Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/5/04

By Elizabeth
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Dinah arrives at Company to meet her father. She is ecstatic and wants to celebrate her freedom, while Ross tells her she has some bad news. All of a sudden Tony comes in and wants to know why Ross is making life difficult for Michelle again. He wants to know why Ross sent Blake over to the lighthouse to create more problems.

At the Beacon Michelle is arguing with a girl at the front desk, wanting to know where Blake is. Michelle says that Blake asked Michelle to meet her at the Beacon and now she can’t find her. Suddenly Sebastian shows up and tells Michelle that he came in place of Blake as he’s her brother. Michelle tells Sebastian that it all makes sense, especially since Blake was snooping around. Sebastian tells Michelle she’s in danger.

An obviously distraught Lizzie asks Tammy what happened. Tammy tells Lizzie that Sandy’s going to need a transplant, or he may die.

Reva asks the nurse what she means and once again the nurse tells Reva that the blood work shows that Reva is not related to Sandy. Reva tells the nurse that they made a mistake, and the nurse tells Reva that they ran the test 3 times. She apologizes that Reva had to find out this way, but that Reva is an ideal live donor match for Sandy. Cassie goes into Sandy’s room and spends some time with him, talking to him. Cassie thanks Sandy for saving Tammy’s life and tells him that she thinks Richard is looking down on him, helping him. She also tells him that she wants to give him the engagement ring Richard gave her; she tells him that Richard is here with them, that she can feel it and pleads with him to get better. Outside Sandy’s room Reva is trying to call Josh to no avail, she is getting angry and slams the phone down until Cassie comes up behind her. Cassie and Reva hug.

Ross tells Tony that if Blake is at the lighthouse it’s something to do with real estate, which he and Blake don’t discuss because it’d be a conflict of interest with him in the mayor’s office. Tony tells Ross that he and Michelle know that Blake is working with ‘that guy’ and they need to back off. Ross becomes interested and wants to know who the anonymous man is; Tony tells Ross that his name is Sebastian. Ross tells Tony that Sebastian is Blake’s brother. Dinah hears this and looks confused while Ross goes on to tell Tony that his major problem with the lighthouse project was who Michelle chose as a backer. Tony tells Ross that the project is simply on the up and up, and Tony leaves. Dinah asks Ross about Blake’s brother, and why Blake is taking an interest in the lighthouse. Dinah tells Ross that she thinks Blake is once again keeping secrets from Ross.

Sebastian tells Michelle that someone attacked Blake and he thinks Michelle is next. Michelle asks Sebastian how he knows about her mother, Sebastian comes clean and tells Michelle that he in fact did not know Maureen, but his father did. He also tells Michelle that his father recently died and asked Sebastian to come to Springfield to make sure Michelle was ok. Michelle asks Sebastian who his father is, and Sebastian tells her that it was Roger Thorpe. Michelle tells Sebastian that she heard Roger was a nasty man, and none of it is making sense. Sebastian goes on to tell Michelle that Maureen gave Roger a chance and didn’t judge him. Michelle asks is her father and Roger were friends, and Sebastian tells her that they weren’t. Michelle then tells Sebastian that she doesn’t understand why he’s trying to protect her. Sebastian goes on to tell Michelle that he thinks she is going to be attacked for a coin that Roger gave to Maureen. Michelle looks at the coin and obviously recognizes it, and shows Sebastian that she keeps it around her neck. Sebastian tells her to hold on to it tight, and suddenly Michelle gets a flashback of Maureen telling her that Roger gave her the coin.

Lizzie asks Tammy if she saw the person who hit Sandy and Tammy tells her she didn’t because it happened so fast. Tammy tells her that she’s realizing how much some of the other stuff in life no longer matters. Lizzie asks if Tammy is ok with what happened with her and Joey. Tammy tells her she’s still mad at her, but that Sandy needs all the friends he can get. Tammy invites her back in and Lizzie refuses.

Cassie tells Reva that she got there as soon as she could, and wonders where Tammy is. The whole time it is obvious that Reva has something else on her mind. Cassie offers to go get tested and Reva tells her not to bother, because she (Reva) is the match. Cassie can tell something is wrong and Reva tells her that if she tells her something Cassie needs to not tell anyone, until Reva figures out what she is going to do. Reva tells Cassie that she just found out that Sandy isn’t Jonathon, Cassie doesn’t believe it at first and Reva tells Cassie that she thinks Edmund is to blame.

Ross tells Dinah not to start blaming Blake. Dinah tells Ross that she doesn’t want him to get hurt and changes the subject to Sebastian. Dinah wants to know all about him. Ross tells Dinah that Sebastian came to town for the same reason Ross invited her to lunch, to tell her that Roger is dead. Dinah doesn’t believe Ross, claiming that Roger is just faking until Ross tells Dinah that Roger truly is dead. Dinah tells Ross she’s happy he’s dead and that she’s sure he (Ross) is too. Ross tells her that he loves Blake, and Blake loved her father so he’s not happy he’s dead. Dinah tries reasoning with her father telling him you don’t have to be a bad person to hate a bad person.

