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Blake is at Towers with Ross wondering if her father had to suffer. Ross tells his wife that, knowing Roger, he didn’t suffer at all. He offers to take her away for a little bit so she can relax. Blake tells Ross that she can’t go, as she has to clear some things up with Sebastian. Ross tells Blake that he wishes Sebastian would go back to where he came from; Blake, annoyed by his comments, reminds Ross that Sebastian is her brother. Ross reminds Blake that Sebastian came to town to serve Roger Thorpe, and that could never be a good thing.
At the hospital, Holly is peering in a window and is startled when Sebastian comes up behind her and says hello. Holly wants to know what Sebastian is doing at the hospital, and he tells her that it’s not everyday that someone runs a DNA test on him behind his back. He offers to stay to hear the results with her, making it sound almost like a challenge.

Bill runs into Beth outside of Company and asks if she’s proud of Phillip. She tells Bill that he’s gone around the bend. Bill also asks Beth what she, Harley and Olivia saw in Phillip. He jokes about the women being attracted to the devil, horns coming out of his head and all, and Beth tries explaining to him that Phillip wasn’t always like this and had his good points. Beth also offers to help Bill take down Phillip.

Ruth is standing outside the door of the office at the Spaulding Mansion, listening as Phillip tries getting Lizzie to tell him exactly what it was that she did. Lizzie tells her father that she took his car and followed Tammy in hopes of finding Joey, and she may have hit someone. Lizzie is in tears, and Phillip looks shocked.

Inside Sandy’s hospital room, J.B. is tormenting Sandy, who is asleep. J.B. is warning him that he now has all the control, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Outside Sandy’s room, Reva decides to go visit Sandy in hopes that she is the first person he sees when he wakes up. As Reva walks in, J.B. moves behind a curtain to hide. As Reva gets in the room, a nurse pulls her out, telling her that she has a few more papers to sign. J.B. returns to the bed, telling Sandy that no one can save him, just like no one could have saved Jonathon. J.B. warns Sandy that he’s going to stay close, and then he leaves. Reva goes into the room and talks to Sandy about never getting the chance to do certain things with him, such as reading to him. Reva shows Sandy the Stuart Little book she bought in the gift shop and tells him it reminds her of them, as it’s about a family welcoming a new son into their world. As Reva is talking to him about that, Edmund walks in and blames himself for Reva not getting to spend time with her son while he was younger. Edmund apologizes to Reva, and she tells him she hated him for a long time because of it.

Blake goes off on Ross, wanting to know if she could please just grieve for her father and enjoy her time with Sebastian. She complains to him that she doesn’t understand why Ross always has to worry that someone will take everything away from them. Ross tries reassuring her, letting her know that they don’t always have to be worried and that she should grieve for Roger, but that he wants her to be careful. She tells him she wants to be alone. Ross leaves her there at the table by herself.

Holly and Sebastian go outside of the hospital to discuss the DNA test. Sebastian lets Holly know that he would have offered up a cheek swab instead of her having to lift Roger’s ashes and a hair from his jacket. Sebastian tells Holly that when they hugged it felt good. She tells Sebastian that the sentiment sounds weird. Sebastian tells Holly that Roger blamed himself for the hardening of Holly’s heart. He also tells her that he can see the passion that Roger loved in Holly; he then changes the subject, as Holly looks teary-eyed. Sebastian asks about Ed Bauer and whether he is still around, and Holly tells him that he’s not. Sebastian leaves after letting Holly know that he already knows who his father is, so he doesn’t need to stick around for the test results.

Phillip and Lizzie are hugging, and Phillip is telling Lizzie that, since she’s not sure that she hit someone, and since she looked in the rear view mirror and didn’t see anyone, that everything will be fine. He tells her that she did the right thing by coming straight home and lets her know that everything will be taken care of. Lizzie, still upset, tells her father that she still remembers hearing the "thud," and, as Phillip hugs Lizzie, Ruth knocks on the door. Phillip sends Lizzie to bed, and Ruth tells Phillip there are some important matters that couldn’t wait. As Ruth is about to discuss business with Phillip, Zach comes in to get his teddy bear, runs over to Ruth and tells her he knows her.

Blake is drinking tea alone at Towers when Sebastian walks in. He sees her alone and goes over to her. She tells him how she enjoys him calling her "Chrissie," as it makes her feel closer to her father. She also tells Sebastian that she loved her father and that he is his son. She says it feels good to be with someone who understands. Blake asks if Sebastian is up to something as Ross suspects, and Sebastian simply tells her that if he is, it only means good things for Blake.

At the hospital, Ross rushes over to Holly, who is crying. She tells Ross that she ran the DNA on the ashes and that it really is Roger, that he really is dead. She also tells Ross that Sebastian is Roger’s son. She freaks out, telling Ross that she doesn’t know how she feels. She compares being with Roger to an addiction to a drug and tells Ross that she gets the same feeling when she’s around Sebastian – the feeling of someone fully understanding her.

Outside of Cedars, Tammy is standing alone when J.B. comes up behind her and asks how she is doing. She tells him that she gave blood and is a little bit woozy. J.B. gives Tammy a necklace and tells her he felt bad because he wasn’t there with her. He then asks how Sandy is doing, and Tammy tells J.B. that they’re testing the whole family and someone has to be a match. J.B. says he hopes they don’t find something they weren’t expecting, such as a pre-existing condition. He tells her that he’s glad she’s okay and wants to make sure that they’re okay. She tells him she’s glad he’s there.

