Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/6/04

By Elizabeth
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Reva is inside Sandy’s room talking to him, telling him that the secret is out. She tries calling Josh, but can’t get through. Reva doesn’t think that she should be the one to make the decision for Sandy, as she’s not his mother and yet is conflicted because if she doesn’t make the decisions – who will?

Inside the Spaulding Mansion Phillip is having a drink, and looks at his photo of Lizzie. He thinks back to when she told him that she hit something with his car and says that he took care of it and that there’s nothing to tie her to the crime anymore. He takes off a pair of muddy boots and proclaims that he will do anything to keep Lizzie safe.

In the Beacon lobby Bill is on the phone talking to Harley. He tells her that she’s got to be ready and that he’s dropping the letter off to Phillip. Olivia walks in and overhears the call. When she asks him who was on the other end he lies to her and tells her he was talking to his father. Olivia gets angry and tells him that if they’re going to be working together he has to be a better liar.

Outside Company Dinah looks inside the restaurant and sees that Edmund and Cassie are in there. Shortly thereafter Dinah runs into Jeffery, she tells him that he can have the Winslow’s to himself. He looks inside Company and asks her what she did to them, as they see down in the dumps. Dinah lets him know that she didn’t do anything, regardless of what he may think.

Inside Company Cassie is complaining about how long it is taking them to get Reva’s food ready. Cassie is freaking out, talking to Edmund about how she wouldn’t know what to do if it were Tammy lying in the hospital. Cut to Tammy inside Company at a table by herself. She is on the phone with JB (who’s at the hospital); he tells her that he just talked to a nurse who told him there was no change in Sandy. He proposes that they spend some time together away from the hospital. She agrees and he tells her that he will call her will details a little later.

Inside Sandy’s room Reva is sitting next to him, snippets of conversations with Sandy, Cassie and the nurse going through her head. She leaves and goes outside to get some air, and we see JB standing off to the side. Reva is outside of the hospital pleading to God about loving Sandy when Buzz shows up. He asks her how things are going, and she tells him that she wishes she was still getting premonitions so she could know how it was all going to turn out.

Inside Sandy’s room Lizzie apologizes for what she’s done.

At Company Cassie and Edmund continue to wait for their food when Phillip comes in. Phillip goes over to Tammy and gives his condolences to Tammy about Sandy. He sits down and talks to her, telling her about a car crash he was in when he was younger. Phillip talks to her about ‘survivor’s guilt,’ which she responds well too and Phillip offers to listen to her. It is obvious that Phillip simply wants to hear what Tammy remembers about the accident.

Bill asks Olivia why she asked who he was on the phone with if she already knew. She tells him that she was testing him and that he failed. Bill tries reassuring Olivia that he only wants to be with her and they call a truce. Olivia asks Bill if he’s ever heard of a guy named John McMullen. John McMullen is the man that owns the building Lewis Oil is on and is auctioning off his land tonight. It appears that Spaulding is bidding on the land so that they can evict Lewis Oil. When Bill finds this out he looks ridiculously angry.

Jeffery accuses Dinah of obsessing over Cassie and Edmund and tells her that he thought after she had the gun pointed in her face she would have stopped. Jeffery reminds Dinah to stay away from Cassie and tells her to look for a job. She agrees with him and tells him she wants one. He asks her what she can do and she tells him that she’s good with PR. Dinah tells him to give her a few months and that she can make him well liked in Springfield. She offers to buy him a cup of coffee, he accepts and he warns her not to bother Cassie. As they walk in Cassie gets angry again. Edmund asks if she is angry enough to kill Dinah. Edmund asks Cassie if she would have killed Dinah if he and Jeffery hadn’t shown up. Cassie tells Edmund that she’s not sure what she would have done. Cassie tells Edmund that she knows she’s stronger than Dinah, and since the night on the cliff she’s no longer afraid as she saw Dinah’s fear. Cassie talks about the night she kidnapped Dinah, and how that night all she could think about was getting rid of Dinah and all the pain. Cassie tells Edmund that in that moment she learned what it was like to be Edmund. Dinah comes over to tell Cassie and Edmund that she’ll be leaving soon, and Cassie tells Dinah she wants to talk to her outside. Dinah agrees and goes outside to wait for her. Edmund looks at Cassie perplexed and Cassie tells him that nothing bad will happen and that he can watch from the window.

Bill tells Olivia that everything now makes sense, and that he and the other Lewis men thought that Cross Creek was somehow a distraction, but they couldn’t figure out what Phillip’s real target was. Olivia tells Bill that they have to figure out a way to keep Phillip away from the auction and Bill tells Olivia he has an idea and can handle it on his own.

Phillip tells Tammy that it’s ok to want to block out the trauma of the accident. He asks her what she remembers hearing or seeing. Tammy relives the accident, and how Sandy saved her life. Phillip tells her that perhaps they can catch the person if she remembers the license plate and Tammy tells him that all she remembers are the headlights, but that perhaps Reva can remember. Tammy’s phone rings, Phillip tells her to take it and that if she needs to talk again that he’s there for her. Tammy thanks him and picks up the phone to hear JB on the other end. JB tells her that he’s been thinking of her and wants to meet her at the Beacon.