Sebastian asks Michelle what is wrong as it appears she’s in some sort of daze. She shrugs it off, and wants to know why Roger gave them out. Sebastian tells Michelle the story of how when the coins come together they lead to something. Michelle laughs at first and then asks if that is why the lighthouse got vandalized. Sebastian tells her that he thinks so and offers to hold onto the coin for her. Michelle refuses and Sebastian tells her to let him know if she changes her mind, he also reminds her that the longer she has the coin the more likely she is to get hurt.

Tammy goes into Sandy’s room with Lizzie and Lizzie tells her that she can’t do it. Tammy tries getting Lizzie to say something to him, she can’t and runs out.

Cassie is convinced the lab must have made a mistake, and Reva tells her that they ran the test three times. Cassie tells Reva she doesn’t understand. Reva tells Cassie that maybe Edmund switched the babies before Reva gave Jonathon to Marissa and Alfred. Cassie defends Edmund telling Reva that Edmund thought Jonathon was dead, and couldn’t have known until years later. Reva claims that there has to be a reason, and she can’t tell Sandy that he’s not her son. Cassie tells Reva that perhaps Sandy already knows that he’s not Jonathon and has been lying to her all along.

Ross and Dinah spot Sebastian at Company, and Ross goes over and says hello to him. Ross tries to make small talk with him, asking if he’s enjoying Roger’s old stomping grounds, Sebastian tells him he is, but that he knows Ross wants him out of town as soon as possible. Ross tells him that wouldn’t be polite, especially since Sebastian is his brother-in-law. Sebastian tells Ross he’s steer clear of him and the wrong side of the law while he’s in town and goes to sit down at a table by himself. Dinah watches on.

Michelle calls Danny from outside the Beacon to tell him that she’s had her first memory. Danny is excited for Michelle, but tells her that he’s surprised she’s so excited about it. Danny tells her he misses her and can’t wait to come home.

Reva tells Cassie that what she’s suggesting isn’t possible. Cassie brings up the fact that Sandy never wanted to talk about his family or time in San Cristobel. Reva tells Cassie that if he was after the money then why would he risk his life for Tammy. Reva brings up the premonition she had about the tattoo – the same tattoo that Sandy has. Cassie asks if Reva has had a reason to doubt him, Reva tells Cassie that he’s been weird lately but very protective of her. Cassie tells Reva that perhaps he’s doing it for the money and Reva tells her that he didn’t want anything to do with the trust fund and that its still sitting in the bank. Cassie looks perplexed and Reva decides to go make sure the money is still there.

Ross and Dinah talk at Company as Sebastian looks on from another table. Ross decides to leave visit Reva & Sandy in the hospital before visiting hours are over. Dinah tells her father she already registered to be a donor, but there was no match. Ross acts surprised and tells his daughter volunteering to be a donor is very generous of her. Ross tells her he’s proud of her and leaves. Sebastian comes over to Dinah’s table and introduces himself. Dinah tells Sebastian to fess up and admit he came to town to settle old scores. Sebastian tells Dinah not to worry that he’s not here to avenge the death of a brother he never knew.

Tony runs into Michelle in the lobby of the Beacon. Michelle tells Tony about her memory flash, and that she was trying to invoke another memory. Michelle tells Tony the story that Sebastian gave her about coins. Tony tells Michelle to stay away from him.

Cassie and Tammy are standing in Sandy’s room and Tammy tells her mother what happened and how Sandy saved her life. Tammy leaves to go make a phone call and Cassie is alone with Sandy. Outside Ross runs into Lizzie and hugs him. Lizzie tells Ross that she doesn’t know if she’d be able to live with herself if Sandy didn’t pull through and that she needs to tell someone. Cassie leaves Sandy’s room and asks Reva what she found out. Reva tells Cassie that she called the bank manager, but he was out and is supposed to call when he gets home. Cassie asks Reva what she’s going to do, and Reva tells Cassie that she loves him. Cassie tells Reva she has to decide if she (Reva) is going to risk her own life to save Sandy’s when he’s not her flesh and blood.

Michelle equates Tony with Sebastian and how she’s been told to stay away from both of them. Tony tells Michelle that he’s going to confront Sebastian and tell him to stay away from Michelle. Michelle tells Tony she wants to wait and see where the coin leads her. Tony realizes her can’t talk her out of it.

Dinah asks Sebastian when he’s going to leave, and he tells her that he wants to meet his nephew, RJ. Dinah and Sebastian talk about Cassie and Dinah tells Sebastian that Hart left Cassie everything. Sebastian leaves and tells Dinah that she most definitely lived up to what Roger told him about her.

Ross asks Lizzie what it is that she wanted to tell him, and Lizzie is very vague at first. Lizzie begs for him to listen to her, and Ross tells her not to worry as he will prosecute the driver of the car to the fullest extent of the law.

Reva goes into Sandy’s room and tells her that he’s been the best son a mother could ever ask for, and now that she has to the power to save his life she doesn’t even know who he is.

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