Edmund apologizes for bringing up what happened now and offers to leave. Reva tells Edmund that no matter what their differences are she does need him at the hospital.

Zach gets closer to Ruth and tells her that he thinks he knows her. Phillip introduces Ruth and Zach, and Zach starts to tell Phillip that Ruth sounds like his mother, but Phillip cuts Zach off and tells him he needs to go to bed. Phillip explains to Ruth that there is added security around the mansion to keep Harley out. He calls Harley "a bigger ego maniac than my critics think I am," adding, "she thinks she is always right and always on the side of the angels." Ruth tries to keep her composure as Phillip says these mean things about Harley. Phillip signs the papers and tells Ruth that he will be taking the next few days off for personal matters. He looks at her as if she reminds him of someone and then tells her she can have the next few days off as well. As Ruth leaves, Zach comes down the hallway and yells, "Mommy!" Ruth turns to him and hugs him. She also tells him that it’s a game, and she’s going to tell him the rules.

Sebastian asks Blake if she still has the coin Roger gave her when he returned to town. She tells him she does and shows it to him. Sebastian informs Blake that he gave coins to the important people in his life, such as her, Holly, Hart and Maureen, and the coins lead to something bigger that he was leaving for those he loved, that they make a sort of treasure map. Blake presses him for details, and he tells her that she’ll get them in time. Sebastian then tells Blake he’s looking for a place to sleep. Blake tells Sebastian that she’d love to offer him a place at her home, but that Ross wouldn’t approve. Sebastian laughs and asks where Roger stayed last time. Blake tells him the Regency, and he tells her that’s where he’ll be staying. The two hug good-night.

Lizzie meets up with her mother at Company and hugs her. Beth looks confused and asks Lizzie what she did. Lizzie tells her mother about drugging Joey, and Beth freaks out. She asks Lizzie why she is so angry, and Lizzie tells her that she goes through the day wondering why she’s still alive.

At Towers, a man attacks Blake in an attempt to steal her purse. When she tells him no, he pulls a knife on her and tells her to rethink her answer. Blake tells her attacker that there is nothing in her purse that he wants, and all of a sudden Sebastian comes out of nowhere and pulls the attacker off of Blake. He grabs the knife out of the attacker's hand and turns it on the attacker, asking if he should kill him. Sebastian warns the attacker to stay away from his sister, and he and Blake hug.

Beth tells Lizzie that when Lizzie was sick there was nothing that they wouldn’t have done to save her, and they never thought that she may have guilt over being alive. Lizzie tells her mother that she feels she managed to cheat death because her family has money. Beth tells her she’s been given a second chance and has to lead a good life. Beth asks if Joey is okay, and Lizzie tells Beth that her father took care of it and told her to go home. Beth tells Lizzie that, until she wants to change, she won't know what to do. Lizzie goes to leave and hears some people talking outside of Company about ‘that hit and run kid," saying he may not be okay.

Bill meets up with Harley at what used to be Harley’s house. Harley tells Bill that she needs help with her personal life. She tells Bill that she needs help getting Zach back, and Bill agrees to do whatever it takes to help her.

Reva goes outside of Sandy’s room and offers to let Tammy go in and see Sandy. Tammy goes to see him, and Reva begins questioning J.B. Reva wants to know why Tammy was even in a bar, and what he was doing that Sandy had to save Tammy instead of him. J.B. calls Reva blaming him ‘typical," and Reva wants to know how he knows what is ‘typical’ of her, since he just met her. J.B. tells her he can tell by looking at her.

Sebastian meets up with Blake's attacker and tells him he thought about using the knife on him so that he would keep his mouth shut.

Bill tells Harley that, whatever she needs, he will do it. Harley tells Bill that she took Zach from Phillip tonight, and that he is in a nearby hotel with Marina. Harley tells Bill that she wants to disappear, and that if he doesn’t want to help her she understands. Bill continues to agree to help her.

Beth walks into the office at the mansion and tells Phillip that they need to talk. Phillip tells her that he doesn’t have time, and she tells him that he’d better make the time. Beth confronts Phillip with what Lizzie told her and can’t believe that Phillip told her to keep quiet. Beth tells Phillip that Lizzie needs to get real help and picks up the phone to call everyone involved. She mentions Lizzie drugging Joey; it is then that Phillip realizes that Lizzie told Beth about drugging Joey and not the car accident. Phillip takes the phone from Beth and tells her that the situation has been resolved. Beth tells Phillip that the permissive parenting needs to stop, and that she’s not going to allow it to continue any longer. Phillip then calls security and tells them he’s going out and taking his own car.

Reva warns J.B. not to get in her way or the way of her son and walks off. Lizzie walks into the hospital and sees Tammy leaving from Sandy’s room. Tammy tells Lizzie what happened, and Lizzie goes over to look into Sandy’s room. Reva is at the nurse’s station and asks if they’ve found a match yet for Sandy. The nurse tells Reva that she didn’t realize Sandy wasn’t her biological son. Reva tells the nurse that she is Sandy’s biological mother, and the nurse tells Reva that they ran the test three times and that that's impossible.

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