Reva asks Buzz how much he heard and he tells her he heard enough. Reva confesses that Sandy isn’t her kid, but that she is a match. She tells Buzz that she feels as though he is her child and since she can’t reach Josh she is all alone. Buzz lets her know she is not all alone.

Inside Sandy’s room, Lizzie confesses everything about the accident to Sandy, telling him she didn’t see him until it was too late. As she is talking to him a buzzer goes off and a bunch of doctor’s rush in. Reva follows shortly after and pleads for Sandy to live. Sandy, Buzz and Lizzie go outside of Sandy’s room and Buzz asks Lizzie if anything happened while she was in the room with him. Lizzie takes off, and a doctor comes outside of Sandy’s room. The doctor tells Reva that Sandy has to go for surgery, regardless of if they have a donor or not.

JB meets up with Tammy at the Beacon; he offers to go back to the hospital with her. JB offers to take Tammy away for a vacation once Sandy gets better. Tammy tells him that she needs to be there for her cousin and JB tells her that he will be there for her.

Bill meets up with Phillip and Phillip tells Bill that he doesn’t want Cross Creek, but the land that it is on. Bill delivers a note to Phillip that he says he found ‘on the door outside.’ Phillip starts freaking out and tells Bill that Harley has left town with Zach. HE accuses Bill of helping Harley.

Jeffery and Edmund are inside of Company talking about why no one has told Cassie that Jeffery once impersonated Richard. Jeffery tells Edmund that he’s given Dinah a job as his PR Rep and Edmund laughs, telling him that he hired someone who shoots people. Jeffery looks out at Cassie and Dinah talking and says that it makes him nervous. Cassie and Dinah talk, Cassie tells Dinah that the difference between them is that Dinah pulled the trigger and Cassie didn’t. Dinah shows Cassie her real side, and threatens to tell the police about Cassie kidnapping her if Cassie revokes the murder charges. Dinah tells Cassie that she can make her world crumble if she wanted to, Cassie demands to know what she is talking about and Dinah remains evasive. Edmund comes outside to make sure everything is ok. Dinah goes back inside and Edmund offers to take Cassie away once again. Cassie tells Edmund that she can deal with her anger, and that he can help her. Jeffery comes outside and asks what happened. Cassie goes to the hospital, and Jeffery offers to walk her over there. Edmund tells Cassie he will meet her over there with the food and goes inside to wait.

Phillip is enraged, claiming that Bill helped Harley steal his son and Rick’s son. Phillip threatens to call the police and Bill tells Phillip that the last things he & Spaulding need are bad press. Bill asks if the note said Harley wasn’t ever coming back and Phillip tells Bill that the note said she was coming back in a few days. Phillip tells Bill that he and Harley have joint custody and that she has to ask to leave town with the kids. Bill tries to calm down Phillip and he wants none of it. Bill reminds Phillip of when he took Emma to the Caribbean by himself. Phillip agrees not to press charges and as Bill is leaving Phillip tells Bill that Cross Creek is just business. Phillip begins ripping up the note and proclaims that when he’s done Harley won’t see Zach ever.

Reva talks to Buzz over Sandy’s bed. She tells Buzz that although he’s not her son it doesn’t change anything. Tammy, JB, the nurse and Cassie come into the room. Reva tells the nurse to get a hold of the doctor and that she will be the liver donor. JB looks on, obviously upset by all of it. Reva sits and pleads for Sandy to hang on for a little bit longer.

Edmund grabs the food, and as he’s leaving tells Dinah she should leave town. Edmund tells her that he’s going to make sure that Dinah doesn’t do anything to ever hurt Cassie again. Dinah has a few moments alone in Company and compares Edmund to Hart.

Reva sits by Sandy’s bed and tells him that although she doesn’t know him she still loves him.

Olivia and Bill toast the fact that Phillip was no where near the auction. Olivia lets Bill know that she’s the new owner of the building.

Lizzie and Tammy talk outside Sandy’s room. Tammy informs Lizzie that once the DA finds who hit Sandy that they’re going to go to jail for a long time. Lizzie leaves to call her father.

Phillip is on the phone giving someone instructions to kidnap Zach at all costs and informs him that he doesn’t even know what country they’re in. Lizzie gets a hold of her father and tells him that Jeffery is at the hospital and that she’s going to confess. Phillip tells her no.

Reva is getting ready for surgery and talking with Buzz. He assures her that he will get a hold of Josh and Reva thanks him for being there for her today. Buzz tells the family about Reva’s decision to donate part of her liver to save Sandy. JB is angry and tells Tammy he doesn’t understand it. Tammy explains to him that there is nothing Reva wouldn’t do for her kid. Cassie goes to Reva and Reva tells Cassie that she loves Sandy and that there is good in him. She claims that regardless of what happens after she simply can’t let him die. JB watches on from outside.

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