that it’s such a great idea, seeing as her past with Reva was anything but the best. Olivia tells Bill that Sandy is her nephew and that she’s going. Just then Bill’s phone rings and when he gets off he tells Olivia that they’ve been summoned by Phillip.

Cassie watches on as JB explains to Tammy that the vodka will calm her down and interjects demanding to know what JB is doing. Tammy introduces her mother and JB to one another. Cassie tells Tammy that Reva and Sandy just went into surgery and that Tammy needs to come inside to be with her family. Cassie pulls Tammy inside and tells her that she (Tammy) doesn’t need any friends that will bring alcohol to the hospital. Cassie tells Edmund that she wants JB gone, and as JB looks on Tammy tells her mother that if JB goes so will she. Cassie asks Tammy what is up with JB, and they get into a huge argument. Edmund goes outside to see what’s up with JB. Tammy tells her mother that they shouldn’t be talking about this while Sandy is in surgery; Cassie tells her that they will have the conversation. Outside Edmund thanks JB for stopping by and tells him he can go. JB tells Edmund that he’s not Tammy’s father, when Edmund let’s JB know that he’s her uncle JB tells Edmund that he has an uncle named Edmund as well who is a real loser. Edmund tells JB not to make a family situation anymore difficult and tells him to leave. When JB challenges Edmund, he (Edmund) warns him he can leave on his own or with Edmund’s help.

Frank yells at Marina asking her if she realizes what she has done. Marina tells her father that Phillip deserves to have something taken away from him. Coop backs Marina up, and they try and convince Frank that Phillip has taken everything from them. Frank tells them that they haven’t lost everything because they still have one another.

Inside the Beacon Beth tries talking to Gus once again and he maintains that he’s better off alone. She asks if he was happy when he was alone and he tells her that he was fine before meeting Harley. Beth tells Gus that he can’t wash his hands of something just when it gets hard. Beth tells Gus that she doesn’t think he would turn his back on Harley or the Spaulding’s and tells him she wants to show him something.

At the wreckage that used to be Harley’s house Bill and Olivia meet up with Phillip. Phillip tells Bill & Olivia that he’s not holding back anymore and demands to know where Harley is. He tells her that his security tapes reveal that Bill didn’t find the letter as he claimed and tells Bill that he has a right to know where Zach is. Phillip demands to know where Zach and Harley are or else Olivia will never see Emma again. Olivia tells Phillip that he can’t take Emma away from her, and Phillip tells her he won’t as long as Bill tells him where Harley is. Bill maintains he doesn’t know, and Phillip questions what Olivia thinks of her new partner, one who would risk Olivia’s child for another. Olivia calls Phillip a monster and Phillip admits that he is. Bill maintains that he still doesn’t know where Harley is. Bill tells Olivia that Phillip is bluffing and that he will do anything in his power to keep Emma with Olivia.

Beth and Gus are inside the mansion, and Beth shows him a piece of paper that she found a few days after the wedding, containing the vows that Gus wrote. Beth reads the vows aloud so that Gus can hear them again. Gus rips the paper out of Beth’s hand, crumples the paper and tells Beth that he was a fool when he wrote them. He also tells Beth that love is weak and then lights the paper on fire and then lights up a cigarette.

Inside the hospital the doctor comes out and tells Cassie that the surgery went as well as hoped, and that Sandy has a long road ahead of him. Inside their hospital room, Reva tells Sandy that she is there for him and reaches out and holds his hand.

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